April 3rd, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “bagel”

  1. A bell announced my arrival in the cafe. Immediately, the aroma of coffee and of freshly baked pastries filled my nose. With an air of pride, I strode towards the counter, listening to the gentle clatter of the coins in my pocket. This time, they won’t shoo me out, I thought.
    I waited there for a few minutes, waiting. A gruff man who just came in was about to yell at me when I called out for my order.
    A petite woman who looked as lovely as the stars came to the counter. It’s her, I thought excitedly. I remember how she looked so perfect when I first saw her. Of course, her beauty was emphasized by my greasy appearance, my face and fingers all soiled up.
    “What will you have?” Her heavenly voice cut through my mind, pulling me back to reality.
    “A bagel.”

    By Tee URL on 04.04.2013

  2. A bagel is round like a bagel with a hole. Two bagels look like an 8. Or like the infinity. Bagels are yummy for breakfast, you can it them as you like: with salmon and avocado, eggs and bacon and so forth.

    By olga on 04.04.2013

  3. The bagel was smeared with cream cheese, oozing over the sides, beckoning me to take a bite of its luscious, doughy goodness. I salivated, reaching forward, my

    By Anna Sky URL on 04.04.2013

  4. The bagel crumbs fell around the fat man. Fell through the air like dead and dried skin flakes, pooling on his chest. He lifted the next one to his mouth, and with a gaint gnash

    By kentrish on 04.04.2013

  5. wtf? i don’t know this word but sounds funny! and what’s more.. hmm.. I like trees and bees and horses. flowers and rainbows in my mind. AND I’m a little unicorn.

    By Grasshooper on 04.04.2013

  6. On Wanting NY. Kiss my colleague on the cheek, tell her she’ll do just fine without [him]. I enter the elevator and smile; it’s Harvey Spector. Heading out, I grab my bagel and walk. I walk hurriedly. Sipping my coffee, wondering, if my Wanting of NY was ever real.

    By Noufita URL on 04.04.2013

  7. breakfast at boarding school. bagels and cream cheese. well, at least it’s something i can manage to eat without excessive gagging. maybe today won’t be so bad, after all.

    By Jonathan URL on 04.04.2013

  8. The was a left over bagel on the counter and a half drinken glass of orange juice. the refrigerator door was still open and the cream cheese for the bagel sat on the edge of the shelf in the refrigerator.

    By thegrandincrediblet URL on 04.04.2013

  9. the one who takes care of every one with love

    By Mansi on 04.04.2013

  10. I heard about this sweet smelling, sweet tasting bread called a bagel. Well, I don not think I will be eating any more any time soon, not after eating one with my tea this morning and realizing that it taste like junk.

    By victor URL on 04.04.2013

  11. The bagel makes a satisfying crunch as I eat it.
    I may put on a hundred pounds or die overweight as my doctor says, but he doesn’t understand.
    I need this bagel desperately. I need it

    By Sparks URL on 04.04.2013

  12. I really don’t know what this word is. it looks like angel, but with a touch of dark and mischief. it reminds me of my poor vocabulary all the way even when i’ve taken great pains to memorize words, and it calls to my ego that i’ve failed too many tests.

    By ateiska on 04.04.2013

  13. A bagel and a fork met unexpectedly,
    they talked and laughed, oh so sweetly
    An unforeseen force had then appeared
    Took the fork away, very much appealed
    the fork then took a slice of bagel
    down through the heart it was disabled.

    By Jem URL on 04.04.2013

  14. The brown paper bag sat on the counter, innocuous, or so I thought. “What’s that?” said the little two year old voice, untouched as of yet by all the troubles in the world. The bag held a sugar cookie with a monkey painted on the frosting. “Is it…” he said in anticipation, excitement brimming out of his mouth, “is it…is it a…bagel?”

    By Ara URL on 04.04.2013

  15. “Lie to me,” said the bagel to the croissant. “Tell me that I am everything you ever dreamed of, that I float your boat. That when you think of me you shake so hard that pastry flakes around you. That I am the shining light in your life.”

    By Meredyth URL on 04.04.2013

  16. “Raisin please,” she said impatiently. It was already 8:00am, and the line for her daily breakfast was impossibly long. Finally, they gave her the fresh juice and toasted bagel she’d come to regard as essential to the start of her day. As soon as she stepped outside, a homeless man approached. “Excuse me, Miss. I don’t want any money, just something to eat…please.” She bit back the curse on her lips, and looked down at the white bag in her hand.

    By Soft URL on 04.04.2013

  17. If muffins are just ugly, naked cupcakes, do bagels and donuts share the same relationship?

    By dramarie URL on 04.04.2013

  18. “So you took her to that religious donut shop downtown?
    “Nope, the other one.”
    “Amazing Glaze?”

    By migg URL on 04.04.2013

  19. the warm butter sliding off the freshly toasted bagel. mmm, tasty. your mouth watering as its squishyness is just so good your swallowing it whole.

    By halfbright URL on 04.04.2013

  20. She stared at the bagel in his hand. It was an everything bagel, smeared with cream cheese. Everything from poppy seeds to onions would reside within the dough. Her eyebrows pulled together. “When did you get that bagel, Mr. Adam?” He looked at it and shrugged.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.04.2013

  21. Brian likes his bagels hot
    Full i flavor
    Cream cheeseor eggs
    Depending on the day
    Bagels are best with te right water
    Taste test

    By Lauren on 04.04.2013

  22. In the Calico Bagel, a hundred swordsmen sat sans weapons. Their wives stood at the fore, holding every bit of metal in the place. The swordsmen looked glum. No weapons, no beer, only pastries and speeches. How they wished they had remembered their collective anniversaries.

    By RS Bohn URL on 04.04.2013

  23. Having a hole in my heart doesn’t make me any less delicious.

    By Rif URL on 04.04.2013

  24. “I’ll fix it in the morning I swear.”
    He bites his bagel and little crumbs fly over my sketches from last night. There’s a coffee ring on my favourite book. My back’s aching from his choice in mattress. Not that it matters. I make the things worth looking at and this wicked little man can’t help but harm anything that makes him feel small.

    By genahtastic URL on 04.04.2013

  25. He liked them. A bit too much said everyone else. In his mind it was a more mutual befriending. He helped the bagel out (by eating it obviously), and it would help him out (it filled his almost void-like stomach).

    By Lukas URL on 04.04.2013

  26. bagels are round, like a circle, they traste nice, like soft clouds, but a little hard I guess. Anyway life is like a circle, life is like a bagel, never ends. ‘Till you eat it all.

    By Aman on 04.04.2013

  27. the bagel was hot and steamy, lying on the top of her kitchen table. she stood there and waited contemplatively. What did it represent? what did it mean? Were bagels going to attack us all? Would she be burned alive along with the various ingredients that attacked her?

    By Lejla URL on 04.04.2013

  28. what the hell. i never even liked bagels. but then, when i lived in michigan, i made myself a bagel one morning. i spread crunchy peanut butter all over it, covering each suqare inch caringly, and i took the jug of milk out of the fridge to pour me a cool glass of animal protein delight. finally, i bit into the crunchy bagel as the peanutbutter, molten by now, dripped down my chin.

    By berenique URL on 04.04.2013

  29. Full of gluten, but extremely delicious with cream cheese, lox, lemon and capers. The best ones come from New York and Montreal. Both are unique and wonderful in their own ways. I’d give anything for an amazing gluten free bagel! They just aren’t the same without wheat :(

    By Daniella on 04.04.2013

  30. he bought a bagel from the bakery and ate it on his way to work, dreading the day ahead without her. he asked for chocolate chip but they gave him raisins. this was turning into the worst day possible.

    By Arizona Cummings URL on 04.04.2013

  31. eating sour cream and cheese with coffee, warm, toasty, crispy, can smell bacon, love the company, sunny day or fireplace will do, can’t wait for this vision to come true, have a warm fuzzy blanket, and a dog at my feet.

    By Emily Stensland URL on 04.04.2013

  32. She tore the bagel to pieces and threw it outside. She knew she wasn’t going to eat it, but her mother didn’t need to know that. Hopefully, the birds would enjoy it. She knew if she ate it, it would only be thrown up at school. Everything in her life was just that bad.

    By Sarah URL on 04.04.2013

  33. A bagel lay on her plate in front of her. The corners of it were torn off, but none consumed. A few smears of cream cheese decorated the corner of the plate.
    “Why are you not eating the bagel?” her mom asked, concern and true confusion mounted in her voice, “I thought you loved bagels!”
    She loved bagels. She loved them until they looked at her, and told her how fat she was. How disgusting she was. The hole in the middle moved like a mouth, uttering these words, and looked at her like an eye, peering at every inch of her body, criticizing.

    By Amanda URL on 04.04.2013

  34. Bagels are the savory version of donuts. They are typically associated with america (at least to me) but we have them all the time here in england. The have a nice sweet taste and I like to have plain ones with Marmite because the taste combonation is just great. It’s got a lovely doughy texture and I have them all the time at every part of the day. They are a great food, also good for keeping your energy level up. I eat them sometimes before I go to my dancing class because they keep me filled up for a while. Sometimes with my Dad we fill them with cream cheese and salmon and that is just heavenly. You can’t beat a good bagel when it comes to breakfast food

    By Sophie on 04.04.2013

  35. bagel bagel bagel
    they are tasty.
    what else could be told? i could try to think of a funny or romantic story where it is “your” favorite food and i go back to “our” bagel place to remind myself of “you”, but seriously
    who wants to read that?

    By helene URL on 04.04.2013

  36. tasty, bread, cream cheese, many flavors, good, breakfast, morning, love, everything, cinammon crunch, blueberry, plain.

    By Tyne Lucas on 04.04.2013

  37. Creamy delicious in New York under the rain … cozy next to a hungry man who wishes he could have a bite. The sesame seeds makes all the difference in the world …

    By Celine on 04.04.2013

  38. I removed the bagel from the bag. It had a look to it unlike any other bagel. Perhaps this was magic that I had encountered. Maybe it was just fate.

    By Cy Newman on 04.04.2013

  39. The smell in the air was heavenly. Never had a bagel been so magnificent. Today would be the first day a bagel would be king.

    By Cy Newman on 04.04.2013

  40. A bagel! That’s not lunch, it’s a bagel!

    By Nothing URL on 04.04.2013