June 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “belief”

  1. heh, who knows what to believe anymore, when all around you is lies that dont mean a thing. who knows which ones are lying through their teeth, trying to get you to believe that they’re sincere, that they love you. for all you know their conmen, rapists. and arent all men the same, i swear….

    By lyrical rose URL on 06.18.2011

  2. This world makes me think of religion, and then that leads me to think of how the world is so diverse in its beliefs. I have something more I feel like I need to say, but I can’t properly word it in a minute.

    By Sunny URL on 06.18.2011

  3. Belief can mean a lot of things, but the most powerful of these is the belief of an idea. That idea itself can mean a lot of things. Of all the beliefs in all the world, just make sure no one takes that away from you.

    By khalyd URL on 06.18.2011

  4. I believe that god is my savior. I have belief in a child’s innocence and I believe that I could make it work with the most handsome man I’ve ever known. Even if we’re highly unlikely. I believe in life and reviving sleepy people. I believe in good.

    By Aubrey on 06.18.2011

  5. belief is a hot air balloon. ballooning outward and flying up toward the sky. you get in the basket and see where the ride takes you. you don’t really know, do you? belief that the sky is as close as it seems. belief after relief and then there’s just leaf.

    By oliver danni on 06.18.2011

  6. I believe that life is beautiful. A sunset, two people in love, a broken heart even, are things to believe in. God is real. A belief is a thing that cannot, should not be swayed.

    By Marizona URL on 06.18.2011

  7. religion is what people believe in. i believe in science. belief was what john locke followed in lost. he died. does all believe leed to death? yes it does because we all believe. life leads to death. belief gets us through life. belief. be life.

    By Sophia on 06.18.2011

  8. Belief makes things that seem so fake real. Makes things that seem so impossible possible. Belief makes everything feel like it’s going to be okay.And even if it’s not going to be okay the belief that something better is coming is enough. The feeling is always enough. Belief.

    By Char Adams on 06.18.2011

  9. I believe that everyone is equal. No one should be stopping from doing what they like. NO one should stop them. Belief is What you think

    By Liz on 06.18.2011

  10. There was once one man, who believed in the rain and only the rain. He sat on his front porch with a harmonica and played sad songs. The gray clouds rolled in, and the tunes would slowly turn to a major key.

    Slow drizzles came from the sky, beating on his tin roof like a million chirping crickets. And in those moments, he was happy. But only in those moments.

    By Alessio Tummolillo URL on 06.18.2011

  11. To believe is an essential part of every person. To have a belief is something that no one can ever take from you. Not all express these thoughts, but a belief is always inside of you and no one can ever take that from you.

    By C on 06.18.2011

  12. My complete belief in people has slapped me in the face more times than I care to remember. Small things, big things, it’s all the same. I always come back for more. I guess you can call me a masochist, maybe a bit naive, less harsh you know? But I can’t delude myself from the truth though, at least not anymore. The world isn’t all bouncing bunnies and twirling tulips, there is a darkness that slithers itself into people when one least expects it. It is crucial to learn how to detect it before you end up with a broken heart yet again.

    By Karla URL on 06.18.2011

  13. It’s a funny thing, how my aunts and uncles and cousins all believe in something I’ve never been indoctrinated in. Church is something foreign to me. I’ve been, but never as a habit. I believe in God, or maybe a Creator of some kind. I know, deep inside me, that there is some other force out there.

    By Kira URL on 06.18.2011

  14. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
    “Alright,” he laughed, taking a few tentative steps backward, “you got me. Where’s the strings? Or – wait, no, no, I’ve got it; you spiked my pop, right?”
    The blue-haired girl just shook her head, continuing to hover cross-legged in midair.

    By Rachael on 06.18.2011

  15. Belief is the trusting in something that is not tangible. We believe when against all odds and proof we still trust it that person, place, thing, or idea.

    By Frael on 06.18.2011

  16. Confused. I believe. Writing it down makes it real. Too real for me. Far too real. But I do believe.

    By Mercedes Gagliardi URL on 06.18.2011

  17. Belief in religion is something I do not have and cannot have. I do not believe, I like to have things proven, I like to see reason brought to bear. I do not believe without some sort of logical thought taking place.

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.18.2011

  18. The magic that creates colors in nature helps me to wonder what more is waiting for me in life. I have this belief that there is more then I can see. Everything from microscopic to imaginary goes every second, every day.

    By Lucas URL on 06.18.2011

  19. I am strong in the belief that cloning is wrong.
    He is of the belief that things are changing.
    She is different because of that one belief that distinguishes her from her peers.
    What is your belief?
    They share the same belief.

    By Theresa Hannon on 06.18.2011

  20. I believe my mistakes are the best decisions in life. I believe they are what make me who i am. I believe it is better to kiss the wrong person in the rain, than to not kiss in the rain at all. I believe it’s better to ask for a second chance than to never take that first leap of faith. I believe that a broken heart is better than one that’s never felt anything worth being broken over.

    By Mallory on 06.18.2011

  21. When you believe, you are inspired. When you are inspired, you create. When you create, you make the world a more unique place.

    By kp97 URL on 06.18.2011

  22. My belief is that if you live your life happy, nice, sweet, kind, caring… you will end up in a good place. You shouldnt have to show up in church on Sunday to listen to a man preach about giving him more money while he drives to church in a benz.

    By Nicole on 06.18.2011

  23. A belief is something that you know in your heart to be true, and you hold as a foundation of your being. My belief is in the Lord, Jesus Christ, who gave His own life in order that I should be saved and have eternal life with my God in Heaven. This belief shapes every aspect of my life, my decisions, my thoughts, my hopes, my fears, and my love.

    By Andrea URL on 06.18.2011

  24. I didn’t realise how much I needed other people when I realised I need someone to believe in me. I don’t know if I’m enough. Does that make me less strong? Maybe.

    By toomanyk on 06.18.2011

  25. I believe in a lot of different things. I believe in unicorns. I believe in the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. I believe that this world will end soon, within the lifetime of my generation. But other people don’t necessarily share my beliefs. This is why I share. This is why I write. So that people will know. And when they know, they might too believe.

    By Jen URL on 06.18.2011

  26. A belief is a belief is a belief. All should be accepted and not criticized. They are correct to those who hold them.

    By Leah on 06.18.2011

  27. beliefs are crazy. right now, i was just thinking about someone, then they texted me…pretty strange. i like when that happens. it makes me believe that sometimes when a person thinks about you, you subconsiousely know and think about them too :) lalalalalala i dont have anything else to write and i still have timeeeee…

    By Cortney on 06.18.2011

  28. a belief should be something that makes your heartstring actually make a sound. all other beliefs can safely be eradicated. For good. for good-ness, for good-forever.

    By Celizabeth URL on 06.18.2011

  29. we all have a belief in something or someone
    the focus of my belief is on what the Bible says about God whose name is Jehovah

    By she53lly URL on 06.18.2011

  30. i do not believe in god. i can’t help that i’ve found no proof that he exists. i believe in a higher power or something, but you know what? i don’t give a fuck if no one accepts me, or loves me for that reason, i’m not going to change my belief system just to support others wants and needs. they can fuck themselves and get over it.

    By Catey on 06.18.2011

  31. My belief is strong, and rests in the true Word of God as presented in the Bible, which is His very thought, His very being. I’m glad I have such a strong belief to carry me through my life. Without my belief in God – specifically in Jesus, I’d be lost.

    By Carley Evans URL on 06.18.2011

  32. very important to me. It keeps me alive, it’s like breathing. It is the thing that keeps people together.

    By alexandra on 06.18.2011

  33. As humans we believe in fickle things: aliens, the future, love. I realized that I was done with all of it. And the only thing I would believe in is myself.

    By Madison Lambert on 06.18.2011

  34. I don’t follow your beliefs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! We can be best friends, or amis, or amigos, or whatever language you like, because it doesn’t matter if we’re different. That’s what makes us interesting.

    By aerin URL on 06.18.2011

  35. She left us awestruck. I could tell by the strength her mother’s hug, the pursed lips of her coach, and the way her father paced back and forth a couple hundred miles away. Even the funny fellow who announces the races couldn’t help but jump up and down as she came down the runway.

    By l URL on 06.18.2011

  36. when i think about what i believe it comes to my mind god , my beliefs will be my guide to everything i want to reach, and nobody in the wotld can change my beliefs, even if i question myself one day….

    By fernanda on 06.18.2011

  37. I believe that there’s someone for everyone. I believe that even though I wasn’t right for him, he was right for me. I loved him that’s all I could do. I hold this belief because I can. I hold this belief because if I don’t he won’t have anyone to love him, at least not for now. I hold the belief that she’s out there waiting for him. But I hold the belief that right now I’m the one who does.

    By Isabel on 06.18.2011

  38. I’m forever asked, ‘What’s your belief?’ My response is always the same, ‘Pure Happiness’. I’m always told that it’s not a belief but a stupid wish. My response to that is the same too, ‘Wishes are a belief too’

    By Robyn on 06.18.2011

  39. Stardom is a rising. I wish I could be lifted into the sky, chalkboard black and make it beautiful by shining brighter than any other. But stardom is not the night, it’s just darkness.
    I want to be famous when I’m dead.
    I want to be loved when I’m alive.
    I have this belief where everything is more beautiful
    if it’s hidden from the public eye.

    By Mara URL on 06.18.2011

  40. It was Misaki’s belief that no matter what good thing was happening, no matter how amazingly perfect your life may be, there was no possible way to be happy when it was as hot and sticky outside as it was on August 16th, Monday morning in Narita, Chiba. The air clung to her like a wet blanket when she stepped outside, and an irritated expression soured her face.

    By Ashe URL on 06.18.2011