May 24th, 2011 | 624 Entries

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624 Entries for “booth”

  1. I was sitting in a photo booth with my friend and we were taking pictures as girls like to do and some random fellow intruded in to the photo booth and kissed my friend as the photo was taken!

    By Anna on 05.24.2011

  2. She sat staring blankly at the photobooth. It was ordinary. It was normal. The bustling of the crowd mummered in the background. She couldn’t think. Her eyes started to glaze over and before she knew it she was lying on the floor.

    By Allie on 05.24.2011

  3. I took a deep breath and the walked through the red curtains and back under the florescent lighting. I turned just as the machine was finishing its whirring sound to indicate it had finished. I looked at the four photos and wondered if I would see her again.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.24.2011

  4. Booths remind me of working at the Diner when I was in high school. It was probably the best part of my entire high school experience because it bonded so many very different people together, sadly we have all grown up and grown apart. It is a big part of making me who I am today!

    By Tricia URL on 05.24.2011

  5. My best friend. She means the world to me. Ms. Amanda Booth. My boo. She’s there for me when I need her. And I will always be there for her. There is not much I can say about her that can really describe what a great person she is. I hope she knows how awesome she is.

    By Heather on 05.24.2011

  6. The word booth

    By alexis URL on 05.24.2011

  7. I remember this guy a met at the booth, he was talking abruptly in the phone. I remember being sweaty and nervous the boy, was…
    staring at me conspiciously, as if i were a foreign creature deprived from distant planets.

    By lucia on 05.24.2011

  8. i remember taking picture with bria in the photo booth, right before freshman year. It was nice. I had just gotten a hair cut. I was wearing new start of the year clothes. We were in the mall. I miss the simple things like that. When I could be a mall rat all day instead of the pissy employee. growing up sucks.

    By Air URL on 05.24.2011

  9. there once was a booth with a man sitting in it. he had a cigar. in fact, he was a regular at this particular pub. downing his last pint of guiness he walked out to his car and stumbled into traffic.

    By ike on 05.24.2011

  10. Phone booth
    In the fifth grade my Halloween costume was a phone booth, made out of a cardboard box that used to contain the golf bag my mom received from my dad as a present. It was spray painted red and had “phone booth” written on top with white paint. I worked at a haunted house type thing my neighbors put on every year, and scared the crap out of a number of people. It was a good Halloween, before skanky costumes and I didn’t even know what “tipsy” ment. Fond memories of that night dressed as a phone booth.

    By Mary on 05.24.2011

  11. I remember the photo booth
    we filled it with laughter
    this photo that once filled me with love
    i now look upon with hate

    By jezell cervantes on 05.24.2011

  12. The big booths at Rosie’s Diner are the best places to hang out after a drunken night on the town in Kent, Ohio. I remember many a night sitting there, with good people and terrible food, recounting the events of the last few hours. Boy, oh boy. I’m going to miss Luke being there for that every single time. Because I know that next year, he won’t always be there. Also, I’ve always wanted to work a kissing booth. Don’t tell my boyfriend, or anything.

    By lexi URL on 05.24.2011

  13. The telephone booth had been there for thirty years. It was red, and was installed back in the time that 101 Dalmations was set. That ready with the red hair, coincidentally, just walked by it. The moss it growing on it, as it lies in the middle of that park. I have never seen anybody kiss in the booth..

    By Josh Gentry on 05.24.2011

  14. A photobooth. In a conference room. There are some “funny” props. We could care less. We step in, sit side by side (quite close, but nothing’s too close for comfort) and we smile for the camera.

    A restaurant. We sit in the red leather booth. You smile at me from across the table and tell me I’m beautiful.

    By Jessie Tea URL on 05.24.2011

  15. telephone conversations made easy after these booths are installed across city centres. But its so iconic in some places that they even help us as navigators

    By Vandana on 05.24.2011

  16. I sat in the booth looking out over the game. The lights, the action, the excitement. It is entrancing. The sweat, blood, and tears that go into making this sport something that we all love. It all starts by sitting in the booth.

    By tori on 05.24.2011

  17. It was me and Javi and Jessie and Harley and Mimi in the photo booth. It was small so we had to sit on each other and squeeze our heads together. That was also the same day Jessie lay in our car trunk on the highway on the way to the mall. At a red light, we ran out, opened the trunk and ran into the car again. The guy in the car behind us laughed. That was indeed a fun day.

    By Alegría URL on 05.24.2011

  18. I was sitting in a booth, then came a man. He asked me how do you do, and then proceeded to feed me all of life’s mysteries. I’ve never been so enlightened, just relaxing in a coffee shop.

    By Michelle on 05.24.2011

  19. It was just me and him. Faces pressed together, scrambling to fit in the dark booth. Fixing the hair, sitting up straight, trying to make the best smile. It flashed three times, and it was over. The evidence was in my hands moments later. Two happy smiles. Two pairs of thoughtful eyes.

    By Alegría URL on 05.24.2011

  20. The homeless man sat in the booth and refused to budge. The waiters tried their best to coax him out with offers of food and drink. But he simply huddled in the corner of the seat, his straggly hair hanging over his face. Finally, the waiters decided to call the police.

    By beachblue URL on 05.24.2011

  21. The sticky table sat gleaming under the harsh florescent lights. Sweat trickled down her back, cold and ticklish; Maybe he wouldn’t come, she thought. Maybe this was all just a game to him, and she was nothing but a tiny piece to be moved and handled as he saw fit.

    By Dizzy on 05.24.2011

  22. I was sitting at the toll booth when the attendant gave me a look. I wondered why she stopped counting her money until I noticed that my fly was undone. This is not the time nor the place I thought to myself. Booths are a place for being tolled. I love tolle’s.

    By blanana on 05.24.2011

  23. welcome to the booth where you seat are seating hairy mustard crumbs climb behind the villa where you spent last summer laughing about the bread that broke its way through the thunderstorm and was made of waffles or perhaps some mashed potato casserole that slumped down in its seat and asked for a raise from the ceo of the company

    By Lucas on 05.24.2011

  24. love

    By tali on 05.24.2011

  25. There was something about couples that sat on the same side of a booth. Like, what are you trying to prove here? Can you really not sit across from each other and engage in conversation like everyone else? They somehow made me more acutely aware of my aloneness. Perhaps they sat on the same side simply because they did, in fact, have nothing to actually say to each other.

    By s campbell on 05.24.2011

  26. the only time i went into a photo booth was for photos, and they turned out pretty good to be honest. i still have some, me and my best friends from 2002 and 2003. awesome.

    i’m great! yay!

    oh i have more time than i thought i did… coulda written something better.

    hi, how are you today? photo booths are only in america. i think. i mean, the one i was talking about was not an actual booth.

    By Michelle on 05.24.2011

  27. i can’t believe you.
    i can’t.
    i won’t.
    and even as you sit across from me, looking lost, looking sad, i will not believe it.
    looks aren’t everything.

    By miss interpretingann URL on 05.24.2011

  28. silent killer. telephones, as they ring. ringing in my ears. i cannot handle the words, the noise, the dial tone. i wish it was peaceful.

    By catherine URL on 05.24.2011

  29. the booth was really cool . i never seen a booth for prostitution before i dont know why i even thought i could so it but i did and soo i walked up to the lady at the booth and said hey, what can i get for 5 dollars she looked at me and said nothing .. i can show you my boob lmao

    By denise on 05.24.2011

  30. The telephone booth was an eerie setting amidst the sophistication of the street. It stood out like the rotten fruit in a basket of ripe, delicious ones. No one knew though, there was a reason for it being positioned there. It was no normal telephone booth, it was a booth that led to the land below, a coveted land that few new about and fewer understood the purpose off. The telephone booth was the gateway to the world below…

    By nabster121 URL on 05.24.2011

  31. Telephone booths are great places to meet people. If by “meet” you mean “distance yourself from the world”. Yes, bleak. Yes, sad. Yes, very very true. Why use a phone when you can be with someone in person? Ignore the glass be together in the air. That’s where the love is.

    By melissa on 05.24.2011

  32. I slide into the booth, next to you. You are the person of my dreams, for so many years, and now you seem to be so familiar as to be a stranger. I tried to remember what you look like the other day and couldn’t conjure your face, which is strange since it is the only one I’ve ever kissed.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 05.24.2011

  33. i was sitting in a booth in a cofee shop when i saw her. she was wearing a pink dress and walked with a certain confidence. she knew she was beautiful and she wasnt shy to express it.

    By vv on 05.24.2011

  34. kissing booth. it was high school. a fundraiser and that guy from Spanish class. Craziness and a dollar wasted on the worst kiss of my life.

    By Britt on 05.24.2011

  35. I like booths. I often eat in them. When I was little, my mom used to take me to Burger King to eat, and I used to get so excited! Those fries were awesome, and they made really good onion rings. I always used to find one hidden in the batch of fries. Was it on purpose? Maybe. A delicious accident.

    By Nick on 05.24.2011

  36. shot Abe in the back of the head
    while watching a play and left him for dead.

    By Abraham Lincoln URL on 05.24.2011

  37. Reminds me immediately of so many American movies/TV shows I’ve seen where the main characters sit in a booth in a cafe somewhere… Seinfeld, When Harry Met Sally etc etc

    By Shellstar on 05.24.2011

  38. i didn’t sit in the booth at the diner. but the man still came up to me and took my drink order asking me how my day was. it was sweet but i was offended. i didn’t like people coming up to me and trying to get me to buy things. i was just looking around at various places, i didn’t want to be pressured. isn’t that just horrible? i mean, who does that?

    By Melodie on 05.24.2011

  39. Two people were sitting at a booth, waiting for a waiter to come by. During this time, the two people realized they shared a similar past. They shared many memories and many hardships they endured. All very similar. Finally the realized that they were actually…

    By Toby on 05.24.2011

  40. superman’s changing room(:
    the (wrong) term that my mom uses when she’s referring to the car boot.

    By chingz on 05.24.2011