May 2nd, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “bandana”

  1. I have an awesome bandana its really cool and colorful i have all colors and i got one that has a cougar on it and says COUGAR PRIDEE!!!!!

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 05.02.2011

  2. her bandana fell over her eyes, it was hot and she was sweating. she wanted to go home, as much as she liked this band and this concert. and this guy, of course. it was the main reason why she was here. this guy: dreamy, delicious, adventurous, wild. Exactly what she was not. In him she saw the unknown, with him she experienced the unimaginable. And as uncomfortable as she was, she would do anything to stay close to him.

    By Vicky on 05.02.2011

  3. He was your typical tough guy, bandana and all, but Leslie knew better. She’d seen him growing up – as she had all the other kids, but she’d taken a special interest in him. She knew that he was in trouble; hell, everyone in the neighborhood did, but they spoke in hushed voices around her.

    By Abby on 05.02.2011

  4. Kendall wrapped the bandana around the dog’s neck and a tear rolled down his cheek. “For you to remember me by, Tracker,” he said and tried to smile. The dog whined and licked his hands. “I only wish you could understand,” he sighed and rubbed Tracker’s ears gently. “You’re the best dog. I know Beth here will love you just as much.”

    He gave the leash to Beth and walked away as quickly as he could and Tracker barked after him. Beth shrugged nonchalantly, and removed the bandana as soon as Kendall was out of sight.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.02.2011

  5. Bandanas are things gangs use to simplify your colors and represent.

    By devin21 URL on 05.02.2011

  6. Bandana are the things that gang memebers wear to make themselves feel cool so their mothers wont hate them anymore Ticky ticky!

    By Slomo URL on 05.02.2011

  7. it’s this awesome thing to put on your head and you can ride a motorcycle with it while eating a banana because that’s just how awesome it is. Don’t look back thought it might cause some mental disorders like getting bald and believing the bandana is your own hair, you can see this with dykes too. Dykes love to wear bandanas. If you wonder where the word came from it originated from the russian name ” svetlana” because they cut off her hair and made a wig out of it, but poor people couldn’t afford it so they invented the bandana.

    By Charlotte on 05.02.2011

  8. This bright red and white and black thing around my head…is it a halo or a harness? Do I want it or should I leave it behind? I feel it hugging my head and touching my ears and eyebrows…where can I go with this thing

    By Cathy URL on 05.02.2011

  9. Bandana bandits stroll the open desert looking for what they set out for, the thing that whispered their names in the warm, night air. Water water

    By carson on 05.02.2011

  10. Often associated with bad “cats” or people in gangs the bandana has been given a bad rap. What about a bright red bandana around a dog’s neck, or the bandana sticking out of the famers pocket to wipe the sweat away?

    By Pat on 05.02.2011

  11. Banana bandanas were strewn all across the floor of the monkey cage. Amy, the animal trainer for the circus, stood framed by the metal bars, stunned at the idea of having to perform a monkey-less show for the monkey circus’ final act. The light that shone through from outside the tent fell lightly on her back and reminded her of the time. The Ring Master wasn’t going to like this.

    By Jenraah URL on 05.02.2011

  12. A bandana can be used from many purposes such as protect your mouth and nose during a sand storm, cover your head from the sun, use as a handkerchief, wipe sweat from your face and/or hands, use as a washcloth when camping, and used to tie-up hair during gym workout or motorcycle riding.

    By Edith URL on 05.02.2011

  13. in school we always wore bandanas at field day, i never liked them much. I wore a black bandana for crew. I thought it looked cool and wrapped it around my thigh

    By sl on 05.02.2011

  14. A red bandana was worn by a shaggy dog on a blistering summer’s day in Memphis. Ironically, the dog’s name was Otis, however he was a stray from Texas. Otis had travelled far in the back of a chevy truck with the Holis family. He was a sneaky devil and hid among their luggage as the family made its journey east. Mr. Holis had been fired from his Manager job at the Piggly Wiggly so that they could pay a former stock boy 1/4 of the amount paid to Mr. Holis. Times were tough so the family had packed up to join family in the great state of Tenessee.

    By Lauren on 05.02.2011

  15. have no feckin clue bout it.
    it rhymes with banana
    that`s jusat about it.
    smells nice
    like rice and banana.
    a bandana soaked in sirup.

    By daniel sihastru on 05.02.2011

  16. my favorite bandana is my aqua bandana. it keeps the nasty sweat off of my face when I run, and makes me look cool on a day that I really don’t give an eff. I hope I never lose it.

    By Alyssa URL on 05.02.2011

  17. ARRR MATEEYYYYYY ;D I have nothing else to say.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 05.02.2011

  18. i dont know wat is ths .. is ths some kind of clothin .. i dnt know .. not sure .. bt watever it is .. i hope it rests in eternal peace … bandana.. it shud hav been banana so tht i cud hav written someting abt it … but still, i m writtin someting .. though its jst nonsense.

    By Shahbaz on 05.02.2011

  19. the bandana covered the man’s face. Masking his features from sight. The stranger walked down the main road with purpose, leaving one to wonder why he wore it.

    By Mike Butz on 05.02.2011

  20. are cute on dogs.

    By molly on 05.02.2011

  21. gangsta thing, which impose respect and give importance… A fashion accessory to have and to wear

    By bobu on 05.02.2011

  22. Paisley patterned handkerchief, wrapped around my neck. A sunny day, and breezy sky, a perfect day to die. Kill what’s inside, with the spirit of a white horse. Fall into a fatal sleep amongst the tumble weeds.

    By Hannah on 05.02.2011

  23. Bandana red
    Blue jeans, cool.
    Painting the white room eggshell on Park Place in Windsor Lane.
    Minimum wage colors the white collar life.

    By Marie on 05.02.2011

  24. its something you wear on your head. colorful sometimes. it keeps your hair out of your face and gives you a badass look. usually worn in the sun. the person often has a tan. these days they have a variation of that – like a head band. its made of leather. also the purpose is to absorb sweat. People wear it when they play sport.

    By aallya on 05.02.2011

  25. on top of her head it sat. blue with the white design. It held in the hair, the sweat, and the frustration. She did not let anyone see how important it was to her. The bandana kept her secret her stress hidden from the world.

    By estella on 05.02.2011

  26. The bandana was wrapped around his sweat glistening head, seemingly keeping his thoughts bottled up in a mass of brown hair, and when he smiled at me, I thought, beautiful.

    By Becs on 05.02.2011

  27. Wrapped in the Sahara of the daylight moon,
    Warm sandy mists of light kiss the rough skin of the thousand reflecting stars, and melt the Withering petals from a flower so golden, into glittering knots of stone.
    Wake the lilies from their home,
    Wind the clouds and the tears out from my eyes and
    When the sun brightens the darkness of all the lost souls I’ll
    Walk to you.

    By devi URL on 05.02.2011

  28. She still wears your blue bandana, the one that used to smell like brown sugar and chlorine. She wears it with giant bug-eyed sunglasses and plastic rings from the 25-cent machine. She wears that blue bandana like a crown, like it’s made of gold instead of cheap cotton. I just thought you should know.

    – Holly

    By Janine URL on 05.02.2011

  29. The summer’s heat seemed to almost melt the walls in its attack. Exams were only a few days away now. Shuji tightened the bandana, sweat soaked, around his head and set the timer for another 25 minutes of focus. The cicada’s wail drowned out the sounds of the TV from below.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.02.2011

  30. i love them
    they keep my greasy hair covered, while looking cool
    used as a belt too
    class.. I love my bandana.
    makes me feel like a pirate
    a sexy pirate

    By Becca on 05.02.2011

  31. looks like banana. almost symetric word. 3 a’s, 2 n’s, b and de looks like each other, but as seen in a mirrow.

    By Helle Mehammer on 05.02.2011

  32. Someone gave me a bandana from a Lady Gaga concert. It’s got her name written on it all over, in red and white. It’s on my bed by me, along with the keychain and bag. I love it with all my heart, but…. what in the WORLD am I supposed to do with a bandana? I don’t wear bandanas….

    By Rapunzel URL on 05.02.2011

  33. she was carrying it
    dancing with the wind
    my breath went up and down with it
    wishing if she share the dance with me

    By highthought URL on 05.02.2011

  34. the pirate, with his deadly bandana, watched as the sun set on the blue horizon. his crew had always followed him loyally, but they were not what was on his mind that night. his one and only friend when he was a child had given him this bandana.

    By Elysia on 05.02.2011

  35. Clothing statments. Gang members use them to symbolize thier partnership. Pirates wore somthing similiar. As for me, I don’t bother.

    By (INSERT NAME HERE) on 05.02.2011

  36. He wore the bandana, though it was dusty and faded with age. He had his reasons and his reasons were of three parts. He wore it, first, because she had given it to him and though she was no longer there to see it still he wore it for her. He wore it, second, simply because it served as some small barrier against the wind and the dust of the trail, and he wore it thirdly to cover the emptiness inside of him, so that others might not see it, might not recognize the dead, haunted look in his eyes until he was already gone–faded and disappeared into the horizon. He knew it was shabby from overuse, but still he wore it. He had his reasons.

    By Jacob on 05.02.2011

  37. The bandana had a banana in the tree by his house, he never sought to look for the red apple or the green cherry that made him smile. The banana was enough for the bandana today because the bandana was content. Bandana ended his day with a thought to stay happy with the banana.

    By Madeline Stenersen on 05.02.2011

  38. Bandanas remind me of the Old West, a more practical accessory than a fancy tie for the cowboys that rode on the dusty plains.

    By lil_nail URL on 05.02.2011

  39. Hippies in Belize. There once was a girl with a bandana who was walking along the street when she looked at me and I thought for a second that it couldn’t be her. Of course, it wasn’t, but the resemblance was mind-blowing. She threw me back to that day in that year that I never wanted to forget.

    By Caitlin on 05.02.2011

  40. I gave my dog my favourite bandana, red and silver. When she died, I kept it with me.

    I lost it.

    By Dawn on 05.02.2011