March 1st, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “basic”

  1. The guys are coming over tonight to jam and I hope they leave their basics in the car. I’m a non smoker. So?

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.01.2011

  2. basically this word reminds me of modern art and pasta. i dont know why, but thats what it reminds me of. and this girl i know who always says basically and it has rubbed off onto me :)

    By bubbletea on 03.01.2011

  3. Instructions. Always with the instructions. She acted as though she could tell me what to do with my life. Like she had a manual, and I wasn’t following the little diagrams picture perfect. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to care. But she did. It was important to her. And so, it was important to me, as crazy as it drove me.

    By garrett-tyler on 03.01.2011

  4. simple things, like the clouds and the sun and the rain on your skin. it’s the basic things that make you happy. basic space is a song by the xx. i like the song. it’s sensitive and moving. basic has five letters. and two vowels. i wish things were basic.

    By amy rose on 03.01.2011

  5. basic is something that occurs always like the doors of my life. basic is like construction or gardening. without good basic the whole construction falls down.

    By gabi on 03.01.2011

  6. It’s all basic knowledge, isn’t it? Why don’t you get it? It doesn’t seem like it can get simpler than this. Yet you make the same mistake over and over again and end up making a fool out of yourself. Why are you so stupid?

    By A Bananie URL on 03.01.2011

  7. Lo básico es comer. No. Cuando me fui con Ana por Europa, durmiendo en trenes, descansando en playas desiertas, buscando en las tiendas comida conocida (que era increiblemente cara), ella me dijo que yo era inaguantable cuando no había dormido lo suficiente. lo básico es dormir.

    By Eli URL on 03.01.2011

  8. basic information of everything we know. i have no clue what i’m talking about, the rules stated i have to just type for a period of time about a word I see and i’m guessing it’ll review my answer to see if i’m the average person statistically speaking i suppose. lunch sounds bomb, i’m pretty hungry i think i want a salad

    By hfhfh on 03.01.2011

  9. basic black dress brings to mind mixed drinks and mingling with mixed results, resulting in dubious decisions and less than wise, next day stress.

    By cassandra on 03.01.2011

  10. basic? hmm.
    basic can be better, at least that’s what i feel.
    i mean, why is complicated better? it’s not.
    complicated relationships are hardly good.
    same goes for stories. keep it simple, america.
    keep it basic. :)

    By Conner on 03.01.2011

  11. complexity is manifested in the aphotic corners of my brain. a clean, sterile canvas lies before my hands, and there will i allow the military lines and basic training to create a well-structured and unoriginal avant-garde piece

    By hannah on 03.01.2011

  12. this is basically a very simple word that describes something very normal and calm. i don’t really know what else to say about basic. once there was a basic bear cub who had a mother and a father and a girl named goldylocks.

    By Elise on 03.01.2011

  13. the smallest simplest of things that satisfies the needs of anyone .
    It could be the start of something, or something big brought down to something smaller.

    By mallory on 03.01.2011

  14. Basic instructions before leaving Earth. BIBLE.

    By Brittni on 03.01.2011

  15. The basic needs for survival for Lucy weren’t given to her. She was forced to take them. Living with no home, family, or food was usual life. She needed these in her life to grow off of them. Without her basic needs, she was nothing.

    By Arianna URL on 03.01.2011

  16. Back to basics. What the heck does that mean? Besides. Nothing is basic. Not ever! Even if you think something is painfully simple, there is an endless pool of intricacies where you’re not looking. Always.

    By Anna on 03.01.2011

  17. Basic… is anything basic anymore? It never seems like it, everything is complicated and frustrating. Stressful and hard. Nothing is ever just basic. Everything is so complex. What even is basic? Who even knows…

    By Gabri on 03.01.2011

  18. white. blank. t-shirts. basic t-shirts. white.

    By emily on 03.01.2011

  19. Simple, fundamental, something solid and easy.
    Everybody is more basic than we give ourselves credit for. Maybe every now and then we should recognise it.

    By Alfie URL on 03.01.2011

  20. Humanity. Trees. Nature. Stripped to nothing. Emotions. Primal. I feel. I am more than. We are more than. We were not built to exist in basicness. We evolve. Or we try. Become better than the status quo.

    By Matt URL on 03.01.2011

  21. This is a brand of clothing you can get at WalMart. I like all of the basic things you can get at WalMart, they’re cheap and if you tear them, stain them, or just plain lose interest you don’t feel bad about chucking it in the garbage and getting something else. I guess that isn’t deep or meaningful, but its what I thought of first.

    By Beavatron3000 URL on 03.01.2011

  22. Basic needs, basic colors, basic things. Needs like love, food, water, shelter, all those evry important things that you should collect and keep close to your heart. Basic colors to light up the grey days, anything to make you smile. It’s what we all need, I suppose. It’s the basics.

    By Qan URL on 03.01.2011

  23. easy and fundemental average regualr not extraordinary simple original starter

    By denisse on 03.01.2011

  24. basic
    i have no clue
    it says not to think
    but its hard not to think
    isnt it?
    or is that just me
    i cannot
    think of
    anything for

    By cristina URL on 03.01.2011

  25. It’s all I ever wanted. It’s so simple and clear. Well, maybe for only certain kinds of people. I would be fine with living in a little apartment my whole life…as long as I’m with the man I love… but is it so much to ask for more?

    By Alessandra on 03.01.2011

  26. the simplicity of the perfect world, just to live, and everything needed in life. Basic is perfect, everything else y just not worth it.

    By Diego Verduzco URL on 03.01.2011

  27. The most rudimentary of all creatures, it eats, sleeps, breathes. Nothing else. Humans set apart from base animal as a result of its emotion and cognitive complexity.

    By Alex on 03.01.2011

  28. Basic. Oh, it’s simply basic. Nothing much. You know, when you try to buy those dumb things like windows, they give you the option of choosing between basic and amazing. Its sounds kind of wimp, but nice and modern at the same time, minimalist which is really what I’m after. Simple, clean…I’ve said simple a lot, haven’t I?

    By Frisby URL on 03.01.2011

  29. I’m reminded of my 10th grade computer programming class, which used BASIC. The technology was primitive (as it also was for the typing and excel classes that I took), but I enjoyed it. I never learned much, but I learned a little bit and enjoyed the class a good bit.

    By TTGG URL on 03.01.2011

  30. Little squiggly legged beings float around, insentient and happy. They bump off one another, and are carried by the current of the ocean, or the wind. They are free and beautiful. Not so different than humanity, perhaps we are just a speck in the wind, a dot in the ocean. Perhaps.

    By AbsentLight URL on 03.01.2011

  31. Tomorrow wasn’t any special; I hardly had any time to think before a plan was put in place for me. The idea was basic, to follow Michael to work and talk to him about my assignment. However, things never quite work out as planned.

    By DaveW URL on 03.01.2011

  32. Functional, all you need in life, the bare minimum. Why would you want more? irreplaceable, foundational. Everything else is sophistry. And here I am again, expounding on useless fact. When in the end. Everything worth anything is basic.

    By willa on 03.01.2011

  33. Sometimes i feel like things are too basic in terms of life in general, or are they too complicated? i cant be sure to be honest but i guess that sums up the nature of my persionality….unsure. If i was sure i’d know what would make me happy, i wonder if simplicity is is the key to happiness. Why do i have to be so complicated?

    By Adrian Atherall on 03.01.2011

  34. Basically it’s the simple things in life. The every day ordinary which keeps us going, the stuff no one writes novels about but which sustains us. Basically it’s the routine, the always-there moments that make each day the same but also unique. Basically it’s been one of those days.

    By Gia on 03.01.2011

  35. basic is a great word. if you like words. Don’t hitchhike your way into dragonland unless the mountain’s last entry point is the same as the valley that intersects it’s hallway. An entry point to a forest is an entry point where ever I thought of you that night. I am happy about that.

    By Arnor URL on 03.01.2011

  36. The opposite of advanced, it is the simplest form of something. It is an uncomplicated version, and is easy to use. It is simple. In chemistry it is the opposite of acidic and refers to the ph content of a chemical.

    By eity on 03.01.2011

  37. I’m not going to think. I’m just going to write. The act of writing; it’s such a basic skill for me. To bad I can barely type all the things i want to say. My fingers just aren’t fast enough. Atleast this is good practice. It’s always good to go back to the basics. Keeps my craft strong.

    By Jelani Sims URL on 03.01.2011

  38. The basic necessities, that’s what I was taking. A tooth brush, some clothes, ramen noodles, blankets… And my laptop, I would need that too. HE is coming.

    By BumbleBee URL on 03.01.2011

  39. Basically, this word is amazing. I really like how the word looks. So cool and crisp. The color is a really good one for it too.

    By Savannah on 03.01.2011

  40. i love you. its as basic as that. love. they say its the most complicated feeling of all, but it really isn’t. the most basic feeling there is. you either love someone or you don’t. and i dont need mushy sayings or hearts and doodles to tell you that. its as basic as i love you.

    By whiskey_lullabyy on 03.01.2011