March 1st, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “basic”

  1. the basic information is that u gotta remmber to flush the toliet when ur done doing your duties cause if u dont its just floating around and its nasty haha so remmber flush.

    By Means33 URL on 03.01.2011

  2. Basic is one sweet word its not too complicated or to easy it’s an awesome word.

    By connor URL on 03.01.2011

  3. Basic. Its kinda funny, scientists have always said that certain things are the most basic thing there is and there is nothing else, then they find something that is more “basic” and the process repeats itself.

    By billyboy URL on 03.01.2011

  4. She was just following basic FBI defense procedure, when a random man stepped out of nowhere and tranquilized her. That’s why she is currently in an enemy holding cell.
    The young boy learned the basic rules of playing soccer before joining in the game. He scored five goals and his team won, 7-3.
    A mountain is basically a giant mound of stones.

    These are the three definitions of basic that I know of. Thank you for spending your precious time reading this.

    By Caleb on 03.01.2011

  5. plain, not interesting or exciting at all its is basic basic is nothing you care a bout or something thats most precious to you

    By Seviry URL on 03.01.2011

  6. basic. hmmmm well its a very boring word. basic is very plain. very eeew. id rather it be big and bold no matter what it is! but thats just me , i dont know about any of yall. :D BOLD and BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Bryanna URL on 03.01.2011

  7. Now lets get down to the basics, This is our basic package, Basic; the ground level of something or an idea , common, and or generic. Well basically basic is a adjective word for a lot more than most of the time. Not really a lot to say on basic really…. But right now my computer is basically not letting me post under any circumstances. I am soo not posting comments to quickly! I’m posting at my own pace thank you very much!

    By Alleycheer1997 URL on 03.01.2011

  8. “That realization of physical desire is the most basic thing.”
    shit, i won’t write about you again.
    you’re in every damn word.

    By kalena URL on 03.01.2011

  9. there was a basic course and an advanced course. The basic course was a simple little class, with only the basics of writing covered. The advanced course was more…well, advanced. I took the basic class, because I rock.

    By Morgan on 03.01.2011

  10. basic computer programming.
    basic skills.
    basic understandings.
    basic, fundamental, beginning.
    let us began with the basics.
    back to basics.
    broadly applicable stuff & information for competency in society?
    I don’t like things that are basic, I like things that are comprehensive and complex.

    By maritov URL on 03.01.2011

  11. i’m not sure i have much to say about the word basic. i dont think anything in life is really basic, even when someone says it is. there’s always something underlying, or more context that is needed before or after the “basic.” difficult word to type and think about, but here it is. this post, to say the least, is basic.

    By Alicia URL on 03.01.2011

  12. basically, you’re screwed. what you thought was going to happen never happened. you planned and planned for all the possible outcomes, all except for reality. lesson to be to be learned: accept reality, not the stories you tell yourself.

    By J.E. Baum URL on 03.01.2011

  13. basic education
    describe thing in general
    is the fundament of something
    The essential facts or principles of a subject or skill

    By Anna on 03.01.2011

  14. Basic is simple. Basic is plain. But sometimes I think that basic things are the most beautiful and complex concepts. We often over-complicate things and sometimes basic is better.

    By Aubrey R. on 03.01.2011

  15. basic bottom line simple no need to over complicate all we need is right there within always and that’s the basic truth that will lead to a not so basic experience. Basically the truth never lies and the truth about who you are is within.

    By ro on 03.01.2011

  16. Basic is boring (to me)
    Everything needs a flare.
    A bit of excitment can travel a long way!
    Without something special things can be forgotten more easily.

    By Lor-n URL on 03.01.2011

  17. a very simple word. there isnt much to think about when it comes to basic. basically what im trying to say is that the word basic is in itself, basic. that is, of course, unless you are talking about pH levels.

    By Jacob Feinberg on 03.01.2011

  18. It wasn’t difficult, really. Basic. Simple. All he had to do was get from one side of the board to the other. He could do this. It was a basic logic puzzle. He knew logic. He was a Ravenclaw. He may not be brave like a Gryffindor or hard working like a Hufflepuff, but he knew logic. So why was he so terrified?

    It shouldn’t be this difficult. Just jump. Go. Race across and don’t think. Answer with instinct.

    By Kolya URL on 03.01.2011

  19. simple. t-shirt. staple. solid. broad. always there. wants to be more. reliable. known. needed. understood. strong.

    By Lauren on 03.01.2011

  20. Basic. Basic instincts. Basic…. isn’t there a line of basic toiletry products? Like skin products and shampoo and stuff? For some reason, the colors white, green and orange come to mind. Maybe that’s their logo.

    There’s also Basic the computer language. If anyone remembers that. -Did I just age myself?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.01.2011

  21. Back to basics – a sign for the familiar — all year long I delve into various mental healing modalities… but come September, I prepare to teach the Science of Mind again, and find myself rejoicing in the basics.

    By Angelica URL on 03.01.2011

  22. basic clothing. my actor clothes.
    how I long to take my shoes off, put on the leggings and the sweater.
    put my hair up.
    roll up my sleeves
    and move through a space, letting anyone and everyone affect me. Letting things happen. seeing people’s eyes.

    By jesse URL on 03.01.2011

  23. Plain and simple. Not complicated. Limitations. I’m actually in the middle of class and my professor keeps saying “basically”. Ironic. I don’t like basic things. I like complexities. But basics is necessary for complexities.

    By Christie URL on 03.01.2011

  24. Basic seems like a very basic word. It sounds easy to write about, but when given the opertunity like this, it’s rather difficult. Basic isn’t so basic anymore, is it? So here I am, writing a basic paragraph on the topic of “basic.” Ironic, yes? What does one even have to say about “basic”? There’s so much you could talk about. Basic needs, and so on. It comes to the point where “basic” doesn’t even look like a word anymore. The word “basic” is actually quite complex.

    By Jocelyn on 03.01.2011

  25. I feel like the world is so caught up in trying to make things new and exciting and innovative, that they have completely lost touch of simplicity. They have forgotten what the basic needs are. Sure, a motorized toothbrush is awesome, but what about the regular ol’ stationary ones. What happens to them?

    By Jesyanne URL on 03.01.2011

  26. Today was an easy day of classes. That never happens anymore. Perhaps it is the snow… Does it make the professors feel like children again? Maybe they all like to go home early and play with their children. Who wouldn’t in this absurd amount of snow? (it is taller than I am)

    By Jasmii URL on 03.01.2011

  27. There are so many basic things that a beginner in any field misses out on. It would be a basic skill, for instance, to know how to read before you write a novel.

    By David Saleeba URL on 03.01.2011

  28. They kept saying it was simple, a basic thing to do. All gentlemen should do it. But perhaps it wasn’t for him. It was possibly the hardest thing he had done.
    Lifting himself up off the floor, he picked back up his sword. It was time for the next test and he didn’t know if he could survive this one.

    By Kathleen URL on 03.01.2011

  29. The moment they met, they knew instantly that what they felt was basic chemistry. How their eyes could unfold their pasts stories, and the instantly knew they would be in each other lives forever.

    By elizabeth on 03.01.2011

  30. The packets are plain white, their edges trimmed with orange. The cheapest goods in the store. Flour. Margarine. Milk and so on. The trolley stutters down the aisles. The woman glances at Swiss chocolate, coffee beans, real Italian pasta. She calculates. Weighs up the canned peaches. Puts them back. Picks up the baked beans. Keeps them.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.01.2011

  31. The whole world is so complicated these days. The more items designed to make it imple make it more complicated. We don’t need most of the consumer items we demand to have what we need is BASIC!

    By Female URL on 03.01.2011

  32. Basic is simple. People think simplicity is boring, but I think simplicity is beautiful. Too much excitement all the time can become too overwhelming. Sometimes, all you need is a little basic simplicity to calm you down, and relax you.

    By Jocelyn URL on 03.01.2011

  33. Basic life
    happiness and family

    By jake URL on 03.01.2011

  34. I think it’s a borig word sometimes…
    For exemple, I hate wearing basic clothes, but in the other hand, I prefer basic eletronics than those awesome stuff that can do everything you want it to! It’s too complicated for me, so in this case, I would rather basic things.
    But, in general, basic is like… basic :\
    (I think this word are for uncreative people!)

    By Francielly URL on 03.01.2011

  35. Bare bones
    All that is necessary
    Simple, minimal

    By Amy URL on 03.01.2011

  36. After the flood. After all the screaming and bodys flying around intermittenly as we all watched without the need for 3D glasses we all knew… things were going to get back to the basics.

    By Boy Hampton on 03.01.2011

  37. The basic definition of love is not all that simple. It doesn’t only include a hug or a kiss. The most basic meaning of love goes deeper than skin deep, but is indescribable by human standard. It is something that shamelessly touches the most intimate part of a person’s being–his soul. Love doesn’t come from the heart, it comes from the very essence of existence.

    By madpocky URL on 03.01.2011

  38. basically, this world seems like an illusion sometimes. Too good to be true; too bad to stand. Escape into a world where things tend to make sense more, such as a book, movie, or even a dream. There they make sense in the moment, unlike this world; basically.

    By Lane Collision on 03.01.2011

  39. With two crayons in her hands, one in each, she scribbled on the wall, lines and circles, forming letters into short, happy words. A, B, C, Apple, Banana, Cat.

    By Dorko on 03.01.2011

  40. easy and compatible with mains and means to survival. the life before the complications arise, alone and floating beyonfd belief, they need more, i am happy with what i have. easy, and complete, basic is easy basic is genius basic is for me and me alone, the way we are.

    By Michael Fogarty on 03.01.2011