May 24th, 2011 | 624 Entries

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624 Entries for “booth”

  1. I knew a kid in elementary by the name of Michael Booth. He was a mean spiteful kid and knew how to play with everyone’s emotions. He dated this girl name Brittany, I know elementary, no love. But to this day they are still together. weird. Anyways he was my first fight. He pulled my hair and I got one hit in before a teacher broke it up and punished him. I dont think he will ever know how he made my life hell in the younger days by flirting and getting me in trouble with his gf.

    By Bailey URL on 05.25.2011

  2. i went to booth to call my home but i found that the phone was there built the receiver was missing some thing quite typical in booths found around in our cities. some times u find the booths occupied by home less people.

    By Wahab Usama on 05.25.2011

  3. booth rhymes with tooth, not so much with smooth, but it’s a fun word. and fun words mean fun things. photo booths, telephone booths are great for prank calls…

    By lily_bean URL on 05.25.2011

  4. its a place where you can buy tickets you can go there to purchase them to do something you really want to do you can find yourself paying a lot of money to go see something and this is where you would buy it you can also buy tickets to ride a ride i dont know how else to describe this john wiliks and then you finish the sentence and thats the word am i allowed to say the word in this paragraph thing ? I don’t even know if i am or not…

    By Karla Hannold on 05.25.2011

  5. Tollbooth, phantom toolbooth. Driving down the alleyway, I think about my solace within my place in society. I want to kiss Derek again, as well as the Burrows lookalike and that guy who looked like he who will not be named. I feel unfulfilled, yet thankful for my experience. Thank you. Thank you all.

    By Emmy on 05.25.2011

  6. The ambiance of the Fallen Angel was 1880s bordello, pouting lascivious waitresses,all red velvet with an art nouveau angel of heroic proportions at the end of the bar, deep dark booths, mahogany and crimson leather seats. You could slide in from a hot summer evening into another century, slide into a booth, drink claret in the gloom, and commune with kindred lost spirits; a respite from being an alien in the mid west.

    By geraldine URL on 05.25.2011

  7. Your arms wound around me and it was the first time that had ever happened. for once, I felt loved, needed, cared for. But then the things swiftly moved from maybe in like to something more? I thought you liked me, but I was naive. Why do I still think of this? Why?

    By Lucie URL on 05.25.2011


    By SHIRIN CHAWLA URL on 05.25.2011

  9. I sat in the booth, Thinking. wondering what was gonna happen after i walked out. The line had stretched across the whole fairground. Waiting for me looking to see who was coming out next. And then there, there she was. She took my ticket and kissed me. My first kiss. I ran out past the crowds and into the emptiest corner of the fair. My first kiss at the kissing booth. I blushed.

    By lonelyloverbre23 URL on 05.25.2011

  10. There is a phone booth at the end of the street, which has been there since I was three-years old. Nowadays, everyone are using their own mobile phone, the booth is standing there without much usage at all.

    By Ray URL on 05.25.2011

  11. She sat in the booth, waiting for her call to go through to a country she had never seen. Ring, ring, ring. The sprialling noise drew her into the telephone wires and into the place of the loved one, whom she had left three years ago.

    By Caitriona on 05.25.2011

  12. A picture’s worth a thousand words. But this memory will last a lifetime. You, me and the happiest days of my life. I’ll wear a funny hat. And you will smile a smile that says you are mine. This time together, $25 each. A bargain for you and me.

    By Kelly Michelle on 05.25.2011

  13. A young man and a woman saw each other from across the room. They briefly exchanged glances before heading into the photo booth nearby. Turned on by the red curtain covering their deeds, they stripped down to their underwear. The pictures were awful.

    By Harriet on 05.25.2011

  14. Phone booth, the tardis, like people it is bigger on the inside than it appears outside. Photo booth, ticket booth, train man, he needs your tickets…

    By Lozza on 05.25.2011

  15. the telephone booth located on the corner of 17th Ave. and Birkstock St. served as a meeting place for all the drug dealers in the town. you could go there at just about any time and score anything you’d been looking for.

    By Sapphire URL on 05.25.2011

  16. i was sitting in a photo booth with y so handsome lover and my lovely best friend, i started humping her to pretend like we were having some mad orgy in the photo booth which really would be nothing but ridiculous. the most ridiculous part however was that i don’t think anyone would have said anything

    By Marina on 05.25.2011

  17. a booth in the corner of the ice cream shop … two lovers splitting a shake and mesmerized by the other. Love no … lust yes. carnal desires.

    By Ondine URL on 05.25.2011

  18. slide in but take care the vinyl isn’t cracked in place
    snags on your skirt, your legs, your slip is exposed.
    how many can you fit on a bench?
    booths are the communes of traditional dining

    By Rebecca URL on 05.25.2011

  19. It started with a ballot. A single fateful slip into the depths of the scratched and well-used box, echoed in various booths around the nation. One ballot, multiplied in number by force and whispered threats.
    His gentle demeanour and soft promises couldn’t be matched by the sheer power and brutal force of the opposition.

    By d URL on 05.25.2011

  20. Everytime that I visit this site, it takes me back to the word booth. I am not quite sure why it always gives me this word, and hope that it changes so that I can return here again to find something new. But alas, I will write about the word booth because I must. There was a booth once in a diner that I ate it. it had a rip in it.

    By JF on 05.25.2011

  21. a space to take pictures in to live and smile and dance and look stupid and a place to get icecreams and i don’t actually know what the word is but it’s like tooth and boo so i like it and maybe it is a very good place and maybe it is a mundane thing, i don’t know so whatever but it’s good and cool

    By Kathryn O'Brien on 05.25.2011

  22. A booth is somewhere where people sit down, order food, chat, have their photo taken. For some people it is what they put on their feet. One of their feets. For real. What a good idea to add letters to existing words. Like turning 5 digit phone numbs into 7 digits. Extend the supply. We’ll be writing forever with all these words. Happy happy. I actually can’t believe I never thought of it before. Lemme try…. Brooth, a knack for having several toes. Toonb… a six inch reclining chair for smaller people with special smiles.

    By Chrome Don't Work on 05.25.2011

  23. Remember,
    Being young?
    Could never just walk,
    Had to run!

    Everything a race,
    Faces a blur.
    Life lessons taught,
    Hearts left sore.

    Sitting in a booth 
    Smiles plastered wide
    Him and Her
    Side by side. 
    Photo-booth days,
    things of the past,
    Times are changing.
    And none were ever
     meant to last.

    Black and white photos,
    Just fade away.
    Memories from yesterday.

    Strewn across a floor,
    In a hotel dive.
    Under a women,
    Who just,
    ended her life. 

    By lildevi URL on 05.25.2011

  24. when i see the word ‘booth’ i think of photo booths.<3
    photo booths create so many memories with your biffles. (:

    By Prisca URL on 05.25.2011

  25. a telephone attached to a large metal box, it could be red, it could be clear. One never knows. But many have been seen talking in such a box as a means of saying hello to someone very far away. This makes for some interesting talk time and saves on phone bills.

    By Leigh on 05.25.2011

  26. i feel trapped, my friends all thought it was fun to take those silly photos in those silly booths, but i feel trapped.i don’t like the booths.

    By shelby on 05.25.2011

  27. A man walks into a telephone booth. He is nondescript and mild, wearing a suit of no distinction or class and glass. His hair is faded brown, like the color of old books and his face is worn and creased in the corners.

    He reaches into his pocket and feigns taking a quarter from it. Turning quickly in the space around him he changes and is gone in a moment. Was he ever there? Only one person saw him and with his quick disappearance, even she isn’t sure there was someone in the booth.

    By Jon Standring URL on 05.25.2011

  28. restaurant, food, love sex, red nice good
    there once was a man who loved a woman the met at a booth, a red booth in a restaurant

    By Kayte Burns on 05.25.2011

  29. Phone booth, photobooth, Cherie Booth, toll booth. Many uses for this word. Toolbooth in Glasgowis part of its cultural history.

    By teresa URL on 05.25.2011

  30. She waited there day after day, never really understanding the tick in her leg, never understanding the drum of her fingers and the need to stand or walk or run or sprint. And she never would have if the stranger hadn’t opened the door of her booth and told her to go, make a break for it. And she did, make a break for it. Ran as far as she could and never once looked back to that dreary prison of solace called booth, called work, called normalcy.

    By Jaggarte URL on 05.25.2011

  31. I was sitting in the diner’s booth waiting for a server to come take my order. When you vote, you’re most likely standing in a booth to pick the candidate.

    By Eden URL on 05.25.2011

  32. she waited patiently on the blue park bench for absolutely nothing. next to that blue bench was a bright yellow telephone booth that caught her attention. it was probably the last one left in town.

    By Brooklyn URL on 05.25.2011

  33. I was just sitting there. By myself, minding my own business. When I noticed these girls kept looking at me. They were attractive yea, but I feel so awkward. Eventually the whispers and giggle stopped. Then one came over, and asked me to sit at their booth with them.

    By Laura Borealis URL on 05.25.2011

  34. When he left the house it was past 3 am. The woods were dark on this New Moon night and he didn’t need to be so quiet as the nearest neighbours were the Morrisons and their farm was at least 3 miles away. He put the body in the car booth, climbed into the car, started the ignition and set off on one the most difficult journeys of his life.

    By Anton URL on 05.25.2011

  35. Kisses, boys, girls. Tickets, seats, boxes. Prizes. Best views. Private. Like a boot but with an extra “h”. Weird word. Rhymes with tooth… Youth! Forsooth!

    By Zaraaa on 05.25.2011

  36. i so wish we had photo booths here. i’d sit in em with the love of my life & capture some moments of him actually treating me like a loved one.
    but first, lets fins the love of my life. *sigh*

    By teddy URL on 05.25.2011

  37. the booth was full of people waiting to play the game. the fish swam in the bowl trying to decide in the frenzy how they had gotten there. laughter and shouting was all around them. lights and noise was all that they knew. a small child walked up ready to play the game and win his prize.

    By Bridget URL on 05.25.2011

  38. Phone booth. London. The story is already writing itself in my head. It’s pouring rain and a young lady just had her heart broke. She has nowhere to go so she stops by that red phone booth to make a call to someone she cares about but theres nobody she can think of. Then out of nowhere come prince charming. He comes to save the day. To sweep her off her feet….

    By Kelsey on 05.25.2011

  39. Come on, let’s have our photo taken.

    No, no, I don’t want to, I don’t have any make up on and my hairs all greasy.

    come on, this photo booth works – when was the last time we had our photo taken together? do you remember?

    Yes. I do.

    Well, come on then!

    By Amimee URL on 05.25.2011

  40. And the sky lit up when we had the kiss. I guess I found other half with this.

    By alykat URL on 05.25.2011