June 25th, 2013 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “blamed”

  1. together we drove into a wall of bricks, i didn’t hit the breaks, you didn’t bother to yell out for me, neither of us told the other to put on our seatbelts before we drove off, and i hadn’t turned the lights on, you didn’t look at the map, the crash was inevitable but it wasn’t our fault.

    By berenique URL on 06.25.2013

  2. Blamed for everything, that was how it felt for Sid. No matter what he did the family would look accusingly at him and immediately say he was to blame. Such a shame, because in the end he decided to start to do things that he wouldn’t have dreamed of so that they could be right. He now lives in prison.

    By pamela darling on 06.25.2013

  3. Blamed…what a word. One that hurts to hear. One that you need proof to use…or not.

    People throw blame around like it’s candy. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. It’s sad.

    I wish that it was different but I don’t see that happening till accountability is brought back into play.

    By Boo on 06.25.2013

  4. No matter what he did Sid was always blamed. His family would look at him accusingly before he had time to explain himself.

    By Pamela Darling URL on 06.25.2013

  5. people get blamed for so many things that aren’t their fault, but at the same time, sometimes there is no enough blame where blame is deserved. i believe in being forgiven and forgiving, but to a certain extent. some things… you just cannot come back from. some mistakes are too big – even to big to be considered a ‘mistake’. sometimes people go to far.

    By Judith on 06.25.2013

  6. What’s it like to be blamed for being who you are when who you are is correspondent to all your desires- to think because of that, that being blamed for acting is being blamed for existing as the person you are supposed to be, thinking that maybe existing at all should not be allowed because it goes against someone else’s version of what is and isn’t right and what is and isn’t contributing to the world in a “proper” way?

    Of course, you don’t know, because you’ve only ever been the one deciding whether or not the others are providing for your country in your way with your morals at hand, and in blaming them, you resist the feeling of inferiority that their live could give you as easily if they felt the need to roll over others’…

    When maybe all that needs to happen is for you to understand that what you are and what they are is not the same thing and if it were, the world would be a much more trying place, because without them being something else, you would not able to be you, because what would be would follow the same values and lines and there would be no difference between you and the person you hit into on the street whose day was going well before you did. You are allowed to be yourself because they are something different from you, and take up a space in the world not of your making that you spend your whole life in.

    By Saudade URL on 06.25.2013

  7. My parents stood taller than me, but no longer over me. I had proven myself over the last few years. I didn’t need them. Their money. Or their love. They’d spent my entire life reiterating how lucky I was to have a wealthy family and how unequipped I was to take on the world. I’m battered and sad, but I’ve taken on the world.

    By Ruben URL on 06.25.2013

  8. I blamed myself over and over again. I spent years feeling guilty over what I had done. Then I realized that there was no blame or fault — just a human being trying to get by, and not being successful 100% of the time.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.25.2013

  9. As a child I was always blamed for my sister’s choices. I grew tired of feeling the burden and heartache of my sister. When would she feel the pain for her choices!?!?

    By Andrea on 06.25.2013

  10. One i was at the door and my friend Zoe rang the bell. She invited herself over and stepped inside. She asked me if i wanted to hang out and i said no because i had Kumon. She went home and told her mom that I slammed the door in her face and told her to get out! Grrr….

    By Kara on 06.25.2013

  11. He always blamed for things that weren’t even here fault what an idiot he is so selfish why cant he be nice and kind for a change it drives me mad, why is he so insolent? why? He could be nice but no he BLAMES every one! And this one time when it was not my fault when he is the naughty one the one I get Life for! My own brother PLEADS INNOCENT!

    By LilMissBookWorm URL on 06.25.2013

  12. I didnt mean to it wasnt my fault i wasnt thinking it just happened i was.. i was Upest I was… I was… Angry IT WASNT MY FAULT

    By LilMissBookWorm URL on 06.25.2013

  13. I blamed my father. Had he not gone and died so suddenly, I’d still be living with my family in New York City.

    By Emma on 06.25.2013

  14. I was once blamed for a crime I didn’t commit. I was sent away. Away from my family and friends. But I am back, but not angry that this happened. For if this did not happen, I wouldn’t know what it would be like to be away from everything I loved. So here I am, blamed.

    By A on 06.25.2013

  15. The boy blamed the dog and his mother seemed to believe him. There were no cookies on the jar; it was sitting empty on the counter top. Had there been cookies (as the boy originally suspected), she may have realized who the culprit actually was.

    By Scullen246 URL on 06.25.2013

  16. the pieces of the toy were scattered across the floor. The boys huddled on the other side of the room, both on the verge of tears and blaming the other.

    By Licia URL on 06.25.2013

  17. You never feel like doing that thing again after getting blamed from something you didn’t actually do. You are hesitant for the rest of your life, but you need to look at it differently. Don’t listen to the blaming, you can do whatever you want. Don’t like the opinions of others stop you.

    By Rory on 06.25.2013

  18. We blame ourselves. We blame each other. We blame the government. We blame the ghosts who came before us. We always need someone to blame or something to blame, whether it be God’s will or mans’.

    By Grace on 06.25.2013

  19. guilty, scapegoating, blame is heavy and sometimes unbearable. innocent, wrongfully accused. it’s your fault, but is it? dissapproval, annoyance. held responsible, censuring, a negative statement.

    By E on 06.25.2013

  20. Of course it’s not your fault. It’s never your fault. The problems always arise from someone else’s actions. Wake up, Elizabeth. There is more in this world than just you.

    By starcats URL on 06.25.2013

  21. Over time I stopped hoping that the lies wouldn’t come so easily–that they’d become lodged in my own throat, choked off, dead in my larynx. Afflictions are difficult to cure, chronic liar, they said. I can’t blame them for their panicky eye-rolling, cautious sidestepping of the lies.

    By N.J. URL on 06.25.2013

  22. I never want to blamed, no one does. It’s shameful, embarrassing, discouraging. Neither do I want to be the one to impose blame. It would be selfish, unreasonable, hurtful. But a world without blame, now that is impossible.

    By Simone Chen on 06.25.2013

  23. One day, a boy played football with other students. But he broke the windon that is teachers’ offer. Techer blamed this boy.

    By tanawu on 06.25.2013

  24. Honestly, she’d taken out a bigger loan than she should have. And she’d taken more vacation from work than she should have. And she’d flown way farther than she needed to.

    But as she woke up and walked down in the streets of this new city, a city that smelled different, looked different, felt different– when she felt the sun of this unknown country beat down on her face, she thought she couldn’t be blamed.

    By CH☆M URL on 06.25.2013

  25. cewcwedewcew

    By tanawu on 06.25.2013

  26. i was never blamed for anything. i twisted the conventions of the laws above and challenged the laws of change (this website’s idk). i like this.

    By T on 06.25.2013

  27. I feel blamed when people don’t listen to me but just say what they think about what I do without thinking about how it might affect me.

    By Şeyma Doğan on 06.25.2013

  28. i like to blame people. this includes the target audience of this website that is definitely to blame for various social maladies. the target audience of this website should be more gooder.

    By T on 06.25.2013

  29. When the time came, she glared at the man. He was the result of her failures, and because of that she lost everything. Only he could ever take the deed back. She blamed him of her life nowadays, and resented the fact that she even knew him.

    By Megan URL on 06.25.2013

  30. I can remember the hot tears trailing down my face, as I tried to keep the screams locked away in my chest. It’s your fault, they whispered through clenched teeth; my fists tightened by my sides as the white hot fire seethed in my belly, ready to unleash the anger at their bloody words.

    By Chelsea URL on 06.25.2013

  31. I didn’t expect you to blame me for this. I mean, sure, it’s got to be someone’s fault, hasn’t it, but me? I’m your friend, kid. I’m…I’m your pal. After all we’ve been through together? In the choice between her and me you throw me under the wagon? Kid, I hate to say this, but that’s something only a Lannister would do.

    By Claire on 06.25.2013

  32. I was blamed for the loss of my sister. She was the most beautiful thing in the world. She was like a rose in a field of darkness.
    I looked away for a few short seconds. She was gone. And little would I know that it would be forever.

    By shelby URL on 06.25.2013

  33. For years she blamed her parents for her life.
    Then she blamed her husband.
    Finally, she blamed her children.
    Then one day, she realized that she had better start living her life without blame.

    By Robin on 06.25.2013

  34. It was my fault. All my fault. I could not begin to list the reason’s why. Maybe because there weren’t any. I am not to blame. It is not my fault. He is the one who ruined everything. He is the one who played me and ruined my teenage years with his silly little talks of forever. Maybe it’s his fault for that or mine for being naive enough to believe him.

    By Alex. URL on 06.25.2013

  35. Cecily eagerly blamed me for the splintering of her son Todd’s bone, and I even more eagerly denied it. It was common knowledge in the household that Todd was a giant, six-foot-tall, sixteen-year-old klutz – and his recent tumble down the stairs was indicative of it. But Cecily was convinced that I had pushed him.

    “Why would I do that?” I demanded. “I like Todd.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.25.2013

  36. It’s not cute like it was when he couldn’t even use his body the way it was meant to be used.

    By Grace URL on 06.25.2013

  37. i blamed for her everything she did to me i cant understand what made her want to hurt me. i blamed her for all my pain and suffering. i blamed her for my father hurting me. but what does it really mean to blame someone. i cant undersatnd how i was so wrong. i thought she caused everything and i trusted her. she trusted me. i dont undersatnd what could have lead to this and a misunderstanding where someone was blamed for something they didn’t do.

    By Sophia on 06.25.2013

  38. i could work my whole life around pointing the finger.

    By Mr.T URL on 06.25.2013

  39. You can always be blamed. Whether or not you’re guilty is one thing, blame is entirely another. That’s why it doesn’t really matter what you do. If you can only pass on the blame.

    By Mayryanna URL on 06.25.2013

  40. I blamed Cindy for all of my troubles,but I really knew that it was my drinking.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.25.2013