August 2nd, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “boiling”

  1. hot and steeaming.
    noodles and a lot of foam.
    to the point of extreme heat.
    my blood is boiling.
    anger, love, stress.

    By alexis on 08.02.2011

  2. Sanitize me. I urgently need the painful sting of clean. My body is covered in bacteria struggling to burrow in. My skin is angry; it can’t understand why I must scrub it nearly off, and shows it’s frustration by becoming red and inflamed. No dirt. No germs. Just… serenity.

    By Papoose on 08.02.2011

  3. hot sweaty water on the stove. It bubbles and curls and the steam sways as it rises off from the pot and dissolves slowly in the air. It was almost ready for the pasta but not quite so

    By Meg on 08.02.2011

  4. The water was hot, boiling almost. It burned her flesh as it splattered out of the pot and hit her arm. She wanted to turn away, to go back, but she couldn’t. There was no way she was going to turn back when she had accomplished so much already. Turning back would be stupid and disloyal of her.

    By Megan on 08.02.2011

  5. boiling hot water can mean anger boiling is red and bubbly and limited to only being hot and evaporation. I boil when I get mad. Boiling is a high point of heat. I think of witches and a stew that they boil human fingers in.

    By Giana on 08.02.2011

  6. Things had reached a boiling point. That day had been in planning for a long time coming, but under the edge were tensions that were bound to explode at any time. It’s only a shame it had to happen on that day. Or perhaps it was because it was that day– one which was supposed to be upbeat and full of cheer– that brought things to where they were. How could we be so cheerful when it seemed like everything was only getting worse?

    By oxy URL on 08.02.2011

  7. The water was boiling over the top of the pan. She was on the phone in another room, and didn’t hear the sizzle of the water on the stove. Her personal frustrations were too great for her to even remember that she was cooking.

    By Marie URL on 08.02.2011

  8. Boiling. water, water boils, and the steam goes into the air, people boil the same way, they get hot and angered, there mind gets the best of them, and than just like the steam, it adventualy goes away, and everything is so much better after that.

    By Sage Ricci on 08.02.2011

  9. Hot, cooking very rapidly, extremely hot, temperature rising, can’t stand the heat, cooking quickly. Almost done. Need something cool. Sun feels like it’s touching everything and burning

    By Maria URL on 08.02.2011

  10. Hot, frustrated, angry, out of control, running over…Boiling water runith over much like my emotional state…bubbling over, uncontrollable, unrivaled.

    By Cassandra on 08.02.2011

  11. I think of a hot boiling pot on the stove. Maybe tea. Frogs. Soup. Winter. Snow. Cool breeze. Snow men. I wish it was winter. I hate this stinkin heat! Snow flakes. I wish it were Christmas

    By christina on 08.02.2011

  12. The water was heating up, not quite there yet, as I watched tv. The show was a rerun, but I’m a fan of the series so I watched it anyway. My cat lazed about, making me jealous of a life so free. Finally, I heard the tell-tale bubbles coming from the pot. Noodles ready, I headed to the stove; boiling.

    By Brandon on 08.02.2011

  13. I felt like i was boiling. I was so flushed. But I couldn’t help it. That’s just what she did to me. I try not to get into these compromising positions with her, but I always do. This time, She was tickling me, and then we made eye contact. Her eyes are so beautiful. They are a brilliant mossy green, and they’re so damn expressive. I can see through to her soul, and I can never get enough of them.

    By Jess on 08.02.2011

  14. Boiling. My skin is practically boiling away. But, no, that’s not right. Focus, man, focus. That’s just my brain playing tricks on me. But… But… I think it might be boiling, too. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.02.2011

  15. seething, keeping patienc down. can’t do it. not ’til I have my tea.

    By christina on 08.02.2011

  16. boiling with rage? perhaps, though he kept the lid down
    certainly simmering

    you saw his lips tighten, a visibly lengthy exhale, nostrils flaring
    you’d only notice if you chose to look

    I kept myself calm by watching him

    By rorourke URL on 08.02.2011

  17. I was trapped. Surrounded by red magma as it began to rise from the depths of the volcano. The vapors around me burned as the boiling molten rock stuck to me like plaster. This was it. This was my end. BYE!

    By Honey on 08.02.2011

  18. The water was boiling, waiting to be made into tea. So Miss made the tea and drank it alone.

    By Audrey Jude URL on 08.02.2011

  19. hot water bubbling
    hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot BURN!
    ow! great balls of fire
    nah naaaahhh nah nah nah
    boom. boom. boom.
    ouch! burning. hot. bubbles!

    By Amber on 08.02.2011

  20. boiling is boring, fry stuff.

    By Sarah on 08.02.2011

  21. things are hot,
    they bubble and overflow
    cooking happens, sometimes it burns, pots required. Burners. Hands get burnt, takes a long time, noodles, spaghetti,

    By chelsea on 08.02.2011

  22. hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot water boils at 100 degrees celcius haha the sun is boiling in spain…you have 8 boils on your face you are red hot…boiling hot;)you sexy mama;)

    By jesse on 08.02.2011

  23. Spaghetti was always my favorite food. Boiling water was hell. I always got too scared of the flame. It reminded me of the Holocaust. I don’t know why…I was like, six. I didn’t even know what it was then…but it’s all I thought about.

    By Samantha Zachary on 08.02.2011

  24. Water is boiling, need to get up and put the noodles in, but I can’t be bothered. Dinner is so not important in light of recent events. Why do I have to be so well-informed?

    By C on 08.02.2011

  25. The sun was so hot it seemed to be boiling the blacktop beneath us. The water was calling but in this nightmare, the surface was boiling as well. A death trap to all. What could it mean? was this what hell was truly like? Or was this a worse fate than one deserved after the battle.

    By Kassie on 08.02.2011

  26. Stella accidentally left her cauldron boiling when she went out for some mandrake roots. The black concoction spurted out a black frog. The frog then grew into a womanly figure. Suddenly the figure turned into a lady with long black hair.

    By monique URL on 08.02.2011

  27. boiling boiling boiling boiling
    boiling boiling
    boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling boiling

    By Madhav Dhakal on 08.02.2011

  28. I thought the door was boiling when the shots began to hit the wall. The shots in the glasses fell as well to take away the silence in wetness that took us away from our seasoned one-upping.

    By Amrita Rao URL on 08.02.2011

  29. Water it burns and sinks and soothes into its patient victims rolling over and stretching from lip to lip

    By DrewRayann on 08.02.2011

  30. It was boiling. The lads sat outside, discussing the women as they walked past, cheering as the wind blew slightly, making their skirts do a Marilyn. Jeff pulled out a cigarette, and lit it. The others looked at him in disgust. “When did you start to smoke, Jeff mate?”

    By rolo on 08.02.2011

  31. The children’s feet dangled above the cauldron. A centipede slinked back into its hiding spot between the crooked teeth of a skull. A wiry black cat stretched… obviously bored by their tears. Tonight the witch would not go hungry…

    By Mr.Writesabit URL on 08.02.2011

  32. It was so hot he swore he was going to die. It was as though the very sweat on his back was boiling and burning him where he stood. And all this just to get some dog back for his girlfriend. What was the world coming to?

    By Jazzy on 08.02.2011

  33. Molten water purging out in uproarious steam like a dancing apparition in the air.

    By Garett on 08.02.2011

  34. My temper rises, and it’s like I can feel my blood boiling. I feel my heartbeat in my fingertips, and I curl my hands into fists to fight the weakness. I look down at the ground, the bright green grass dappled in afternoon sunlight. I shouldn’t be sitting here in a park, losing my two best friends. But they shouldn’t have made it come to this conclusion. They treated me like shit, and when I stood up for myself, they made me out to be the bad guy. I pull myself together just enough to stand up from the park bench and walk away. And it’s as if the heaviest weight in the world flies off my shoulders, and I smile to myself.

    By Marissa URL on 08.02.2011

  35. hot water

    By KeY on 08.02.2011

  36. The water began boiling and something happened. All of a sudden the stars were shining, and I looked out the kitchen window. I don’t know what prompted me to do so, but I did. As I looked out, I saw the most peculiar thing. The stars began to move, and align. I did not know what was going on, and I gasped as I watched each star move one by one. What was happening? I was in dismay. Then the water began to boil over, and with quickly I was brought back to reality.

    By HR on 08.02.2011

  37. its a time when people loose there temper

    By betty on 08.02.2011

  38. I don’t know what to say. The water was hot. It evaporated. And it was over.

    By savannahpearre URL on 08.02.2011

  39. It is boiling hot outside
    and Harry is still toiling
    with my emotions
    soiling them.
    All I want to do is coil in bed
    and cry.

    By Paula on 08.02.2011

  40. boiling water is what is used when canning vegetables and fruit. my mom is canning right now, and I can hear the bubbles going plop plop plop in the huge canning pan. The memories of summer canning with my mom will always remain in my mind.

    By Rachel on 08.02.2011