January 16th, 2012 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “bellow”

  1. bellow! i’d love to do that somewhere in the wilderness, kind of. i don’t know, it must feel good to bellow for nothing, without audience, but i’m pretty sure i’d feel stupid. perhaps i’d prefer to stay quiet, synchronizing with great nature.

    By kaorita on 01.17.2012

  2. The way he was able to yell over all that distance was amazing to her. It was not only the volume of his voice, but the sheer deepness of it. She leaned over the edge as if about to fall over. She wanted him to see if he’d notice.

    By Jess V on 01.17.2012

  3. Just as he was falling asleep after working the graveyard shift the church bells began to bellow out the notes to God Bless America and he was not angry.

    By Tim Nelson on 01.17.2012

  4. The fellow in yellow said hello with a bellow.

    By Dayle URL on 01.17.2012

  5. “Gerroff me!” Mr. Sinclair bellowed to the overlarge turtle who had someone, slowly and unnoticed, climbed onto his back. “Whadda think you’re about?” The turtle, nonplussed, explained, he thought he was a bloated cricket.

    By Mrs. Viano URL on 01.17.2012

  6. The main problem that Dalman and Lei are faced with in this situation, is establishing a proper nonverbal Two-Way Communication in the form of an e-customer order system that would decrease errors in customer orders that are being caused by an overwhelming increase in the volume of customer orders

    By Jose Ramos on 01.17.2012

  7. The man began to bellow at the top of his lungs. I couldn’t hear what he was saying through the thick glass of my office window but it was clear he was one unhappy guy. His face was red and I could see spittle flying from his wide, red, angry mouth.

    By Cheri URL on 01.17.2012

  8. Calling out, from the rooftops, I scream. Wanting to be heard, needing to be acknowledged. Does anyone hear me? And if they do, are they really listening?

    By Soft URL on 01.17.2012

  9. “Get back to work!” The angry foreman bellowed at the lazy workers, “If you sleep here, how do you expect to meet our quota?” Quickly the workers got up to avoid the sharp crack of his whip.

    By Are you a stalker? on 01.17.2012

  10. deep bellow the the ocean surface are monsters of all kind.

    By Trystan URL on 01.17.2012

  11. Bellow. This word is describing a sound or noise. For example, ” The sleeping man let out a bellow.” That means to make a long dark noise.

    By James on 01.17.2012

  12. The monster in the cave bellowed in the darkness.

    By umberto URL on 01.17.2012

  13. to me the word bellow means to make a lot of sound.

    By frankie URL on 01.17.2012

  14. when I hear bellow i think of loud noises witch makes me think of a cat, a fluffy cat, chasing a small mouse. when the cat chases him he makes a lot of noise tipping things and vases and such.

    By AhmadRishad URL on 01.17.2012

  15. something i have no idea what so ever what bellow means. Bellow is a dumb word.

    By chris URL on 01.17.2012

  16. I bellowed as I fell from the top of the building to my death. As I fell, my life flashed before my eyes. Then, just as I knew the ground was getting close, I felt a feathery body beneath me. I looked and saw Cray, my griffen.

    By Eric on 01.17.2012

  17. The bull was bellowing and kicking with all its might when the cage door opened. the man on top was trying to hold on with every ounce of energy.

    By Darius URL on 01.17.2012

  18. The bull elks bellow to attract attention to the other bulls in the area, and to attract the female cows.

    By Earthly URL on 01.17.2012

  19. I was sitting on the couch one night and my dog looks up at me and bellows. I told him ” Don’t bellow at me” then everything in the house turned off i look around and then I see it

    By breanna r on 01.17.2012

  20. The huge bellow was so loud that the waves of sound killed eight people, and injured 27.

    By Steven URL on 01.17.2012

  21. yell, scream, whine, cry. When i think of bellow i think of someone or something crying painfully. I hate the sound of bellowing it makes me cringe!!!

    By Laurie URL on 01.17.2012

  22. A monster will bellow if you get it mad and you don’t want to make a monster bellow at you because it is not a pretty sight.

    By rogelio URL on 01.17.2012

  23. I Was Bellow The Bridge With My Cousin Siena Talking About Some Stuff.

    By Tyla URL on 01.17.2012

  24. The lion

    By Geno URL on 01.17.2012

  25. He bellowed again. His voice echoing off the cavernous roofs. The cave had been a natural alcove, that we had found, while exploring, a couple months ago. We often came here; to work, to talk, to just sit and relax. At the moment, Jake was releasing his frustration. It was one of his ways, rather than taking it out on the person he was pissed at.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.17.2012

  26. I heard the bull bellow as I stepped in its cage. I kneew i was going to charge at me because his bellow sounded real mean.

    By Zack on 01.17.2012

  27. Can you here the monsters bellow a scream so scary that your vary soul cant escape it, it will drag you down. Never to return.

    By Landon URL on 01.17.2012

  28. The monster bellowed on the top of his lungs. His bellow hurt my ears.

    By aiyana URL on 01.17.2012

  29. he bellowed out of the roofs and the windows declaring a new tomorrow. above him were zeppelins bearing the same message: that life would come anew, hallelujah. Below, the swarming masses were wretched and sobbing, their pain extreme. The man above did not understand them–they did not understand why he would morph from their hopes into a monstrocity. He was the gargoyle named faith.

    By Zac on 01.17.2012

  30. Bellow is such a disgusting word to me. It sound like someone who likes to belch a lot during the dinner time. However, it also reminds me of my dad because he is one of those guys who does not mind showing off his belching skills.

    By William Owen on 01.17.2012

  31. A deep roaring shout or sound.
    Emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger: “he bellowed in agony”; “the bellowing of a bull”.
    Bellow means to roar or create a loud, deep sounding cry.

    By jordaine on 01.17.2012

  32. my elbow is hurting. why?
    because i was with belle
    laying low
    in a lobe like place
    took a bow bow while
    i was wearing a bow tie
    when i stumbled and fell below the road
    caught in a web
    stupid be it as it is
    be low

    By wadih el khoury on 01.17.2012

  33. i bellow when i get hit?

    By elk slayer URL on 01.17.2012

  34. i dont know what that is :P now i feel dumb…i think its a rawrr kinda thing :)

    By Esmy URL on 01.17.2012

  35. bellow mis when some one yells at u for doing something wrong.
    it could happen to anyone and anyone can bellow at you.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 01.17.2012

  36. I have no idea what that means so I am going to make up a definition. It looks like a belly.

    By snowboard addict URL on 01.17.2012

  37. it means roar to scream to showt.

    By txhs URL on 01.17.2012

  38. like a lion roaring right a you in Africa, or a

    By Ewa147 URL on 01.17.2012

  39. I was bellow my dragon feldunost and he almost killed me by landing

    By connor URL on 01.17.2012

  40. to rawr, to be dinosaur and and growl hehehe i like dinosaurs they look cute and cuddley but theyre not. hehe thats funny hehe i luv dinosaurs hehe :)heheB)o ya
    rawr that meens love u in dinosaur!!!!!!!!

    By llamachick URL on 01.17.2012