September 20th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “begin”

  1. the dive begins
    sink information deep into my brain
    so i can excavate it later
    will this homework ever end
    I’m looking for a different kind of madness

    By Tescia Schell URL on 09.20.2012

  2. The imaginary gunshot slices into the morning chill and her legs are moving and stretching, sinuous. Lungs and ribs aching to hold enough oxygen.

    By With Feeling URL on 09.20.2012

  3. when it began we were all so sure of ourselves. like nothing could ever go wrong. but were we too sure? what if the impossible where somehow more probable than we imagined? then would what we expect our reality to be in the coming month, in fact, be in jeopardy? what would the concept of our lives be if not to be the way they were per-determined by our notion of societal growth? unknown, thats what. the unknown, one of the worlds most feared and fascinating subjects.

    By Jessica Barnes on 09.20.2012

  4. start now just go don’t stop FUCK im so stuck i cant even i have all these feelings and fears and fucking COLLEGE omg i have to begiN a new life can i even do that this isnt poetic at all i dont know how im gonna pull together 10 pages of my thesis for saturday fuck fuck fuck im just gonna not im just gonna stop and eat and watch tv because i need a break from beginnings

    By Shanna on 09.20.2012

  5. Begin where? Begin at the beginning of time I guess is the most logical choice. Humans are such an insignificant part of a billion upon billion year old universe in which we inhabit much less than 0.0001 percent. Begin can also be the beginning of the important moments in a persons life.

    By Zach Gillis on 09.20.2012

  6. I cannot wait to begin
    for beginning’s the best part
    do over
    all that you were before
    until nothing is old but all is new
    the start,
    the inception,
    la nouvelle temps,
    it’s anyway you like it to be
    so make it yours

    By Maddie on 09.20.2012

  7. we rushed. there was never any time to scream, to laugh, to giggle about our situation. there was only time to move, to banish, to disappear and reappear over and over again. this isn’t love. it’ll never be. we’re both just trapped in the never ending move that is surviving, trying to keep ourselves and the ones who hold onto us, who pin us to this Earth, from sinking into the dirt.

    By Trey URL on 09.20.2012

  8. once upon a time
    too far away
    i made a mistake
    but now i’m back
    to right the wrongs
    to redo all that’s been done before
    and fix it all.
    the new me is better,
    ready to forgive and forget
    so i wait

    By Maddie on 09.20.2012

  9. i think that there’s something wonderful about the start of things, as opposed to the end of things, or the inbetweens or the priors or the afters of things because it is at the cusp of adventure that anticipation tastes the sweetest and it is pretty neat that you can still be assured that you have the rest of your whatever ahead of you.

    By samantha URL on 09.20.2012

  10. You asked me when it began, and I wanted to tell you about the back of a classroom sophomore year. But the lie fell through my teeth before I held it back in, and instead I told you it never started.

    By Laura on 09.20.2012

  11. begin. start today. don’t delay. procrastination will hold you back. It is time to begin now. But what should you begin? Where should you start? How to know where to begin!

    By sara on 09.20.2012

  12. i begin to feel in love when i was twelve years old, it was in a summer vacations, i saw the most amazing guy you can even imagine, he was very good in sports and it has a great personality….

    By gina on 09.20.2012

  13. “Let’s begin.”

    “Let’s not.”

    “Why not?”

    ” ‘Cause I don’t…”

    “Don’t what?”

    “Don’t want to…”

    “Don’t want to what?”

    “Don’t want to begin.”

    Professor Lambast raised one big, bushy red eyebrow. His impressive beard was stretching over his blue bowtie.

    “Randy,” he enunciated, “you are the top student in the class, and yet you don’t want me to start the class?”

    “No,” the boy replied. “I want to think.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2012

  14. Ready. Set. Begin. The teacher wrote on the board. Don’t think. Just write. Think and you loose time. Don’t erase. Just keep writing. Never erase. Never erase a journal.

    By Leia Fuson on 09.20.2012

  15. It isn’t until I begin to do the right things for the right reasons that I realize I deserve so much better.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.20.2012

  16. time in and time out that is really what it is all about
    time tick and seconds split
    tic toc
    time is almost up
    and i have just begun

    By vanessa whitehead on 09.20.2012

  17. “Begin.” She said.
    But I cant. My hand won’t move. My pen won’t write.
    “I said begin. You can start writing now.” She whispered.
    But I couldn’t open my mouth to tell her I couldn’t being. I wanted to begin, but the pen wouldn’t move from it’s spot on the desk.

    By Leia Fuson URL on 09.20.2012

  18. She wanted to start, but felt trapped—trapped by her mind, limited by her body—it all seemed so unreal. The booming speakers began their countdown, and with it, all those beside her shouted as the moment became more and more of a dream. “10…9…8…” Her heart began to race. “…7…6…5…” Her mind raced with the impossibilities of the task so close at hand. “…4…3…” The seconds dragged by, as she positioned herself at the start. “…2…1…” And, with that, she heard the starting gun go off. People whizzed by her, her body frozen in time. This was it—the moment of truth. The only thing that lay between her and the finish line was 26.2 miles, her lack of training, and the doubts in her mind. The moment of truth, and the only way to prove to herself, and all her fellow doubters, was to begin, stopping for nothing until she crossed that finish line. With that, she took the first step of her 52,096 step journey.

    By cherrieygrl18 URL on 09.20.2012

  19. begin.
    begin today, begin NOW.
    for there might not be a tomorrow or another moment.
    Start the change that you should always succeed in. Make all those moments worth it.


    By Kristin URL on 09.20.2012

  20. It’s not so easy to begin, why is it always the hardest part. I don’t know where to start, and the pain from my hangnails shoots to my wrists. My mind is a vacuum lacking anything of substance. I have already started, but I don’t like where I am going. Someone just let me stop and rest for a while.

    By Carrie URL on 09.20.2012

  21. begin. beginning is what I am doing right now. beginning are hard. beginnings are terrifying and exciting. beginnings are the way of life. embrace them.

    By moonbaby13 URL on 09.20.2012

  22. Start. Time to go. Refreshing. Clean slate. Run with it. Invigorating. New life. Begin. Now.

    By Lindsay on 09.20.2012

  23. Begin as you must, at the middle or end
    If the start doesn’t suit your need;
    It matters not how you begin, for as long
    As you do you are sure to succeed.
    So attempt new attempts
    And retry many tries
    In order to make it just right;
    But remember you’ll find
    That you’ll quite quickly fail
    If you don’t e’er begin to write.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 09.20.2012

  24. beginning is not the end, its new and it is here and now. begin again and again but never the same beginning again. to begin is to be free of past. fresh!

    By Laur on 09.20.2012

  25. Begin what you know you want to begin. There’s no time to second guess; just go. Second guessing leads to broken hearts and regrets. And don’t, whatever you do, don’t begin something if you know you aren’t meant to.

    By Amy Fable on 09.20.2012


    By Sam Nicholson on 09.20.2012

  27. She couldn’t even begin to tell them what had happened. She knew that it would be better if she told them all of the story but she couldn’t bear to part with the event that had made her who she was. She couldn’t bear to let go of the one thing that seemed stable in her life, a memory of a time where the birds tweeted and the sun shone and a day could last forever.

    By emlex URL on 09.20.2012

  28. Time to begin anew.
    That is why I am coming to you.
    I cannot live like this anymore.
    It is starting to feel like a chore.
    It is time for things to be fresh my friend.
    So that I can feel like me again.

    By Elsie Vine on 09.20.2012

  29. A new start. A beginning can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and scary, but in the end, the beginning of whatever you are starting is where you are meant to be at that time. Embrace beginnings.

    By Emily URL on 09.20.2012

  30. to write a story
    it begins with a girl and her dog
    running through the trees
    running in the breeze
    no one can see them
    it’s too soon to see
    but what if it breaks
    then what will be
    but no one can find them
    this is the dream
    i have no time
    i have no time

    By Vanessa on 09.20.2012

  31. in the brgin of time ther was nothing thane alloof a sudden ther was life and an amzing planet called earth. then there was inosaure RWAR! i wish Dinosaures were still alive i feel that is they were the world would be more interesting.

    By brooke on 09.20.2012

  32. Sometimes it’s hard to truly begin something. Sometimes that thing is so important that to start it seems to defile it somehow. How do you begin something that you don’t want to end? How do you begin something when you’re afraid that you will somehow ruin it? Beginnings are sweet. Endings are bittersweet.

    By Camille on 09.20.2012

  33. I began to think about all of the things I have done to you. All of the ways I have tricked your mind. I feel no remorse. The third eye on the back of my skull knows better than to wallow in what could have been opposed to what is. This..this is how you think. This is how you begin.

    By Drue URL on 09.20.2012

  34. I was beginning to dissociate myself from caring more and more, and it’s the most beautiful thing that I have ever felt. In Buddhist teachings, it is said that when one stops seeking his desires, that all suffering stops. The things that we want the most just destroy us in the end, and being wonderfully separated from my whims, I feel at last the ability to fly into the night.

    By agloe on 09.20.2012

  35. Begin with the bed. Or the kitchen floor, or bathroom stall, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Or is that where we really begin? Is it at 40 days? Birth? Our first thought, first words?

    By Ashley on 09.20.2012

  36. A new start.
    It’s time to push forward and work towards something better. A future where we have equality, sustainability, health, and respect. Mutually between all peoples in all nations.

    It’s time to begin. Right now. Don’t wait.

    By Jordan on 09.20.2012

  37. Beginning with the first note, i stuttered. How was I, of all people, supposed to be able to make a beautiful sound reach the ears of the audience from just one blow across the top? Frightened, I took one last breath, closed my eyes and surprised myself. Little did I know, I knew how to play the flute all along.

    By Natalie Abernethy on 09.20.2012

  38. Oh, to begin…. I began when you kissed me the first time. No, I began when you told me while I brushed my teeth how you loved me, how you’d wait for me. You showed me an eloquence I never thought possible, & I am a writer. You showed me love I never knew before in my life.

    By Shauna URL on 09.20.2012

  39. 婚姻不是愛情的墳墓






    By Stef Wu URL on 09.20.2012

  40. I had to start somewhere. What a better time than now. And what a better place than here? He asked for it. After all, was it no he who belittled my skill at the public square? I had to show him who the master was. And I had to start by annihilating his entire force, soldier by soldier.

    By Ruben URL on 09.20.2012