March 1st, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “basic”

  1. Just start with the simple truth, the basic line. Don’t embellish, we don’t need opinions and exaggerations, our imagination does this for us.

    By somethingmoreexciting on 03.02.2011

  2. That’s where you go to push boots. Where chiefs and first-class get saluted. And if you wear khaki then you get red-roped. And out in the fleet that means more than any butter-bar will. It’s where the raw materials get made into the flesh and bone of the service. They call it R-school these days, but who calls it that? It’s basic, and it always will be.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 03.02.2011

  3. To bring something back to the bare bones, nitty gritty, de-junk. Fundamentally an essential required ingredient for life.

    By misty on 03.02.2011

  4. basic, stripped down the the simplest form. basic can sometimes be bad but mostly is good. basic things are simply and easy to understand. over complicating things is never good.

    By jake Farrell on 03.02.2011

  5. Basic. I already did this one. How unoriginal am I that i can’t think of anything new to say and find myself wanting to repeat what I said yesterday? Basic-ally I guess that means I’m too tired to do this right now and should not attempt to be witty and creative before 9am.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.02.2011

  6. I have no talent. I am basic. All my life i’ve been described as just average. Then i met my husband. He proved to me that being basic isn’t all that bad. We live a basic life, in a basic house, and we are comlpetely happy.

    By sonya on 03.02.2011

  7. normal , uncomplicated , natural , deceiving , everyday , easy , simple , tricky , mirage , illusion

    By vidhi on 03.02.2011

  8. The only needs one must have are the basic ones. All others are just fluff. The trick is knowing what the basic ones are.

    By Bart on 03.02.2011

  9. What I am doing today is pretty basic, actually less than basic, it’s boring. No wonder why these kids do not want to come here. They are coming here because their skills in reading or math are less than basic. Yet, no one seems to care what they are doing when they come here.

    By Courtney Tibbetts on 03.02.2011

  10. We need to get back to the basics of life; a heart that is pure, a love that is right, a faith that is fervently grounded in Christ, a hope that endures for all time. These are the basics, we need to get back to the basics of life.


    The arrangement of notes to create this particular melody were simple and basic, yet it lifted my soul as a symphony would.

    By Mae on 03.02.2011

  11. Writing is a basic skill that needs lots of practice.
    Other basic skills are reading, speaking, and listening.
    You need basic skills to be successful in life.

    By M.L.Lynn URL on 03.02.2011

  12. it was basic; get the flowers, arrange the food, the picnic blanket and find a nice spot on the cliffs. He had done well, and she was amazed. As they watched the sun set drinking their cheap wine and eating their basic food she realized this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. This was a good thing as the ring in his pocket was basic, but perfect.

    By Brad on 03.02.2011

  13. Uh oh, we are in a basic writing mode. We have to use basic words to express basic concepts. We may even basdcially create a Basic Department of Basic Reducndancy in the government. I have to be careful wehen using the word “basic” in describing programming languages. There is, or at least there was , a programming language named BASIC. If you aren’t careful, the listener can quickly confuse the basic, as in a fundamental, with the BASIC as in that long-lost programming system.

    By Dwayne Phillips URL on 03.02.2011

  14. it is basic. the method that i am supposed to approach life with is basic. go to school get good grades. succeed. how am i fucking it up? the classes i take are consuming my brain and inseminating them with absolute junk. i just want to work with my hands. with the earth.

    By anonymous on 03.02.2011

  15. All these tax forms in a pile,
    And these textbooks out of style,
    All this paperwork so rife,
    Prove basic’s not for this life.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.02.2011

  16. basicallyy i like being basic! let’s go back to basics! MUAHA! basically i am watching a re-run of the oscars! basic basic basic! basic is a reallyy boring word to write about! really boring :( :(

    By raja on 03.02.2011

  17. Basic analogies of the way that people interact with each other when in an uncomfortable situation. These analogies can be anything from funny to plain wrong and sick. In case you haven’t heard basic is not a principle it is something that must be done consciously or not. This is up to you even when you are not sure.

    By Victoria on 03.02.2011

  18. this oneword seems pretty basic!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 03.02.2011

  19. I think the word basic means simple or something like that. Cause I’m not really sure.

    By summer firm URL on 03.02.2011

  20. I cant think of anything for basic because its not a word i use on a daily basis.

    By Wltbank URL on 03.02.2011

  21. Me and Dusti think wearing socks is basic. :)….are socks are pretty basic.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 03.02.2011

  22. ummmmmm…… uhhhhh.. when i hear basic i think something simple like cheese or french fries….. :D I really dont know what it means.
    ha ha ha

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 03.02.2011

  23. useing a computer is pretty basic

    By kamikaze URL on 03.02.2011

  24. The basic things you learn in seventh grade is math, reading, writing and learning about the U.S history. It is all pretty easy if you just pay attention to your teacher while there talking.

    By Kayla URL on 03.02.2011

  25. basic needs basic feeds living life getting threw the night how i love to be alive
    i really hope i dont die so enjoy your day and dont be basic be FUNN!

    By Breanna Craven URL on 03.02.2011

  26. basic needs basic feeds living life getting threw the night how i love to be alive
    i really hope i don’t die so enjoy your day and don’t be basic be FUNN! live by the sunn live it up don’t be a duck bahahahhahahaa I’m bored!:D

    By Breanna Craven URL on 03.02.2011

  27. inschool all they do is teach the basic. when i think the word basic in think beginer

    By someting URL on 03.02.2011

  28. “Basically,” she continued, “I just couldn’t stand it any longer. It wasn’t only his own money he was hanging on to like grim death, but he wouldn’t let me spend any of what I earned either.”

    By miki URL on 03.02.2011

  29. Basic is so basic. A simile is simple. Basic sucks. Its like saying plain and i hate plain. Different is beautiful in so many ways.

    By snickers104515 URL on 03.02.2011

  30. when we go to the store we all ways get the basics like eggs milk and bread peace out yal.

    By werty URL on 03.02.2011

  31. This is what I remember when my manager asks me to work in the photo lab at the store: the basic stuff. Needless to say, there’s generally of page: Manager call photo please! From me… oops.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 03.02.2011

  32. man hetzt durch leben. findet weder freude noch spaß. kennt nichts was einem einen Sinn gibt. Zeitdruck. Stress.
    wo findet man das ursprüngliche wo findet man den inneren frieden.
    in einer welt, die die langsamkeit vergessen hat.

    By Ayla on 03.02.2011

  33. Basic. Shapes. Colors. Not complexity, just simplicity. Vague and quiet. Not like life.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 03.02.2011


    By ANA on 03.02.2011

  35. He gets on the plane, and looks over the stretch of cracked pavement to the glass. The people are lined up, bunched together, similar to concerts he went to when he was younger. Eager to be as close as possible to those that will play a set for an hour and leave. That seems so long ago. He gets onto the plane, and it flies away. He’ll be back from basic in a year.

    By Brittany Higginbotham URL on 03.02.2011

  36. Basic means no color , no shape just the basic. I remember when I was in the Air Force when we went to basic training. It was like boy scout camp. It lasted 28 days and was not much exertion. There were some very basic classes with some very basic information on very basic safety.

    By Gene URL on 03.02.2011

  37. Basic is just basic. It’s not complex just basic. White, Black. Your basic colors. Blood and oxygen, you basic needs for life. Basic. It’s just

    By Kim on 03.02.2011

  38. When we look at life from a long term perspective, we realize that the basics of life needs to be followed and life becomes a great place. More you get the basic right, the better the life is for us and people around us.

    By Aadesh on 03.02.2011

  39. What are the basic necessities we need on a day to to basis? Sometimes I think it’s not even material things, it’s just abstract ideas. We need some love everyday, we need health everyday, and I most certainly need some education everyday. Even it’s just to learn something I didn’t know the day before, not a new concept or subject.

    By Elizabeth on 03.02.2011

  40. The most basic thing she could say about her life was that it was filled to the brim with luck. Farrah knew that she had a great life. She could say that, without a doubt, she had it better than most.

    By Meg URL on 03.02.2011