July 27th, 2011 | 515 Entries

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515 Entries for “band”

  1. The band marched proudly through the halls of our school, sending the sound of their drums thundering violently around the school. I always ducked down a different path when I heard them coming; it was simply too loud for me to take.

    By oxy URL on 07.27.2011

  2. Oh so it could be like around your wrist or like a group of musicians. Cooooooooooool!!! My face if Biffy Clyro, OMG they’re a Scottish rock band! Proper amazing like. If you’re British you’ll know them from like Matt Cardles crappy cover of their song , which he changed the name of, silly little man.

    By Kate Wadd on 07.27.2011

  3. A band is one of the hardest things to make. You need not only musical talent, but a special bond. One that will withstand the trials of fights, different opinions, and possibly fame. Fame is what tears most bands apart. If you have both of these things, then a great musical band is formed.

    By Maddie URL on 07.27.2011

  4. band is here. rubber band? music band? all bands all shackles of society. break free of bands be urself. break it. if not, u will break. bands are not here to stay. let go. bandy bands rubber bands tough bands fragile bands

    By kklim on 07.27.2011

  5. An arm band. A band of brothers. The word band is used to suggest connectedness. Simples! :)

    By taronyu URL on 07.27.2011

  6. a band is a family who makes art together. they form together with their talents and they start to love eaher more then anyone else that love makes onal art that people can uderstand and feel.

    By Rainee on 07.27.2011

  7. The band plays with sparks in their eyes. The drummer’s too thin, the singer’s got scars on her mouth, and the guitarist has obnoxious goggles over his eyes.
    The crowd screams in awe with their glue sticks.
    But they don’t understand.
    “Perhaps,” says the singer, “If we spray them with our favorite kandy, they’ll understand the band.”

    By Bri URL on 07.27.2011

  8. The band plays on and on forever and ever. Band was the room at school where I could be me, I could produce something fantastic. Band was how I described myself. It was a great time and a great chance to learn about community effort.

    By david URL on 07.27.2011

  9. Band feels like music. So there. Today I was listening to the Cocteau Twins and The Spanglemaker played. I always avoid this song because it reminds me of someone who is dead and I still miss. Maybe I need a band aid. That wasn’t clever. I know it. They’re still playing.

    By deadponies URL on 07.27.2011

  10. “you the man with the band?” she casually asks him with a coy smile. “well,” he begins to answer, “I’m in the band. isn’t that better than a man whose just with them?”

    By Park URL on 07.27.2011

  11. band together my friends for now is the time when all good things end. if we band together you and me perhaps there’s a chance for serenity

    By Kelly on 07.27.2011

  12. I’m marching in front of you in the band, with the bright lights overhead and the steam rising up from the field beneath our feet. I feel your eyes roaming over me, too nervous to rest any one place for too long, lest I turn around and catch you staring, wanting. I feel the drumbeat like your pulse and suddenly in my mind I’m beneath your skin, one with you…

    By jspeed29 URL on 07.27.2011

  13. i love music , i simply feel the sounds.Don’t hear anything but feel.

    By Bianca on 07.27.2011

  14. I was in a marching band in highschool.
    I was the chick who spun the flag.
    you can imagine how imaginably hot I was.
    i just span and span and span and span. it was so funny.
    It was a horrible repuatation setter

    By Morgan on 07.27.2011

  15. a band is the great mass of people coming together to create wonderful people. there are many kinds of bands. marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands, rock bands and a lot more kinds of bands. i’ve been in band for a while and there is nothing like band, i’d say. band class is a great way to end the day and it makes a lot of people never want to leave. band is a great way to be able to play all kinds of music. classical or rock or pop or jazz or anything. and eventually you will get to play it all. Band is a great way to meet new people. a lot of people who have the same interests as you. so band is a like a big clique because everybody gets together and is friends and spends a lot of time with each other.

    By Tess Hensel on 07.27.2011

  16. I loved him first because he was in a band. I knew it the second I saw him I was on the balcony a the Troubador and he was opening. On the guitar in a flanell. It was love at first sight and i followed him to the merch booth.

    By URL on 07.27.2011

  17. “I’m with the band.”

    He took my hand, and we stepped into the light. I couldn’t see the audience, but I could hear them. A low buzzing noise beyond the white curtain.

    By Sara on 07.27.2011

  18. Band is so much more important than people realize! I’m not talking about popular music groups who perform for thousands of people in concerts with adoring fan breaking into dressing rooms and steal celebrity memorabilia. I’m talking about regular old high school band. How many people grow up to be a professional football player? Or baseball player? Not too many. What’s the shelf life on that career if they do make it? What mid-forties? What about music? Music is one of the healthiest emotional expressions that has so many different genres it appeals to ALL. How long can a career last in music? Look at the Rolling Stones! A much better choice.

    By Z URL on 07.27.2011

  19. Forty hundred and Fifty nine
    Sixty three and a seven
    Numbers numbers lots of numbers
    And no one to play them with
    In a band and no one to play with
    Forty hundred and fifty nine
    Sixty three and a seven
    And no one to play them with
    No one to play them with

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.27.2011

  20. The band is on the field! A premature celebration for one Stanford team. Grainy video- a blur sea of red and white. One figure gold and navy blue, shifts in the crowd… slam! A percussionist looks up dazed, slightly blinded by the glare, his team has just lost.

    By Ryan Davis URL on 07.27.2011

  21. I used to have 30 friends in band when we were in high school. I attended their competitions and supported them like a parent. Now, I’m barely friends with any of them. Maybe a handful. I was always in the background, never appreciated. Nothing to show for it now. Great.

    By Darrah Faily on 07.27.2011

  22. i will tie a band around the women that i love attached to my neck so that we are one well not really run run before i cantch i will let you get a head start aim for the middle bullsey ey with that dart hearts fluttering and flying one day i will be dying so to unexpected ness i give a wedding band to.

    By ajloopy URL on 07.27.2011

  23. the band played on as the great ship Titanic sank to the floor of the ocean
    thought to be indestructible and yet everyone’s thinking was wrong
    we are just human and make many mistakes
    life it precious so be the leader of YOUR band

    By she53lly URL on 07.27.2011

  24. I’m scared. I have band camp. I’m starting band. I’m going to be doing things that are band-like and I will be so embarrassed. I can’t do anything right. I’ll be that one person who can’t do it and then I’ll drop out because of embarrassment.

    By Rachel on 07.27.2011

  25. There was a band around her hair.
    Pulled back while she wrote.
    The breeze pushed the strands free
    from the band that tried to hold so tightly.

    By Amy URL on 07.27.2011

  26. music. in school. a place to just create a work of art. whether its composed or just off the top of your head. its music. or a group of people doing the same thing, creating music. one person or a bunch, still music.

    By bella on 07.27.2011

  27. There are too many bands that try to be something new and something original. Why not try to play what you want to play. That’s true greatness to me. Stop thinking so hard of what you want to sound like and just get lost in the sweet melancholy music can offer. It’s too good not to be appreciated.

    By Rebecca Raine on 07.27.2011

  28. the biggest hyped group with modest talents. For your reference, The Lastevegbizt Waltz

    By Steve GIBBS on 07.27.2011

  29. My mother used to make my pony tails and pigtails with rubber bands. She would pull my hair back so tight it made my eyes water. It took half the day at school for the rubber band in my hair to loosen enough that my eyes didn’t look as if they were squinting. It was awful pulling them out, too, because they always had hair tangled in the and it hurt like crazy. The inventor of Scrunchies is a genius!

    By Karen Baker URL on 07.27.2011

  30. I once wished to be in a band. The guitarist, actually. I thought it would be neat to be able to shred or mellow out in front of all those people. I never really thought about what kind of guitar I’d use, though. I always just liked the noise. The craziness, the going nuts, the ballistic nature of rocking out on a state. The appeal was a buzz I’d never get lose.

    By Serge URL on 07.27.2011

  31. Lovely, soulful, the sound fills my heart and mind making me sway like a gentle breeze as the song fills. I sit he air watching the group play their hearts out to a rhythm that is so beautiful I wish there was someone to hold me and dance.

    By jeanelaine URL on 07.27.2011

  32. I remember thinking that being in the band was not very cool but very impressive. I could never play an instrument but then I see these kids playing and marching at the same time and making all these crazy designs on the field and making this great music and I’m thinking, “Not cool but very impressive.” I envied those kids in a different way I envied the lead most popular kids in the class.

    By Nancy Mucci on 07.27.2011

  33. I was in band since i first started 5th grade. I am not a soon to be freshman in college and i dont expect to continue on from here. Its not that I dont like band. Just that after awhile I started to get bored with it. However I will always remember the times I spent in band with my friends, my band director, and of course my future fiance.

    By Stephanie on 07.27.2011

  34. Band is such a great word. It’s so general and vague, leaving a world of connotations to it’s name.There are, of course, the more interesting ones. You know, the bands with the tourtured lead singer, overweight bass player, nerdy keyboarder, and the never failing to be pissed off drummer. You know the type. The ones whose lyrics never make any sort of sense, and yet there’s always “that guy” who breaks them down into something completely irrelevant when, in all actuality, the writer just popped open a thesaurus and looked up words synonmous to “agnst.” Ah, the wonder of pretentious music. But, I would be lying if I said this was the image that came to mind when I first read the word. No, instead I pictured a group of about 20 or so teenagers wearing those ridiculous outfits with feathers on their hats, tubas in their hands, and a world of metal in their mouths. Ah, marching band…truly the epitome of the nerd

    By Jenny on 07.27.2011

  35. we think we have talent enough to be in the big leagues. To make music that hasn’t been made before, sing songs that people will like more than the old stuff. But we’re one of thousands of people trying to make it, so the odds are small. And the thought, “what makes us so special?” is an irritating neon sign of a reminder in our heads.

    By Mari URL on 07.27.2011

  36. The lights go down and silence ensues. Figures approaching in black shadows before us. What I wouldn’t give to be a part of it all. All of us in one room, connected by the same sweet, raw, epic sounds.

    By Hannah URL on 07.27.2011

  37. I love that band more that anyone could imagine. They’ve changed my life for the better and I’ve never cared what others have thought about it. I love them. They inspire me. They’re awesome. They’re inspirational. They’re the Jonas Brothers.

    By Brianna URL on 07.27.2011

  38. We must band together — you and I. Against the forces of evil, without and within! We will make a good team we march through life through good times and bad — knowing that we always have support and encouragement from each other and unconditional high regard always. Hooray!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.27.2011

  39. Band

    Elementary school band. I could probably still play all those tunes if I had the right instrument.

    Ok maybe not. But I remember them all vividly.

    My orchestra teacher was always talking about how parents would come up to him astonished by how good we were. He’d tell them “I give them music that’s appropriate to their skill level. They know how to read music, and they know how to count… So if they play what they see, why is everyone so surprised?”

    As an adult, I now better understand both sides of that. After hearing numerous abysmal children’s performances, I’m left wondering what the big deal is. They know how to read music, they know how to count… why *aren’t* they playing the pieces perfectly?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.27.2011

  40. camp

    By yes on 07.27.2011