October 9th, 2016 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “bathed”

  1. Brighton. UK. Mornings. Shower vs. soaking in a tub. Loofa. Hands. Sponges. Gel vs. soap. Bath near York. Jane Austen. Los Angeles.

    By Gamz on 10.09.2016

  2. It started harmlessly. A tiny beam of light appeared in the New York city at the middle of a street one day. It even persisted during the night. While it got a lot of media attention during the first few days, people quickly got used to it and went back to their daily lives. At first nobody realized that the beam started getting wider and more powerful. It was growing in diameter faster and faster with each passing hour. After about a week first accident happened. The beam became powerful enough that it managed to split a passing car in half.

    By Reyth URL on 10.09.2016

  3. The CD candles worked perfectly.

    Chris slipped her toes from underneath the bubbles, a slight chill flowing over them as they pushed her glowing DIY project around the soothing lavender water. The CDs helped the tea lights to stay afloat, giving a perfect ambiance to her new, broken bathroom. Sure, the ceiling had holes in it, the hot water in the sink only worked some of the time, and some white tiles had been replaced with red, blue and green ones, making the bathroom light up like a Christmas tree. But it had one thing that previous apartment bathroom, with all of it’s shimmering, shining showered glory didn’t have.

    She sank into the bathtub of her new house, recalling her excitement at signing the papers earlier that day. Her toes sank back into the glowing, bubbly water, tingling as warmth flooded back into them.

    She was home.

    By Julie URL on 10.09.2016

  4. she bathed in a tub filled with roses and blood from her wrists

    By tacid URL on 10.09.2016

  5. I bathed in the blood of my enemies. It was warm and thick, dripping down my skin. I had no regrets. After what they had done to me, it was a blessing that I had killed them. I could’ve done much, much worse.

    By Maddy on 10.09.2016

  6. After the rain, the sunlit-bathed areas of the fields glowed a ruddy orange, studded with the crystals of the remaining rain drops. He ran through the fields, feeling further bathed by this sun enriched water and emerging from the other end, feeling whole and purified.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.09.2016

  7. They say that the queen bathed in the blood of her enemies, which she vocally repudiated almost immediately.

    “Complete and utter nonsense,” she quipped over a bowl of leek and potato soup, which had been lovingly made by her adoring chef. “And quite clichéd, too, given the accusations I receive. Has anyone thought about how unsanitary such a practice is? I can hardly stand looking at a nosebleed.”

    “Still tough as nails, though,” replied her son, the prince, and the queen chuckled and nodded in agreement.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.09.2016

  8. he bathed in the splendor of his lover’s attention, with bated breath and eager sighs. his lover’s hands glide in adoration, making him tremble in anticipation of the evening’s activities.

    By Emgee H. URL on 10.10.2016

  9. a man may wash well
    yet smell of the foulest stench
    BATHED in constant lies

    a man never bathed
    but by many women laid
    none had nose on face

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.10.2016

  10. I bathed in your sun,
    when my time had come.
    overcome with trauma,
    we thrived off the drama.
    the lawn was cut clean,
    and your face was cute mean.

    By Marissa URL on 10.10.2016

  11. bathroom

    By Vanja on 10.10.2016

  12. “lisa! when are u getting up?”.is my moms voice that squeaky..hmm..
    go and bathe now and get ready for school young lady!
    “5 more minute mom!”gosh she can be freaking annoying sometimes ugh.

    By tiqah on 10.10.2016

  13. She ran the water as hot as it could go, testing it with her fingers as she perched on the edge of the tub. She closed her eyes. The room filled with steam and heat and her hair started to droop. She half-opened her eyes and blearily saw her reflection in the mirror.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.10.2016

  14. Bathed in sunlight
    yet casting huge shadows
    huge shadows
    filled with darkness
    I couldn’t light.

    By Steve O URL on 10.10.2016

  15. I bathed in the bathtub last night. Now I fell so clean.

    By Simon Woodard on 10.10.2016

  16. Sunlight bathed her. The golden warmth soaked into her skin as she stretched her arms out and shut her eyes, tilting her head to the heavens as she inhaled lavender. The warmth felt safe and protective, and lifted her mood as if it was carrying her away from the ground and up into the clouds.

    By Sharna on 10.10.2016

  17. The homeless man was ecstatic when he came upon a shelter with a bath. It had been months since he had been able to bath, and one smell could assure this.

    By John on 10.10.2016

  18. Bathed in the light and warmth of the sun is where I want to spend my time. Whether on a beach, on a bike, or high up on a mountain top. Enjoying the cleansing effects of the sunshine and being alone with my thoughts is refreshing and recharging.

    By Joey Roa URL on 10.10.2016

  19. I bathed, breathed a deep breath and ducked my head under the water. My hair floated around me. The water rushed up my nose, the rose bath oils coating my lungs. I opened my eyes to another world.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 10.10.2016

  20. “What…what is this?”
    “It’s a car wash. It’ll get you all squeaky clean.”
    “I do not wish to squeak.”
    “It’s an expression.”
    “It does not make much sense.”
    “It’s…just a–”
    “Wait, what are those?”
    “They are approaching quickly. Should I be concerned?”
    “No, those are just–”
    “Why are they hitting me repeatedly with some form of solution, I am not–”
    “Prowl, those are just the–”
    “I do not find this enjoyable.”
    “Prowl, relax, it’s just soap on the–”
    The Autobot jolted as the undercarriage cleaner activated, and Spike’s head hit the roof with a dull thump.
    “That is…most rude.”
    Spike didn’t respond this time, clutching his head and groaning softly to himself. Why he and Carly kept insisting on taking the Autobots to experience various car-related places on earth, he had no idea.

    By The Wanderer URL on 10.10.2016

  21. I bathed in the sun all day while enjoyed God’s beautiful creation, even though I ended up having very sever sun burn. For now on I will remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours.

    By haylee URL on 10.10.2016

  22. i bathed my dog yesterday she yelp like there was no tomorrow LITTARALY

    By Amber URL on 10.10.2016

  23. Once Lil’ Lenny was clean and bathed, I dressed him and fed him his supper. I had bought him special silk pj’s that had little bitty polka dots. He seemed to like them very much. Because flies fly so much during the day, they need A LOT of food.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 10.10.2016

  24. Bathed in sensual bath oil, bathed in love, bathed in the warmth of the sun. Happy and content to be bathed in these ways.

    By Shona URL on 10.10.2016

  25. Egyptian baths. I remember reading the “Royal Diaries” book about Cleopatra, and there were descriptions of luxurious baths. I don’t actually like baths, I prefer showers, but those always sounded like the height of comfort.

    By Nan on 10.10.2016

  26. bathed

    By Gemos URL on 10.10.2016

  27. To clean ones self.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.10.2016

  28. you are hallowed, as the waters make you new in ways you will never fully understand.

    where can i find this pool? she asked again. it’s not there. it’s a dream. a dream of water and souls. of souls and water and death. of dreams. of fantasy. of nothing.

    By batteryman URL on 10.10.2016

  29. i bathed fully clothed by the woods in the abandoned pool, the lingering algae clung to my slippery skin as a dived beneath the surface.

    By Effie Peters on 10.10.2016

  30. The fragile sunlight framed his face with a warm peachy tone, softening his harsh features and enlightening his soul.

    By Effie Azura URL on 10.10.2016

  31. After rolling in the dirt, our dog really stunk! So we bathed him and now the smell is gone.

    By Josiah URL on 10.10.2016

  32. Bathed? I know I bathed last night when I got the new tea tree shampoo for my luscious long hair! I can’t think of anything else :/

    By Andrew on 10.10.2016

  33. Bathing is very important. If you don`t bathe, that`s disgusting… I bathe every day. I haven`t yet today but that`s not important, I guess. Winnie the Pooh does it, so you should too.

    By homeschooler URL on 10.10.2016

  34. Sam lays in the tub, soaking in the soapy water. It had been so long since she had been able to relax like this. She missed it.

    By Deandra URL on 10.10.2016

  35. The light surounds you.
    So brightly it blurs my vision, blurs your being.
    It gives a glow so natural, so pure.
    I reach out and feel the warmed.
    You move away, taking it with you.
    You bask in the delight alone.
    I smile from the cold darkness that I’m so tightly wrapped in.
    I don’t mind.
    You deserve to relax, to sink into the tub of happiness.
    You’ve filled it up all by yourself after all.
    My tub is still empty.

    By Ami URL on 10.10.2016

  36. He is a lowly 18-year-old sweeper boy for the Fifth Duke of Gordon-Lennox’s livery stable. And she is the estate’s lowest ranking maid: the daughter of a scullery maid and a porter. Her parents met working in the east wing of their master’s estate. The stable boy is a bastard child of a market woman. However, the Duke’s son is a pedigreed and an incorrigible child as the someday Sixth Duke of Gordon-Lennox often likes to provoke the meanest stallion in the stable.

    Glances between the stable boy and lowest-ranking maid are exchanged as she tends to the stable boy’s garishly bruised and broken thigh: the casualty of careless mischief. The maid turns her back so the stable boy may hobble into the tub. And after she’s gently bathed him she offers her arm to him. Once again she turns her head so he may exit the bath with some dignity intact. The maid escorts the stable boy to the bed and then retrieves the splint. His hand covers hers as his eyes plead for a moment of respite.

    Later she will remember the look in his eyes in that exact moment. Respite: how much she longs for it when she gives birth to their daughter in a convent.

    By The Short End of the Stick URL on 10.10.2016

  37. As I sat on my chair, I was bathed in the warm sunlight. The beams washed the sadness off of my exposed skins. The warmth instilled happiness in my heart.

    By Robin URL on 10.10.2016

  38. He frowned up at me, his face peeping out from the swathing of white towel that covered him. He was almost unrecognizable with all the dirt scrubbed off of his face, his clean brown hair sticking up every which way. “Can I eat something now?” he pouted. I had to laugh.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 10.10.2016

  39. When she woke up in the morning she always had to brush her teeth and and shower. She didn’t understand people who could start there day without both of these activities. Most likely she wouldn’t survive with out that and her morning cup of coffee.

    By Dan Sparks on 10.10.2016

  40. i bathed the dog after she got muddy in the backyard, so i called my mom and she can and got the dog and dried her feet and i washed her up.

    By Ashton URL on 10.10.2016