May 11th, 2011 | 519 Entries

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519 Entries for “bones”

  1. spinal cord finger bones hip joint skull neck rib toes foot annkle

    By andy and john URL on 05.12.2011

  2. bones are the frameworks from which we live our lives. we express from them outwards, they are the structures in front of our souls, and this is what makes us the people who we are. no bones are ugly, just beautiful… as are all of us. i feel it in my bones.

    By lauren URL on 05.12.2011

  3. sup,yall.TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By andy and john URL on 05.12.2011

  4. I have fractured my arm before. my friend has broken her arm before.

    By madalynn URL on 05.12.2011

  5. spinel cord jaw bone finger bones skull teeth

    By kieran URL on 05.12.2011

  6. i have never broken a bone in my life i have spraned somthing in my life and my dad cracked his spine CHEZ BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By kieran URL on 05.12.2011

  7. I have fractured my arm before. my friend has broken her arm before. It hurt so much. Me and my friend were climbing on a soccer net and the soccer net broke and we fell down, thats how I fractured my arm.

    By madalynn URL on 05.12.2011

  8. There’s a show I watch called Bones and it’s about a forensic investigator and her partner who is an agent for the FBI

    By summer firm URL on 05.12.2011

  9. When i was in 5th grade i broke the bone in my wrist, it was terrible and it hurt really bad. I stayed out of school for 2 weeks, I had to get it popped back in place.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 05.12.2011

  10. We have many bones in our bodies. Every body has bones in them, so do animals.

    By Kayla URL on 05.12.2011


    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 05.12.2011

  12. the average adult has at least 206 bones

    By kamikaze URL on 05.12.2011

  13. I saw the bone go out of my friends leg arm and finger.I was laughing so hard . He did not like that. then he said to go get his mommy.

    By werty URL on 05.12.2011

  14. Back in Nam I broke alot of bones. But none of them were mine. There was this one little communist guy that had a big mouth. So I made it really big and broke his jaw bone.

    By Wltbank URL on 05.12.2011

  15. The bones of the story hold it together and give it shape.

    By Tonia URL on 05.12.2011

  16. they tickle
    own you
    hold you
    frame you

    and even tone
    your own
    funny bones…

    By Karka URL on 05.12.2011

  17. White, and breakable. As anything else, and there are many ways to do so. Split, shatter, clean break and the messiest of repairs to fix. The ones that break the skin and are never healed and the ones that you already forgot happened. The bones will be with you for your life its a matter of how you use them

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 05.12.2011

  18. The bones in the xray were clear proof of the breakage under the apparent inflicted wounds.
    “We are going to have to perform surgery,” the doctor quitely commented as he read over the results. “It is going to need to be soon if we don’t want the bones to heal in the wrong places.”

    By Val URL on 05.12.2011

  19. I like bones, bones are nice. Bones crunch when you walk on them. Lots of animals have bones. I could talk about bones all day. Bone, bones, bones! Bones could mean something sexual as well…well in my head it is. You can make fake bones as well. Dogs love to chew on bones. You can boil bones to make broth for a soup. Isn’t it weird how many different ways and uses there are for bones? You can also break bones but then you’d have to repare those bones and it could hurt. Old people have brittle bones…I think that’s enough about bones. It’s making my bones shake.

    By Theresa on 05.12.2011

  20. Every thrust was bold enough to break bones, every gasp passionate enough the defile even the most devout mind, every roll of the hips sensual enough to dissuade those dreams that dared to claim they surpassed reality. Yes, this was physical felicity.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.12.2011

  21. And tendons. A Buddhist monk should create images of his own body as a corpse, then as a skeleton, then juts as bones scattered around: a hip bone here, and arm bone there. Helps detachment. I had a similar experience after I had drawn a skull in my Arts School, then touched my face and realised I had all the same bones.

    By Ia Sama URL on 05.12.2011

  22. you can poop
    it taste good but ya sometimes only sometimes in soups
    no wait bone? one bone??
    theres a serie named bone haha bones on the human everywhere how many have we? eh eh 200? 20203?? :D 200! or something wuuuh time pasttt whathwhat ??
    WHAT? why do I have another minute? and why did I write that much shit. Im german this is hard .. or can I write in german? kann ich? haha das wär viel besser. oh zeit ist schon wieder um!

    By neelia on 05.12.2011

  23. Right to the bones. Sweet lord. I felt the tingling move up my spine, and then, it went right to my bones. I have never felt a fear so big, so deep, so intimidating as this. When would the lights come back on?

    By Seansj URL on 05.12.2011

  24. you need them to keep you strong. after you die they become dust or if youre burnt they become ashes, people used to use them as toothpicks and weapons i wonder if they only used animal bones or if they used people bones too?

    By Veronica on 05.12.2011

  25. I feel this ennui in my soul, threatening to burst my heart chakra open to the world. Allowing me to care deeper than I ever have as my rib cage cracks open at the sternum. Everything I do must allow for personal and inner growth. Everything must explore a sense of self, opening me up to constant ability for surprise, spontaneity, and discovery. Otherwise I am “passing the time” or “making a living” and living a walking death. And I choose to walk this death no more.

    By Jason URL on 05.12.2011

  26. our body is compose of bones. it is hard and firm.

    By richelle on 05.12.2011

  27. “Bones” provide the structure of a body from which it is able to perform various functions such as walking, running, or even standing. Bones are essential for stability.

    By Sashi on 05.12.2011

  28. hard brittle parts of the body that support everything. Remains after the rest of the body has decomposed and can be uncovered by forensics to determine clues of a crime scene. Dinosaur bones are uncovered by paleontologists.

    By Mike on 05.12.2011

  29. Bones are keepers of secrets. Hard, stone, white. Silent but can reveal so much. So much about the person they belonged to.

    By Rachel URL on 05.12.2011

  30. Bones, bones, bones, they’re just like phones. You need them everywhere you go, because you never know who’s going to show. Who you call, who you know, strong healthy bones allow you to call people’s phones.

    By sashi URL on 05.12.2011

  31. My bones creak while running. Creak creak creak over the concrete floor. They creak in disapproval at the sorry state of the world. Of forests felled and lives extinguished. These bones are shouting out.

    By yetihk URL on 05.12.2011

  32. I have bones in my body. Every animal has bones in its body. Some animals have their bones on the outside. Dogs love to chew on bones. I tried to chew on a bone once but I hurt my teeth.

    By Jpac URL on 05.12.2011

  33. Bones is the one thing that gives your body shape.

    By devin21 URL on 05.12.2011

  34. It makes me think of the catacombs in Paris. That was one of the main settings that the book The Alychemest took place.

    By Jovie on 05.12.2011

  35. Teeth are bones……………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@##########$$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%%%%^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&***********((((((((()))))))))_____+++++??????????>?>?>?>?>?>??<?<?<?<?<?<?<&^$*^%#&^#^%#@%$#$&^$(&^%

    By Sam tate URL on 05.12.2011

  36. i watch bones on FOX. it just mainly about detectives. i eat bones also because they are yummy. ;)

    By chase URL on 05.12.2011

  37. When we look upon eachother and see whats on the outside you never really think about what goes on inside of each and every person you see everyday. When we walk through the forest hand in hand with the man you love, swimming in the waters of hawaii, or even just walking to get your breakfast in the peak of dawn. Do you ever think about what keeps us going? No, not energy if thats what you were thinking, but do you ever think about your bones? I mean without them you would be a glob, a pancake, a puddle of intestines and a mixed up face. You know that little cage around your heart that protects it so the next time your heartbroken and feel like you will never be able to pick up the pieces again, that little cage protects it so it doesnt get to far away from its puzzle piece, and you know what thats made up of? Bones. So the next time you look at a person and just see their striking good looks, or their long beatiful hair that they are ashamed of, think about whats on the inside, look far enough, and you see bones.

    By Shayla Cooper URL on 05.12.2011

  38. I think of the show called bones.

    By bananaphone URL on 05.12.2011

  39. Bones? we are made of bones the hold us up without them we would be all flimsy.
    Bones? we are made of bones the hold us up without them we would be all flimsy.
    Bones? we are made of bones the hold us up without them we would be all flimsy. Bones? we are made of bones the hold us up without them we would be all flimsy. Bones? we are made of bones the hold us up without them we would be all flimsy.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 05.12.2011

  40. Bones are in people’s bodies. They keep the structures held up and stabled

    By Brittany URL on 05.12.2011