June 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “belief”

  1. belief
    something that i don’t think i have
    im an atheist
    a proud one
    i don’t believe in god or any higher power above me that controls me our guards me
    i am the master of my life
    i control my own path
    i have no religious beliefs what so ever
    but i believe in love
    my friends
    and my family
    god is something we created to help us escape reality
    a type of soma for people who refuses to accept the truth.

    By Natasha on 06.19.2011

  2. I believe in people, in karma, in nature. I believe being kind is always the answer. And to me, this is the end, the all and the answer to happiness… Love your life

    By Brigette URL on 06.19.2011

  3. I don’t care what you believe in, just believe.
    That was the last thing he ever said to me before he died.
    That’s how I live everyday.
    We will make it through this.
    That I do believe.

    By Lovely Lily URL on 06.19.2011

  4. i have such a belief in it. in fact i can see it. its so real, so here and so now,
    do not be quiet… this is your time.

    By abra URL on 06.19.2011

  5. Well I dont know about you but what I beleive is my own or as one Jehova witness said to me .. its a good job jesus didnt say that…w hich I wasn’t sure what that ment

    By james cooper URL on 06.19.2011

  6. some say a belief is like a stepping stone
    onto which one may discover something else
    to close in on oneself
    what bullshit
    a belief will only ever be an excuse
    to distance oneself from reality
    with pathetic hope

    By Noelle URL on 06.19.2011

  7. We are all of the belief that the world will end soon.The signs are there, but what is important is that we do as much as possible to make our mark in life. something positive and distinct that our prosperity will live on forever.

    By victor walkes URL on 06.19.2011

  8. belief is a necessity. one person who doesn’t have on cheats himself of the feeling. of having the reason to live. the essence of everything is through our beliefs. it defines us.

    By ssshhhh :D URL on 06.19.2011

  9. Today I was talking about Christianity with my friend. Even though I do not believe in God, I have a curiosity for Christianity. What does it feel like to love and believe in somebody completely? How different will my life be with this person in it? What will I be willing to change about myself?

    By Loe URL on 06.19.2011

  10. “You’re beautiful,” I whisper. “It is my belief, dearest lady,” I smiled and mock-bowed, “that you are the most gorgeous, pure, goodhearted human being I have ever had the honour of meeting.”

    By Madi URL on 06.19.2011

  11. if you believe in love after love. cher, sonny, autotune. when i was 2 and a half, me and my mom went to see cher at a danish venue.. i fell asleep. i think the “f” in belief looks odd. it shouldn’t be an f.

    By Oliver on 06.19.2011

  12. Full of belief in himself, the young conductor fell carelessly off the train, only to swing himself back up again, landing in a cheeky “ta-da” pose.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 06.19.2011

  13. Belief is such a strange thing. The way we believe in love. The way we believe in our friends. The way belief is so blind and requires so much trust. The way we need answers for everything, yet with belief it is so arbitrary and we must just let it be, no answers, no facts, or scientific motives. It’s like the one calm spot or moment in our crazy hectic lives.

    By Angela URL on 06.19.2011

  14. something that takes you from fear to confidence. Something that means you don’t have to ask why or understand the evidence. Its within you and needs no questioning. Like the way that i believe that the sky is blue even when im not looking. And the way that i believe that one day i will be so content that the sadness now is like a broken clock. The way i believe that love is everywhere and for everyone. its easy enough to do and feels like jumping off a cliff and not even needing to look down. In that sense belief is like flying.

    By Fatima T B on 06.19.2011

  15. Belief is such a fragile thing. And at the same time, so strong. Without belief, one cannot do anything well. It is the core of whatever we do. Crusades were started because of belief and faith. People dying were started by belief. And saints were made because of them.

    By wen on 06.19.2011

  16. Le fief de notre baliverne ne fuira devant la magnitude de sa peur. Je crois que nous f^mes, déjà esseulés en tant d’adversité. La mouchardise, tantôt follement paitre, aussi niçoisement fragile de jamais faraminé le divan. Je me souviens en gente hôtel le roussoiement de la négritude. Peut-être de forer le colimaçon de serai encore las. Mais nobles déboires en vaines langues… une tonte fera l’amini *

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.19.2011

  17. belief is the thing that everybody doesnt posses . This is the thing of being hearty and honest against someone.

    By daaman on 06.19.2011

  18. Belief in your ideal is a must to achieve greatness in life.You must teach yourself to believe yourself.all d best

    By Nagaraj on 06.19.2011

  19. I always kept it subconsciously in the back of my mind. I never gave up on it, even if it gave up on me time after time. I always wanted it, to say I had it. When I started conversations about it I put them together like a mosaic. I believe after-life should be a surprise and you don’t need god to be a good person, you should be able to do that on your own.

    By Ellie URL on 06.19.2011

  20. And religion. And creed. No discrimination. Obviously, I mean, how are you going to discriminate against something that is not seen? Hidden inside. You can only discriminate against looks and actions. Does belief have to be seen on the outside?

    By Ia Sama URL on 06.19.2011

  21. Belief is the most powerful. It is what reasons the unreasonable. It is what makes us. No one can see the Gods or the air. Belief.

    By FaridaEzzat on 06.19.2011

  22. do you see the word “lie” in belief? imbedded in every belief is an untruth … the untruth that there is a belief that is “true” in any objective sense. It should rather be “betrickf” or “bemysteryf” or “bemiragef” .. if you get what i mean. It’s much more fun that way.

    By Celizabeth URL on 06.19.2011

  23. thought production fact illusion train-of-thought disneyland action reality dream love religion existence proven do you? love love love

    By farynachi URL on 06.19.2011

  24. Beyond. Completely unfathomable.

    By Jeanie URL on 06.19.2011

  25. Belief is a shockingly fragile thing built on mounds of self confirming evidence. How strong and yet easily rocked belief.

    By Andy H URL on 06.19.2011

  26. It’s faith. It’s spelled with the word ‘lie’ in it. But its words can form life. :)

    By Helery on 06.19.2011

  27. I used to believe in every word my instilled in me. Now that he’s been in jail for twelve years, I know better. His moral compass was stolen.

    By Dave URL on 06.19.2011

  28. Belief.A funny thing really.You believe in good things even you know nothing ain’t gonna’ happen.It pumps out effortlessly from the hearts of optimists.It helps.It makes us move forward.Believe.

    By Pragathish URL on 06.19.2011

  29. I’m not so sure what role belief plays in my life. It used to be my priority, but right now I don’t believe. I used to feed on it….. I lost it.

    By Rose URL on 06.19.2011

  30. If it were all about belief, I imagine I would have torn up the paper and just never picked up the news again. but, living it, being a real witness, feeling the touch of it, feeling it immerse me, surround me, comfort me, left only the options of surrender, and belief.

    By Seansj URL on 06.19.2011

  31. misread as brief , in what, this is the first time I didn’t firecracker off like an olympic swimmer, rather fogged with thoughts of a man 300 km away I wade my way into the word, without actually touching on it. belief in going camping with him and exploring much more than the bush

    By PeaRue URL on 06.19.2011

  32. The path that lead us to the farmhouse was steep and full of overgrown weeds. As we finally got a glimpse of the house I gasped. It looked like an aging and dead flower. We walked up the steps and, as I opened the door, a musty smell hit me. It was quiet, dead quiet. He hadn’t spoken a word since he came back, I knew the pain he was going through but my belief in his love and my trust in him kept me from questioning his silence.

    By Anton URL on 06.19.2011

  33. We were the same in every respect. We danced to the same music. Laughed at the same words. We walked together, breathed together, talked together. And often he wondered why? Why I was too afraid to take that next step? Take the plunge? But I shook my head, sighed, the one thing we didn’t share, was a belief in love.

    By overembellished on 06.19.2011

  34. have a good idea. but really. faith. trust. let go and hold on. at the same time.

    By meereecee on 06.19.2011

  35. I have belief…i just choose not to express it how you want me too. Organised religion almost killed me. I know you don’t understand but i love you for respecting my choice to show my beliefs in my own way. We’ve agreed to disagree on this issue…and for that i love you Mum…

    By Kirsty URL on 06.19.2011

  36. My parents say that I am
    and that I should respect you
    even if we don’t agree.

    But you know what?

    If you don’t do the same
    to the millions of people already under the shroud of oppression
    to the people who are gay or trans or female

    then why should I?

    By Beebee URL on 06.19.2011

  37. She sat cross-legged on the floor, eating her cool, masala cucumber and staring at a particularly unspectacular piece of sky, waiting for a sun she knew would set, but not believing it would.

    By Aditi URL on 06.19.2011

  38. I have this belief that I’m in love with you. That’s all I can say for belief.

    By Annee URL on 06.19.2011

  39. i don’t know what i believe and what i don’t, sometimes i wonder, if what i believe is what i know, or whether there’s a disconnect. there are things that i’d like to believe that i just don’t.

    By joely on 06.19.2011

  40. Belief. As opposed to faith, or wish, or hope? I believe in the power of love. I always have. I’ve seen it’s magic over and over again.

    By Emily on 06.19.2011