November 11th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “barricade”

  1. You build your barricades around your heart. Steel yourself from soul intrusion. Let no one in, protect yourself from the phantoms, the hurt. Quarantine yourself from outside forces, you can’t get sick. You don’t want to be disturbed.

    By Ashi URL on 11.11.2013

  2. She built a barricade of pillows, shielding her glorious fort from her rowdy cousins. “Time for lunch!” her mother called, interrupting her diligent work.

    By Olivia URL on 11.11.2013

  3. There I stood, standing at the wall of the enemy’s castle. The barricade was constructed, but lay in shambles. We had made quick work of it, like we had the rest of the castle. Bodies cover the moss-laden ground, blood staining the green a harsh burgandy. What had we done?

    By Brian Williams on 11.11.2013

  4. She wasn’t supposed to let him in. There were walls, like cement surrounding her heart, protecting her the worst parts of life. Sorrow, misery, pain. She saved herself from all of it. And then. He came, with his smile, his little gestures, his sparkling green eyes, his scruffy hair, his absurd sayings that rarely ever made sense, but almost always made her smile, his glass-cut cheekbones, his adorable shyness when it came to her, his fierce protectiveness when it came to her, and most of all, his love that he only gave to her, his insistence on breaking down her walls. He was amazing, effervescent, an angel, and her barricade stood no chance.

    By sc on 11.11.2013

  5. We barricade the the roads and streets and highways just to stop the pshycho man.

    By Austrailia URL on 11.11.2013

  6. “You think that this is going to mean anything?” Grantaire sneered. Somewhere behind his hazy eyes he wanted to stop but he couldn’t, because Enjolras was strong and Enjolras was /beautiful/ but Enjolras was also so blindingly /wrong./

    By Julia A. URL on 11.11.2013

  7. to cave in, a barrier

    By Jenna URL on 11.11.2013

  8. They hunkered down behind the barricade. It did little good against the heavy artilery. War. Such a shame. Nothing good comes from wholesale slaughter.

    By just a girl URL on 11.11.2013

  9. We were trapped in there, barricaded in with all our shit. All the things we kept that held us up, once exciting, then rendered useless. Like everything in the shit room*.

    *The “shit room” was the spare room in our pretty little shared house. I’d had so much hope and beauty for it when we moved in, but eventually it was so jammed with all our shit it’s purpose changed and it was renamed, the shit room.

    By Jessie Farewell on 11.11.2013

  10. The blood of angry men is redder than any explosion we’ve ever witnessed.

    By Grace URL on 11.11.2013

  11. The barricade of my life will always try to hold me back, always try to keep me at bay when I yearn to cross it and see what lies beyong.
    That barricade was put up by the very people stopping me from going there in the first place.
    Those people left a scar that cannot heal.

    I will have to tear it down.

    By Robbert Hoornweg URL on 11.11.2013

  12. Cave that has bears and bats and is scary

    By madison URL on 11.11.2013

  13. It was as if he had built a barricade around the center of his thoughts, and that I was only allowed past a certain point unless expressly permitted for specific occasions. He had no doubt spent his life developing his ability to shift and dodge discussions which may run even a negligible risk of divulging private thoughts.

    By Melissa on 11.11.2013

  14. The barricades have seen better days, weathered by decades of indifferent forces. The wear and tear of time.

    By asavas URL on 11.11.2013

  15. I put up all of my barricades. No one can get into my mind. No one can access my inner being. No one can pass. I am completely blocked off, protecting myself from potential harm.

    By Amanda URL on 11.11.2013

  16. “Are you kidding me, Takao?” Midorima asked, looking exasperated. He was in front of the entrance to their room. Instead of entering it, like he would have liked to, he was impeded by a barricade.
    Of pillows.
    “I’m serious, Shin-chan!”

    By Rebekah on 11.11.2013

  17. Harrison saw the barricade before him. He saw it looming and dark, leering down at him. He took his last breath, shaking and shallow, and with all his earthly strength faced it and tore it down. It screamed and thrashed and told him that he was wrong, that everything he did, everything he’d ever done was a futile. Futile, futile, futile…but its cry met his victory. The barricade fell, and Harrison sat in its rubble, weeping with the relief of the light that finally showed through.

    By Oliver on 11.11.2013

  18. my heart acts like a barricade
    because i’m afraid of
    all the things you can do to me

    By bittah assassin on 11.11.2013

  19. Harrison stood before the barricade. He saw it looming and dark, leering down at him. One last breath, shaking and shallow, and with all his earthly strength faced it and tore it down. It screamed and thrashed and told him that he was wrong, that everything he did, everything he’d ever done, was futile. Futile, futile, futile…but its piercing cries met his victory. The barricade fell, and Harrison sat in its rubble, weeping in the relief of the light that finally showed through.

    By Oliver URL on 11.11.2013

  20. Barricade is like a trap or a lock to keep so

    By hannah URL on 11.11.2013

  21. “Justin! Don’t stand there, do somethi-”
    “Marrisa! I’ll barricade the doors!”
    “I’ll get the windows!”
    As they walked across from room to room, they brushed shoulders.

    “Zoe, stop running so fast, I can’t catch up!”
    “Heeheeheeheehee,” I giggled, closing the book.

    By Lila on 11.11.2013

  22. Songs of victory petruded from behind the barricades. The fight was on verge of victory, salvation had arrived; their king. Dazzling in magnificence, fierce and mighty, no battle had he fought that had ever been lost. He reached out for his sword and with one graceful movement leaped over the barricade whispering with such strength the words “hear me roar!”

    By Jose on 11.11.2013

  23. He was barricaded inside the room without any escape. The footsteps echoed through the hallway, and he knew that they were his only chance to freedom. He grabbed the knife, and listened as the door opened.

    By Human on 11.11.2013

  24. “Break down the barricade!” A feminine voice shouted throughout a crowd of only men. It brought confusion to the men that had listened to the voice of a man come from this petite person. Was their leader actually a female?

    By bree URL on 11.11.2013

  25. “Justin!! Help!!”
    Justin watched as Marrisa’s barricade was raped, practically! Demolished. And Marrisa was too.

    “Zoe, c’mon. Lemme read!”
    “Hell nyo!” I teased

    By Lila on 11.11.2013

  26. barricades are something you have to go through they say
    to become a better person
    an experienced person
    a well-known person
    an organized person
    a hard-working person
    a interesting person, to yourself most importantly
    yes, that is how you break through the barricades in front of you
    barricades are something you have to go through they say

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 11.11.2013

  27. “J-J-J-Justin?”
    “Oh, Marrisa! You’re okay!”
    Justin kissed Marrisa so passionately that it was as if HE was barricading her.
    “Justin, did you just save me?”

    “AHH!! ZOE!!! HELP!! I’M DROWNING!!”
    “Oh, you! You better be drowning in love in a second,” I teased and hugged him.

    By Lila on 11.11.2013

  28. If auto-barricade were a word, it would be a noun meaning “to barricade oneself.” Which is what I do. I barricade myself into a box without choices, barricade myself into a corner where I must dance to entertain the masses, barricade myself into my bed where I hope the monsters will not touch me.

    By Sophia URL on 11.11.2013

  29. It was a barricade that stood against their entrance to the house. Their once pristine lawn was covered by broken bits of wood, splintered glass, annd broken bricks

    By lee on 11.11.2013

  30. we only ever see
    as far as light provides for
    and our path is only ever lit
    but the flame that we create ourselves
    behind each darkened barricade
    could lay lumps of coal
    or hardened sheets of ice
    and I wonder which is worse

    By slantedstories URL on 11.11.2013

  31. He held fast as days went by
    He would not let her in
    Though she pleaded, though she cried
    He’d never let her win

    As time swept past and love took hold
    His arms began to tire
    Did he dare to bare his soul?
    Give in to her desire?

    A trust had formed and with regret
    He dropped his precious wall
    The sweet relief, he’d not forget
    Of giving her his all

    By Will For Words URL on 11.11.2013

  32. Piling everything in front of the door. Huddling together as the roar comes closer. I know friends are out there, even family who didn’t have a chance to make it in. But it’s too late for them. All we can hope to do is survive.

    By MaybeMe URL on 11.11.2013

  33. The year was 1867, a random year to most, but to “us” the world would never be the same. I remember barricades, gunshots, and the smell of burning flesh in the air. I lived, but am I alive?

    By Noah on 11.11.2013

  34. I am a barricade
    I wish I was not
    Because I closed off the door
    and you couldn’t get in
    and turned away
    and now you’re gone
    and I’m alone
    and I’m hurt.

    I am tearing myself down
    and opening the door
    but you have left
    and I’m alone
    and I’m hurt
    and you’re gone.

    Everyone should push it down
    and everyone should laugh
    and everyone should live and love
    and die and cry
    and I’m alone
    and I’m hurt.
    and I’m so hurt.
    and you’re gone.

    By Badger Moore URL on 11.11.2013

  35. I tried as hard as i could to get past the group of people, but with eat attempt, they just pushed me further and further away from my goal. They were in my way, keeping me from my escape…

    By Emma on 11.11.2013

  36. they fell together. each one looking at the other, terror plauging their faces. they each knew what was about to happen, trying to be brave despite the inevitable truth. They held each others gazes, not

    By ellie on 11.11.2013

  37. It was always up. Blocking her from the world outside. Removing her from the joys of life and the laughter that seemed to fill the crowded room she felt alone in. There was never a time when her walls were down and her guard wasn’t up. Always hoping for a small bit of peace in the chaotic world, always hoping someone would understand…

    …that the barricade was keeping her safe.

    By Theresa on 11.11.2013

  38. to stop.. to block to keep one protected. locked out. secret. hostile. alone.

    By Tina on 11.11.2013

  39. I feel like I’m trapped, barricaded. Could it be my mother, who follows me like a watch a dog? Or could it be the literal barricades surrounding our town? I feel like it’s more my mother than anything.

    By Kendra Z on 11.11.2013

  40. Barricade the motorcade, the clock strikes one.
    In the ear piece I can’t hear what they’re saying.
    I lost my soul at the tip of his gun.

    By Static on 11.11.2013