October 23rd, 2011 | 373 Entries

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373 Entries for “awakening”

  1. this is one awakening of many. one will come, that desire for motivation will rise and say hello, but it will not spend the night and not come back for some time. you are welcome to stay, to help yourself to food and drink, to sit and watch out the window, my dear awakening known as motivation. you do not have to go. i would like for you to stay. i want you. i need you. i need you to not be a sudden passing thing anymore.

    By MJ on 10.23.2011

  2. From the great hibernation to just a great nap, awakening can be either enjoyable or something to dread.

    By raychel on 10.23.2011

  3. She was in the process of awaking – not to the reality of the day – not from sleep – but to life in general. she had been in a trance of sorts and now she was coming out – she was coming to herself – free from the pretense of a life lived like all the rest.

    By Wayne Fair URL on 10.23.2011

  4. Awakening is always the part i hate the most. The part where you dont know if youre awake or if youre still dreaming. The part where you still remember your dream- and just dont want to wake up,

    By Amit on 10.23.2011

  5. Awakening. Deep breath, window open, light colors and a light breeze flowing through. I step up, walking to the window to view the outside. Pure calm. Deep breath. Full Awakening.

    By Devin Rumley on 10.23.2011

  6. a journey of the soul at a time of great seeking; sensual and psychological, the ever present moment

    awareness of blessing

    By darjohn URL on 10.23.2011

  7. Awakening. A good book by Kate Chopin. A good rock opera( Spring Awakening). The renaissance was called the awakening. It’s a beautiful word, a beautiful action, and all around inspiring.

    By Cate Smith on 10.23.2011

  8. Awakening is the part of the day i love and hate the most.The best part is still being able to be in that semi-sleep state where you’re still dreaming and know what about. And then, then’s the bad part: where you suddenly remember that you have to get out of bed, get dressed anf go to school; work; or whatever else you do after you wake up,.

    By AmitK URL on 10.23.2011

  9. this is when i feel like there is enlightenment in my life, when there is a feeling my eyes have finally opened to the ways of the world. i want to take this awakening and explore the intricacies of it as much as i can before my time on earth ends. i want to take it and discover different sides to myself.

    By Annie on 10.23.2011

  10. we are all awakening. now. from a long deep sleep. as a nation. as a planet. as lovers. as friends. we are all occupying our own lives, for the very first time.

    By Tamara on 10.23.2011

  11. Awakening was rather harsh for him. But he needed that to be free. So that he wasn’t just a memory to him.

    By aQuatix on 10.23.2011

  12. Ah!Awakening. Something I hate because I’m loving this illusion that everything is going great. Reality sucks. I wish I was 5 again.

    By Claire URL on 10.23.2011

  13. She opened her eyes only to find a groggy grey mist in front of her.
    After blinking a few times her vision sharpened and a bright white light began to seep around her.
    “What?” She croaked out, her voice felt unused, “Where am I?”
    A pair of arms wrapped around her from behind and an unfamiliar voice whispered,
    “You’re in wonderland Alice, and we’ve all been waiting for you.”

    By Rain URL on 10.23.2011

  14. is the experince of rebirth, of renewal. Dropping your pre-conceived notions of what you thought was true, casting away the shroud that blinds you, opening and reflecting on that inward eye. That is the dropping of false rhetoric, and succumbing to the virtue of eudaimonia.

    By Rory O' Connor URL on 10.23.2011

  15. I feel anticipation looking over my shoulder. My horoscopes says the planets are aligned. This could be the awakening I have been anticipating. The Goddess says I should be brave and take a big step. I wonder what I will be leaping to.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 10.23.2011

  16. waking up. spiritual. open eyes. third ey blind, ghost, halloween. spirit somoning. realizing you can do better. realizing who you really are. forgetting what people see. grave. dead. church. hurt. past. new. start over.

    By mina on 10.23.2011

  17. Her awakening was imminent. Things had come to a breaking point in life–her relationship with Eric, her menial soul-crushing job, the finances teetering on edge. The hope in awakenings, she realized, is that even though they were often her lowest point, she realized that things could only get better from there.

    By Erin URL on 10.23.2011

  18. in the ending of my dreams i hear the roar of the siren announcing the time. it is time. it has begun. a new beginning. an awakening.

    By desuforeverlulz on 10.23.2011

  19. There was a brisk moment in when I heard his voice, calling. He desperately wanted me back. He knew I was awakening, or “dying,” as he would call it. I had finally found a chance to escape. I was free.

    By Chloe URL on 10.23.2011

  20. Waking up in the morning unhappy to get out of bed, only to discover the lines imprinted from the pillow to my face. I hope things get better as the day progresses.

    By Maya URL on 10.23.2011

  21. In the event that the patient undergoes a serious ailment you may find that she (for most often in these acute cases it will occur in female patients) will experience inexplicable episodes of crying when awakening.

    By Dan on 10.23.2011

  22. Think about the short story. When you have a realization about something that you have buried for a log time

    By Mindi on 10.23.2011

  23. In the morning, I awaken. Sometimes it’s unwanted; awakening for an early class or obligation. Sometimes it is peaceful; awakening all by myself. All on my own will. But sometimes awakenings are more subtle and you have to realize they are happening. Like seeing a sunset and appreciating it like never before. You have to understand that awakening can be use in so many contexts. It’s something for which there is no right nor wrong answer. Awaken yourself to the world and realize everything you have to be grateful for.

    By Mary on 10.23.2011

  24. Awakening.

    Of the world.

    Take a breath.



    Look around.

    And then go back to sleep.

    By RainbowFishie URL on 10.23.2011

  25. waking up in the morning eating breakfast feeling refreshed. Life is good when you feel like the world is at your finger tips. Nothing to stop you now, you can do whatever you want with the new day. No one to say no.

    By Sydney Hofferber on 10.23.2011

  26. Awakening. This is something I know already. This is my childhood, gone, carved away into raw adolescence. This is the beginning of something primal and sexual, of philosophical thoughts and juicy gossip. This is my awakening. Strange, huh?

    By Sabrina on 10.23.2011

  27. the sun hits you like a
    tidal wave, open, close, eyes
    like a switchblade, in & out of
    light, dark, &
    you down the day like a flat
    energy drink,
    crashing in the end.

    By eleven URL on 10.23.2011

  28. an awakening is when you relearn who you are and what you want to do. It is when you have a moment of inspiration, motivation and revival. We all feel it, but some ignore it.

    By Collin on 10.23.2011

  29. I can see without my eyes,
    I can feel without these hands.
    My mind is free to wander, in and out of the void of an non-existent reality
    Awakening I sit and watch the world turn.
    And the people stare and wonder.

    By Marcus McMahon URL on 10.23.2011

  30. Annoying because all i really wanna do is sleep but i know that i need to wake up because there is important things I need to do in the morning. like eat breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth.

    By Ian URL on 10.23.2011

  31. Awful awakenings await.

    By Marianne URL on 10.23.2011

  32. Awake at 4 am listening to the dryer skeak..listening to the train running outside..listening to the bass of the nightclub down stairs..most of all.. I am listneing to my voice that is telling me what i need to write down. I am awake..and there is a person in me awake as well. I am not alone.

    By ajloopy URL on 10.23.2011

  33. awakening is a very important spiritual path. Without awakening you will never truly see the world as it is meant to be seen. That is how I see awakening. Awakening is a sun on a dreary morning. Or a song on a terrible day. That is true Awakening.

    By matt on 10.23.2011

  34. i am awake now and i sucks… i woke because im anxious. i need a spiritual awakening to lighten the load of shit and weight on my shoulders…. i need to see the lights and stop being a control freak. awaken my soul please, someone. set me free.

    By on 10.23.2011

  35. in the morning, as i awake, i am thankful for many things. not only do i have the opportunity to awaken once more than i had, but i woke up in a bed, with a blanket and even a pillow. many people don’t even have that opportunity. think about that, will you? please do. try to help the world-do some good.

    By Alicia on 10.23.2011

  36. hello

    By brooke on 10.23.2011

  37. hi how are ya darlin

    By harry on 10.23.2011

  38. He shuddered at the sensation. He felt the cadaver’s lifeless eyes upon him. The scalpel glinted coldly in the light. He sighed slowly and lowered his arms. As the blade touched yellowed flesh, the eyes of the thing flared opened. He let out a startled gasp and backed away. The corpse shot up off of the pristine operating table and opened it’s arms, face twisting into a toothless grimace.

    “Daddy!” it cried in a raspy, hideous mockery of a voice.

    By Jon URL on 10.23.2011

  39. I awakened in a large, gray, damp box. There was a window with bars across it. I must have been arrested for speedin g while drunk or something. I definitely reemember being drunk, which would mean I wasn’t really drunk. I guess I’m just a really crappy driver, then. I do remember crashing into a retirement home.

    By yugimew URL on 10.23.2011

  40. I guess I thought you would be fine, that you would have surgery, and wake up. You didn’t. You died at age twelve, and I blame myself. I should have done something, anything.

    By shannon on 10.23.2011