March 20th, 2013 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “beware”

  1. Beware of your neighbour’s dog.
    Of the cat about to pounce.
    Of the stroller about to roll away.
    Of the hooded person coming closer behind you.
    Of the person asking for notes to cheat

    By audreynom on 03.21.2013

  2. said the man with the crooked eye. “and also, don’t talk to anything you think is friendly.” he then smirked and went into the back room, where you could here old scratched records shrieking in agony.

    By kara on 03.21.2013

  3. BEWARE. Of. The. Freaks. Who. Type. Like. This. With. A. Period. After. Every. Word. OMG ITS SO ANNOYING.

    By Surah URL on 03.21.2013

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    By Danielle on 03.21.2013

  5. beware, be careful, do not trust anyone. they are everywhere, a piece of everything. you cannot even trust me, for i am flawed, i house foibles that allow them in. and so do not trust anyone, just run. go and don’t look back. beware yourself and the world and people you love

    By Jade on 03.21.2013

  6. Beware the dragon that lies sleeping under your bed breathing in your fears and spitting out your nightmares. Be warned that his blood red eyes will haunt you in your sleep, make you wake up screaming. Be frightened, for the dragon is you, the monster of your own mind.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 03.21.2013

  7. Beware of the girl with green eyes, for she will come into your life and take it from you, for she will become the reason for your existence. If you find the right way to be with her, your happiness will be infinite, but if it’s the wrong way it is your pain that will have no end.

    By Hadrian Lox URL on 03.21.2013

  8. Evil,bully,scary,haunted,death,warning,war.

    By Mitchell Wise on 03.21.2013

  9. As I walk into the darkness, I hesitate. Moans and screams engulf my senses. Fear strangles my throat, tree branches grasp my clothes as I try to run away. “We warned you”, the voices said, “you should have listened.”

    By RachelMStorer URL on 03.21.2013

  10. Beware, they had always said. Beware. Beware of the library, and those in it, and what in it.
    That was what Annia had always heard. The library was a place of secrets, of mysteries, even of death and murder. It was forbidden to go there, and no one dared approach it.

    By Lynna on 03.21.2013

  11. stay away from it don’t go near it it could be scary it’s something frightening just make sure you keep away beware of dog beware of cat beware behind the door who knows what it is. beware is a cool looking word with nice letters in it but it means dangerous and you should pay attention to it. beware beware bewa

    By Robin on 03.21.2013

  12. Beware again. Looks like this isn’t going away. So I take be, be very wary, and it still scares me to have to write for 60 seconds. Sex. Sex in. Intercepted. Why did you throw it? Beware of the DB…

    By Slimmy T URL on 03.21.2013

  13. of life and people they are all monsters.

    By Sel on 03.21.2013

  14. it is a magazine and it talks about urban stuff but it is really expensive and shit. I like it anyway, and i would love to be partenrs for media with them It will be awesome

    By bdfadg on 03.21.2013

  15. im the ghost of your past i will come to haunt you and make you feel miserable cause your the death inside me that is still alive and i hate it cause i cant do anything and beware that i will still kill you from the inside and make you feel like you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    By joseph on 03.21.2013

  16. Beware the Jaberwock, she said. Every night, the same story over and over. Little Alice rolled her eyes each time, her mother’s nonsense made no sense. A few years later, a landslide started beneath her feet and there it was: a giant metal creature. “Jaberwock,” she called it.

    By Kaylee Rowena URL on 03.21.2013

  17. Beware, beware your fears because in the end they will over take you know your fears

    By katherine on 03.21.2013

  18. villion
    not happy
    super villon

    By nathan on 03.21.2013

  19. of the danger
    that broods under her skin
    that snatches the ends of your sentences away
    in spite,
    like the sting of a wasp.
    why don’t they die after that, like honest bees do?
    if they don’t have a cause worth dying for,
    what am I?

    By Kairn URL on 03.21.2013

  20. Beware the liars with their smiles of gold. Beware those who use you and leave you behind to cry. Beware those who tell you they love you. Because caution can save your heart and soul.

    By Brittany URL on 03.21.2013

  21. Beware everything. beware insecurity. beware the known that hides from you. beware the very thing that makes you what you aren’t. Beware what you know to be wrong and do anyway. Beware nothing.

    By Ben Mastin on 03.21.2013

  22. “Watch out!” Jaime said as he grabbed onto Bart’s arm to keep him from walking out into traffic. “You’ve really gotta pay more attention, hermano.”

    “Sorry,” Bart grinned. He knew he’d be fine if Jaime was around. “I get distracted easily.”

    “I know.”

    By Katelynne on 03.21.2013

  23. Beware your own in voce, the one that criticises you and drags you to the depths of being. Because that’s not really being at all. Beware the naivety of your soul, willing to be led by this voice, willing to be taken prisoner. Break free from this, run. Beware!

    By dave on 03.21.2013

  24. beware of the dog, that is all :( writers block.

    By Cara URL on 03.21.2013

  25. of the dog. said the owner. but the guest warned about him, the owner itself. the owner objected. and told that he should not beware of him because he’s a good guy. and he owns a park, the central park. where thousand of people meet every day, and run, and listen to music, and smoke. or agent.

    By Berkant Akarcan URL on 03.21.2013

  26. Beware
    her smile is not what it seems

    the dark behind the seams

    her hair hides glares beneath

    her hands are at her sheath

    By sevenwords URL on 03.21.2013

  27. Beware
    her smile is not what it seems

    the dark behind the seams

    her hair hides glares beneath

    her hands are at her sheath

    By sevenwords URL on 03.21.2013

  28. Watch out. It’s there behind you.
    Don’t look!
    That’s how it gets.
    It’s always behind you. Waiting, watching.
    Don’t ever turn around.
    It’s not safe.
    Use a mirror, or have someone walking towards you check.

    By Witty URL on 03.21.2013

  29. Beware. Beware what they say, what they will make you feel, how they will make you view the world. What are your thoughts? They will tell you that they aren’t good enough, that they aren’t going to mean anything to anyone and that you are going to be alone in your thoughts together. Join the crowd, follow it, don’t look ahead. They don’t see where the road will lead.

    By Elizabeth T URL on 03.21.2013

  30. Instincts invaded the forefront of her mind, crossing no man’s land into the domain of paranoia, proclaiming it sovereign amongst the kingdoms of thought. Their new banner waved in her peripherals, bearing the brand of “Beware” above the barbed hairs that raised, rallying against the man shadowing the window behind her.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.21.2013

  31. beware of anything impure my mother had said, but i couldn’t resist his lips – or his hand on my thigh. i couldn’t resist the mistakes i knew i was bound to make. what was i thinking? if only i knew.

    By Kae URL on 03.21.2013

  32. I sat down ,trying to relax but the growl that came from under the sofa was disconcerting. Beware!

    By keri on 03.21.2013

  33. beware the beast man, for he is the devils spawn,

    I spend too much time beware-ing

    not enough time ware-ing.

    doing, seeing, touching, dancing, laughing and crying out in elation.

    I miss that.
    Beware, sadness can sneak up on you.

    By Bobber URL on 03.21.2013

  34. Beware. There is a grand conspiracy to take your mind. The mind is your power. The power is your income. They will find a way to exploit you. Odds are, they already have. They’re just waiting for you to find them. And trust me. You’ll find them. And you’ll love it.

    By Chris on 03.21.2013

  35. Fear nothing but your own failings
    A short shitty poem is
    not aided by its meandering
    plot and inconsistent grammar.
    Mystery is tricky, and it’s best left
    To those who are better than you.

    By Genevieve on 03.21.2013

  36. beware of snow because white is the colour of death in some socities. white is the colour of being boring , so… beware of snow.

    By kostantinos kyriakides on 03.21.2013

  37. Beware the man behind the scenery. For he is the one in control of your mind. Look out! Be afraid! There is a lot to learn, but he does not want you to know. He wants you dumb. He wants you to buy, buy, buy shit you don’t need.

    By Chris URL on 03.21.2013

  38. There are many things that you should beware of, especially love. Love can be a killer. But you must also learn that love is worth it all. And it always will be.

    By Tia on 03.21.2013

  39. beware there are dangers ahead struggles and worries so just hold out and it will all be over

    By Chloe on 03.21.2013

  40. Beware of the demons inside your head. They tell you this, they tell you that; but none of it is true. Beware of the people who tell you that you can never do it. They’re just insecure that you’ll reach the dreams they’ve chased their whole life and given up on.

    By Sweet Bethany URL on 03.21.2013