June 1st, 2011 | 674 Entries

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674 Entries for “backpack”

  1. When I go to Paris, I will take a backpack. It’s not the most stylish option, but not doubt I will need to carry lots of extra things during the many long walks I intend to do whilst there. Plus how can a baguette possibly fit in a small handbag? Mmmmm baguette

    By mookie et al URL on 06.01.2011

  2. My favorite backpack was a black one with AWESOME written in all white at the bottom. I received it after graduating kindergarten. The best part was that I would hang my beanie babies from it. The tye dye bear was my favorite and made me feel cool. I loved that bag. Wish I could still tote it.

    By Brittany on 06.01.2011

  3. I have a turquoise backpack. I bought it because it reminds me of my best friend in high school. We used to joke about how we were always covered in our favorite colors, me in red her in turquoise.

    By Callie on 06.01.2011

  4. I use it for school, it carries everything I need. It’s important and it helps and it’s cool. I like decorative ones with skulls and such because it can be part of your outfit. It’s an accessory and a tool that I use often. I like the messenger bag style. It makes carrying a load so much easier to bear. Thank you, backpack.

    By Melissa on 06.01.2011

  5. backpack,
    so heavy
    your bulk is dead weight.
    Why should that AP textbook
    be so thick?
    Thank you backpack,
    you are boring but
    you don’t break easily.

    By Isabel on 06.01.2011

  6. that thing that is always so hard to find when school shopping, because you always want the one that is considered “cool”, but you’re not exactly sure what that will be this year, so you just go kinda blindly and hope for the best. But then it is or it isn’t.

    By Juli on 06.01.2011

  7. gay, gay, dora, gay, gay, more gay, bay, tay, may, say, kay, nay, jay, lay, get laid by your mom

    By Sammy Martino URL on 06.01.2011

  8. I carry my backpack every which way, it follows me forward to night and to day. BACKPACK BACKPACK. What sorts of mysteries appear in my knapsack as I pull out rhymes spinning forth from this backpack?

    By Neal Cragg on 06.01.2011

  9. The child was excited. It was his first day of school. The day he’ll make new friends. The day that he’ll start growing up. The day that he’ll truly start his life. And yet. All what was needed was a small, blue backpack.

    By Aella on 06.01.2011

  10. i haven’t traveled in a while. i need to. a life’s passion deserves the undivided attention of its follower on a regular basis. but, life beckons, and sadly has not allowed the time or the funds to support a gallivanting adventure through europe or argentina or the like.

    By brian URL on 06.01.2011

  11. Hiking is a fun activity, especially when you have to backpack in to site. Pack your tent and camping gear and go up to the mountains and just relax and let life sink in.

    By Nathaniel on 06.01.2011

  12. By the end of my sophomore year, my backpack was being held together by a few threads, maybe. There were gaping holes everywhere, but somehow, it managed to make it through till the end, just like me.

    By Jamie on 06.01.2011

  13. my pack is black. I have had since 7th grade. It is still in working condition. I use it to take clothes when I visit my father who live out of town. It is a good backpack I am gald to have it.

    By Levi on 06.01.2011

  14. she put everything in it. her gum. her pencil. that bracelet from john. the red apple. then she left. she turned to look back once. with her eyes red and weary from too many tears, she looked ahead and continued on her way.

    By Margaret on 06.01.2011

  15. my backpack is green. its bigg. and i love carrying it around school. Thank goodness it can keep all my books in it because my arms would be hurting. I think everyone should carry a backpack around! Even if they can hurt your back, they save your arms from hurting. I’m glad that somebody invented backpacks.

    By lauren on 06.01.2011

  16. i like backpaks they make me happy and bring me back to good ole’ days when we were young and care free! When mom still packed out lunches and we could play outside all day. Backpacks were jsut easy to throw on and start your day!

    By kayla URL on 06.01.2011

  17. carry my books in it. I mean, usually, everyday, I take things with me. It stays on my back. It’s a pack. How much more do you need to know? every time I think of backpack, I think of school. When in school, I have a shit-load of work. Too much for that matter. I throw my backpack in the corner of the room, and rarely touch it on weekends. One thing that comes to mind is the many days I forget to bring something in it to school.


    By Nasser Boulaich on 06.01.2011

  18. I filled my backpack with an assortment of things belonging to a mildly insane man. One who have been wandering the forests in the dusk for too long. I never really knew what to expect, so I just brought whatever I could find would fit into whatever container I possessed at the time. Some things were obviously not needed, but as I rarely thought things through, they went with me all the same.

    By Taciturn URL on 06.01.2011

  19. used to do tht all the time gopin to aamby . bought my favourite backpack when i was going to goa for the first time . it was an awesome trip and i kjoined aamby just after tht and those days will alwyas be with me . i want to go to nagpur with tht backpack on 14th june

    By riddhi on 06.01.2011

  20. i am not a material girl, I can fit my life in one backpack.

    By Julia URL on 06.01.2011

  21. There was this backpack I had when I was a child. I got it from my grandma on christmas morning. It was pink,with barbie on it. On the inside, was a cute yellow jacket. I wore that jacket everywhere for the longest time. Its still hanging up way in the back of my closet; tucked back there with a ton of other old memories.

    By kirsten ford on 06.01.2011

  22. I remember walking around downtown Vancouver with you, with our backpacks full of grapes and goldfish crackers.

    By Susie on 06.01.2011

  23. I’m almost done with mine. My backpack that is. After months of having it constantly at my side, physically pulling me down, it’s almost time for it to take a break. It’s strange that backpacks spend their time full of knowledge, like a holding pen for transfer into our minds. They play such an important role for being fabric.

    By Jessie Tea URL on 06.01.2011

  24. backpack of my memories has been too heavy for me to carry, It has compelled me to bend and live a life in this position. I wish I could, somehow, put it off — but I think that is not in my control.

    By Ayaz on 06.01.2011

  25. Prized possessions flying out. Chaotic! She punched me and hit me. I felt of only pain. Everything thrown, even my backpack.

    By Avery Torres URL on 06.01.2011

  26. I threw my backpack off a cliff. It went soaring. What a sight to see. Everything inside, everything I need, went flying to the wind down to the sea. I watched my backpack as it floated, floated out of my dreams.

    By Antonio URL on 06.01.2011

  27. I wanna travel. And bring everything I need. But when I go back, I wanna have everything I want. Everything I learn. Everything I see. Forget about what I need. For once, I’ll bring back all the possible things I could want to bring back. For once.
    No one else to own up to but myself.

    By Faye Abrihan URL on 06.01.2011

  28. i have a backpack, it is pink. it goes with me everywhere. i love it. it’s mine. it holds my life. it is important to me and everyone knows me by my backpack and the way it looks. i’m recognized by it. it’s so damn cool, you have no idea. i feel like dora the explorer. haha. that’s right. my backpack.

    By Patricia Spence on 06.01.2011

  29. I have always wanted to do the typical cliche backpacking across somewhere ordeal. However I can hardly walk around downtown Charleston with my school bag. So a road trip would be more practical, though camping would certainly be involved. Montana sounds nice.

    By madeeesun URL on 06.01.2011

  30. Once upon a time I had a magical backpack. Everytime I was in a bad mood or just wanted to get away my backpack would take me somewhere new. He was my bestfriend.

    By Abby on 06.01.2011

  31. I take you to school, like a snail. But I can’t live in you. Too heavy and small. You are kinda pretty though, and though you make my shoulders hurt you carry a lot of books for me.

    By Natasha on 06.01.2011

  32. Running away from home, as any youthful adventurer knew, was a task which required only the most ample set of provisions. As such, he filled his backpack with forethought and planning. Peanut butter sandwiches, of course, and rope in case of emergencies. Some handfuls of loose change, a flashlight, and a package of bandaids just to be sure…

    By chii URL on 06.01.2011

  33. “Take this and pack it for a sleepover,” his sister tells him, fourteen years old and ten minutes short of midnight, and this is the first time of many. She glances at the door behind her before turning back to him, mouth pressed into a flat, flat line and that’s what makes him swallow his question. “Only what you need.” So he does, all by himself because he’s a big boy, all of seven years, and it’s all an adventure to him, this secret jaunting out in the middle of the night. They become furtive explorers of a night city and when he’s a little older, he learns it was safer than staying home whenever their aunt entertained certain guests.

    By rin URL on 06.01.2011

  34. she didn’t know where to put it. There was no space on the floor — that was covered by books by now — and her bed was piled high with her clothes. There was always her small recliner, but she knew she’d collapse into that at any second. Desperate, she flung the backpack onto her freshly iron clothes and plopped down into the chair.

    By Erin on 06.01.2011

  35. i wear an under armour backpack.. the athletes at my school also wear these under armour bags and sometimes i think ppl might think i want to look like them.. when i dont. i really dont actually. my athlete days are over and i dont want the underserved credit

    By Charles King URL on 06.01.2011

  36. I hate how some people wear their backpacks on one shoulder. They’re going to be walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Kids also carry around too much weight these days.

    By Beth on 06.01.2011

  37. I have always wanted to go to south america and go backpack across the andes. my cousin works on trails rto machu pichu and that would be a kiff thing to do. i’d really like to journey across a continent sometime and sa would be a cool place to do it

    By MJ on 06.01.2011

  38. I assume, backpacks began as a way to carry books to various classes. The use of the backpack has evolved to include different sport designs: like skateboarding and hockey.

    By sarah smith on 06.01.2011

  39. my back pack is filled with old college papers, folders, and various other pieces of that point in time. I no longer need it, but can’t seem to rid of it either…

    By sariska URL on 06.01.2011

  40. There are so many thing we carry through life that we do not need.
    Less luggage, less trouble.

    By Camán on 06.01.2011