May 11th, 2011 | 519 Entries

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519 Entries for “bones”

  1. The band director was always shouting, “Bones! You guys are way off! You wouldn’t know your elbow from an oboe. C’mon, let’s take that section again and get it right this time.”

    By David Saleeba URL on 05.11.2011

  2. I was thinking the other day about myself, how it stands without falling. Then I thought of bones. The Creator’s way of putting structure to our mass. What a wonderful God! what a great King!

    By Jamey on 05.11.2011

  3. Bones make up a skeleton. They make my body and the grow with lots of milk. Bones are buried by dogs and become brittle with age. Bones are the foundation of our physical beings.

    By Anna Marchman on 05.11.2011

  4. She was frail, cold. The shallow light washed in from the open, dusty window. It is the only light source. It’s seven-thirty in the morning and she;s crying again. She tries desperately to face another day, fearless, but she’s become skin and bones… she can’t take this disease anymore…

    By Tori on 05.11.2011

  5. We all have them, stock and stiff inside us. Keeping us upright, stiff yet moving. Hard and fragile, protection offered to our life-giving organs. Bones: breakable, bending as we age. bringing us closer, closer, closer to our knees. Maybe we should’ve let them bend us there in the beginning.

    By MirembeEkisa URL on 05.11.2011

  6. Deadness is what I think of when I see the word ‘Bones’. Sort of hollow… but not in a morbid way. Bones can be beautiful too. Like… Hamlet! Oh Yorrick. Bones are… interesting.

    By Rose URL on 05.11.2011

  7. Them bones them bones them dry bones them bones gonna walk around.

    The pain is real, and so are the pills. The further you go, the colder my bones begin to grow.

    I would love to hear your bones break. BITCH. You’re everything I hate. Goodbye.

    By SavannahM on 05.11.2011

  8. Buried deep in the basement there are bones. Not metaphorical bones, but real, from-a-human-being bones. I don’t know what to do with them. They keep piling up and the weirdest thing is that I don’t know where they’re coming from.

    By Katie on 05.11.2011

  9. My brother Duncan, one year younger than me, tall and slender, our father always called him Bones.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.11.2011

  10. When I saw him I felt the full impact of all that i knew was right down to my bones. I would silly to give it the obvious name, but i wouldn’t know what other name to call it. I hold this secret and its slowly slipping out. “Some day soon” I keep thinking.

    By Katie on 05.11.2011

  11. They spend your whole life hidden, propping you up, your secret structure. But once your life’s over, there the only thing that remains…

    By fi on 05.11.2011

  12. thin, beautiful. It’s impossible to feel like I’m okay without being able to see them. I look back on old pictures and all I can see are my failures and all the things I lack now that I don’t look like that. Collar, hip, rib, wrist. Wrist wrist wrist.

    By Lovelylittleparts URL on 05.11.2011

  13. Bones are the kinds of things that can make our body function. Bones are metaphors for the things hold everything together. They can even be the entire mortality, as represented the skeletons in your closet or the bones of holloween.

    By James on 05.11.2011

  14. Crack crack crack I’m breaking your bones. You’re so weak, and fragile, your bones just snap in my hands, I shatter your bones with the angles I press upon, they just snap, and you just cry, and you yell in pain, extreme pain, the largest pain you’ve ever felt, you just keep crying and I keep laughing and snapping.

    By Alex on 05.11.2011

  15. I felt it in my bones. I felt it in my coccyx…man, that ice is hard! Why did I think I could take my old bones across the lake to the island? Why did I think I could dig a hole to bury his bones in December?

    By Skylark16 on 05.11.2011

  16. The ache tells me I’m still standing tall.
    Creaking and cracking, I won’t stop going.
    My bones hold me up.

    By ellarose URL on 05.11.2011

  17. any of various similarly hard or structural animal substances, as ivory or whalebone.

    By richardArrazola on 05.11.2011

  18. My dog Zander loves bones. They are his favorite treat. I can’t believe how many times he has begged me for my dinner bones. Chicken bones, steak bones, pork chop bones, if it has a bone he wants it. Sometimes after getting a bone, he will whine to go outside so he can bury it.

    By Michelle on 05.11.2011

  19. You showed me my own skeleton in the mirror, just before you went away… that’s when I knew I couldn’t live with my reflection.

    By Gestalta URL on 05.11.2011

  20. Oh my God I love that show.

    By connor URL on 05.11.2011

  21. I have more bones now then when i was a baby or is it the other way around?

    By koryo URL on 05.11.2011

  22. bones….. weird topic……….bones are hard and pure white

    By Bryanna URL on 05.11.2011

  23. you need bones. if you didnt have bones you would be a blob. calcium makes your bones stronger.

    By mccrazy123 on 05.11.2011

  24. Bones are the hard things in your body that are made of calcium they are very strong and support your whole weight without them we would all just be piles of skin and intestines with no form almost a liquid.

    By devin21 URL on 05.11.2011

  25. Dogs eat bones when they bark and are hungry they love them very much

    By melis on 05.11.2011

  26. Skeleton you are my friend. But you are made of bones. And you have got no flesh and blood running through you to help protect the bone. Skeleton we have been friends for years and you have seen me through some trials and tribulations and some tears, but everybody thinks I’m weird.

    By Aliya Savage on 05.11.2011

  27. Sticks and stones may break your bones but word will never hurt me :) hehehehheheheheh

    By ashley URL on 05.11.2011


    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 05.11.2011

  29. i broke my bone in my hand from punching a kid haha it was my knuckle!

    By Means33 URL on 05.11.2011

  30. Who else is going to the Cage the Elephant concert tonight?

    By Cory Kennedy URL on 05.11.2011

  31. Bones, like a skeleton.? People have bones inside of them. Ha so do aminals! :D uhmm bones are gross. They have bone marrow in them. Nasty. So uhh yeahh thats my topic on bones. enjoy!(:

    By Tori Rose URL on 05.11.2011

  32. Bones tell a story. A story of a life, whether it be short or long. Full of hurt and ache, or healthy and strong. What kind of story will my bones tell?

    By Paperball Potluck URL on 05.11.2011

  33. Bones makes me think of death and violence, loneliness and suffering. Not all bones should make me feel this way since bones can be used in educational settings and holiday decorations, but there it is. I don’t think this makes me strange or morbid.

    By Christi on 05.11.2011

  34. Bones is that show with that boothe guy who has that awesome belt buckle that says cocky with a picture of a rooster Ticky Ticky!

    By Slomo URL on 05.11.2011

  35. I have hard bones, frozen, not what to do. Today I saw and it seemed that the world purple wrapped my head and my heart. I thought the bones were in love with your perfect skeleton that gives shape to the beauty of your existence.

    By Francisco Pardo URL on 05.11.2011

  36. if i had bones which i guess i do have bones then i would walk to the end of the universe for that is what bones must be for if not then how would i know what up and down is if this would a proper way to come about the knowledge of man kind however i like to sip tea in the morning so i guess simple things are the right answer too but what is this about airplane food how can that be. All is not lost but all is yelling.

    By Timothy Dixon URL on 05.11.2011

  37. White, bleached bones. They surface the damp soil, poking out of the ground like the gnarled roots of an ancient tree. The graves that are dotted sporadically around the area are cracked, moss and grasses growing on their surfaces and pulling them further into the ground.

    By G on 05.11.2011

  38. Bones, sinking like stones.
    yes, it’s true, after a long run! :)

    By Roberta on 05.11.2011

  39. scary things that creep me out. white. i think i have bad ones because I do not drink a lot of milk. BUT i love cheese. When i think of bones i think of bone marrow and my best friend Lisa who gave up giving her marrow to a direct match. sad and unfortunate, but i don’t think i would have done it either. i also think of my boyfriend’s sister who turned into an evil witch after giving marrow. all in all, bones are scary. but they keep me together physically, so i can’t have much bias against them.

    By abby on 05.11.2011

  40. I think that bones are a strange thing. They are a symbol of death, a part of a meal, an intricate part of many Halloween costumes, a vital piece of the human anatomy. We take them for granted every day. White, hard, cold, bones. I don’t know i

    By Natalie on 05.11.2011