May 8th, 2011 | 449 Entries

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449 Entries for “birth”

  1. quincy matthias i was 19 and it was just me and him i had abrien 3 years later and had zoey a year after that. i love my babies so much i had 3 c setions and it was worth every moment!!!!!! i think birth is a very beautiful thing to go through………..

    By sara on 05.08.2011

  2. the birth of a child is so magnificent that it overshadows any pains you have in delivery

    you soon forget when you see that little small person that was tucked inside of you waiting to make a debut

    By she53lly URL on 05.08.2011

  3. Giving brith to someone, bringing out a new life into this world. Its the most beautiful thing ever. You know the baby is urs forever to keep!!! A man loves his wife the most when she is about to give birth to his son!!!!

    By Mahnoor on 05.08.2011

  4. how could this happen to me? i’m a virgin. at least i thought i was. oh god. what the hell happened last week? no. it can’t be true. it just can’t…

    By L.I.A.M. on 05.08.2011

  5. I cannot express how much I do not want to birth a child. It is not that I do not want to have children, I would actually really like to raise a child, but, the thought of a giant head coming out of my vagina is probably the most frightening image I can think of. Ew.

    By Kelly URL on 05.08.2011

  6. Geboren wird jeder nur einmal. Ob mit Zange, Glocke oder nur mit Stöhnen, mit dem Messer oder rausgeflutscht, du kannst es nicht mehr rückgängig machen. Du kannst nicht heute sagen: oh, bei mir ging es ganz leicht, wenn 20 Ärzte und Hebammen dazu gebraucht wurden.

    By Eli URL on 05.08.2011

  7. Birth of a new day.
    Birth of new hope.
    Hope for a new start, to clean the slate.
    To open our eyes and look at the world with wonder.
    Wonder at the joys of simple things, of friends and hobbies.
    To live life with a smile.

    By yetihk URL on 05.08.2011

  8. Awakened. new. arrival. death. sensible. trying. hard life. your future is unknown. sorry little one. I cant change the future for you.

    By Kell on 05.08.2011

  9. Many people are born every day. A birth of a new person is the start of a new life, but the chances are at the exact same time, a person will be dying. BIrth can also be in other things. Birth of love and emotions. Either way birth is something new, vibrant, and full of life.

    By meg on 05.08.2011

  10. A wholesomely wonderous and vile, disgusting, sickly and awfully parculiar thing.

    Everyone has a twin in the womb which we kill to survive, the twin is then absorbed, im an athesist but is this the ‘original sin’ of birth does at least this aspect make sense, well no, they wouldn’t have known about it then
    either way we were all born and thusly all murderers, i was never baptised so i hope my athisism is right

    By Gareth on 05.08.2011

  11. My eyes were already open. The flashing lights enveloped my vision.

    By Mondo URL on 05.08.2011

  12. Everyone deserves a second chance. A new birth into a new life. Wipe off the old and start anew.

    By rdc URL on 05.08.2011

  13. hurting so much you think you’re going to cry, but when it’s over, you’re not crying from the pain, you’re crying of happiness. Utter happiness. How could something so beautiful come from such a painfully agonizing process> So that we appreciate what we hav e, and the work we had to go through to make it happen.

    By sydney on 05.08.2011

  14. and this is the day when we celebrate those who gave birth to us, our mothers, our friends, our helpers… we thank them and let them know that they are special because of all they sacrifice, all they give up so they can bring new people, new ideas, new worlds into the world

    By Anna on 05.08.2011

  15. sometimes i feel like the term, “to give birth to” something is odd. give birth to an idea. have a thought and watch it be birthed out of your head. i have a strange imagination. it gets to me sometimes, i guess.

    By liz on 05.08.2011

  16. It was the beginning of a life, and yet also, the end of one. The restrictions placed on one at birth never ease up, and they doom the poor, unsuspecting child to a life in chains. Life is the worst thing that can possibly happen to a person, and yet it is constantly occurring.

    By Saheli on 05.08.2011

  17. I left the comfort of the unknown for the harsh light of a worn out world set on self destruction.

    By Rocky URL on 05.08.2011

  18. child bearing. being a mom. mothers day. pain. having kids and a family. getting older. something hard but worth all the pain in the end. growing up.

    By lunes on 05.08.2011

  19. Ouch. Not something you will ever catch me doing. Still have no interest in having children. They scare me and I like to scare them which is pretty mean when you think about it. Trust me I am not just the kind who wants kids. Deal with it.

    By Jaylee URL on 05.08.2011

  20. birth is a miracole. giving birth is a frightening experience. is pain. but is also the ultimate expression of love. i think about children and laughter.

    By mirei URL on 05.08.2011

  21. The birth of a nation happens every day. A nation is not a collection of states. A nation does not have a geographic boundary or a representative authority. A nation is simply a group of similar people. As people begin to accept, nations will be born and lost. The best we can possibly hope for is a world of only one nation. But we consciously must no that such an ideal dream is impossible.

    By Ileah URL on 05.08.2011

  22. Gilbert never planned to be a dad. He didn’t feel it would be right with his. . . situation. But when he walked into that hospital after Matthew called, saying that Rhue had given birth, he started thinking that maybe parenthood wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    By Gillian URL on 05.08.2011

  23. The women took away the pregnancy test from her face and held her head in her hands. The tears began to flow as she fell to the floor.

    By Aliesha O'Dell on 05.08.2011

  24. I gave birth to this person because it was the right thing to do.
    I think if we all agree on it, it isn’t a crazy idea. Birth is the most beautiful thing that happens in the world. Even though it’s a mess, it’s a beautiful mess!

    By Daniel on 05.08.2011

  25. My day. July. 19. 9 lbs 8 oz. Give birth. Go through birth. Scary. Painful

    By Me on 05.08.2011

  26. so my best friend. well my ex best friend, but i still love her, is going to be giving birth to a baby around november. and that is just really weird for me. i mean she is going to be giving birth at age 21 i mean she just turned 21 that is crazy. i don’t know does anyone else understand?

    By Lindsey Lampman on 05.08.2011

  27. egg sperm crying money diapers legs music doctors weary sore tired aching regretful excited

    By madisan on 05.08.2011

  28. Her birth was nothing remarkable, not like the typical hero’s journey. There was really nothing to say about it. Born to relatively wealthy parents, and the pawned off to the nanny. It was hardly anything special. But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t.

    By Vi URL on 05.08.2011

  29. The birth of a new civilisation. That was the goal. So we built the Halo, left it orbiting a nearby, desolate planet. The people inside didn’t really know where they had come from, they only knew their locale. It was a multi-layered experiment, kind of like a wedding cake. Each knew only their own layer, and the possibility of others. It drove them all mad.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.08.2011

  30. Birth is a beautiful thing. Every woman goes through it. And not only through child labor birth, but through birth of their souls. This is equally a beautiful thing, finding out who you truly are. Through birth of self. What is better than this? Better than knowing who you are.

    By Gabby on 05.08.2011

  31. There was no death here…
    Only rebirth and ever lasting life…
    In those few moments of near death she had experienced what it truly meant to live…
    And on awakening she had her own rebirth.

    By Looshk on 05.08.2011

  32. I often wonder how awkward it would have been when the last ape gave birth to the first human. I know evolution doesn’t work that way, but just a thought. Would’ve been quite a moment.

    By vanshaya URL on 05.08.2011

  33. She cried as they pulled her baby from her in bits and pieces…
    She had no idea how it had come to this or how she had wound up here…
    But the only part of him she had left was being torn apart and torn from her before her very eyes…

    By Looshk URL on 05.08.2011

  34. Since birth this curse has left me unattended with an empty hearse, disperse words to ya jaw and literally apply it to the curb, no racism meant but its been since creation of this world ya, Adam n eve, combat n cease

    By shorts on 05.08.2011

  35. Everyone goes through it (everyone alive that is). Do we need it? Yes. The world would stop without. No progress. No one to follow.

    By Erik on 05.08.2011

  36. she shook her head as she added grease to the gyro was the butch debacle that first gave birth to the idea of them leaving for mars.a sadness enveloped her.bogdan had been sick with the pox.he was supposed to had been six weeks behind them.but ‘the danger’on earth had stopped all had been eight months((!)) since she had seen her ten year old son.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.08.2011

  37. Give me life as i go through death, and as the sun sets, show me the moon.
    Give me lightness in my darkness and help me see through other peoples minds eye.
    Let us learn to be there and move to the righteousness of hope, love, and forgiveness.
    Let us not be too late.
    There is still time for us to gain…

    By devi on 05.08.2011

  38. Give me life as i go through death, and as the sun sets, show me the moon.
    Give me lightness in my darkness and help me see through other peoples minds eye.
    Let us learn to be there and move to the righteousness of hope, love, and forgiveness.
    Let us not be too late.
    There is still time for us to gain…

    By devi URL on 05.08.2011

  39. geboorte van mij zusje, heel mooi was dat. Ik mocht er niet bij zijn, maar ik heb haar een naam gegeven. Ik werd boos als ze niet zou heten zoals ik het wilde. Ik vond het heel vreemd, maar ook heel mooi, toen hielp ik met het verschonen van haar luier, een nieuw zusje!

    By Esra on 05.08.2011

  40. mother earth, with all the new born lovelyness and happiness of new life. It brings variation and love, and harmony. just lovely the sight and smells. the whole happening is…wonderful

    By Nada on 05.08.2011