August 12th, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “beckoning”

  1. She gazed out her window at the grassy fields blowing in the wind, the autumn breeze was beckoning for her to escape.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.12.2013

  2. beckoning…right hand coming out from the wall, scaly & dark. Friendly. Can’t process more than one though at a time. If I could, I’d be angry about that. But eventually that will fade and it will all come pouring out, bursting out my pores…
    so focus. one thing at a time. reach out for the hand, lean towards the wall: sink in.

    By Van A. on 08.12.2013

  3. The boy was beckoning his mother to come to him as he needed help.
    Call me if you need anything at all. The shoes were beckoning me to them.
    The teacher was beckoning the kids to do their work in a timely fashion.

    By wendy on 08.12.2013

  4. He stood on the wall, beckoning at us, shouting something. When a second person appeared doing the same, my father gunned the engine and turned the boat around. There was a man in the water, needing help.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.12.2013

  5. It was beckoning. I don’t know what the draw was but it was there. No sound. No smell. Just the sight of the ocean calling me to come closer. I gave in. Not that I had a choice. I walked closer and realized I was all alone.

    By Multi32 on 08.12.2013

  6. “Whats he doing?” Miles asked in confusion. Arthur had very mercilessly ripped down a vine from the nearest tree and had began wrapping it around the smaller boys waist. Ben turned to face where Arthur and Elliot had gone. He let out a gust of air before saying, ” I think he just found our way out.” Ben grinned and followed in Arthurs footsteps, ripping down a vine and beckoning Miles over to him. Finally understanding Arthurs plans for escape, Miles stepped toward Ben and let him tie the vine around his own waist. Maybe they would make it out alive this time…

    By jenna br URL on 08.12.2013

  7. “Kahlan? Come closer.” the bend of an elegant finger beckoned me forward and, obediently, I took a single step towards the waters edge, my boots coming to rest less than an inch from the pools sparkling edge. After all, she’s never told me HOW close I was to come.
    A slight quirk at the corner of full lips told me she knew exactly what I was doing, or trying to do, and the slight arch of a fine brow combined with a flash of white teeth and hint of a small pink tongue made my heart set a dangerously haphazard rhythm against the underside of my ribs.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.12.2013

  8. The green land, lush, rolling.
    The cliffs, sharp and non-forgiving.
    Crash, crash, crashing of the grey waters.
    The land is calling, beckoning to us all, to go where the witch lives.

    By Rachel Juillerat on 08.12.2013

  9. Calling to you, like a siren song. A double chocolate cake just sitting there on the counter.

    By BK on 08.12.2013

  10. Come hither my beautiful one – rising fro mthe seas amidst the crashing waves and turquoise waters. As the arm reaches out to enchant the seagoers the mermaid dances in and out of vision – glittering and dancing.

    By krazyk on 08.12.2013

  11. I’m here at you’re beckoning call!
    It’s beck and call.
    You don’t want my help?
    I want you to make sense.
    I don’t want to be your friend anymore.
    Another friend lost to the grammar police!

    By Rover URL on 08.12.2013

  12. Aching pains throughout
    wanting all but getting none
    A slice of happiness
    A glimmer of solitude
    Is all that is needed
    In this time of despair.

    Why Can’t they just understand,
    Even though I appear bitter
    I’m only wanting to lend a helping hand.

    By Jason Ohono on 08.12.2013

  13. Warmth, Warmth and love is all I can hear. She’s calling to me softly. I can feel her love all from her quiet voice, I want to go to her. Badly. i know she wants me there with her. But while her face beckons me, my heart knows that what we have isn’t real.

    By Caroline URL on 08.12.2013

  14. punched in the face. that’s what he GOT. PUNCHED IN THE FACE. I could hardly believe my own strength when I watched his face fly sideways. When my hand fell back down to my side the blood quickly started flush out the pain I had caused myself.

    By Park URL on 08.12.2013

  15. The darkness was beckoning.

    At first you are able to ignore it, indulging yourself in work; burying yourself under layers of enthusiasm and fake smiles.

    Time goes on.

    Your cover wears thin.

    The light shatters.

    The darkness beckons, and you are consumed.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 08.12.2013

  16. Shadows, looming in dark corners at night.
    Sliding down the wall are lights, in various colors.
    I didn’t hear your song, and I don’t know why you’re haunting me.
    But I guess it’s all in beckoning,
    how you became my king.

    I didn’t long for yesterday,
    and the nights come so very fast.
    I didn’t think that
    forever wouldn’t last.

    By Marissa URL on 08.12.2013

  17. It’s a haunting sort of call. Soft and sweet as it is, it holds a deadly promise. The song in her voice even now sends shivers down my spine. The fact that I’m this close to going to her, to doing as she asks, shows how lost I am without her. Even in death, she beckons me, and like always, I go to her.

    By Caroline URL on 08.12.2013

  18. Th paint stool was beckoning me. I could feel it through the wood door. I rubbed my fingers together. They were itching for the feel of a paint brush against a smooth canvas. But should I? Even after…after…

    By Caitlyn URL on 08.12.2013

  19. Waves crash, that’s what most people say. But they rarely do. Most of the time they beckon, or salute, or threaten as if a bajillion Jewish uncles are raising their fists in a curse.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.12.2013

  20. There was a time when I wondered what it would be like to have a beautiful woman reach across the bar to me with her eyes, and signal for me to approach. It’s not something that’s ever happened in my life – but the closest I ever came was when my wife-to-be captured me with her eyes.

    By Brendon J. Wilson URL on 08.12.2013

  21. Beckoning me from across the way, it stood there, calling my name. The energy I felt – relentless. Is this what it feels like? To be trapped? Ensnared? We haven’t met.

    By lisa on 08.12.2013

  22. I am beckoning it! I’ll do it beckoning Mary.

    By Millie on 08.12.2013

  23. i’ve already written about beckoning
    one hundred times before
    and i’m usually the beckoner
    never satisfied
    always searching for more
    and around the corner?
    there’s nothing
    nothing beckoning me but me
    always reaching for the next bottle
    my next drink

    By lisa on 08.12.2013

  24. There she was, like some etherial, nightmarish creature in the lamplight, beckoning, always beckoning. Her fingers were long and inhuman, tipped with nails sharp enough to slice through skin. Though in all her strangeness, she still had a certain sort of appeal. But in a dangerous way.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.12.2013

  25. She stood at the end of the hallway, beckoning me to turn, to come, to follow. As the great dark enshrouded her features, I realized suddenly my feet began to move. It was not home, not nearly so, but it was here. And so was she.

    By Michelle on 08.12.2013

  26. Calypso at the bottom of the sea in all her boiling rage, beckons to all her minions, “The time to surface is at hand.” Beware the red tides.

    By Penelope on 08.12.2013

  27. Everything about the door was drawing him to open it. The musky sent of flowers that emanated from the keyhole seemed to beckon, and ask him to forget what he had been told.

    By Katerina E URL on 08.12.2013

  28. She called to me. She called to me when she needed me most, but there was nothing I could do. She was already too far gone. The drugs had taken over, and there was nothing I could do. Why did she have to rely on me?

    By Bri on 08.13.2013

  29. beckoning, she was drawn to the ice cream parlor
    all shook up she could not she whipped up another thought on sundae

    By greta mulla URL on 08.13.2013

  30. come here, sweet children,
    and sing your songs of praise
    with your voices of pure innocence
    and your thoughts worthy of prayer

    for you, there is no eternal fire,
    no demon to snake his fork tongue around your belly
    and shatter your bones from his breath,
    only the darkness of childlike ignorance

    when the men and women will drown
    in their own tears,
    you will taste salt on your tongues
    and float like lilies on the sea

    your prayers are selfish
    but your hands are clasped tight
    and your hearts so easy to mold
    ( stay still, my dear, it will be all over soon )

    one day you will exchange your wax for gold
    and your toys for spears
    and your knees will shatter on the marble steps,
    singing of praise and for absolution

    you are forgiven if
    you think that you can love me,
    if you will love me
    and feed me your prayers and your children

    and when you crumble in your grave,
    bones shaking underneath the soil,
    you won’t feel the cold of my touch
    ( i am not there; i never was,
    you only have yourself in death—

    gods were meant for the living )

    By F URL on 08.13.2013

  31. This page is beckoning me to write. Well, tap out the words on my laptop. I’m beckoning Raoul to make me a cup of coffee. The outside is beckoning me to leave the house today. I’m beckoning Becky.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.13.2013

  32. All around me lights they fade. In and out. In and out. Inner dreams seem so near, beckoning, beckoning. I know deep down, how much I have left. But nothing will stop me, not now, not never.

    By Molly URL on 08.13.2013

  33. calling, endlessly calling. once the door is opened, it will never fully close. always left just slightly ajar, the light behind it calling, endlessly calling. it glows softly, tempting the lost. calling, endlessly calling. it will never give up – until you give in. calling, endlessly calling – a soft light of false hope reaching out to the desperate.

    By firelight URL on 08.13.2013

  34. Look at the sea and feel the pull of the water on your body, is it any wonder that people spoke of sirens, and serpents? Krakens and leviathans? Mermaids and merrow, their soul cages full of salt-crusted bones.

    By amygdala URL on 08.13.2013

  35. Destiny was a whore. She flaunted possibility at people, rubbing up against them until their potential quivered and quaked, shuddering with want of what she alone could give. She was always beckoning, whispering of the future, of what everyone desired, describing to the last lacy detail where they saw themselves in five, ten, twenty years. Yes, Destiny was a whore, but though she flirted with everyone, she only rarely put out.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.13.2013

  36. Its it a word with good connotation or bad connotation? A beckoning finger, like the wicked witch.
    She was beckoning with her eyes.
    The teacher
    I always associate with eyes

    By Erin URL on 08.13.2013

  37. let’s get to the point:
    you can’t see the stars
    from where i am.

    suppose i live too close
    to the ground;
    you need to have been born
    with silver spoons
    to have the view from a penthouse.

    apparently light pollution
    is a thing;
    suppose my neighborhood
    is at a lack for everything else
    that we can’t stand
    starving for light too.

    our lower class eyes are not those
    looking through the hubble;
    after a while even photographs
    of galaxies
    seems almost like another form
    of window-shopping.

    we see slivers of dusk and dawn,
    smile at the moon
    when it’s plump and hanging low,
    but to see specks
    where there should be diamonds
    is a brand of hurt
    i cannot name.

    we will never be the ones chosen
    to be shot into space,
    to build homes on mars.
    our bones will never be allowed
    to rot on other planets.

    i cannot deny it any longer:
    only the rich become
    constellations when they die.

    By h. b. URL on 08.13.2013

  38. this was it. the voice was back and it was by far the most haunting of the times they’d heard it. the not quite so pipes. the not quite so flute. it was the sound of trees shedding leaves and the moon rising above the water. Jasper and Jamie stopped where they were. The wind had stopped and above the dull twig snapping they heard the faintest tinkle of little bells…

    By choc on 08.13.2013

  39. The letters were there, from so long ago, beckoning her back to a life that was long gone, that never would have worked anyway. But still they gave her pause – asking her for marriage, for moving to another town to be with him, all the things he could never say to her in person. Married with kids now, both of them, but still, calling to her.

    By Ara URL on 08.13.2013

  40. Coffee and responsibility are beckoning me this morning. I knew last night I’d have to be somewhere besides my patio sipping coffee this morning … early this morning … and so, of course, I barely slept last night. Even the slightest change in routine fucks me up. I wonder if that word will get this post deleted.

    By Linda Kay URL on 08.13.2013