August 2nd, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “boiling”

  1. Water. Bubbles rising to the top. Unbelievably hot. It always seems longer than you think to get to boiling. To reach the boiling point. Both in cooking and in life. It seems as if everyone has that one point. That spot. Where you just break and react. Like the eruption of bubbles.

    By Katie on 08.02.2011

  2. Boiling. I remember as a little kid, my mom would make me boiled eggs. One day, I was particularly impatient so to check if the eggs were done, I poked an egg. The heat burnt my finger as I fell to the floor crying. At little kids we had little common sense. But have we changed any bit since then from now? Are we just as blind?

    By Karen on 08.02.2011

  3. Unbelievably hot. Bubbling up. It seems like it always takes forever to hit boiling. I guess in both life and cooking. Everyone has that one point where you just break and everything bubbles up to the surface. You can’t stop it but it’s terrifying whether it’s you or someone else that hits that point.

    By Katie URL on 08.02.2011

  4. Boiling. It is boiling hot right now, its only like 26 degrees but OH MAN, WHY am I not in a pub garden drinking cider?!?! This fan is terrible. It was like 40 degrees in Thailand, how did I survive that?!!?!?!? Errm… also, if you boil a silver fork – it comes out AMAZINGLY clean. Try it at home, you really should. (Who is reading this?)

    By Samantha on 08.02.2011

  5. It was hot, really hot. Boiling. Temperature and tempters flared. The knife was bloody in my hand, then I threw it down. What had I done?

    By Cheryl URL on 08.02.2011

  6. The pot boils over as pasta leaks out all over the floor and seeps into every corner of the room. We are all submerged and swimming in pasta through acres and acres as it fills the world and spreads through countries and continents. We no longer take cars or walk to our destination but rather we center our lives around swimming through the oceans of spaghetti.

    By Luke URL on 08.02.2011

  7. Your temper is like water that I’ve boiled for a little too long, to the point where it’s caught on fire and singing.
    Your face makes my blood sing, sometimes, and it’s the back side wrong shoulder touch to the crescendo of broken notches that never made any sense anyways.
    But that’s all right, because it’s yours.

    By Lancir URL on 08.02.2011

  8. i just spent about thirty seconds pondering boiling water. it makes me think of the ramon noodles i made for lunch. man i’m hungry. my mom hasn’t grocery shopped in like 3 weeks. we’re out of toilet paper…

    By rollinggnomes URL on 08.02.2011

  9. Bugger it. Last time i saw something boiling was a rather awkward moment. There she was naked and there my uncle was, standing to the left, fidgeting like he had some kind of terrible rash. Not really a rash more awkwardness at the situation, which was of course extremely difficult to explain.

    By Mr Tom writes shite URL on 08.02.2011

  10. He looked at the window, his face showing what he was not saying. He was enraged, his blood boiling through his veins as he took a deep calming breath after another.

    “What do you mean you’re leaving?” He finally spoke, with much disdain laced with a hint of sadness.

    By Crice S URL on 08.02.2011

  11. the air was so hot it felt much more like i was on the stove in a pan than outside on the back of my horse. if only i had listened to my friend destiny and didn’t go on the godforsaken trip to the middle of nowhere to find my spirit guide.

    By Zoe on 08.02.2011

  12. boiling. the water. she had completely forgot about the sauce that was sitting on the stove, she tried to wrap up the conversation, to move on and get home to check on the pot. surely by now the cheese sauce was all over the counter. thick black ooze everywhere. it would take her days to clean it. scrubbing and scratching off the mess. it would be the kind of cleaning where her fingers would shrivel and her nails would fall off.

    By lyn on 08.02.2011

  13. Justine couldn’t understand why it was taking so long for the water to boil. all she wanted was some macaroni and cheese. It was like the stove refused to cooperate and heat the water in the dented pan on the stove. “all i want is to eat some mac and cheese!!!!” she waited and waited, tapping her foot as she stared at the pot. This would take forever and that wasn’t going to work for Justine. She scrunched up her forehead and felt the fire radiating from her eyes as it shot towards the pot and the water within started to bubble.

    By Amanda on 08.02.2011

  14. the boiling water spilled over the pot on the to stove top. the steam evaporated into the air making it feel moist and heavy. the tea was almost ready. in a few more moment a nice warm cup of tea will be able to be ingested.

    By Sarah on 08.02.2011

  15. my heart is boiling right now because i am scared no i am not angry but just really nervous my forehead is really hot too is this because of me being nervous or just me being hot i don’t know what about boiling it is such a strange word you think of angry thoughts oh when i just thought of boiling my head started to hurt worse

    By toad on 08.02.2011

  16. You know, it’s not a colour I would have picked for you. It makes your skin look sore and unedifying. The dress itself, the colour of a boiling lobster, is not a classic.

    By E.P. Hantera on 08.02.2011

  17. the emotions i feel when contemplating going on a vacation in italy. i want to go, really really want to go but i know i may just freak out (’cause i’m a bit of a freak.) ah well maybe a good boil is just what I need!

    By Bob Hussey URL on 08.02.2011

  18. water food mac n cheese bath fish eggs penis noodles sauce dinner brandon cats cinese

    By naomi on 08.02.2011

  19. Boiling eggs is hard to do right. You know, there are German breakfast eggs and hardboiled eggs. And getting the difference is prettx hard to do. Either it´s way too hard or you catch some weird disease which leaves you pooping for two weeks.

    By VesperMae URL on 08.02.2011

  20. i need to get the stockpot and boil a large quantity of water
    to sterilize baby bottles, especially nipples, and my breast pump parts
    i didn’t think i would have to be washing so, so much, all the time

    By rimpu URL on 08.02.2011

  21. A pot of water. It takes forever to reach a boil, you just sit there and watch it. You know the old saying, but that doesn’t take your gaze away from the flat water refusing to make a sound, any emotion.

    By KT on 08.02.2011

  22. However boiling eggs every morning is a routine or not may depend on what person you ask. Simple kinds of hotting up water or a way to make a living, it happens in every nation, at every second, in every state.

    By Josefine URL on 08.02.2011

  23. There isn’t much to say about boiling. It’s the superheating of water molecules, the excitement of which causes oxygen molecules to break apart and wiggle to the surface, or something like that. I’m surprised at how little I know about the actual science behind boiling water. Should proably look it up sometime. Water boils, yay! I hate timers.

    By erf on 08.02.2011

  24. As the pressure reduces, everything boils more easily, like on top of a mountain the water boils at a lower temperature. But if the pressure reduces enough, like in space, thinks that are not even hot start to boil, like your skin.

    By Bartok URL on 08.02.2011

  25. hot water used to cook speghettie, sauce, meatballs, italians with mustaches and welcoming demeanor. italiano.

    By chicki on 08.02.2011

  26. what can? water. but that’s just because i just came from reading and reviewing the site–is the word of the hour boiling?

    computer lagging.

    face to face.

    By Eiffel on 08.02.2011

  27. As I grab the pot, I turn on the water. Cold first, then hot. I then place the pot on the stove. I water stands still. See the salt shaker in range and give it a few shakes in the pot.

    By Lecar Enrobso on 08.02.2011

  28. hot, hot hot. My brain realizes the water is falling out of the pan, boiling over and scorching the surrounding area. It’s hard to believe such a benign form of liquid can be so dangerous, can torture, blister, and kill. It’s hard to believe what we all rely on is so bad sometimes. Believe it? I do. Do you?

    By Cassidy Steele on 08.02.2011

  29. The kettle left off a steady whine as the pot came to a boil. Elise quickly removed it from the stove-top, and set it aside. “Sorry about that,” she giggled lightly.

    By AureusMeles on 08.02.2011

  30. Didn’t i do this just before?
    Aye whatever.

    Sleep. Gas. Laughing gas. If i could, though i couldn’t, maybe stick it into a car. a sack and spread it through funnels of all the colours of the rainbow.

    By Eiffel URL on 08.02.2011

  31. i’m boiling mad because of what i said
    that i’d never get fat ever again
    and here i am feeling large as a whale
    and wondering why i eat so well
    if i eat this healthy
    and workout this much
    how come i’ve got
    this big fucking butt
    i’m not a size 4 like i was before
    and i’m sick of ripping apart my drawers

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 08.02.2011

  32. It is boiling hot outside. It is boiling hot inside. Everywhere is hot. Hot to the touch. Everything just feels hot. You can’t even move. It’s like walking through solid heat.

    Which is why I love AC. <3

    By Alicia on 08.02.2011

  33. the water boils as the blood in my veins that feels the love for you the feelings flow through me as the water flows through a river with a never ending stream

    By Sebastian on 08.02.2011

  34. So much for just trying the site. I have this word again. How? Do. I. Change. It?
    Whatever. i saw the word ‘root’ and for some reason, i thought of the colour yellow. clover and of course lol ‘the root of all evil’. but that again, is more by influence than anything else. should’ve Expected that..

    It says, ‘additional plugins are needed to view this page’ but it’s already going forward.and i’ve submitted.

    They’re gone, and i’m staring at a half marble–time’s up.

    By Eiffel URL on 08.02.2011

  35. The pot was boiling…I had just made dinner…I really hope it did not spoil…Tasty foods taste better when not ruined. I set the table for me and my brother. He smiled happily and took a bite. His smile turned into a cheerful gleam of light.

    By Natsu-chan on 08.02.2011

  36. water. my head. it’s hot outside. bubbling up. ready to burst. fizz.

    By Maya on 08.02.2011

  37. This Often comes to mind when I am taken aback by the temperature of the tea I intend on enjoying. I am unexpectedly scared when I feel my tongue burn. I don’t like the boiling heat in south Louisiana. Some say it’s deathly but honestly, it’s life. I think of Mac and cheese. Would it not be boiling if it were edible? No. It must boil. Yuuum. The delicious taste of creamy cheesy boiled noodles.

    By Malory ratcliff URL on 08.02.2011

  38. The water was boiling when I got to the kitchen so I went ahead and made some instant coffee but made sure to add some cinammon for Carolyn because I know she likes it and with a bit of milk too.

    By Charlie on 08.02.2011

  39. Like a lobster, she was boiling, broiling in a steaming pot; the chef, the shell, the two foot basin that contained her kept her hot, and in this final resting place, this busy burning hole, this small crustacean lost in space, finally found her soul.

    By Megan URL on 08.02.2011

  40. that’s the point, i said. she just gave me that look. i tried to look away.

    By bc on 08.02.2011