May 2nd, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “bandana”

  1. Bandana is something you put on your head, to hold your hair nicely and tightly! What would be of football players without it… plus, it rhymes with banana. And Joana. How cool!

    By Jo on 05.02.2011

  2. they can cover up spots on ya fat face, make you look super suspicious if you wake up and feel like creepin people out one day, they are pretty cool really!

    By hat URL on 05.02.2011

  3. The purple bandana rested upon the head of a man with violet eyes. The bandana had green sparkles and orange stripes like that of the American Flag. It was very pretty and concealed the man’s blonde hair.

    By Julie Knight on 05.02.2011

  4. i took that bandana ..tried to look at it..but it reminded me of that time when he had taken it up as a symbol of his armour and had worn it with an intense face i had never seen before..and so i avoided to look at it and just wear as it was the only thing i had of him..left ..

    By aarshiya on 05.02.2011

  5. I could never understand what it was about that black and white bandana he loved so much. Sometimes I think he’d rather live without me than it. It was a safe haven for him, a token of luck. They were inseparable.

    By Alaska may on 05.02.2011

  6. There was a bandana across the street. It was so pink and nice. I picked it up, then threw it in the air and caught it. I had a good time all by myself. Then, there was a dog crossing the street. I went over to the dog to see if it had a tag. It didn’t, so I decided to take it home with me. He slept in the bottom bed while I slept in the top.

    By Sarah W on 05.02.2011

  7. bandana. reminds of the montana mission trip where one time christina and molly went down to this store and got some bandanas and then everyone went and it was super cool and everything. Gosh I miss montana hopefully this year will be legit like a few years back muhuhhhahahahaha gotta wear the underground shirt this weekend. Just to represent and all.

    By Kevin on 05.02.2011

  8. worn by lots of cowboys. OOh and worn by gangstas, the gangstas that think they’ve got swag. What is swag anyways? Why do we brage about swag?? hmm, that rhymed (:

    By Jana on 05.02.2011

  9. something you wear on your head. keep hair and or sweat out of your eyes, fashion statement. colorful, useful, different designs

    By amanda on 05.02.2011

  10. Mollie was a Collie who had a love for bandanas. Her favorite was the classic red that every cowboy wore. She ran around herding sheep wearing the ridiculous red bandana so odd on her head. It covered her ears and exemplified her face.

    By emily on 05.02.2011

  11. Ewww. Those things that guys with long hair wear. Not to be mean, but I don’t find it attractive, Okay, that is really mean but. Ick. I see red with the white pattern and motorcycles and beards and hair….

    By Shannon URL on 05.02.2011

  12. He was a strong, obtuse fascist with an ugly face. His red bandana hung just low enough as to cover his eyebrows and shorten his already fattened face. He walked with the arrogance of a boss-man but had been an underling his entire life.

    By Connor on 05.02.2011

  13. Among the crowd of on-lookers, there was Bob. You could tell it was Bob because he always wears that ugly bandana. Once I saw him sneeze in it, then he blew his nose with it.


    By vanhaydu URL on 05.02.2011

  14. She tied the bandana around his neck, careful not to knot it too tight. Smiling, she brushed away the blond strands of hair that had fallen into his eyes, and standing back up, took his hand and walked out the door. Her little cowboy was ready for Halloween.

    By Natalie Leber on 05.02.2011

  15. “Yahoo!”
    I galloped up closer to Billy. He tossed me a bandana from his saddle.
    “Don’t wanna catch a bug kiddo. Literally.”

    By Glam Girl URL on 05.02.2011

  16. A rather peculiar piece of clothing… I’ve never much cared for them, though I must say they can be useful in wrapping up some lunch, or pretending to be some sort of a hitch-hiker :D I remeber, when I was younger, times when friends and I would wrap up an assortment of toys and walk around the house. Our leisure activities have since changed

    By Matt Raye on 05.02.2011

  17. Out of his back pocket he took out a mishapened yellow-black psychedelic patterned bandana. He placed it on the table, folded it out carefully to reveal the bowl, colored blue and purple and everything in between intermingling gracefully up and down the side.

    By EndlessMusing URL on 05.02.2011

  18. i rock my look yo, my bandana is real tight son.
    don’t mess with me or I’m going to have to get busy up in here.
    peeps be calling my name. yo lefo when you gonna give up your throne
    not in my time, i’m king of my castle.

    By yetihk URL on 05.02.2011

  19. He sidled into the room wiping his greasy hands on his red bandana. His green t-shirt showed evidence that he had spent the afternoon crawling around under his mustang–again.

    By Patti on 05.02.2011

  20. When did bandanas start to show up in society? They started across peoples head and now people think its just so cool to have it hanging out of your pocket. What makes that cool?

    By Dylan on 05.02.2011

  21. The hike was killing her ankles. She knew it was pathetic, seeing the middle-aged people climbing up the hill effortlessly as she, a generally fit twenty year-old struggled and perspired.

    By Elizabeth on 05.02.2011

  22. Bandanas are simply pieces of cloth that are usually used to absorb sweat. Lots of gangs use bandanas to signify their gang affiliation. I don’t like gangs because they are violent and I don’t like bandanas.

    By Ivan on 05.02.2011

  23. Cowboys have always been entwined in little boys’ dreams, whether it be on the ‘good’ side of fighting Indians or dreaming of playing in Dallas as millions of Americans tune in to see them hoist the Super Bowl Trophy over their heads.

    By Jake Cary URL on 05.02.2011

  24. Indian running far down the desert, bandana in hand and a coyote at his back. The bandana might be the only item he will ever feel in his hand ever again, if the coyote has his way.

    By Lisa on 05.02.2011

  25. When I went to get on my motorcycle I realized that I had forgot to put my bandana on so I had to quickly get off and run inside to grab it. Once I had it I put it on and I felt a part of the gang once again. We all look so rad with our matching bandanas. It is a symbol of our brotherhood.

    By Amanda on 05.02.2011

  26. so many purposes, a friend once told me. It can be used in a jam if need be, and can be used to strain the finest of jams nonetheless. I had one growing up as a child, with a meager rat tail protruding from the bottom. I believe it was red, as was my face when my piers would catch a glimpse of it.

    By jacob elias on 05.02.2011

  27. I used to love bandanas. When I was a kid, I had one for every occasion, even the fourth of July. It was just an American flag in a square shape. It brings back childhood memories.

    By Srin on 05.02.2011

  28. a scruffy looking man bursts through the saloon bar doors. Drops his hat on the bar. Removes his bandana. He opens his mouth.
    “Barman”, he whispers

    By Aaron Sandhu on 05.02.2011

  29. Bandanas…usually associated with bad guys, gangsters or whatever. I’m afraid of these things…sometimes I think I’m racist because of what I associate with them. But then again that’s the culture I live in. It’s a weird world out there…

    By Mark on 05.02.2011

  30. They remind me of summer, people out gardening, little girls wearing them. maybe biker chicks, bikers. two different things, hardcore and summer timey. so many different kinds, dogs wear them too even, such a small representation of a person and lifestyle

    By Stevie on 05.02.2011

  31. Like a teenage gangster. I think he thought he was but he wasn’t because he had a tummy covered in whitewashed hair. I’ve never been so scared in my life, watching him grow up over and over again.

    By Maple Neck on 05.02.2011

  32. I like bandanas. Each color they come in can express a mood. they express individuality. funny thing is most who wear them are an example of conformity towards a certain image. I laugh at the irony.

    By brooklynroberts URL on 05.02.2011

  33. Bandanas are unique they can show you’re a hippie a western gal or someone sporty. Bandanas are also useful.

    By Jane on 05.02.2011

  34. I already wrote about this. Bandanas are cool. I like bandanas.

    By Jane on 05.02.2011

  35. it goes rond your head and can be used to o on dog colars to make them look cute. mainly associated with america and come in many different colours and styles. it is also associated with cowboys as they were worn in many western films and are now stereotyped with cowboys.

    By helen on 05.02.2011

  36. I could write the obvious. Red. Blue. Crips. Blood. I could write stories about the men who’ve given their lives for such a silly thing. I could write tales about the boys who’s looked up to said men. I could write poem about the war. But instead I’ll tell you about my favorite one when I was a child, it was purple.

    By ShaeLynne McKay on 05.02.2011

  37. I’m a bandana banana, oooooooh, I’m a bandana. Bandana banana, oooooooh, bandana. Banana banana, bandana banana, ooooooh! Oh banana, banana, ooooooh banana! Banana bandana OH!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 05.02.2011

  38. We’re back to ‘bandana.’ This is the third time I’ve had to write about it, and my ideas are drying up. All I can say is that I hope that I can adequately convey my dislike for the word. It gives me the heebie jeebies, or rather, makes me itchy on the inside. All it brings back are memories of the early 90s, and sweaty foreheads clad in folded up bandanas…

    By Maria Elisabetha Lammerhirt Bach URL on 05.02.2011

  39. the bandana on the stool sat contemplative, waiting to be worn. it was a worn one, torn too, one shade of odd blue, with a skull dominating the thing.

    By 60¢c URL on 05.02.2011

  40. i want a different word to write about please

    By helen on 05.02.2011