May 11th, 2011 | 519 Entries

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519 Entries for “bones”

  1. the bones that were left behind by the butcher was a heaven to the dog. It has not eaten for days o it grab it immediately and ran. Bones can be disgusting especially those that smells I acn never forget them in the market

    By jacko8219 URL on 05.11.2011

  2. Bones are the structural organ of the human body. They are made mostly of calcium, but have blood-cell producing marrow in the middle. Bones, therefore, play a key role in immune system functions.

    Occasionally, bones will break. This can happen in a couple of ways. First of these is a simple fracture, and the second is a compound fracture, characterized by bone protruding through the skin.

    By Justin LaPointe on 05.11.2011

  3. Emily Deschanel is the most amazing actress I have ever seen. She is able to morph from her happy-go-lucky personality into a cold, emotionally-distant misunderstood genius just like that. I wish I could read bones the way she does.

    By Meagan on 05.11.2011

  4. Slipping shaking shivering beneath my skin
    I love the bones of you
    Bones, bones, breaking down my closet door
    Bones growing bones growing through my skin breaking free from me
    bones growing like garden weeds, killing flowers in their wake
    Peeking out of me like the hulls of a great sinking ship
    Hiding under my skin behind the sagging mast

    By Erin on 05.11.2011

  5. bones. a skeleton. bare bones. skinny. what i wish i were. maybe someday. maybe not. i’m scared by what I can imagine doing… of course, anything would be worth it… if it could win love.. that’s all we want…

    By youcantknow URL on 05.11.2011

  6. My biology teacher has a cupboard full of animals. None of them are alive, of course, which I think makes it worse. Some are in jars, some immobilized in amber, some just heavily preserved, some stuffed. It’s like a cemetery.

    By Rapunzel URL on 05.11.2011

  7. My roommate, Amy, is a painter and she collects bones and skulls and the sort. There is a graveyard of femurs and skulls and pelvises slowly growing in number and it has gotten so out of control that there seems to be no more room on our mantel. Some people get creeped out by them but I think they are beautiful and worth the space.

    By Delani on 05.11.2011

  8. Bones are funny things. WE would be jelly without them. It’s funny to think about how we would basically be puddles of guck if we didn’t have bones. I can’t help but think of that episode of Family Guy that Peter loses all his bones and moves to Hollywood to work as a mat for action stunts because that’s the first place that word took my weird brain.

    By Gria URL on 05.11.2011

  9. bones are found in the human body. there are so many different kinds. i am fascinated by these amazing things because how can they be about to carry my body? how do they move? i don’t know. i want to become an orthopedic surgeon so i can find all of this stuff.

    By Chloe Castellano on 05.11.2011

  10. They dug in the soil, playfully throwing dirt clots at each other. Dirk and Stacey were so pleased to finally have a Spring Sunday afternoon together, skipping church to plant in the garden. This was a pilot project for them; this year they would start small and plant tomatoes, oregano and cucumbers. Next year, lettuces, broccoli and perhaps potatoes and leeks. Stacey giggled as she dug deeper to put in a tomato seedling but her trowel scraped against something. Too soft to be a rock; too hard to be a root. Dirk said, “let me help you with that, little lady.”

    He reached down and pulled up a large bone, which appeared to be an adult human femur. “That’s wonderful,” she said, “Now we have something for our soup stock!”

    By richpee URL on 05.11.2011

  11. The bleach white surface glared in the sun, stinging my eyes. They had been here for a while. How many victims? How many innocents had fallen prey to this harsh wasteland?

    By Kate URL on 05.11.2011

  12. There once was a young girl who lived on a hill. She loved to dig in her garden. One day, she found a bleached white bone. she took it to her mother, who then broke down crying, saying it was her father’s grave. Being impossibly sad, the girl went, and for three miles, picked wild flowers, and on the way back, picked even more. Laying them on her fathers grave, she felt peaceful once more.

    By Jennifer on 05.11.2011

  13. oh my aching bones, i’m not long for this world. today I i got my thumb operated on becasue i crashed into a tree while showing off on a sled to my son’s 10 year old friends. months later (it’s 90 out now) and my insurance finally stepped up to pay for my pride. after a coupla vicadin and 3 glasses of champagne, i’m feeling no pain.

    By Steven on 05.11.2011

  14. Bones is what makes your body up, how perfect it will be if we have bones in our
    hearts? They wont never fell down…

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 05.11.2011

  15. bones are what people dig up, they represent the past and where we came from. dinosaurs. we are made up of bones and so is this earth. the bones of the animals and the people, the skeleton of the world. bones. a tv show. bones are the skeleton of the world. we are bones

    By ali on 05.11.2011

  16. Bones break. You know, the first bone I ever fractured was my wrist. Walking has never been my… strong suite, I suppose. One day I simply tripped and “snap!”

    By Hannah on 05.11.2011

  17. bones keep us together. They keep the body from falling apart. Our bones can be strong but with age they deteriorate and become delicate. We as people are similar to bones. We do our best to keep ourselves from falling apart and are strong but at times we fall apart and start to deteriorate as well.

    By Veronica on 05.11.2011

  18. “Bones,” was all I could think to say. I was standing up against the wall holding a box of objects that could only be described as “bones”. The marrow of life had been sucked out of the things that had once been living and were now dead in my box.

    By Stuart Fehr on 05.11.2011

  19. from the nerves on my hairs, down to the root, submerging beyond the epithelial tissue into the blood stream flowing around a sturdy frame of bones, i stand with high hopes despite all weighted doubts.

    By beachbumrach URL on 05.11.2011

  20. There they were. White. Blinding from the light reflecting off them. I didn’t touch them but somehow I knew they were cold. Icy, even. I felt the chill all over my body. I knew it was Andy. I couldn’t accept it.

    By ellie URL on 05.11.2011

  21. Shivers shake my bones and I feel my teeth chatter. The cold can be felt all the way through my body down to my core…my bones.

    By Melissa K. on 05.11.2011

  22. I have bones in my body, there are so many I don’t even know their names. Its weird that I shouldn’t even know the things that are inside me, that make me work. I know I have bones when I smack my leg of a table, the pain cascading through my bones, tell me to be careful next time, or I could harm a bone, the name I know not of.

    By Chelsea Hopper on 05.11.2011

  23. What does it mean to be immortal? Sure our skin and bones can rot away, but can a soul decompose?

    By Lauren on 05.11.2011

  24. I can see them all pile up like a stack of dominoes, and with no resistance they all collapse like a house of paper cards.

    By MaiMai URL on 05.11.2011

  25. My fingers tremble because I’m withering away. Calcium depletes. These words hurt my fingers, arthritis cripples. Brittle pieces disintegrate into my blood flow, cracks down my back, my hips. Skin dries like the desert. Forecast says wind will sweep the town. I’m going to blow away.

    By Allie on 05.11.2011

  26. my body is beautiful and my bones protect the things that matter most to me. love and strength, the bones are so strong yet so brittle and every bone in our body makes up who we are. without every bone we would not be the same our minds would not think the way we do now. those 126 bones make a creature who will never be cloned

    By Hattie Awe on 05.11.2011

  27. write to the bones…till you’re bone dry, or what? my writing has been boring lately, so here i am, writing down the bones. You’re not supposed to think first…I do anyway, I can’t help it. My writing sucks. That’s not positive.

    By jenntole on 05.11.2011

  28. He sniffed around and found them. He let out a series of loud barks and the uniformed men came over. As they began digging in with the shovels, a putrid smell began to permeate the foggy air around them, and one of them gagged. Most of the bones were exposed, but some rotting flesh still clung to the girl’s body. Her clothing was ripped and tattered, and the numerous earthworms shrank from the exposure as they shoveled away more and more dirt.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.11.2011

  29. Bones looked at Booth with sadness in her eyes
    She loved him so badly
    She hated to say goodbye
    As he left in his army attire
    Her heart was on fire
    She longed to tell him, “Don’t go!”
    But she swallowed her pride
    Looked deep inside
    And said, “Forget it.”

    By Samantha Silverstein on 05.11.2011

  30. deep and seemingly unforgettable i walk with them in my mind’s eye cooly eating at the frigid vampire tendencies. ugly intrepid ant hills peeling away the mind’s decay i live on in my world of emptiness portraying only the darkness

    By Mike Brown on 05.11.2011

  31. very strong

    By muneeb on 05.11.2011

  32. Bones. They’re white and brittle. Cold enough to chill my bones. That’s cold. Interestingly enough, though, it’s not an exaggeration. You can feel your bones shivering when it gets to a certain point of cold. And that’s not cool. Well, it is but not fun. You know what I mean.

    By BriarElwood on 05.11.2011

  33. Bones make up who we are, the symbol of our mortality. When we die, we are nothing but bones in the ground. Bones represent the separation between our body and soul.

    By Lauren on 05.11.2011

  34. There was bones everywhere. He scanned the room looking for any clues that would help him solve this. Where did the killer start his job? What was he thinking? The questions flooded his mind as he looked around him.

    By Nash Pitre URL on 05.11.2011

  35. rattling…roll the dice and watch the whiteness roll..McCoy. skull…

    By wfreirich on 05.11.2011

  36. death, morbid… graveyards. Vampire diaries, mist, walking into a graveyard. People dying. Throwing a dog a bone. Bone marrow, anatomy. The bones in the human body. Every single crime show I’ve ever seen. CSI.

    By Caitlin on 05.11.2011

  37. Bones are a remarkable substance. They support a mass amount of weight and can be very flexible at times. Undercover they are a sturdy frame supporting various shapes and sizes. Although breakable they hold up very well and even remain after the outer covering is long gone.

    By Jann on 05.11.2011

  38. My bones shook as the train passed by. When it disappeared into the tunnel, I looked up. He stood across the platform from me, looking dismal and melancholy. But when he looked up and saw me, his smile was too big to be contained on his lips. I ran across to him, and he welcomed me into his arms. “You should have known I would never leave you again,” my voice muffled by his sweatshirt, and my smile permanent.

    By Marissa URL on 05.11.2011

  39. hard bones
    the source of our existence
    without them we would fall
    trying to find the strength that I need to survive
    but the lack of backbone is making it hard
    without them we will die
    without them we will fall
    with them we stand tall
    hard bones

    By stef on 05.11.2011

  40. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Ya, BIGGEST lie in history, words have a certain sting that could snap your bones into five million pieces! I’m sorry but it’s true.

    By Haley Bear URL on 05.11.2011