May 8th, 2011 | 449 Entries

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449 Entries for “birth”

  1. He could feel the push.
    He could hear the loud voices screaming obsenities.
    He wanted to join all the hustle and bustle of the outside world, he knew it had become his time.
    So he let the pushes, push him out, faster.
    He was ready to be there.

    By Jessica URL on 05.09.2011

  2. Birth ….it reminds me of the pain in beauty…it reminds me of loose vagina….stretch marks , and the future kid that I can possibly have. :)

    By CorLoser URL on 05.09.2011

  3. The creation of one being from another. She saw it as a reflection of her inner self. It was beautiful to say the least. He saw it as a reflection of their inner good. The mix of him and her. Beautiful. A child the bound them together, a mark of what their love could create.

    By De Von Moore on 05.09.2011

  4. I think of a baby with lots of hair comming out of the moma. I also think of birthdays and happy things like presents and parties and lots of friends. But when I look at the word most of all babies come to mind.. and hospitals and the whole BIRTHING process… eww… its nasty to think about because you poop when you have a baby… thats so embarassing… like why would anyone want that!

    By Stephanie Nicole Adams on 05.09.2011

  5. I am your daughter. I was a part of you. I was inside of you. You are in me. And yet here we are. How can it be, that after everything, you reject the person who is almost all you?

    By Yara URL on 05.09.2011

  6. the start of something magical. The formation of new life and new ideas. The great equaliser and balance. For all that die, another is born to take up their place.

    By Morgan on 05.09.2011

  7. Mothers are always talking about it when they get together: the story of birth. It’s such a large, universal experience. The details seem so important to remember, and so by repeating and repeating them, they hope not to forget all that happened when each of their children entered the world.

    By rachelzana URL on 05.09.2011

  8. Birth day… Birth month… Zeus, let’s just go for birth year!! Hey, I want to celebrate a whole year for me! Then you would never feel old because really, you’d only be one year old! See? Progress. If we could just get a law passed for this, that would be fantastic!

    By June Lex URL on 05.09.2011

  9. I was born on January 22, 1994. My mom said it was a nice day and that people came to see me without coats on. I really don’t know what else to say. I really don’t like it when people abort babies, like it really gets under my skin. I’m running out of time to write! Ah! I want to have three kids when I’m older but as for now I really don’t like kids. Hospitals are uncomfortable places and I don’t like the smell. Newborn babies are pretty cute, though. Babies generally annoy me.

    By Laura on 05.09.2011

  10. It is the miraculous moment in time when something comes into being. but then there is the problem if that thing is destructive.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.09.2011

  11. who wants to give birth anyway. it’s pretty disgusting. being a man I can’t give birth, not that I would want to. I mean, a whole other person dropping out between my legs? No thank you. I don’t envy women, they seem to get the worse end of the stick in life. i like being a man, spreading my seed throughout the world. birth… gross. what else… umbilical cords

    By Ben on 05.09.2011

  12. opening eyes for the first time. the glaring light. shock to the sytem. emerging into a dangerous and perilous place. starting a journey toward the end from the first day here.

    By Gwynhvar URL on 05.09.2011

  13. The birth was mysterious. No one knew when it had happened, or where exactly it had taken place. All they knew was that they had been going about their business one day, when this child had fallen into their path. .

    By Elke Langs on 05.09.2011

  14. my mother gave birth to me in Philippines. not in a hospital but in a midwife’s office. she thought that i was the most beautiful child there. I am glad to be born in another country, to be different and unique.

    By MWong on 05.09.2011

  15. I opened my eyes and was immediately blinded by the lights. The warm safe world I thought I lived in was gone and now I was in a cold and bad smelling nightmare. There seems to be lots of noise and everyone seems to want to get near me. Perhaps I’m their god, if I am then I am an angry god.

    By The Wint URL on 05.09.2011

  16. Birth is something beautiful. It means creation of a new life. Something that only us living things can do. It brings new meaning and hope. Even when all the hope in the world has vanished, this one word, one thing can bring out the hope. Its something that never ceases to exist. It brings joy and happiness =)

    By Grey URL on 05.09.2011

  17. My nephew came and left this world after five days.
    His body was pushed, bloody, and unsturdy into the hands of the doctors.
    He was kept alive by tubes and bags of donated cells.
    The day he died, I found a fungus shaped like buddha in the woods.

    By EllieG on 05.09.2011

  18. This is the birth of a new me. This is just the beginning. After my marathon, I’ve realized that I can do anything. Anything! There’s no time like the present to start making changes; living with intention. I can go anywhere; do anything; be anyone. No limits. No restrictions. I am alive. And that is enough.

    By Aj URL on 05.09.2011

  19. some people say that the soul enters the body at birth. others say it is at conception. others think it might be some indefinable moment inbetween. but does that really matter, when life is life and death is death and there is no definable space inbetween. pardon my atrocious spelling

    By megan URL on 05.09.2011

  20. They say that we should be grateful for our birth. I don’t know about that. Some mornings, I wake up and I feel like curling up on my bed till I die. That is what will eventually happen anyway. So why do I have to toil and toil only to die and leave everything I worked for behind. Maybe our birth is our curse.

    By Evesreflections URL on 05.09.2011

  21. i was born in the month of march. a beautiful month, on a beautiful thrusday night. that means ima child that is special for my mind and extreme comfort. lol. i love you, for having me mommy. aand i know that im special for whatever name is shereese which is extra ordiinary and i love how everything is good. i dont know what else to write… writer’s block!

    By Shereese on 05.09.2011

  22. ‘Tis everywhere. Birth birth birth birth. Mary had a baby, yeah yeah yeah, little tiny baby born in Bethlehem. When I was born, I was yellow. THey thought I was going to die. My neighbors had 3 babies and another one is coming. Birth birth birth biiiirrrttthhh…

    By Isis on 05.09.2011

  23. early moment of people in earth, magic of the universe, creating life and make the world more lively and packed with stories.

    By Zhuoyan Xu on 05.09.2011

  24. Birth redefined
    As does spring
    From winter
    In morning rays
    Pushing off the
    Edges into new dawn

    By visage URL on 05.09.2011

  25. mother
    emergency room

    By Hannah on 05.09.2011

  26. I was born on December 15th. But who cares, right? I’m just a person in a world with many just like me. But let’s be honest. Birth is a glorious thing. An innocent being comes into existence that could be anything. They could be the next serial killer or the next amazing mathematician that changes the world. Regardless of what they become, their life will somehow change our world.

    By Th0m on 05.09.2011

  27. The birth of my children is probably the most amazing experience I have ever had. The most wonderful, the most clever, the most useful thing I have ever done and the weird thing is that I didnt really do it myself at all. A mother giving birth is completely at the mercy of nature.

    By Jinx on 05.09.2011

  28. The birth of an idea can lead to many things
    Dismal gloomy misery or happiness with wings
    It may reveal a bit about who you really are
    Whatever, to me, you were truly born a star

    By Jinx URL on 05.09.2011

  29. birth is when you come out of your mothers belly. its the most important thing that can happen to a person because its the start of your life. its a miracle but it happens like a billion times a minute all over the wold in hospitals and houseing and all over the place. the mose inspiring thing you can do is give birth.

    By jaye on 05.09.2011

  30. Birth of a child, of an animal. It’s something that makes the world. Without it we wouldn’t exist. No kids, no life, no nothing. Birth is my inner wash, I was an angel by birth and I am now.

    By Marin on 05.09.2011

  31. its is a beautiful process that the lord is totally the cause of. jesus gives life, he gives comfort, and all glory should go to him. by his blood we are able to even have life and to be filled with his spirit. being reborn in christ is real, it is the truth and it is the life in which were are to live!

    By jojo on 05.09.2011

  32. From the mosaic of dreams, cool sapphire, jagged emerald, amber sweet as honey cut and draw the lifeblood. An echo arises from out of the hollow and a myriad of love and lust and dancing and starlight twirls down from the trees.

    By Julia URL on 05.09.2011

  33. Process, other things probably do not matter in this time I would imagine. That there is nothing more rewarding. A child, the product of two people or creatures bound by love or maybe just a connection, sometimes the connections are one sided unfortunately. No one deserves that

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 05.09.2011

  34. It was a miracle, she thought, staring down at the tiny bundle in her arms. Never had she seen a creature more beautiful, more pure, than the one she now held. And it was her’s, the little bundle. She had birthed it, brought it to life with an act of love, and now it was her time to share that love with it.

    By Dib-Meister on 05.09.2011

  35. I wasj joking she wailed
    only smoking when I felt like it
    you didn’t need to be so straight
    so late in the day
    when all the bairns flew home to coop-
    to cope with no golden opportunities left
    to deal out in the rainfilled landscape
    I knew so well
    as my own hand and heart

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 05.09.2011

  36. giving birth, birthdays. mothers day was yesterday, which is celebrated by those who gave it, the subject. creation, woody allen…birthing. birthed. BIRDS.

    By adammm URL on 05.09.2011

  37. born, growing up new things fresh start

    By Nancy on 05.09.2011

  38. I think the best part of Spring for me is to know that each year there is a birth of new life around us. From the plants in the woods and our gardens, to the baby birds I hear in my trees.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.09.2011

  39. My son was born on January 27th 2005… I think birth is a beginning of life a continuation… birth of an idea, birth leads to death… Birth is not beautiful it looks painful for all involved.

    By tom simmons URL on 05.09.2011

  40. What is the world without beginning and end? That’s what I ask sometimes but if there’s an answer then nothing comes, what’s sure is that there is indeed a birth, the great (or miserable) start and then the end, usually a fight and then it’s gone.

    By Doczer on 05.09.2011