February 24th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “blast”

  1. The rocket blasted off into space. That trip sure was a blast! It went by so fast. I wish it would last.

    By jl on 02.24.2012

  2. blast from the past or memory renewed. Blast from an explosion or having so much fun its a blast. Blast into the future like a rocket ship. Blast it apart.

    By julie on 02.24.2012

  3. The party the other night was so much fun. It was a blast! It was great to get to know some of our new neighbours and to share a few drinks with new friends. It is going be to be great living here.

    By Leah on 02.24.2012

  4. ummmm what ? a lets see the spaceship blasted into the sky that pretty much all i can think of

    By harhodes URL on 02.24.2012

  5. I had a blast at Six Flags last summer. It was awesome to ride all the rides and be with friends. We all had a blast! My favorite ride was the Runaway Mine Train.

    By Kari Christy on 02.24.2012

  6. He was having a blast! Literally, explosions were the best thing ever. EVER. You cannot deny how awesome they are. No, stop trying. You just can’t. Ok. Good, I’m glad we agree. Now back to having a blast! 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

    By Ellie URL on 02.24.2012

  7. It hits you across the chest first, and you are lifted from your feet, the heat comes next, you can feel your clothing char and skin become seared. Then you have the awareness of being thrown. The landing leaves you dazed. You ears are ringing a high pitch shrill chime. Eyes burn and you can’t see, everything is a grey cloud. Your last thought before the blood loss causes a black out is, “I set the timer wrong.”

    By River Ranter URL on 02.24.2012

  8. I loved having a blast with friends at a slumber party. It also reminds me of the remain union page of the journalism class, it is the sound of the fireworks early on the fourth of July.

    By Cindy Hamilton on 02.24.2012

  9. A good time – explosion. Having a Blast is the way to live

    By Doc S URL on 02.24.2012

  10. I had a blast in college! I loved meeting new people, getting to be who ever I wanted to be and becoming responsible and independent! I became a leader and a teacher while having an absolute Blast in college!

    By Brenda on 02.24.2012

  11. Blast the mountain into oblivion and make it into concrete alleys in the city. Take the natural and tame it into the man made. Then take it down and pass it back to the earth.

    By david on 02.24.2012

  12. i like to blast thew space and blat means going fast.

    By ANTONIO URL on 02.24.2012

  13. Teaching is a blast! Where else can you go to work every day and have 20 students staring and hanging on to every word. Empowering, molding and inspiring young minds. teaching is a BLAST!

    By brenda URL on 02.24.2012

  14. Fire fast hot intense impact reverberations pain trembling movement explosion Bali people hurt sadness lives changed forever innocence gone danger mistrust stay away.

    By Louise on 02.24.2012

  15. I wish I could blast through the mediocrity of this world. I could go places………be someone to contend with. If only I could see my way clearly to the other side. Everyone needs a plan.

    By Lucy Clark URL on 02.24.2012

  16. A blast from the past is fun. It reminds me of something I hadn’t thought about in a long time. It always surprises me and occupies my thoughts for a while. Sometimes, it sends me off in a different direction than the one I had planned.

    By Cathy on 02.24.2012

  17. There was a sudden blast of light over the horizon. Demitri! I ran as fast as I could. My legs fighting against me trying to hold me back from the inevitable.

    By Cristina Busto on 02.24.2012

  18. The blast from the explosion flew the girl all the way across the street. I yelled at somebody to go check if she’s alright. But as he went to go check on her, another explosion came, and the man disappeared in a flash of smoke.

    By Julia URL on 02.24.2012

  19. I had a blast at Magic mountain with my friends!!! They all had a blast at the basketball game,but we lost

    By MEGAN LANE URL on 02.24.2012

  20. I’m flying off the walls, like I’m being propelled by some explosive force. Just my kicking, kicking kickkickkick —
    It’s all in the imagination, see, pretending I can do this because on day I’m going to break her goddamn heart. I’m going to be the best, THE best, in all caps, and she’ll look back and wonder how I managed to beat her, and it’ll be that blast off from the wall, and my kicks.

    By Lancir URL on 02.24.2012

  21. BLAST!!!!!

    I just got back from visiting the Space Center. So much fun for me. Totally touristy. I don’t usually do this when I’m here, but other family members were in the area, they had a kid with them, they were going, and I thought “Space? Can I go too? :) ”

    Saw lots of cool things (Cool to me. Maybe boring to someone else!) Touched a moon “shaving” – That’s what I called it. It’s supposed to be a moon “rock” and they talk it up a lot. But it’s a small flat triangular sliver. They probably replace it with a new sliver after it wears down.

    Re “Blast,” I saw a rocket launch. It sent a new satellite into space. Kinda neat. You can see it from other areas miles away, but it was neat to see anyway. There was also a simulation of the control room during an Apollo launch, and everything shook, and I couldn’t help thinking that, although I wasn’t nervous during the simulation, if it had been real, and the ground and control room and windows had shaken like that, I think I would have been freaked out by the extent of the power and the ground shaking.

    Lots of things made me far more nervous about space travel instead of more comfortable with it. We/they must be out of their minds to do these things. They said the reason viewing areas are 3 miles away, is because the amount of explosives in a rocket was the same as a nuclear bomb. How insane is that for everyone involved?! And we do this regularly??? Is 3 miles even away far enough away to escape a nuclear-type blast?!

    The more I learn, the more I fear for these people. I don’t think it’s cooler and I don’t think more along the lines of “Gee! I wish I could do this!” I think “HELL NO!” But there are people who know all of this, and more, and think “Cool!” – Must be out of their minds!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.24.2012

  22. Whoa! WHata blast,t that was amazing. Is sure didn’ts see that coming.

    Jordan hopped down fromthebnakc of the pick up truck and came running around the frontn what is it?

    just a real blast. nothing to worryabout

    By Sara H. URL on 02.24.2012

  23. Doing things you like is always a blast. Especially if there is laughter involved. And other people enjoying it with you.

    Of course, a blast can be an explosion as well. But I don’t like to think of it that way. Too depressing. I prefer they happy blast.

    By Kathy on 02.24.2012

  24. The sudden smile she gave me made every arduous effort exerted worthwhile. That blast of happiness I get each time she feels she is loved is what I’ll live for. Her happiness is my happiness.

    By Joel URL on 02.24.2012

  25. A blast that shook us all, that cracked concrete and rattled the windows of the cabin. The two girls stood in the center of the chaos, one’s hands on the other and both fighting to live, to save, maybe to die, in certain ways. The ground quivered and their hands trembled. But no one could look away.

    By Cassie URL on 02.24.2012

  26. the noise from the blast was still reverberating in his ears when he awoke. well, not ears so much as ear. it would seem that something from the shop, a shard of window perhaps, or one of the bright red and white sale placards has done him the unkind service of shearing off the great clam shell of a left ear

    By debra on 02.24.2012

  27. We had a blast at the party. It was so much fun to see our friends and to eat great food. We had a blast dancing and singing. It was such a blast to be at such a great party and

    By Maripat on 02.24.2012

  28. “Run!” The shout came from the overhead fielder. He charged down the greenery, half-sliding and skidding as he drew near. “Run for your lives!”

    The shout and cry was echoed through the entire camp and within seconds, an assembly of trained and armed fighters stood at the ready. The elementals were in front, their hands burning with flames and ice, with the earth movers in the back and the windwalkers in the side.

    Within a smattering of minutes, the entire left countryside was filled with the bravest hearts of the Ayden lands.

    The overhead fielder glided to a halt before the tallest earth mover. “Run.” He panted. “They’re running.”

    And the first blast shook the ground.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.24.2012

  29. She walked in wearing a white wiggle dress that hugged her frame perfectly. That frame that I had learned so well. It seemed so foggy in my memory, but I knew if I could touch it again, I would remember. Blast from the past…

    By Ashley on 02.24.2012

  30. Have a blast.
    Life is a blast.
    Life is so not a blast.
    I had a blast at work today.
    I would like to have a blast.
    What is a blast?
    fun fun fun
    Doesn’t happen very often.
    blast blast blast
    have a blast
    have a blast

    By Sebtown URL on 02.24.2012

  31. The earth reverberated with the blast.
    Chunks of what had been the ground rained down from the blackened sky, pieces of forest shrapnel and dirty river water mixing into a foul sludge that swamped entire towns with its torrential force.
    She stood along the jagged edge of the crator that used to be house, giving a long, lost look out at the wasteland surrounding her. Carelessly, she lit a cigarette and took a long inhale of smoke, surveying the scorched dirt and crumbling remains of pastel houses, the cracking red mud and silent, smoke-scented morning air. The earth was weeping black blood out of a fractured metal artery inside the deep hole of what her life was before the war, before the sickness and hatred.
    In disgust, she turned away. She had seen all she needed to. Her home, her life, lay there coated in viscous black fluid at the bottom of that pit. It was time to move on. She slowly walked away, flicking her lighted cigarette into the hole behind her.
    The world was engulfed in flames.
    But what did she care?
    She was the last one left.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.24.2012

  32. Blast that stereo to whatever the radio is playing. Today, we’re going mainstream. Drive in our imaginary convertible, with the top down, under the summer sun. Make sure people notice that we’re living for the sake of doing whatever the hell we want.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.24.2012

  33. The rocketship shot up higherm and higher, moving forward forever.

    By Anonymous on 02.24.2012

  34. The bomb sent debris flying everywhere. A cold metal rod rammed its way through the chest of Kent. He didn’t even scream. He just stopped.

    How will I tell his wife?

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.24.2012

  35. Force going up into the sky with speed. To blast off in a rocketship.. to have a lot of fun. I had a blast with my friends.

    By ronda on 02.24.2012

  36. “Blast it!” said Sherlock McKenniwick III, confronted with the reality of the ticking timer before him. “Blast it to the bloody depths of hell!” Twisting away from the bomb, he kicked out with his bound feet in an attempt to wrench his body away from the source of the danger.

    By derring-do on 02.24.2012

  37. i felt a blast as i hit the ground and colapsed do to altimerze diesese. My friend Quip got blasted and never woke up. On my paper in first grade i wrote f*** instead of duck and the teacher gave me a a an

    By Horatio Cortez on 02.24.2012

  38. outside the realm reality we are a world of concrete. Perhaps we live under a false hope. That’s not true. We were designed to fall apart. click, click, boom!

    By Bailey Kreitzer on 02.24.2012

  39. Blasting away one inch at a time. I had to get through this barrier. My movements became earnest and heartfelt…I lost myself in my own momentum. I didn’t even realize my knuckles bleeding as I pounded into the wall over and over again.

    By Ash Raine URL on 02.24.2012

  40. Sherlock eyed the blue box dubiously. Sure, it may have contained unknown technology, and sure, it may appear to be bigger on the inside, but there was no visible form of propulsion. He seriously doubted that the thing was space-worthy as its apparent owner, this strange man in a bowtie, had claimed with conviction. John seemed to share Sherlock’s train of thought, as he spoke up with a frown, “There’s no way in hell this thing can blast off into space.”
    “No, no, of course not,” the self-proclaimed Time Lord waved his hand as though shooing away such a silly notion. “It’s not really a blast so much as… a rough intrusion into the time-space vortex. Much more of a shortcut, no atmosphere to deal with. Though with such a limited understanding of the concept, it really would be easier for me to just show you.” The Doctor threw both doors wide open and strode into the cavernous inside excitedly.
    John peered into the box again, nearly disoriented by optical illusion, and turned back to where Sherlock had been standing… only to find that the curious detective had already boarded the strange piece, and was circling what appeared to be central control panel. He looked up impatiently and called, “Come along, John!”

    By floppybelly URL on 02.24.2012