May 7th, 2013 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “beer”

  1. you said i’d grow to like it
    when i would become a real adult
    ( i still doubt that’ll ever happen )

    but i think you don’t understand
    the difference between liking something
    and drowning in it

    By F URL on 05.07.2013

  2. I already got this word. It killed my father. He started drinking it at a very young age and now he is almost fourty five and he still drinks and he has no jon, no life, and I hate him. Beer is a drink that reminds me of the irish who drink to have fun and have a good time. Beer tastes like urine and is nasty.

    By samantha on 05.07.2013

  3. the luscious drink of drunk frat boys and boys to men. watered down liquor for the social seductress. ridiculous. sad. natty light.
    my college life. the foreshadowing to nights of twelve-steps, and sadness. inevitable sadness.
    i regret.

    By Kaitlyn Samuelson on 05.07.2013

  4. The bubbles quickly drifted to the top with a crisp sizzle. They congregated at the top in a big fuzzy mass. Little flecks of the beer popped out from the top of the glass as the bubbles popped at the top and the foam began to dissipate.

    By Dawn Sorenson URL on 05.07.2013

  5. The intoxication was fatal. It wasn’t that she was drunken by the smell of liquors that spilled form the wine cases and beer bottles that shattered on the floor. No. She sat in the corner of the room intoxicated in her sadness.
    Blergh. I don’t know what I just wrote

    By Y Torres URL on 05.07.2013

  6. I don’t like to get drunk but sometimes I do when the aliens say I have to. Yes, its true. I am a pirate of the intergalactic society of alien hunters.

    By Ari on 05.07.2013

  7. Beer Beer
    where did you go
    down the throat
    or into the..

    By Ariah URL on 05.07.2013

  8. Beer Beer
    where did you go?
    Beer Beer
    You brought me so low!
    Beer Beer
    She seems quite fine.
    Beer Beer
    I have him he’s all mine.
    Beer Beer
    what was my line?

    By Ariah URL on 05.07.2013

  9. sitting on the docks, drinking with friends. converse. sunshine. summer. feelgood. instagram. makes me full, makes me drunk, better mood, good times. cool drink. typcial student drink. mandrink.

    By Riskake on 05.08.2013

  10. bad drug dont like. big head next day. makes ugly women beautyful. working class drink. oktoberfest drug.

    By andee on 05.08.2013

  11. tasty. drunk. american way. 21. illegal. sweet or bitter. made of hops.

    By Emmily on 05.08.2013

  12. I have only liked one type of beer and I didn’t like it that much. I prefer whiskey, rum, champagne. Sex on the beach is good too, just no beer for me. I do not understand how people can like beer.

    By Matty URL on 05.08.2013

  13. My best friend loves beer. Not sure why. Maybe to fit in, maybe to calm her down, or maybe she truly loves the taste of it. I hate it. It tastes like acid that I can feel go down my throat and thunk into my stomach, and eventually I can feel it eating away at my liver.

    By Calico URL on 05.08.2013

  14. Alcoholic Poison. Inhibitor of fear and feelings. Numbing. Liquid drug of the masses.

    By anon on 05.08.2013

  15. i gave my father a shiloutte of my face for father’s day in the first grade. on the bottom I wrote, ‘Daddy I love you
    I wish I had a bear to give you’
    I went home and told my mom about it, pronouncing the word ‘beer’. She communicated the inappropriateness of that statement to me so i went back and added the word rug to form ‘bear rug’. i was embarrased about that for a long time. how was i to know that beer isn’t a proper gift?

    By Eeriel on 05.08.2013

  16. Such a man’s drink. My grandad gained a potbelly drinking beer. He died 8 years ago, and now the beer cans which were so distinctive of my grandparent’s house was gone forever. I t did not feel the same I guess, that nice green, reflective cans I would see lying around the house.

    By Ming-Zhen on 05.08.2013

  17. As he sat down to drink his cold beer , a man entered the inn , his face was really pale and he looked very strange and not from this area, he stared at John , who by now became suspicious of the man.

    By Hashim URL on 05.08.2013

  18. I could hear him before I could see him. His footsteps making loud noises on the staircase. It sounded like he kept on tripping.

    Then, I could smell him. And that’s what made me really scared. It smelled like that stinky yellow drink he likes – what was its name? Beer?

    And finally, he turned the knob so I could see him. I whimpered and grabbed my teddy bear, already shutting my eyes to try and not think of the pain.

    By Rio URL on 05.08.2013

  19. I like kissing boys when they taste like stale beer, there is something comforting and familiar about it. They take a swig and pretend to be a man for the night.

    By zoe on 05.08.2013

  20. Hear at home in my country, we make one of the brew beer, Banks beer. Once you drink one you will make the right choice and make it the drink of choice. Have a Banks beer today friends.

    By victor URL on 05.08.2013

  21. I like drinking a beer and I born in the city when beer is producing.

    By LottaL URL on 05.08.2013

  22. “Beer.”, It was the last thought in your head.
    You’re standing on the ledge; one step away from the most important moment in you life, (besides your birth of course). You expect to see your whole life flash by, (like in the movies), but instead… Beer…?!

    By Herringbone on 05.08.2013

  23. “Beer.”, It was the last thought in your head.
    You’re standing on the ledge; one step away from the most important moment in you life, (besides your birth of course). You expect to see your whole life flash by, (like in the movies), but instead… Beer…?!

    By Herringbone URL on 05.08.2013

  24. Beer is not as good as many people think. In fact, if you are drinking bottled beer, you are likely to have loose-motion.

    By Raajan on 05.08.2013

  25. The scent of beer saturated and soaked the air to its core. His breath, his hands stained everything with that smell and the smell of liquidized metal, sharp, entering through my nostrils.

    By Danaé on 05.08.2013

  26. A frothy beverage containing hops and some such other grains. Beer is good. It is turning into a popular and profitable business in many towns with indepenent micro-breweries.

    By Jen on 05.08.2013

  27. I perfer vodka, especially vodka Ice,the green apple kind, you know? That’s what I had last night with Charlie.

    By Raine Beau on 05.08.2013

  28. A beer in his hand, Jon watched his life go by. Lost in deep thoughts, he never realized how short life can be.

    By odhran on 05.08.2013

  29. fun, refreshing, summer, friends, relaxing, filling,

    By Mickey on 05.08.2013

  30. I don’t understand why people like beer. I mean, I can understand getting it to just get drunk, though that isn’t my thing and I don’t understand that either, but seriously. It really tastes gross. It only gets more gross the cheaper you buy. I have yet to find a beer that is even tolerable. The yeasty flavor is just to much to me. I can’t stand the taste of it.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.08.2013

  31. Beer is such a funny word to write about for me; I have never had any personal experiences with it. I don’t drink and don’t think I ever will, but maybe a beer once in a while is okay. My dad drinks a non-alcoholic beer at least once a week. I’m positive I’ll never know the difference.

    By Ellie on 05.08.2013

  32. the drunk people were walking unsteadidly to their cars after the hockey game, throwing the beer bottles around…

    By halfbright on 05.08.2013

  33. beer is a god gift from heaven. it is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Beer is amazing. Delicious. Enjoyable and just plain awesome. I love beer!!!!

    By Anna Garcia on 05.08.2013

  34. I like good beer. IPAs, Pale Ales, Porters, a nice Cream Stout. Why do other people like shit for beer? I am surrounded my beer, I work in a liquor store. Is it bad that I judge people on the kind of beer that they throw up on the counter?

    By Nicole on 05.08.2013

  35. I’m trying to remember the night of wonder I had,
    There were beautiful women careening around the rooftops,
    I discovered things about myself that I never understood before,
    I walked through the door a pauper, but left a king.
    And I have no idea who is next to me.

    By Siege URL on 05.08.2013

  36. 99 bottles of beer on the web.
    99 bottles of beer.
    If OneWord’s beer bottle should happen to fall,
    98 bottles of beer on the web.

    By dufis on 05.08.2013

  37. I need an outlet. Something to keep me calm and relaxed. The days are going by slowly and I’m going insane. My mind is suffocating me and I just need something to put me at ease. A chilled glass filled with the perfect beverage would suffice.

    By Christina on 05.08.2013

  38. He takes the amber liquid and lets it fall into his stomach in a large gulp. In his lifetime he has consumed hundereds of theses. but this time was the last time. At 21 Fred was an alcoholic, he just wouldn’t know it until he woke in the hospital the next morning.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.08.2013

  39. The hunter’s words caught in his throat and he was shaking as he sat down at the bar. Blood trickled down his forearm from three long deep gashes and his voice struggled not to crack as he said, “fella, gimme a drink. Just met me a beer.”

    By Kate Lapin URL on 05.08.2013

  40. beer was bitter. i didn’t enjoy it much, but much more than other alcohols. i didn’t like the feeling of drukenness either. so i didn’t drink it. but somewhere in me i needed some rebellion. so instead of drinking the beer i threw up my dinner. and then i ate dessert and did that in as well.

    By hanna on 05.08.2013