September 20th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “begin”

  1. begin? where do I begin? no pun intended. Beginning is often the hardest part of any goal you want to accomplish. The first step, the first leap is often the most difficult because you are paralyzed with fear. Still, you must take it. So I dare you… BEGIN!

    By Isabel Pinaud on 09.20.2012

  2. begin
    imagine a young tree just starting to grow its leaves
    its hands
    its fingers
    it has all only begun
    everything has only just begun
    until it is done

    By Jordan Norris URL on 09.20.2012

  3. i was just give this word
    which is kind of ironic i guess
    because the first time i wrote about ‘begin’
    it was only the beginning

    By Jordan Norris URL on 09.20.2012

  4. It’s time to begin something new. That word – begin – it can be frustrating, exciting and hard to do all at the same time.

    For a procrastinator like me having to begin can be a daunting task. But sometimes you just have to move forward.

    Where do I begin with what I’m getting at? When I left my home in Ohio it was the beginning of something new for my wife and I. Soon we found ourselves in Yuma, Arizona, and we began to get more and more practice at our Spanish language skills.

    But in no time we were on to the other end of the state, and soon, we found ourselves in Sierra Vista. Once agin we began to get acclimated to our new surroundings. After six months of living in Arizona, both of us were beginning to feel slight pangs of homesickness.

    So we planned on heading back to Ohio through the holidays. But new beginnings were possibly in the works, and just the other day, my phone range.

    It was a newspaper in Oregon calling about a resume I sent out. The editor chatted with me for over an hour. The call went great, and I have a feeling I will land that job.

    But now it’s time to begin something new again.

    The act of beginning is bittersweet – you are starting fresh, heading into unknown territories both in the physical and metaphysical realms – and there is no way of telling what the outcome will truly be.

    Doubts begin to creep in. Are we doing the right thing? Will we like the new place? Will we fit in at our new job? When will we see our families and friends again?

    But doubt is a better feeling than regret, and regrets only manifest when we don’t begin. So begin whatever it is you’ve been planning on doing and don’t look back. Don’t let the doubts you have hold you back, because you can always make a new beginning if things aren’t working out.

    Begin living life today.

    By Jon Wysochanski URL on 09.20.2012

  5. It was dawn. It was time for the new day to start. She knew exactly where she was and what lay ahead of her. Her life, her dreams. Everything she wanted in that day, everything she wanted for her future. All she had to do was start. All she had to do was begin. Begin the day, begin her life. Begin her future.

    By Jillian on 09.20.2012

  6. … I begin
    with a subtle kiss
    like a scent on the wind.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 09.20.2012

  7. “Begin”.

    My breath hitched as I stumbled forwards, heading towards the box attached to the wall in front of me.

    I had to figure out this puzzle, or I was dead.

    Jigsaw had made that point perfectly clear.

    My limbs were shaking as I reached the box, fumbling with the latch, and tearing the little door opened, ready to do the task the psychotic man– no, MONSTER– had told me to do.

    I pull out the gun and aim.

    And I shoot myself.

    By hipstercat-girl URL on 09.20.2012

  8. I had to start looking out for myself. I couldn’t let me fall for this type of thing again. But I really couldn’t trust myself to make decisions when it came to love. So I decided I’d wait until I knew for certain I was making the right choice. I figured I’d be wise enough to make sane choices at the age of 35. So I locked my heart away until then.

    By Ruben URL on 09.20.2012

  9. They said this is how these things usually begin. With nausea and a heavy heart, but it gets better. Love eventually feels good they said.

    By lilldeh URL on 09.20.2012

  10. There is no nice way to begin a conversation in which you are going to tell a person she is going to die. Even though everyone knows it since their first day of life, as Death is intricately connected and inherent to Life.
    So how can Zombies tell Humans they are going to get bitten to death? They can’t, those wretched beings. No wonder they are just a bunch of near lifeless, grumble-making beings, their fatidic being the account for their poor social skills.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.20.2012

  11. Begin marks the start of something. The first time you walked up to the boy with the glasses. The first time you published your first poem.

    By Molly Florence URL on 09.20.2012

  12. I am beginning to realize that communication, leadership, teamwork and passion are important elements of a career. If you are in your mid 20s and lack these qualities or are working at a place that is lacking them, you need to make like a tree and get the f**k out of there.

    By MollyJ URL on 09.20.2012

  13. But I don’t want to.

    And as I wait here for the 60 seconds to end, I see “be” and “gin”.

    By hazem URL on 09.20.2012

  14. Begin the day here on earth. Yawn. wake. stand and walk to the kitchen. What is there for breakfast? eggs. yummy eggs that fell to the floor before entering the skillet. Fortunately there are more in the pack. for drink? mango juice. Reminds me of Jamaica. Jamaica.

    By Nicole URL on 09.20.2012

  15. but don’t start. don’t start a fight or a conversation because starts have to have ends and that is not really what you want. Better to sit still and in silence and let the world float past like a big picture or slideshow and then occasionally blink and let the scenery change. Begin with something but don’t start anything, because those are two different things.

    By zarahruth on 09.20.2012

  16. nothing
    is empty, there will be anything, thinking about dead space, no mass, no breath, no atoms, can you comprehend? Don’t think so.

    By Dominika on 09.20.2012

  17. I’ve always wanted to begin something. something that would make the world remember my name. something that would make me famous or prove just how intelligent I can be. Sometimes I wish for a thought to pop into my head and

    By Sarah on 09.20.2012

  18. painting
    wow, such pretty colors dont let me stop your pretty face from creating something so wonderful, no time to think about what you are going to paint, just do it, do it do it with your heart, because its who you are

    By Dominika URL on 09.20.2012

  19. love
    can only win sometimes, most of the time its cruel, it hurts, it doesn’t think, because it’s glued to others, and it passes through time and space. Please let go, i don’t need you, find someone else. Judge someone else

    By Dominika URL on 09.20.2012

  20. The begining. Where does is start, what is it? Who can decide what it really is. Is it the beginning or the end? How can we really tell? Beginnings are everywhere, at the start and the end.

    By Regina on 09.20.2012

  21. Where do we begin? I like to think that your life can begin whenever you choose to make a change. Change is not the easiest thing to do but wanting to is a start. I want to begin again.

    By Lindsey on 09.20.2012

  22. i would but where is the begining. its always so hard to see and it looks so far away. and it never ends. once yuh get to the end of the begining yuh have to start all over again. its an endless loop

    By Roxii on 09.20.2012

  23. the initiation of something, opposite of ending, starting point

    By Amanda on 09.20.2012

  24. Begin. Where to begin. I don’t know where to start things and I don’t know where they will end. There is no beginning if there is no end. You can not end if you don’t begin.

    By Jamie on 09.20.2012

  25. it means the start of something
    a beginning of a story

    By jerry URL on 09.20.2012

  26. Der Anfang ist immer das schwerste. Du sitzt vor dem leeren Blatt. Gedanken formen sich und verfliegen wieder. Du versuchst einen zu greifen, du hast ihn, du bannst ihn auf das Papier und dann siehst du dabei zu, wie er verblasst, wie er sich in Nichts auflöst, wie alles wieder wie vorher wird, als hättest du nie etwas getan.

    By Eli URL on 09.20.2012

  27. Sometime you just have to remember how to begin again. Life choices can bring certain things to an end. Always remember you can begin. Begin a new chapter in your life.

    By Katherine Meyer on 09.20.2012

  28. To begin, we are born. To begin, we take a step. To begin, we think of an end. Beginnings and their importance to any process that is not instantaneous (or at least seemingly instant) are important things to consider when setting out on any goal-oriented task. The beginning is where you take the first step toward a path or destination and is where infinite decisions can be made in the guise of only one, but that’s akin to almost any scenario. No, what makes beginnings the most important is that the “middle” and the “end” are intimately tied with the beginning and the decisions you made when there and with limited knowledge relative to your end-self. Just imagine ever moment in memory where you regretted an action in your past and thought of how much better it could be now, if you only had your current knowledge and awareness a that time. Beginnings are vague as a topic, but there are so many practical conclusions to be drawn from them to ensure the future is just as great as the present, or better in many cases.

    By Josh on 09.20.2012

  29. Let’s begin with the vision of an old American city, grey scale, neon lights flashing down on the damp concrete road while the rain pours down upon the old cars bleeding with old fuel and the scent of nostalgia and the death of the American dream.

    By Badger Moore URL on 09.20.2012

  30. Knowing where to begin is hard for some. Sometimes it is for me too. They say that starting at the beginning is the best way, but knowing what is the beginning isn’t always so easy. When everything is twisted together or has been going on for years. When you’ve lost contact with the string that guides you back to the surface, you can’t look down. Or over. When together anxieties and wishes have all blended into a deeper shade. When everything happened all at once, where is the beginning? But that’s not only it. Knowing where to begin is only half of knowing. When to begin is the corresponding mirror image. Tell them. Let it out. But when? Now?

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.20.2012

  31. Where does one begin,
    To start something new with someone, you carry the ends of past people…
    Do you even began, or continue on wards…

    By Simon Says.. URL on 09.20.2012

  32. I couldn’t begin to explain what had happened. One minute we were driving down the road, the next I was in the hospital. The walls were blue, and the sunlight was bright. And everything else was white.

    By ariel4thou URL on 09.20.2012

  33. Always beginning. Never ending. A sidewalk that extends to a horizon, unfolding into the horizon and beyond the reach of the eye. Always beginning, always approaching the horizon that never comes any closer. Each step is a beginning. The end is arbitrary. The end is irrelevant.

    By Logan URL on 09.20.2012

  34. “Where was I going again?”
    “You were about to tell us where the stars came from.”
    “The stars? What about the stars? They’re just stars!”
    “But, uncle, you said that they were the most amazing thing that any man could ever experience.”
    “I did?”
    “Yes, you did, uncle.”
    “Well then, I suppose they are at that. You see…”

    By Woody URL on 09.20.2012

  35. to start something. or the begining. idk “begin the race!!! hahahaha!” *bang


    By Aero on 09.20.2012

  36. i begin to speack to my teacher every day i go to school it is so much fun i love to talk talking is very fun and entertaining

    By Emily URL on 09.20.2012

  37. Begin the ceremony, the ceremony master said in the gloom of the torchlight. The fellow ring members looked wearily upon him, still as statues. The wind howled and fickled their fire. The master looked on them with suspicion. Well, what are you waiting for?

    By Asylum URL on 09.20.2012

  38. I came out of nowhere, didn’t see my self coming, although because of where the dick was no one saw anyone coming other wise i woulnd’t be alive, the only beginning i care about is mine all other beginnings are sad because they create an ending along with them. I however will never see my own end ill be dead by then.

    By lucho URL on 09.20.2012

  39. J’ai commencé à me sentir bien au moment où j’ai su que je n’étais pas si différente des autres. J’ai autant de chances que les autres. Autant de possibilités. D’amour à donner et recevoir.

    By lianeju URL on 09.20.2012

  40. Here her story begins:
    It’s cold, dark.
    She’s alone.
    She’s been alone for a long, long time.
    Every since that day.
    That car.
    That man.

    By Morgan M. URL on 09.20.2012