July 27th, 2011 | 515 Entries

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515 Entries for “band”

  1. i always wanted to be in a band, but I could never find a drummer. not that i tried that hard to find one. guess i always thought someone would knock on my garage and say “hey can I hit some shit along to what you’re doin there?”

    By Mark Maziarz URL on 07.27.2011

  2. I hear the drumbeats and guitar riffs leaking from under the closed white door. Shrieking passing for singing, wondering, “Why didn’t they ask me to join? I would have been better than that,” But the only answer is the boom of bass and tinkling of tamborines, so I walk on.

    By Kenna URL on 07.27.2011

  3. Band.
    The word alone makes me smile. Instantly, the happiest of memories flood my mind. Does anyone know what it is to be a fangirl better than a fangirl? Bonding, laughing, screaming, crying, dancing, singing; all together, joined by the common thread of this band.

    By Brianna URL on 07.27.2011

  4. The music pulsed the rhythm to my beating heart. I swear it so, that i could see for that moment in time. So beautiful the sound although I lived in a world was only black.

    By Camille Goulet on 07.27.2011

  5. a band of red around the notebook where I write everything about you. your habits, your meals, your denials and your creeping around hurting everyone like that. the red is for blood, just to remind me what you do. and when you finally get around to killing me, I will leave you the notebook for a conscience.

    By Jez Owen on 07.27.2011

  6. I saw the Clash at the Top Rank In Bham many years ago drink the time of the miners strike. I remember Joe Strummer saying “we a’int playing another note until the management agree to pay some of their profits to the miners fund” You can imagine what happened

    By Antony Sumara URL on 07.27.2011

  7. i’m in one. we’re awful, but people love us for our cuteness and our original lyrics.

    By lulu on 07.27.2011

  8. i love band. it’s my life and my soul and my career. it’s where all of my friends are. it’s what keeps me sane. i love me some trumpets and saxes rocking out. jazz band, marching band, concert ensembles, anything to do with music, really. i love band. and nothing else can take its place.

    By josey Jimenez on 07.27.2011

  9. A group of people, laughing, playing, enjoying themselves. I watch, lonely, and thinking about my rowdy, disconnected orchestra, headed by a teacher that doesn’t know half of what she’s doing.
    Now I wish I chose band for an elective. I’d like that.

    By Allison on 07.27.2011

  10. andrew vanwyngarden music hippies mgmt radiohead slurpee shake it coachella sound noise sandwich kooks bass drums alternative indie rock nickelodeon beavis and butt head

    By Lexie URL on 07.27.2011

  11. Lots of drinking, lots of stinking. Lots of point of views. And when they’re groovin’, they get you movin’ and enable the feelings to penetrate you.

    By Jason URL on 07.27.2011

  12. bands are a great form of playing music. they can be loud or fun to dance to and some are outright annoying. i have a friend who’s in a band in fact i have quite a few. they’re always having band parties and stuff like that.

    By Allie on 07.27.2011

  13. the band was wound tightly about her finger. it symbolized so much of what she was going to lose. her life would be completely different. was that so bad? she couldn’t answer.

    By iulia on 07.27.2011

  14. a band of brothers is not a thing to get mixed up with I’m telling you myself. They stick with eachother no matter what and, as a female, they probably won’t stick up with you. Believe me, you better stay away from them. They will use you and then congratulate each other for it.

    By Marie on 07.27.2011

  15. “People like us, we stick together.” He gave a solemn look, as if to commemorate the moment. A squint of the eyes. A clench of fists. How easily they could say that. How easily they would shout it aloud. And then when the time came, they broke like a cheap rubber band.

    By Joanne~ URL on 07.27.2011

  16. Instruments geeks laughter memories marching having fun making friends uniforms

    By marj on 07.27.2011

  17. I have absolutely not a clue what to write. Band practice, band camp, band mates? Marching band…band of lunatics…wristband, bandits…rock band,

    By Amy URL on 07.27.2011

  18. the band i am listening to on the radio, or rather the cd player, is incubus. I first heard about them some time ago, when i was but a young teen, on mtv. they had rented this mansion to write their album and it was next door to the hugh hefner bunny mansion. they had the bunnies come round and clean their pool

    By grant atkinson on 07.27.2011

  19. The music is my biggest passion of all time. I wish I could perform on a stage and have my own band.

    By Iuhu on 07.27.2011

  20. a band of thieves or a garage band. funny how they dont relate at all. i wonder why people want to create bands in the first place. i much more enjoy creating individual relationships that somehow may or may not interrelate with one another. not much of a fan of clubs. wow, my english is getting worse, im tired. pfua

    By blabla on 07.27.2011

  21. Band is a very relative term. It can refer to a class or a close-knit group. When I refer to band, I stumble upon memories of band class at my school. I was in band class for four long years of my life. I’ll tell you right now it sucked. And it sucked.

    By Nunya on 07.27.2011

  22. my favorite times in life were when i was younger and I was obsessed with Diana Ross. in the summertime my two friends and i would very carefully take my cassette player to a dock in the middle of my dads friends small lake and practice our routine on the dock. My backup singers weren’t the finest of singing but they learned the dance moves i taught them no sweat.

    By mz cawleen URL on 07.27.2011

  23. rubber bands or bands that make music that i tend to listen to. bands are the reason i keep going. i love music and everything that is involved in it. from the drums to the guitar every sound they make makes me happy. i want to make music

    By Travis on 07.27.2011

  24. There is no greater band than a band of brothers. That movie series, was one of the greatest series of all times. It made me think of life and put it into perspective and on episode seven “The Breaking Point,” I broke only something so powerful could do that.

    By Erika Fern URL on 07.27.2011

  25. band. again. what gives. is it because i have not signed up. i suspect so. in which case, what the hell. how hard can it be to get 1 word generated randomly for free. no free lunch i guess. good old keynes. that sly economist. grandfather of spend your way out of a recesssion. tried to convince the yanks to bail out the brits after world war 2 but they were having none of it and gave him the finger and a measly 2 billion, or was it million, when he needed more of a band aid – like 5

    By grant atkinson on 07.27.2011

  26. The band sat beside the stage, the drummers foot banging out the beat to their best song against it, the tip of his shoe dragging through the leftover refuse that littered the floor. A janitor with a push broom worked quietly across the room, but the man with their paycheck was nowhere to be seen.

    By Amai on 07.27.2011

  27. music being played in accordance with one another using different musical instruments, rhythyms, and sounds. making melodic tones pleasing to the ears. a group of people playing different sounds together.

    By hosanna on 07.27.2011

  28. Music blasting. Long hair and crack, tatto’s and black boots. Screams and large crowds. People getting trampled.

    By Faith monae on 07.27.2011

  29. It is only a symbol, a small ring of gold. He lost the first one, and it took us 13 months to replace it. Not a big deal because it doesn’t mean his commitment is any less, right? Just a band of gold. A symbol…doesn’t actually hold any mystical magical power.

    So why am I so upset that it is missing again?

    By sleeta on 07.27.2011

  30. The music leaped into my ears
    and spread through out my limbs.
    The movement, so genuine and free.

    As the band played, I glide past your feet
    and dive into your smile.
    Dancing never felt so natural.

    By Destin URL on 07.27.2011

  31. My friend’s in a band. Laura and I started a band once, it was called Undecided because we couldn’t think of a name. Allison said she had a dream about a band called The Aluminum Of Clowns, which is an awesome name for a band, by the way.

    By Virginia Theis URL on 07.27.2011

  32. It’s so fucking retarded. It always is when we talk that way.

    Your word was the last one and you left me wondering. Yes, I had cried, and yes, I had blamed you. Our union didn’t seem like the perfect setting anymore, and even though I had apologized for a million and one times, you still just walked away.

    By Minna URL on 07.27.2011

  33. band is more than a sport. The blood sweat and tears one puts into marching and playing on the field is beyond full comprehension. Eyes with pride, hundreds of musicians stare at the drum major for the starting note. The crowd is silent, the only sound heard is the strong breath the musicians take before the opening chord.

    By Ashley on 07.27.2011

  34. sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band is one of my favorite albums from the beatles. and my favorite song from this album is Lovely Rita. where would i be without yoooouuu!?

    By Jonathan URL on 07.27.2011

  35. My favorite band is muse, i started to like them when i first heard the song starlight, it was an insperration and probably my first favorite song. I enjoy listening to them and hope that one day i may go to a concert

    By Jenna on 07.27.2011

  36. A band of musicians. A group of best friends. Traveling the country, playing in various kid’s basements. Meeting new people. Sharing their art. Loving one another and being extremely grateful to everybody that helps out. A band of brothers.

    By Taylor Hawkins on 07.27.2011

  37. A band is a group with people that play insturments together and perform music. It’s also a rubber band. Also a wedding band. There’s also a hair band.

    By Emily on 07.27.2011

  38. I wish I had a band. a kick ass band that was almost as good as the beatles. sinc eyou know, no one is better than the beatles. Bands are awesome. the Making the Band show by Diddy really didn’t amount to much. i’m just saying. They did all that work and well, where did they go? Well, goodbye.

    By Mary on 07.27.2011

  39. music beautiful jamming outside in the grass saxophone guitar singers drummers on stage loving every minute of it

    By Bar on 07.27.2011

  40. Traveling with the band always sucked. You were stuck in an old, rusty van, bouncing along some interstate in the middle of the night, going to the next town. Crammed in between a drum kit and the drummer, with barely enough room to wiggle. Not that you could get any sleep due to the aforementioned bouncing.

    By Dan in Ohio URL on 07.27.2011