May 24th, 2011 | 624 Entries

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624 Entries for “booth”

  1. The president had no idea what was coming. How do you plan for the last day of your life. His death impacted ongoing generations. His life served as an inspiration to so many.

    By Rocky on 05.24.2011

  2. It’s really kind of a weird word, booth. Like… boot. With an ‘h’ on the end. Then again, it’s the same for ‘boot’ – only this time, it’s boo with a ‘t’ at the end. Of course, you can go even farther with that and say that ‘boo’ is weird – ‘Bo’ (or the pronunciation of ‘beau’) with an extra ‘o’. Then again, booth is really just a ‘b’ with all the letters that follow. Or perhaps it’s a o or a t or an h with all these extra letters jammed up against it’s sides.

    By Charlie URL on 05.24.2011

  3. waoh so when i go into the booth in the studio i feeel nervous it has beeen a long time since i have beeen in here i like it to be very dark and very empty with minimal distractions and when i sit a at a booth at a resturant i like that mroe than tables i like to be next to a girl in a booth seat more so thatn a table you can like touch her and the table is blocking others from seeing.

    By ajloopy URL on 05.24.2011

  4. of course, in their excitement, they had gotten there way too would be a while before the aslin booth was lowered.still,they all looked up with the hope of seeing bogdan.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.24.2011

  5. derek booth. brian booth. telephone booth. tooth, smooth, booth. kiss me in the photobooth. friendly fires, sex in the booth. i’d rather have a booth over a table. lovers undercover.

    By elsiferris URL on 05.24.2011

  6. phone booth i guess. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe a teller booth? Or. . . one of the dudes at the movie theater. They are in booths aren’t they? Booth. . . booth. . . . what kinda word is that to write about? Isn’t there a movie about a phone booth? Kinda weird.

    By Kelley on 05.24.2011

  7. The colour of the night sky reflected the darkness of the news that she had just received, as she felt the all the strength she had in her legs disparate and sank to the ground of the phone booth, as your every-day Londoner walked past, without glancing even a second look. The colour drained from her face as she realised that in a city filled with people, she was completely alone.

    By victoria URL on 05.24.2011

  8. She looked out of the cinema’s ticket booth fascinated by the night scene that swished past in the rain. Everyone going somewhere in a hurry except her.

    By M Daly URL on 05.24.2011

  9. Booths are places where people can sit and eat lunch. Booths can also be places where people talk on telephones. There used to be one in Sarris chocolate factory, but it’s since been gone. Booth is also the name of a character from the TV show, Bones. I hate it though. I’ve tried to like it for a long time now, but the main character annoys me. I suppose booths are very…

    By micah on 05.24.2011

  10. i like to sit in a booth at restaurants, they’re more comfortable than chairs, also i like phone booths there are no more phone booths due to mobhle phone.

    By nicole on 05.24.2011

  11. there was a huggeeeee crash recently at a toll booth where a car sped 80 miles an hour INTO a fast pass station. Crazy. I mean I know that’s what the fast passes are there for, but couldn’t you slow down your travel a few miles slower. Really? Its harsh to say bc that person is dead. Is that the price to pay? (There’s a pun for you)

    By carolyn on 05.24.2011

  12. I like to go in photo booths and take silly pictures with my friends, or maybe i should run my own kissing booth, so this way i get paid for giving out extremely spine tingling kisses.

    By Stefanie on 05.24.2011

  13. The booth was huge, and red as blood. It was always like that, every year. Almost as if it had been freshly painted, as it was dragged from the shed each summertime. I was amazed that it wasn’t coated in dust. But it wasn’t. It was perfect.

    By Ryleigh on 05.24.2011

  14. This reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth. I desperately wanted to enjoy this novel when I was young, but unfortunately I never made it more than halfway through. For some reason it just didn’t call to me, which strongly disappointed my mother.

    By meredith on 05.24.2011

  15. A booth is a place where you go when you want to cast your vote. It doesn’t matter that your vote will not count, or that your vote will probably never actually be seen. You go there because you feel that you are contributing to something larger than yourself, and that is what makes the experience important.

    By Anonymous on 05.24.2011

  16. There are booths in London that are red and fantastic. They are phone booths are they have a kind of magical quality about them. Being inside one is like being inside a part of history… a part of a culture bigger than yourself. They are iconic.

    By Julia on 05.24.2011

  17. Booth, from Bones. Booth, Superman becoming himself from Clark Kent. Booth, those 3D glasses you get in the movie theater. The 1920’s, the Tommy hun, black and white and sepia tones, Cigar smoke in a saloon room. Booth.

    By Cloud URL on 05.24.2011

  18. i’m sitting in a booth, half booth and table. It’s not comfy. I don’t care for the colors and the tables are a smidge too high. Maybe it’s promoting better posture. I still don’t like it, maybe because i’m also short so i don’t feel i can type as well. I’m uncomfortable.

    By MissD on 05.24.2011

  19. somewhere to sit. you could have a conversation with someone. That could be a special someone. Someone who might become a big part of your life.

    By Lucia on 05.24.2011

  20. I think of days in high school when we would go to the Peninsula Creamery and get milkshakes, when the days were carefree and the soul was young. When the biggest worry was who was going to prom with and who the littlest thing could make you happy, like a boy looking your way at school. Those booths we would sit in during our lunch hour at work, or for someones birthday, those red cushions and the torn menu’s that provided us with the simple pleasures of life. Company, food, and a good time.

    By Irina on 05.24.2011

  21. zvrrrr, zvrrrrrrrr, telephone is ringing! hm, who might be calling? Shall I pick up the phone – or not? Yep I´ll do it! Hello?? Hi there! Have a nice day!

    By tonkica on 05.24.2011

  22. Inside the restaurant was his favorite booth. An ugly, putrid dark green that reminded him of the seats on the schoolbus growing up. Three quarters of the way to the wall was a small tear that he’d fidget with idly as he waited for his order. He eyed the booth from the window outside. Taken. By a very attractive woman.

    By Ryan Derring on 05.24.2011

  23. When he finally walked in the front door, he slid into the booth across from her, not next to her as he usually did. That was her first indication. She bit her lip and flicked her compacted straw wrapper ball off the side of the table.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 05.24.2011

  24. This is where I change my identity. This is where I go from being an ordinary, stumbling, bumbling, incredibly human being, and become invincible – god-like. Interesting that such a mundane thing could become so pivotal to my sense of self.

    By nate URL on 05.24.2011

  25. Telephone booths in new york are so dirty. I personally think they should have cleaning crews just for the telephone booths.

    By Red URL on 05.24.2011

  26. e

    By Red URL on 05.24.2011

  27. She felt like trapped in a telephone booth. You know, those kind of booths that were covered all by glasses?
    She felt just like that, isolated from life, but still being able to watch life go by in front of her eyes. Watch, and do nothing about it.
    Just like in a telephone booth.

    By Thinh Tran URL on 05.24.2011

  28. The ticket booth, with red and yellow awning. It just showed the kids the beautiful carnival that they would soon enter in to. With rides, sounds, music, candy, and dessert, it was every child’s dream. The fun house with mirrors and slides, and the himalayan, all introduced by this booth.

    By Jennie on 05.24.2011

  29. first thing i saw was boo, that just made me think weird, then there was the initial first few second thought, of “what is a booth” then I remembered and looked back on myself stupidly, THIS IS CRAZY I CANT TYPE SO FAST,

    By matthew on 05.24.2011

  30. its a place where people in urban jungle take raffuge to escape from others for a while and talk oe they need the most athat point in ti without nowing the fact that ev rellife is shortlived this world is a place where there is nothing like peace and serinity.

    By ahmad k.bari on 05.24.2011

  31. When I hear the word booth, I think about my job and the control booth. I work at Kennywood park in rides and the control booth at the Swingshot is where we meet at everyday. I hate my job. xD But pays.

    By Christina URL on 05.24.2011

  32. The telephone booth was small and could barely fit one person comfortably but they both managed to squeeze in, unfortunately she was stuck with the person she loved. She hoped he didn’t feel her heart beating so quickly against his chest as they both hid within the booth and she desperately hoped to get out before he realized how dirty and sweaty she had gotten from running through those large fields. She met his eyes and looked away trying her hardest not to show just how much she loved being that close to him and yet as she met his eyes again she found herself kissing him.

    By Jesse Jawbreaker URL on 05.24.2011

  33. Theres a photo booth at my local post office back home. The post office itself is quite small, i would say a lot of the room is taken up by the photo booth. I’ve always felt awkward having my picture taken in it, because everyone can here the woman on the machine give you instructions, especially if you don’t like the picture and have to have it retaken a number of times.

    By Jenny URL on 05.24.2011

  34. I think telephone booths have some strange magical quality about them. You can be alone inside, no one can hear you, you feel alone. But all the while people could be watching your every move, or just wishing you would finally get out.

    By @LiXx URL on 05.24.2011

  35. They slid into the booth, careful to make sure no one was watching. She pulled the package from her cloak and passed it to him.
    “Do you have my payment?”
    He grunted and fished a small purse from a vest pocket. She opened it and quickly counted its contents.

    By Drusilla URL on 05.24.2011

  36. The couple slid into the booth, remembering their first date. They had come to this same restaurant and sat at the very same booth. Now, though, they were not here for a happy reason. They were here to make a decision. Diana’s mother was very ill. The couple had a choice to make about her future, and it was not one either wanted to think about.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 05.24.2011

  37. A booth is a booth.

    By Shadow URL on 05.24.2011

  38. when you go to a booth you will see lots of items to purchase. also you can sit booth at a restaurant and order plenty of appetizing foods. the booth is a cozy spot where you and mingle and connect on a good level.

    By danielle on 05.24.2011

  39. sitting in the booth waiting for him i resign myself to counting the the people that pass my spot behind the cafe window one he is a man tall handsome and well dressed i imagine that he’s going to work in an office two a mother pushing a stroller i’m sure it’s her first baby because she smiles and is attentive when the toddler throws out his bear she picks it up and wiggles it in front of his face until she and the baby are smiling three an old man hunched over his cane he mumbles to himself and flips a coin in his left hand these are the people that pass me while i sit in the booth and wait for him.

    By S. Brooks URL on 05.24.2011

  40. Kissing booths can be so demeaning and sexist. Why would a total creep pay money to get ONE kiss from a random stranger? It’s sexist too because you don’t see guys in booths! Why would a girl let a stranger kiss them either anyways?? I wouldn’t like some nasty kiss full of saliva just for money…gross. I just wish society could chill out about that. Womanizers should take cold showers and move on. Nuff said.

    By Courtney on 05.24.2011