September 15th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “blindness”

  1. His lack of sight was just that.
    When outside
    his lack of insight
    provided thick plaques
    of plight to his doorstep.

    Never knew with his eyes
    what his mind would go through.

    A sense made senseless
    ever since his soul
    eroded. Corroded
    corridor caught up
    in cardiac arrest.

    A heart broken,
    a vest clutched in regret.

    By Phil on 09.16.2012

  2. Everybody has some kind of blindness, it’s just different what we choose not to see.

    By RocketshipOnFire URL on 09.16.2012

  3. to be blind. what a condition: not to be able to read, see the nature or the lips you’re kissing.

    By AK on 09.16.2012

  4. Can be devastating, can be en-lighting. Things you’ve never seen before may become visible.

    By Fredricka on 09.16.2012

  5. You are never truly blind, even the blind can see. They can see right through you. Those that can see are the most blind. The easiest way to hide something is in plain sight.

    By Erickaaa URL on 09.16.2012

  6. I cannot see, yet I feel that everything is clear. My eyes have inhibited me from physically seeing the real world. I cannot see my friends, the home I live in, yet I feel as complete as can be. Blindness doesn’t make me incapable, it makes me able to appreciate everything else that much more.

    By Lola S.C. on 09.16.2012

  7. I am watching fashion policy on E! They are now talking about Kristen Dunst and what she was wearing at a premier. It is a yellow floral dress with yellow shoe. She is getting a bashing from the E! team.

    By Jessica on 09.16.2012

  8. The breeze rushed against my face and the salt air filled my lungs. I couldn’t see the sea but I could feel it, everyone other one of my sense told me where I was. It was like they were compensating for my eyes and I felt overwhelmed. Was it time to return to the sea?

    By The Wint URL on 09.16.2012

  9. Blindness is used in more than just the literal context, it can mean literally you cannot see or you are blind to feeling and emotions of your own but mostly others around you.

    By Elyssa Alfieri on 09.16.2012

  10. imagine what you could accomplish if you had super human senses. many people do, unfortunately for most they must give up one in order to hyper develop the other but this shows us that it can be done.

    By Mia on 09.16.2012

  11. blindness is when you can’t see anything or you ignore to see things because it’s too hard for you to believe what you’re seeing

    By Sheila on 09.16.2012

  12. Blindness is something that happens when you’re in love. You’re too blind to make the right decisions and you start to not to make sense and you won’t see what’s happening around you because you’re too blind by the love that you think would conquer your love.

    By Karla on 09.16.2012

  13. I’m always curious if blindness alters a person’s ability to dream. If someone goes blind later in life, do they still dream with images? And if they’re born blind do they dream in sound? I guess I’ll never know.

    By Jen on 09.16.2012

  14. Seeing without feeling. If you don’t look what’s I front of you you will miss it.

    By Vogel URL on 09.16.2012

  15. Blindness is used in more than just the literal context, it can mean literally you cannot see or you are blind to feeling and emotions of your own but mostly others around you, sometimes its a lot easier to be blind then it is to actually see because if you don’t see then it can be whatever you want it to be.

    By Elyssa Marie URL on 09.16.2012

  16. “That blindness of yours will be the end of you,” the elder spoke.
    He was looking at me as if he could actually. His white eyes brought chills to my body. It was examining me but not on the body but on the soul.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.16.2012

  17. I was distracted by my blindness during the initiation. I couldn’t see. It felt like everything was closing in all around me. I heard the priestess speaking, but couldn’t really understand the words. I knew I needed to pay attention, but that didn’t mean I could. I needed out.

    By Emily URL on 09.16.2012

  18. You can’t see anything but blackness. your eyes don’t work.

    By Nate URL on 09.16.2012

  19. The blindness of this world,
    Oh! How it taunts me,
    Oh why must the people of this world be blinded by the light of lies,
    Rather than see in the darkness of truth?
    Why must things be this way?
    I may never know,
    But I know one thing for sure,
    This time, we just might lose…

    By G.E. Thorn URL on 09.16.2012

  20. Use to be blind to the racism and hatred I received. Now not so much. It hurts thinking about it and thinking about all the people that I’ve hurt by picking up that horrible mindset.

    By Erika on 09.16.2012

  21. I stumbled and ran. Away from the darkness behind me. I tried to reach the light. No matter how far I ran, the darkness seemed to catch up. I realized my eyes were closed and quickly opened them. The darkness was still around. Right there.
    “Ms. Jones. I’m afraid to tell you that you are blind. We tried.”

    By Jenna A. URL on 09.16.2012

  22. All he could see was black, emptiness, pain, past mistakes, regrets, hurt, hate… things he wish he could forget. It’s all he is. It’s all he’ll ever be.

    By Bre on 09.16.2012

  23. The blinding light of his glory seared through me with love and mercy. The floating golden, angel of light, touched the broken earth and spoke life into me. I was born again into the sprit of the new world. I was new again seeing the world with new eyes, no longer blindness of youth and of everday things. I was ready for the new life the angel had left me to walk on when he breathed my life. Though his foot prints were never far from mine,there was a winding road of choices far from my little path on the wet sand of life. That day my life was no longer mine, but that of the greater good.

    By Kayla on 09.16.2012

  24. terrible. i dont even wanna think about it. it scares me so much. i cannot imagine what it would be like. wow. this website is cool. ahahahahahahahahhahhaah but srsly blindess is scry :(((((((((((((((((((((((((( lol.

    By ffff on 09.16.2012

  25. That song. I press my hands to my ears, trying to block it out, but it’s like it’s still playing inside my head. Those sounds… I still hear them. Those bone-chilling sounds that terrify me more than anything else.
    Blindness, Drain. Those two songs terrify me, and I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s the thought of such a deep and paralyzing sadness, that makes you not want to even move…and you can’t break out of it. Dark, and endless, a chasm that I hovered on the edge of. But not in danger of falling in. Never in danger of falling in.
    What if I had fallen in?

    By LILYhibiku URL on 09.16.2012

  26. happens to some people. it can be overcame by using a cane, and/or a sight dog. It usually helps people become more perceptive to sounds and touch. People might think that blind people are not smart, but their lack of sight does

    By Pravleen Bajwa on 09.16.2012

  27. Blindness, You compell me to feel. Blindness, you compell me to find more to dig deeper to sense a greater reality than I have percieved through my sight these past decades of my life. What is there. What else is there. Show me blind love.

    By Shyla Marie URL on 09.16.2012

  28. when you can’t see or when you’re too stupid to realize something. this sucks, i hate this page. what is the purpose of this anyway? what do i do now? i came here from

    By aaaaaaa on 09.16.2012

  29. I guess that’s what happens when I take my glasses off. I’m pretty blind without them. But at the same time, I feel like it’s something that I really get when I walk into a situation not knowing what’s going on. Like when I confront someone about something I’m feeling. Maybe question whether they feel the same way about me. Sure, I think they will but do they really? I’m blinded by love.

    By Rene on 09.16.2012

  30. A loss of a sense, not being able to see what is there in front of you or anywhere else

    By amyngor URL on 09.16.2012

  31. Blindness not seeing fully, is a choice by some. When things around us don’t feel comfortable or right, we may choose not to see it This is of course, a form of denial and not at all healthy. But it may also be a form of survival.

    By Teresa Johnson URL on 09.16.2012

  32. Blindness must be awful. To not see the beautiful colors of autumn and spring, to not see the splashes of rainbow that a crystal filled with sunlight can throw across the room… I couldn’t imagine it. I love seeing. Especially colors. There are so many different things that God has blessed this world with and I would never want to miss out on viewing them. I love all the diversity of this world and I love being able to witness it and store it in my memory for a rainy day. Blindness can be a curse, I suppose, but it also protects one from witnessing some of the bad this world has to offer. Starving children, beaten down neighborhoods, things like that. I guess it’s all in your view of it. If you think you’re missing out, you are. But if you think you aren’t, well, you aren’t.

    By Maddy on 09.16.2012

  33. His blindness, his oblivion was infuriating. Mark’s hands balled into fists, and he drew one of them up. One moment later, Jake was stumbling backwards, his hands on his jaw in surprise. Anger flared in his eyes, and he lunged at his brother with his fists raised. But Mark sidestepped, watching as Jake went sprawling into the mud in front of him. His knuckles burning, Mark bent out to take the flask from his brother’s fingertips, shaking his head sadly.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 09.16.2012

  34. The blindness of the light hit me with force. It blasted into my eyes and I had to block my face with my hands. It made my eyes water, it made me grow hot. This was the strongest light I had ever seen, that I had ever witnessed.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.16.2012

  35. Blindness is so many things other than just lack of vision. It means being unable to identify with the world around you. It leads to seperation, and isolation, and loneliness. I, for one, don’t know what I would do without my Light.

    By Neil Crocker on 09.16.2012

  36. A state of not being able to see the world around you. Never able to see your children, your family, your friends. You have to use your mind to make up images, like a book without pictures. It’s like always reading a book and living in your own world.

    By Julianna Lopez on 09.16.2012

  37. Are you blind or what? Huh? Well, maybe, I guess, blind to love.

    Blindness-the more I look at the word, the more ‘blind’ I become. The letters mash together. Nah, that’s an exaggeration.

    By Endless Waltz URL on 09.16.2012

  38. the sun woke him. the warm smoky tendrils of light gentle caressed his skin. But the sun did nothing to comfort him to the endless black that surrounded him.

    By Jazzy on 09.16.2012

  39. I would rather be blind than deaf.
    I could still talk to others, listening to shows, and there has to be some kind of special computer I could use to be able to still use it.
    Still I would rather not be blind.

    By Sophie on 09.16.2012

  40. People are blind when they can’t see. Not necessarily in the literal sense, arguably those who are blind notice other things more than those who have everything there in front of them. We pass up opportunities, don’t appreciate the beautiful things that pass through our lives ever day, because we are taught to be blind, and that is the saddest thing.

    By Hannah on 09.16.2012