June 1st, 2011 | 674 Entries

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674 Entries for “backpack”

  1. Grabbing the backpack containing all her belongings, she climbed into the passenger side of the semi-truck. “Thanks for the lift,” she muttered, pulling her hat lower. She held onto her meager possessions with such intensity and silence, the man hardly knew what to think. “Where ya headed?” “Nashville,” she whispered. “Family out there?” “The only family I know.” And, with that, she pulled a guitar pick from her pack, and began chewing on it. Those were the last words the two strangers ever spoke.

    By cherrieygrl18 URL on 06.02.2011

  2. i used to go to school where we had to carry so many books to school. my mom and i would be getting books and notebooks and pens and color pencils etc by the end of every august.i dislked school sooo much. i always wanted to

    By Lina on 06.02.2011

  3. I carry my backpack full of files and textbooks around with me everyday so I am now convince that when I am older I will have back problems.

    By Anna on 06.02.2011

  4. I’m putting everything that matters to me into my small backpack, and I’m heading for the hills of happiness, got to get out of this mind-numbing nothingness I currently find myself caged within.

    By Jeanie URL on 06.02.2011

  5. I was traveling on a bus from la to new york and when i got there the first thing i did was have an authentic new york pizza. I folded it in half and enjoyed with all its oil dripping down my arm

    By nikolai delevante on 06.02.2011

  6. Carrying things from here
    to eternity
    my backpack will be with me
    right to the end.
    Its straps may break,
    its zips may stick,
    but all the while
    it’s on my back
    and all my worldly treasures
    will safely to the end
    be carried in my backpack.

    By Nick on 06.02.2011

  7. crumpled papers
    open film canisters
    old food
    bursted juices boxes
    smelly shoes
    moldy food
    old clothes
    rigid binders
    sharp scissors
    you definatly had it rough this year

    By meg URL on 06.02.2011

  8. One day I want to travel. Just me and my backpack. I would take it everywhere with me. To paris, rome, italy.

    By heather on 06.02.2011

  9. i went to school with a backpack on my back and my friend stabbed me but good thing i had a backpack to protect me. im made of rock! woohoo!

    By vrushti on 06.02.2011

  10. I’m sure this was yesterday’s word. Or is there a time zone-thing, and it’s still yesterday where you are. That’s the trouble with time – it’s not a static, understood thing; though it thinks it is an anchor it is little more than an illusion.

    By Joey on 06.02.2011

  11. I had a backpack one time and i love it so bad thatIi would take it every way that I went. It to me was the best invention that could carry your things on your back instead off your hands.

    By victor URL on 06.02.2011

  12. All three of my kids left this week on trips…two to Prague (on separate trips) and one to Slovakia. And all three have their backpacks! They are filled to the brim with all they’ll need for their adventures. What a handy invention the backpack is! They’re all traveling by train, bus and metro, thus the backpack is even handier – no lugging around a big suitcase. Just a handy backpack on their back and they’re ready for their adventures!

    By connie URL on 06.02.2011

  13. i use my backpack when i go in missions, i travel all over the world, on adventures! i keep all the necessities inside- like dora the explorer and boots!

    By nathalie on 06.02.2011

  14. My best friends lover. Carry a backpack, the addictions inside. Untold lies, and secrets. Carry them with you till you die. Till they catch you. Deal them, through your hands obsessions, connections, like the cell on your neck. I hate you. You’re deadly. Deal away, from her and my life.

    By lonelyloverbre23 URL on 06.02.2011

  15. School, interesting topic as I emerge back in the world of work today at the university within a different but parallel capacity. backpack can also demonstrate the things we carry with us on a daily basis and similar to children, we fail to every really remove things unless requested by others. I wonder how would our lives evolve if we became present and conscious of what we packed and selected to unpack independently. How much more balanced would our lives be

    By Wednesday on 06.02.2011

  16. It is full of sand and small rocks that need shaking out. So worth the sun burn and sand in the suit.

    By Deb Ramthun URL on 06.02.2011

  17. little black backpack steez is like mike henderson who went crazy after they found diseases in his mind and he didnt want to believe it. im sorry man. wish i were there. you can blow the trumpet though ill love you for that

    By Allen Watershed on 06.02.2011

  18. It has been a long time
    Carrying your burdens
    and mine.

    It has been a long time
    and my shoulders are sore

    I am weary,
    but you need me.
    I will keep walking

    By Gabriel Alexander URL on 06.02.2011

  19. a dirty cloth sack full of tatty clothes, books and weed, carried by young people exploring the world. That’s it! It’s a long time – 60seconds.

    By Adrian DELSO on 06.02.2011

  20. I jumped off the old rusty train, dust kicking up amongst the mobs of people. The smells, the smoke, the dust. So dirty. I threw my backpack over me and trundled through, with no destination in mind. Alone. Silent. Observing. The heat of the day pushing onto me. High noon. It would be a long one.

    By CJS on 06.02.2011

  21. She wore a back pack everywhere she went. Her whole life was in there, along with her beer. She was known as Grandma Back pack because she was never without the backpack. She even went to jail with the back pack. I wll never forget Grandma Backpack and her stories.

    By Dana Lonehill URL on 06.02.2011

  22. Well backpack is something really useful while traveling. put your shit in the bag and just move outa the house. i like to have so many things while i travel that i cant feel content by having one backpack full of clothes and accessories. its cool though.

    By Apurva URL on 06.02.2011

  23. I’ve smeared it with paint. It’d black fabric underneath had just seemed so dull, so I had brandished a wide-brushed paint brush and slashed it with color. Now it seems too bright.

    By Daire URL on 06.02.2011

  24. How many days had it been now? Not too many. Three. Four. But food was down to a few lame power bars, most of my clothes were wet, and I still didn’t know where I was.

    By Baseballpajamas URL on 06.02.2011

  25. Her brain was like an over stuffed backpack, crammed with the day’s lessons, dozens of conversations, reunions with old friends, writing snippets and snatches, songs left unsung and the throb of sleep deprivation. Where was she going to put the sympathy for her drunken brother’s mishaps? Likely back out on the porch, right next to his punk ass.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.02.2011

  26. hold school lunch books carry ohhhhhhhh

    By jeremiah on 06.02.2011

  27. backpack is somwhat a tool that you can carry on your back. why a tool because it can be used for work to help you carry other tools :) oh my god this is stupid. bato. Bosnia.

    By bato on 06.02.2011

  28. The backpack felt heavier and heavier the higher he came on his path to the top of the mountain. And as well as the weight the smell started to get unbearable. Why did dead bodies have to rot so fast?

    By cybershadowmoon URL on 06.02.2011

  29. Jansport

    By shingo URL on 06.02.2011

  30. Sadness…I already wrote about ‘backpack’. So this is what I get for waking up atrociously early…the time hasn’t turned over yet…

    By Myiege URL on 06.02.2011

  31. bag used for carrying things. many interesting things are found is a student’s backpack! travelers also use it.

    By Nupur on 06.02.2011

  32. to ask too many questions about one’s personal life

    By tini on 06.02.2011

  33. I wonder what life would be like if I could live out of my backpack.. Just go. Just walk for miles and miles; seeing, feeling, thinking, living. All of my things wouldn’t fit into a backpack.. Why do we need so many things to begin with? Maybe I should consolidate my world to fit into a single backpack.

    By Aj URL on 06.02.2011

  34. camp

    By alyssia on 06.02.2011

  35. oh the things one can do if all they possess is a backpack…the possibilities are endless there are no boundaries there are no limitations just freedom.

    By ger URL on 06.02.2011

  36. preschool up until the fifth grade, what kind of backpack i had was a HUGE deal. i had to have the coolest one, with the coolest characters or designs. and my lunchbox absolutely had to match. i was a nerd.

    By Brooklyn URL on 06.02.2011

  37. these are very good things to have, they are ideal if you would like to travel, or if you want to have something to put your school text books in. some are comfy, some are not. some are expensive, some are not. some are for fashion, some are for durability.

    By Josh Rowell URL on 06.02.2011

  38. Heavy and uncomfortable. Girl scouts, especially their leaders, are supposed to have superhuman properties ( as there are no men around). I am a feminist, right? But there are facts of life. Men ON AVERAGE are physically stronger than women. Moral: Gender-separated camping trips are evil.

    By Ia Sama URL on 06.02.2011

  39. school books and carrying them around. chris webby go back is off of teenage mutant nija rapper, my bro says his bag is heavy but i think its just cause hes a bitch and doesnt lift. o.f. what i represent.

    By Sppencer on 06.02.2011

  40. Backpack sings like a bird. He’s a person with the darndest name and he knows it. Blue’s his favorite color and he likes flirting with the girls. Backpack’s backpack has unicorns in them and they burst oranges with green whipped cream when he sings. It goes great with ice-cream. This was all backpack’s dream; a once in a lifetime experience as a human.

    By Jovenne on 06.02.2011