May 11th, 2011 | 519 Entries

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519 Entries for “bones”

  1. bones. estelle’s dog. the smell, the short dog hair. at estelle’s playing pong and kings and asshole. wish i knew a substitute name for that last game. i hate that word in general. bones as in innocent bones (iron and wine)…

    By Tyler H URL on 05.12.2011

  2. The dog was running ahead happily…a gentle breeze on my face, the woods were wonderfully calming after yesterday’s turmoil. I kept walking down the path, pondering how lucky I was to be able to live in such a beautiful place when I heard the dog barking excitedly. I rushed ahead and when I reached my dog I saw he was jumping around happily and barking so I looked at what had caught his attention and…”Oh my God..those were…human bones!”…

    By Anton URL on 05.12.2011

  3. there once was a dog and he was only made out of bones. this made it a little bit tricky because you really liked to eat himself. The same goes for other dogs, it made it a little tricky for him to have friends, no one likes friends that try to eat you all the time. Thats why no one likes zombies

    By Toby Syer on 05.12.2011

  4. bones HELP US TO STY UPRIGHT. WITHOUT THEM WEwould surely colpse in useless hep nd then where would we be~? ill tell you where: in useless hep on the floor, thts where. By the way my a button doesn’t work. I keep having to copy and paste my a’s.

    By Jemima Colenso on 05.12.2011

  5. bones are like the steel that keeps the building steady. without them there is no structure in a building.

    By Amaka on 05.12.2011

  6. Bones are like the steel that keeps the building steady, Without them there is no structure in a building.

    By Amaka URL on 05.12.2011

  7. I have bones all over my body. Inside, obviously. I never broke one single bone in my life. But i like I broke, just once, and a little one, just to have my friends signing my cast, it would be cool.

    By Marina Nascimento on 05.12.2011

  8. Bones are what keep us upright. Without them we would surely be a useless heap on the floor. Where would we be without them? I’ll tell you where: in a useless heap on the floor, that’s where.

    By JemimaColenso URL on 05.12.2011

  9. If we are but made of stardust, and the stars are what dreams are made of, then it is my dream to have my bones turn into stars, immolate my body and soul, and send me onward to supernova that I might shine above with the sun in the sky.

    By DJFmished URL on 05.12.2011

  10. “These bones are mere accessories.”
    -Envy on the Coast.

    Weighted down by bones, muscle, and skin, I cannot fly from here. These bones are too thick, too used, too heavy to feel free. I want more than this; more than what I am: flawed, real, human…
    These bones are jagged reminders of all that I am; all I can be; all I can’t be. I need more than this. Rooted deep in this soil, these bones have me trapped here.

    By Aj URL on 05.12.2011

  11. My dogs bones barried in the woods in front of our house. My cat, Whisper’s remains lay beside them. Funny bones!! The Lovely Bones.

    By Eden URL on 05.12.2011

  12. I’ve never broken a bone before; only sprained or fractured them.

    human bones.
    dog bones.
    dinosaur bones.

    i love you with all of my bones.

    the worse thing to see on a movie is for someone to get a broken bone and the bone actually be sticking out of their skin. it’s disgusting.

    By Brooklyn URL on 05.12.2011

  13. Os ossos são aquilo que nos mantém de pe. Devíamos ter ossos da Alma para nós darem estrutura. Gostava de conhcer o esqueleto da Alma e talvez assim me desfizesse menos em papa.

    By Luis Moura URL on 05.12.2011

  14. I was cold to my very bones. I shivered so hard I worried I would break something. I didn’t want to wait any longer through this blizzard, but i had too. the world depends on if me. I can survive through a little cold. Right? Oh where is Jake?

    By Serafina URL on 05.12.2011

  15. He kept her bones in a several ziplock bags. It was his favorite memory with her, that she always loved using ziplock bags for everything. Each plastic was tacked up on the wall, he used to keep her pictures on. Whenever people asked, he just said they were for display, because he liked the human anatomy. In truth, he had only ever loved HER anatomy.

    Not her. Not really.

    Just her bones and bone structure.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 05.12.2011

  16. Sticks and stones. Yo kid, pass the bone. Dominoes. Marrow. Skeleton costume. Bone nose ring.

    By BenZee561 URL on 05.12.2011

  17. the bones rattled and scraped against the ancient wooden box. the sound skittered across her ears, making her skin crawl.. For what ancient ceremony were these intended? how could anyone work such magic? the idea frightened her.

    By t703 on 05.12.2011

  18. bones : there are boxes off them on a cupboard right near me. working in the Medical Library today we’ve even got a whole skeleton on a stand!

    By teresa URL on 05.12.2011

  19. Looking down into the dark pit, walls crumbling their dirt into its depths, all that could be seen were the white glimpse of bones.

    By Jeff URL on 05.12.2011

  20. Dem bones dem bones gonna walk around dem bones dem bones gonna walk around. and dont hang on me, i got enough to see, all dem skeletons in my closet gonna walk around, gonna walk around…. dry, white chalky silly things gnawing on them to get some calcium a skull a femur, but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? it is the east and romeo is the sun.

    By S.C. on 05.12.2011

  21. The bones of some animal were tied together in a sort of net around me, forming to my body, as though my captors had tied the net around me while I was sleeping. I wasn’t sure why I was there, but I knew for sure that the bones looked to be human.

    By Ileah URL on 05.12.2011

  22. Bones are pretty cool, they remind me of forensic ideas, because of the soap. They make up the human body, and are part of Biology. Biology is awesome.

    By Pinks on 05.12.2011

  23. “Bones.” That’s all she heard before the taxi she was sitting in sped away. What did he mean? She looked back through the rear window and saw him turn and walk away, his head lowered.

    By Gen URL on 05.12.2011

  24. THe desert was filled with them but I wasn’t about to leave. The portal was somewhere around here, I just couldn’t remember where…”ISIS COME BACK IN FOR DINNER!” I was jerked out of the desert and into my boring backyard. “Mum…I need to find the portal…” I murmured. “COME IN OR I’LL SEND YOU TO THE INSANE ASYLUM!!!” she screamed.

    By Isis on 05.12.2011

  25. Bones is a popular tv show. Bones are also what the human body is made of and all that will be left of us when we we leave this earth besides our legacy. What do you want to leave behind besides a pile of bones when you go?

    By Azrael URL on 05.12.2011

  26. Bones, I look at the word and think of the TV programme, which probably isn’t right, but oh well.

    I love Bones. Both the TV programme and the actual “items”, which is good! Without bones we would be glorified piles of goo, wibbling about like jelly with eyes, and anus’, that would not be good, not at all.

    Ah, glorious bones <3

    By Willis on 05.12.2011

  27. Bones is a Dr. and a structure that holds you up. It’s also a kind of musical instrument…so, how in the world can I write about bones with just one theme?

    By Marjan on 05.12.2011

  28. body and bones that hold you tight and you are able to walk. also dogs eat them.loloolol
    they are white and hard and i have many
    of them. you can also break them

    By Nemesis on 05.12.2011

  29. I saw the bone poking through the soil. I looked at it again and started to feel a bit sick. Could it be? No! But it was more true to say how could it not be. The only thing I didn’t know for sure was if it was me that killed him or not.

    By The Wint URL on 05.12.2011

  30. Bones. Hard or soft depending on how old you are. This thing never really works

    By ~BreanneElizabeth~ URL on 05.12.2011

  31. bones are yuck…i don’t like them
    just look at human bones they are awful
    simply disgusting
    i hate them !!!!!

    By mia on 05.12.2011

  32. Under the layers
    Under flesh and nerve
    Muscle and vein
    Under life itself
    The structure that shapes us
    But without the layers
    What are we?
    Sticks and stones and broken.

    By angelofmercy URL on 05.12.2011

  33. skeleton halloween scary doctors tv rachel deschnelle music she and him health muscles science crime mystery death children the scream chickens wings meat fish decay

    By kate on 05.12.2011

  34. sieste a toutes les personnes qui ne travaille pas, et qui n’étudie pas, et qui n’ont pas d’enfant à charge.

    By feriel on 05.12.2011

  35. My bones creak as I move. As I walk. As I am.
    I wish they were strong and limber as they once were.
    With each creak.
    I wish.
    I am.
    I cannot turn back.

    By kate on 05.12.2011

  36. I don’t know what it is about them but the whole idea of them just seems so utterly morbid to me, you know? Like I can’t help but think of the whole idea that we are here one moment and the next we’re under the earth on some green patch in Alabama.

    By Kayla on 05.12.2011

  37. I love it when I see a pile of bones. It makes me think of dead people and skeletons when I was at school. Kinda like science class, but not science class. I think of ‘Stand By Me’ and the discovery of a dead body. Not sure why, but I do. And the TV programme ‘The Family Bones’.

    By Your Mum on 05.12.2011

  38. spines thai hip backbone skull leg hand funny bone finger

    By andy and john URL on 05.12.2011

  39. No one leaves this world only bones. There is always an effect in the duration of your existence. It’s up to you what kind of effect that is.

    By mochi♥face URL on 05.12.2011

  40. crazy body parts include bones such as skull , spinal and knee caps.
    bones are amazingly flexable to your ability. there fore you can use them for many sports.

    By king11 king23 on 05.12.2011