May 11th, 2011 | 519 Entries

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519 Entries for “bones”

  1. Dad. All but his artificial hip.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.11.2011

  2. Sometimes I wonder if you can see straight through me. You seem able to understand just how all my bits join together, and I hate that power you have. When you’re in the room I feel you in my blood, wrapping around my bones, making me want you more.

    By emmystrange URL on 05.11.2011

  3. i feel it in my bones what i’m feeling right now. it isn’t fun and it’s sad and i don’t like it and it’s reaching my bones. and i think your bones is the farthest it can go. you can easily penetrate the heart as the heart is soft and it’s in the center of your body and you only have one. but when you can feel something in your bones, it has to travel throughout your body and penetrate the hardness of your skeleton.

    By Potato Pancakes on 05.11.2011

  4. Bones bleached in the sun lay strewn about the cool white sands of the beach. Between them, the shells of crustaceans and dried up shreds of seaweed, the blacked pods of some plant and the tumbled pebbles washed ashore by the waves. The heat bore the scent of death.

    By maritov URL on 05.11.2011

  5. “Dem bones, dem bones, gonna walk around…”
    I am transported back to Sunday school, learning about some biblical figure or other, Elijah, maybe. They are fond memories, but if I went back there, now, bisexual and overly sexual, boy, I’d be shunned.

    By Andrea URL on 05.11.2011

  6. I knew that feeling well. I had tried to run away from it for too long. Pretending it didn’t matter. Thinking I was over it. But I wasn’t. Not even close. The thought of him not being in my life, chilled me to the bones. I knew in that moment I would have to walk through my fear and risk being hurt.

    By Ann Marie on 05.11.2011

  7. I felt the pain deep in my bones. My muscles screamed as my skin seemed to pull tighter.

    By Bella D. URL on 05.11.2011

  8. We all knew in our hearts that her bones were somewhere on the floor of the Atlantic, but until we had ‘bone fide’ proof, there was always going to be a small chink in our belief, a hope in our heart, that somehow, somewhere she was still living and having a joyous life; and that maybe, one day, she will remember her children and come back to us.

    By M Daly URL on 05.11.2011

  9. Like in the movie the lovely bones. But I dont know why its called that, but it just is. It is also in you body, like a skeleton. They need calcium.

    By Kayla Waters URL on 05.11.2011

  10. I have 46 bones. I think. Or mabye more? Maybe less. They’re made out of calcium, so it’s important to drink milk. I m deficient in calcium because I am lactose intolerant. My mother nad grandmother had osteoperosis. My grandmother’s hip broke bcause of it. Maybe I should drink some milk? But it makes me sick!

    By Shana on 05.11.2011

  11. Bones found dressed in cloth and buried high up in the mountains. I sat down, sweating under the hot, southern sun, and tried to imagine what a burial ceremony must have been like. Here are all these places, all these lost civilisations, and yet we know hardly anything of them. I thought of the future. Would they still be trying to work these things out?

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.11.2011

  12. You will find time to think about what you are going to do with all your money after your bones have become stiff and hair turn gray or falls out. So enjoy your poor self now.

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.11.2011

  13. the fbi agent found the bones of a 20 year 0ld man last weeek foul play is suspected

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 05.11.2011

  14. there are people who look for bones. So they can know what happen to them.

    By alejandro URL on 05.11.2011

  15. Bones are all shapes and sizes, it depends on what they came off of.

    By .trista. URL on 05.11.2011

  16. bones are what remain at dead peoples rest and they really smell.

    By Michael URL on 05.11.2011

  17. They keep us all together. Without them we would be flabby, blobs. We would not be able to move, to walk, to stand, or even to sit. We would have no control over our body or bodily functions and would be lost. There is nothing we can do without them.

    By Emily on 05.11.2011

  18. My dads’ nickname use to be bones. but not anymore because he’s gone. now i’m sad.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 05.11.2011

  19. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word bones are my bones. I have a bunch of bone problems, but i still do sports even though they make things worse.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 05.11.2011

  20. my bones my bones so delicious love bones all good so great

    By eman URL on 05.11.2011

  21. dead people idk thats what i think of

    By jamie:) URL on 05.11.2011

  22. inside me underneath my skin lies deep within the source of power and strengh. moment improved by them

    By yolei on 05.11.2011

  23. The bones in my body are the same as yours. We share them between races, gender and creeds. They are all individual but identical and I love my bones because of it.

    By keirsb URL on 05.11.2011

  24. Make no bones about it, they say. What does that even mean? Maybe it’s silly to always question what it is that we’re saying when we say something, but how many times have I let words slip out of my mouth before realizing exactly what they might mean to the other person. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounds,” people say. Well, how did you mean it? And why didn’t it sound that way? Because people fail to consider just what the words they’re saying might mean.

    By MB on 05.11.2011

  25. The bones stuck out of the ground at a strange angle. They’d been there a long, long time. Rain, wind and gnawing animals had been working on them for years. I didn’t know whose they were, but I knew I had to find out. That’s my job. I’m a detective.

    By Dave Freireich URL on 05.11.2011

  26. She watched him carefully devour the smoked ribs, meticulously sucking each of the bones clean before tossing them over his shoulder into the tall grass. The firepit crackeld, and the heat of the afternoon made the beer bottles sweat. She had no appetite. Her skin glowed hot and brown in the evening light. He seemed unaffected by it.

    By grace on 05.11.2011

  27. osteo is the sciency word for bones, i learn dat one in beauty schoooool:) bones is also a tv show lolzzz

    By ashley URL on 05.11.2011

  28. calcium, milk, strength, basic structure of body, white, strong, 206

    By mnaz on 05.11.2011

  29. I don’t have bones. Instead of being made out of those and tissue and organs I am just made out of pure awesome. Why? Because I’m a nerdfighter :)

    By Lor-n URL on 05.11.2011

  30. The bones were strange, longer than they should have been around the shins and the shoulders. The teeth were double what a human would have, and sharp the second set were placed behind the first. The fingers were thin, but upon testing were found to be incredibly dense.

    By J.M.Oneil URL on 05.11.2011

  31. Bones… anthropology… sociology?
    Bones are creepy, I can’t spend my whole life only dealing with them… but people are so interesting, are bones the right path to getting into the roots of people? TV shows make anthropology look cool.

    By Jood on 05.11.2011

  32. Here I lay, dusty bones. Look at what was my face, tell me the lies that kept me in place. Speak of a love that I never knew; give me what then was too much for you. Hold my brittle fingers, tell me that you love me — lie for all to hear. Take me, hold my breaking bones.

    By Brittany Rose URL on 05.11.2011

  33. there was a song by the killers called “bones” it was ok. not their best. the video sucked. it was directed by Tim Burton. and not cool, young creative Tim Burton i mean caricature of his former self Tim Burton. It was awful, big fish was good

    By jacob on 05.11.2011

  34. Send these bones — dying and alone — to their empty grave. Box up what isn’t right, take my hand and we’ll take flight. Forget about the rotting flesh, now lying on the ground — fresh. Let’s breathe deep, cover the dead bodies and create a memory.

    By Brittany Rose URL on 05.11.2011

  35. the bones within a person are seperated into appendecular and axis or something like that they are also very popular during halloween as a decoration they are used to keep our structure they are made up of spongy, compact, red marrow, and yellow marrow.

    By Temple URL on 05.11.2011

  36. bones.

    I used to love gnawing on big huge steak bones. There must have been some primitive somethingorother in me. I remember taking one to the park and gnawing on it by the swings… must have looked like some weird cannibal kid!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.11.2011

  37. She frowned at the aching in her bones. She felt the absence of her lover with a bitterness and regret that could have driven her to insanity. She shook her head. Survival was all that would ever matter again.

    By Roenhael URL on 05.11.2011

  38. They lay in the desert that was once London, by the millions. Bleached from the sun, cracked and dry. Some had been trampled by scavengers, and lay in splintered ruins, others had simply become dust.
    A harsh wind blew across, occasionally blowing through a ruined apartment, a wrecked car.
    London, England, like human remains, was stripped of its flesh and essence. A bleached, crumbling skeleton containing bleached, crumbling skeletons.

    By Nic URL on 05.11.2011

  39. Make no bones about it. When a man falls that far and hits ground that hard, he will most certainly be hard to identify.

    By Mr E URL on 05.11.2011

  40. My sister’s bones hurt. I told her to drink milk and it would make her bones feel better but she refuses. She worries me because women have a higher chance of getting osteoporosis. She doesn’t have to drink milk straight she could put strawberry or chocolate mix in it. I just wish she would drink milk. She is showing her kids a bad habit. Everyone needs to drink milk.

    By Ashley on 05.11.2011