October 24th, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “automatic”

  1. Automatic, everything is automatic. Machines and all stuff around you function automatically. Heck, even the brain at times functions automatically. I like that word, it suggests speed and precision when functioning. No time wasted.

    By Claire URL on 10.24.2011

  2. now, easy, fast, accesible, antimanual, prepared, computer done, reflex, uncontrollable, car, math,

    By ahmed on 10.24.2011

  3. First thing that came to my mind was Tokyo Hotel! You’re automatic da da da da da da daaaaa. :) Appliances? Hehe. Electronic shiz. This is hard. :| Boom.

    By Myka URL on 10.24.2011

  4. Automatic. Is the word at the top of this page. So I suppose I’m to write about it? I’d rather not. It doesn’t stand for much at the moment, well it stands for its’ literal meaning but other than that it means nothing to me. I’m ranting. You’re making me rant. Thanks. Maybe you should give better words instead. I could enlighten you with my ideas if you would have just given me a better word to write about. BUT NO. Why ‘automatic’? Why not ‘poop’? I could write wonders about that word. I could tell you stories about my pooping experiences, that I’m sure anyone could relate to them. I could vividly describe poop, for those who refuse to look down at the toilet and witness their asshole’s form of art. But no. You gave me a different word. A word that means quickly. Sort of. No, it does. And if it doesn’t well I’ll look the damn fool on here. Whatever this is? The word automatic has managed to make me look like an idiot in only a matter of ten minutes. Well played Automatic. Well played.

    By Daniela on 10.24.2011

  5. Automatic is a word that describes the swiftness that something occurs. For instance, if a computer is to be used by an impatient person, all of the actions that the person does must happen automatically, or else they will get frustrated and quit.

    By Saya on 10.24.2011

  6. automatic super cala fragalistic expealadocious, thats the name i always have and your hella atrocious. my ryhmes are fifth grade, so that makes you fourth, i be writing ryhmes just to show my self worth ya digggggggg

    By nathaniel nixon on 10.24.2011

  7. They stared at one another and hesitated for a long moment. He knew what he wanted to say, although the words wouldn’t come out. She, too, gave him that knowing look, and with a sigh they both opened their mouths. The words that left their mouths were automatic: “I’m sorry,” they said, and they both smiled.

    By Hickles on 10.24.2011

  8. car truck manual fast stick shift complicated stick easy toyota ford chevrolet mazda camry scion F350 mom dad jeep

    By Celia Rife on 10.24.2011

  9. This site displays perfectly what being automatic is. In order to write something worth reading, you must comprehend the word and just go. There’s no time to stop, read, breath, you must write write write until the time runs out. You may think that your words and sentences are disjointed or don’t make sense, but that’s the beauty.

    By Saya Cahn URL on 10.24.2011

  10. everything is automatic everything is skin deep automatic writing because these words aren’t mine few are most words that come from my fingers are song lyrics album titles like automatic for the people if i make writing automatic maybe more words will come

    By Paul on 10.24.2011

  11. Our hears are automatic, they beat without us thinking about it. The love without us ever realizing it, and they hurt without us even trying to hurt them.

    By Shayla Roo URL on 10.24.2011

  12. supersonic. hypnotic. funky fresh. …or something like that…other than that, I got cars which leads me to physics which leads me to the test I’m going to fail tomorrow. I should be studying for that instead of doing this…

    By Samana URL on 10.24.2011

  13. I automatically pull my clothes on, robotically, exhausted. I. Hate. Mornings. With all my heart and soul. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, staring at my bright computer screen, watching Invader Zim for who knows how long. I should really get into the habit of getting to sleep before ten. Seriously.
    Today’s going to be hell. How else am I going to concentrate in my first three classes? Hmmm…. I probably can take a nap in World Geography….
    Sounds like plan!
    I shrug on my backpack to my left shoulder, and head outside for the bus stop.

    By Isabella on 10.24.2011

  14. Slide back the hammer, aim the sight, breathe out. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never used this gun before, take your time. Look the devil in the eye. Prove your still worth a damn old man. This automatic may kick like a mule, but you’ve dealt with worse.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 10.24.2011

  15. She automatically looked at the clock, checked the contents of her backpack, sighed and stood up to leave. Time for lab again? Three more hours wasted measuring out the molarity of iodine.

    By Isa on 10.24.2011

  16. automatic means to use something without having to use effort towards something like an automatic engine on a car so you dont have to keep making sure the engine is where it needs to be.

    By Grace Hancock on 10.24.2011

  17. It has gotten to the point that even the responses I say to my children about their days have become automatic. I am a person who loves, even thrives on, routine but I am definitely needing a break in the daily routine of life.

    By Mrs. Leo URL on 10.24.2011

  18. without pause. no hesitation. quickness, speed. machines and ease. cars, laundry mats, computers. paces that don’t have automatic items.

    By kate URL on 10.24.2011

  19. Automatic. When I see this word it makes me think automatically, but of what? Nothing comes to mind. Actually I feel like this word fills my head with a lot of thoughts, but I can’t make sense of any of them. I feel like it is all a tangled blur.

    By Devin C-G URL on 10.24.2011

  20. fuck. i yelled. Fuck fuck fuck. Stupid fucking automatic car. Breaks down in the stupid fucking rain… I pleaded, ” God, just get me home. God, I just wanna go home, but everything kept saying stay.

    By Kirstin Lemonflower on 10.24.2011

  21. huy8y7yu97uy98u0i90i90io0-ookopkp-k-ik-0 m9i-gkewpokowk4l

    By anil on 10.24.2011

  22. eyes meet across room
    the sparks begin to fire up
    but what is his name?


    By megan breukelman URL on 10.24.2011

  23. When I saw you it was automatic. Knowing I wanted to know you, to be involved with you. The sudden realization of that was set from the beginning. You didn’t know who I was but I knew who you were, I thought we’d only be friends. But over time I grew to love you and know you and then you liked me too and loved me too and here we are. You, my automatic.

    By Cube URL on 10.24.2011

  24. people are automatic, they do exactly what is expected, exactly the way they are expected to do it :(

    By Andrea on 10.24.2011

  25. It was an automatic reaction, these days. for every millisecond the computer was slow, the subject’s anger would increase, until said subject was ready to smash it to bits.

    By Josie on 10.24.2011

  26. it wasn’t automatic, the attraction between you and me,
    but two years later, my mind was put into gear.
    i knew you were the one.
    but now you’re with her.
    and i still have to be your friend.
    even though i love you.
    i wish it was automatic.
    i wish i saw what you saw from day one.
    please love me back soon.

    By sarahkmiec on 10.24.2011

  27. standing at the base of
    the mountain,
    a little girl drew in deep breaths
    that swept her off her feet.

    she lived her life trying to recreate that feeling.
    every moment after then,
    dull filtering of air, layering dust deposits in her

    By invinculis URL on 10.24.2011

  28. automatic is instantaneous. It is vehicles; it is how our food is cooked; it is our world as we know it now. Life is now about what can get done fastest, and easiest. That is all.

    By Matt on 10.24.2011

  29. Something done without thought. It just happens, without premeditation or set up. It’s instantaneous and reactive in an instinctual way.

    By Jazz on 10.24.2011

  30. automatic seems the reaction
    when one turns in the moment

    when you cash in your judgement
    automatic seems the reaction

    By Bryan on 10.24.2011

  31. The pain came to me automatically. It was six o clock in the morning when i found out she died. The pain had hit me so hard, i had no idea how to react. All i thought about was all the good times we had together. I couldnt help but think of all the things i have to alone.

    By Lauren Paus URL on 10.24.2011

  32. Symptomatic, apathetic, all things automatic. Wasn’t that a song somewhere way back then, possibly. Anyway I like coffee makers that are, and answering machines that are when you want them to be and responses when they are good ones and not just bad auto responses.

    By B. Collins on 10.24.2011

  33. Everything is automatic. No need for jobs, no need for people. It’s all done now a days by fancy little metal machines. We have technology now.

    By Sam Haines on 10.24.2011

  34. Automatic is what the world has come to. Automatic is the way we prepare food, the way we get around, how we talk and communicate to eachother. Automatic has become a staple for humanity. Automatic has been accomplished, but for many has barely been touched on. Automatic is the future; and we are living in it today.

    By PieceofMind URL on 10.24.2011

  35. It was one of those automated machines. You’d wake up every morning, walk into your living room, and it would switch on. It would pour you a cup of coffee, tell you what the weather was going to be like, etc.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 10.24.2011

  36. go. now. because i said so. because i hit a switch.
    Happens with no control. Its the first thing we do after birth.
    We never stop doing it until our very last minute of life.

    By Oscar Fernandez URL on 10.24.2011

  37. automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh. automatic car. automatically mad at me. automatic music. it happend automatically. automatics are boring. auto- car matic

    By cape on 10.24.2011

  38. I made sure that the machine was fully automatic — press the flavor button and then the size button, and 45 seconds later, your slushie is ready. Currently the Slush Fun(d) cranks out small, medium, and large product, in flavors red, orange, and blue. Plans for 2012 include green and the possible addition of extra-large. The future is bright.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.24.2011

  39. It was automatic. The feeling would creep at the worst of times, but I satisfied the urge to kill during the daytime hours quite well. At night, there was no way to quell the overwhelming urge to hurt those who have hurt me. I meticulously created and recreated lists. Those who made the cut would certainly know it.

    By Fender2010 URL on 10.24.2011

  40. II think, “why is it left to me and is this a burden or reward?”. Somehow, it could be both. I’d rather not say.

    By David Kyle URL on 10.24.2011