January 1st, 2013 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “barrel”

  1. the barrel fell down the rolled.just kept going nothing to stop it.i wish life was that easy we can just roll around like the barrel that.nothing to hold us back or stop us.but i

    By maria gonzalez on 01.01.2013

  2. I run from every thing
    barrel through the forrests of my mind
    just to run away from these creatures
    run away, pretend Im fine

    night grow so lonley
    theres no hope in sight
    hope is only for the willing
    only for those who fight

    but still I turn and run
    barreling in the other direction
    and ever since the starting gun
    been barreling through just waiting for the end

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 01.01.2013

  3. As the edge came nearer, Jon began to sweat. He didn’t know why his fraternity buddies wanted to go over the falls, he just knew that he never would have done it without them. Again, he looked over the edge of the barrel and prayed.

    By Granite on 01.01.2013

  4. Her gaze fell on a huge brown barrel, sealed shut. She raised a curious eyebrow.

    “Maybe…” she mumbled, taking cautious steps towards the container. “Just maybe…”

    She delicately placed one of her manicured hands on top and ghosted the surface. “…he might be here.”

    By Aly on 01.01.2013

  5. the barrel falls to the ground and the shining red spills over the cracks on the floor.

    “you’ve spilt my wine, you asshole.”

    “sorry kid, tough luck.”

    By Britt on 01.01.2013

  6. Barrel! I watch Pewdiepie that is a youtuber who records his reactions on the games he plays some may say well that is pathetic and a waste of time but it’s entertainment and makes me laugh.

    By InnocentButDeadly URL on 01.01.2013

  7. barrel. wow. um right now i just wanna do a barrel roll into a bomb and explode because having a lot of feelings right now. lol sorry for not having a better answer to this. ummmm ya.

    By Shelby URL on 01.01.2013

  8. racing in the barrels. No one understands the rush until they do it. It’s so exhilarating. It’s absolutely amazing. Going round and round. I don’t know how I survived without it before. My horse is my best friend. It’s like he understands me better than any human being I’ve met before.

    By Kaitlyn Northrup on 01.01.2013

  9. Barrel down Niagra falls,a dare your best friend bet a dollar you couldn’t do. Staring out through the tiny air hole,you see the water rushing towards you, as if it was welcoming you to join it. The mist sprays across your face, and as you tumble downwards, the raging noise of the water consumes you, filling your mouth and eardrums with death and all things cold. I bet your friend believes you now that your body is floating downstream towards the American border, your red sweater blending in with the gash on your forehead, the pieces of the wooden barrel smashed into a hundred pieces, eaten alive by the force that killed you. Of course we can’t blame the falls for sending you downwards, now can we? We only have stupidity for that. I wonder how your friend will feel when he finds out that the mustard yellow scarf he knitted you was wrapped around your neck for good luck.

    By wordjunky URL on 01.01.2013

  10. the car was barreling down the street,. the rain was so heavy the windshield wipers made no difference. She was loosing visibility and her car was loosing friction with the road as she frantically slammed on the breaks which had just given out.

    By Haley on 01.01.2013

  11. so many monkeys. They just kept hooting and hollering out of the barrel, like clowns out of the car. They were even wearing little clown hats made just for monkeys.
    When the barrel was empty, nobody cared, since they had monkeys in their hair.

    By Jami Good on 01.01.2013

  12. A barrel is a piece of equipment used to hold water, oil or any liquid. Barrels can come in all sizes, and the usual measurement unit used are gallons and litres.

    By Ali URL on 01.01.2013

  13. I was over a barrel – literally. The crane held me in place and the harness bit against my bare chest as they slowly lowered me into the barrel. My feet stung as the ice cold water made it’s first contact with my skin. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing, bracing myself for more of the same. I would succeed.

    By K. D. Bryan on 01.01.2013

  14. He jumped over a barrel, heart racing. They were close behind, and his legs slipped, hands scraping over the wood as he scrambled. He tripped, stumbling. Their shouts echoed behind him. He could scarcely breath, heart pounding. The market ended just ahead. Safety was there. Out of reach, only just. He could make it, he could–a hand grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

    By Jessica Dowding on 01.01.2013

  15. Pewdiepie hates barrels, and I do too. Barrels plot against us all. Never trust a barrel. They are filthy liars. They are out to get us all. They hate the bro army. And that is wrong,

    By Bridget on 01.01.2013

  16. He jumped over a barrel, heart racing. They were close behind, and his legs slipped, hands scraping over the wood as he scrambled.

    He tripped, stumbling.

    Their shouts echoed behind him. He could scarcely breath, heart pounding. The market ended up ahead.

    Safety was within sight. Out of reach, only just. He could make it, he could–a hand grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

    He was caught.

    By Jessica URL on 01.01.2013

  17. We shoved a barrel of snow into the back of the geriatric minivan, perfect with fine Italian syrups and soda water.

    By Neelvar on 01.01.2013

  18. “Pork barrel” my political-scientist(ish) brain uses this term to define you.

    You seem to provide all of us with your sex, your alluring and even sometimes kind words… still, no one benefits particularly from these privileges; even more: there is no cooperative, long-term relationship among us. You come as you please; we accept you, ecstatically, everytime.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 01.01.2013

  19. When she opened the door, he immediately barreled at her. She tossed her tote bag to the side, as he leaped up and knocked her to the ground. He pinned her down, attacking his face with her tongue. She smiled and rubbed his head. She didn’t think it had been possible for anyone to miss something more than she missed her dog, but she realized maybe her dog could give her a run for her money.

    By Kaylyn URL on 01.01.2013

  20. The Barrel rolled down the little wooden deck. Slowly the girl looked up in time to jump out of the way. Her father was standing near with his fist clenched. “YOu will never speak to me like that again.” She wiped the blood and tears off of her face, he smelt of ale and vomit.

    By tom on 01.01.2013

  21. cracker barrels. i wish there were more around. where did the philosophers go, once they rolled away the barrels?

    By Veronika URL on 01.01.2013

  22. I often think about how you and I would spend hours playing Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. You would always distract me and purposefully make my character die so I could tag team yours in. You would always run past the barrel that had me in it because you wanted to win EVERYTHING.

    By Kristina URL on 01.01.2013

  23. barrels are where you store dried fish and aged wine, stowed away in some dark, mossy basement a few feet below the ground, to be opened when you wake up at night to find your pillow wet.

    By Hooplah on 01.01.2013

  24. Trapped.

    By Kaylalala URL on 01.01.2013

  25. The pirates took the barrel and filled with a glorious amount of liquor. The barrel could not hold all of the fillings and burst into a million pieces. The wood shards shattered and struck every pirate close in proximity. The pirates become paralyzed over alcohol.

    By Jason on 01.01.2013

  26. Vol met alcohol, zat het vat. Wat het precies was, was niet duidelijk maar het toonde rood, en rook zoet. Ze waren met z’n twaalven, en het vat omhulde 80 liter. Dat dat nooit goed kon aflopen wisten ze zelf ook wel, maar die dreiging maakte het alleen maar spannender. Het was een soort Russisch roulette met een lange aanloop en met de mogelijkheid dat er meer slachtoffers vielen dan met een kogel. Ook Vavel was aanwezig. Met zijn grove kop met twinkelende oogjes was hij een bijzonder aanzicht.

    By Maarten Scherpenisse on 01.02.2013

  27. barney from flintstones is a barrel shaped cartoon character. i like drawing him. i also like sketching betty.

    By Ranjani URL on 01.02.2013

  28. Deep in the heart of my homeland lived a barrel. This was no ordinary barrel, but a barrel of laughs. All the children of my village used to delight in diving into the barrel and swimming about in the laughs. Sometimes the laughs would spill out, and the adults got to enjoy them, too.

    By Carlyaa on 01.02.2013

  29. filled with jack daniels and brown dark wood. in my basement cold and fresh. like its on ice. tall thick and heavy. a sign of a celebration. sign of joy and happiness. with metal wrapped around the top and bottom. nice dark wood. western looking with ropes and boots. surrounded by our fellow cowboys. with a hose to pour the liquid out. sweet barrils of fruit and other things. to hold our hopes and dreams. barrels of candy and water and even penny s. has it been 60 seconds yet? is there no timer on this barel? Is there no clocks that function in this rounded holder of amazing-ness? What the hey hey.

    By Shania on 01.02.2013

  30. the splintered wooden barrel of an antique shotgun rested in my palms. the gun was a civil war veteran and certainly out of its element among dated dinette sets and dingy dolls.

    By melody on 01.02.2013

  31. a large wooden bowl. it has screws. people uses barrels to race horses around. They are commen in the south. They are usualy made of wood. They can carry beer. They can be the part a gun comes out of. hahah idkk. barrel is hard to explain

    By jay_infinity13 URL on 01.02.2013

  32. Barrel? Rolling down a street. Kids try to jump over it. Kid trips and starts crying. Barrel keeps on rolling. Barrel. I thought my time was up, but I had to come back to this page. I guess I can keep on writing about barrels, a lot of barrels.

    By Jessenia on 01.02.2013

  33. The barrel rolled down the steep slope into the ice cold water. The green grass of the farm land of Ireland was being invaded by little tiny snow flakes. Each one hitting the ground with a soft embrace.

    By malinda standerfer on 01.02.2013

  34. The keg tipped over and poured out all of the ale onto the dusty pub floor. There were a few shouts and groans, but for the most part the crowd just laughed. The music continued as loudly as ever, and the throaty singing re-reached it’s deafening volume.

    By KT URL on 01.02.2013

  35. I used to think that barrels can only contain a certain percentage of alcohol in it, fr fishing or amusement only, until I realize that the smell of powder could turn into an amazing daydreamer ingredient when everything around you seems hopelessly hopeless.

    By Cezar Croupier URL on 01.02.2013

  36. I am not sure that I have a lot to say about barrels. I think that they can be quiet attractive in the right situation. I am not sure what that situation is, but I would be more than willing to sit and watch a barrel until I am able to feel something for it. They are handy on farms. Barrels are the best.

    By Anna on 01.02.2013

  37. a barrel is something made of wood usually and hold liquids mostly from what i know. beer or water or maybe some whisky. there was a barrel in the hobbit book that they had hid inside but for some reason that part wasnt in the movie

    By david on 01.02.2013

  38. Believe
    Let the barrel roll.

    By Deegyy URL on 01.02.2013

  39. Barrels sloshing in a sea full of tears, those who were drowning for far to many years. horizon appears let go stroke towards the shore. rescue ahead thank god

    By chezmoi URL on 01.02.2013

  40. What do I see through this hole? I see people who are drones and people who look at screens all day, at keyboards, words letters, Even now- hypocrite of words and ideas. And still I see through this hole. But I do not see myself.

    By ERAINA URL on 01.02.2013