October 24th, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “automatic”

  1. I like my automatic car. I don’t have to think about it. I just get in it and go. Unlike a manual car where you have to think about how and when you are going to shift the gears in the car. Ugh! Manual cars suck. Automatic all the way!

    By Cassandra URL on 10.24.2011

  2. when something happens without help from an outside force
    a natural occurrence
    something engineered to work without assistance

    By Darci on 10.24.2011

  3. Automatic thoughts like this one are usually provoked by some inner meaning, this how ever has no meaning because the word automatic is really meaningless for me unless you’re talking about something actually automatically doing the work for me, that would be great, work done for me automatically, always. Uhg, great.

    By Van Heart URL on 10.24.2011

  4. Automatic

    I’ve always preferred driving a stick shift. I like having that additional control over a car. Automatic cars always leave me guessing… “When is it going to shift into the next gear?” I downshift too, and I’ve yet to drive an automatic car that does that well, if at all. Every car I’ve owned has been a stick shift.


    Are they even still made?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.24.2011

  5. tink tink.
    stop. start. go.
    the car I drive is automatic.
    tink tink.
    somethings I do are automatic.
    does that just make me a machine?
    tink tink, go the cogs and gears of a man.
    automatically they turn.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.24.2011

  6. I look forward and I see the red light. I’ve been stopped. I can’t move or I’ll be breaking the law. What if this was what it’s like to live in a corrupted kingdom? I probably wouldn’t survive. It’d be too much. I need to automatically be able to make decisions in my life. I can’t survive otherwise.

    By dolphinherovamp5 URL on 10.24.2011

  7. It was an automatic reflex for me to whip my head around and glare at whoever was insulting me, but as I realized who the insulter was, my eyes widened.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 10.24.2011

  8. Automatic. How I feel every day. Electronic and fake. Built just to be there, an extra in the crowd disappearing in the crowd.Hating it to he point that you try to end it and finally you do disappear.

    By Hannah URL on 10.24.2011

  9. It should come automatically, Daniel. The motion. You’re a Campbell, and Campbells are natural-born athletes. But as the leaves fell to the ground around me i bent down to pick up the baseball that I knew was not meant for me, and the cold began to set in.

    By David Moniker on 10.24.2011

  10. Automatic lessens life hassles. It reduces the human role in the world and life itself, yet .

    By precious1026 URL on 10.24.2011

  11. To do something without thinking, or hesitation. In the context of life, a reaction sponsored by culture or tradition.

    By Care URL on 10.24.2011

  12. Auto…….the 1920’s when the ladies keep their hair in scarves or under fashionable hats. When you wore dresses and high heels every day. Where style was the epitome of feminism. And you could ride in automobiles.

    By bella on 10.24.2011

  13. I frowned at the buttons, and a whirring began. Next moment, I had received a cup of hot chocolate with three marshmallows, not two. The door opened, and I found myself at work, looking at a long day.

    By Varon on 10.24.2011

  14. It wasn’t automatic. But it wasn’t standard either. It was more of a premonition that turned out to be totally accurate. Him, I thought to myself, and it turned out later I was right. I would like to drive standard but I can’t because we don’t own one and nobody I know wants to let me drive their car.

    By an octopus URL on 10.24.2011

  15. An automatic attraction was felt the moment I looked into your eyes. Though you were a complete stranger I couldn’t help bu tush towards you and tell you you are the most impulsive thing I’ve ever seen

    By Sam on 10.24.2011

  16. It was automatic. They instantly fell in love. Love at first sight, if you will. Even though this was true, they both denied it. but not for long. Eventually they realized their true feelings for each other. And they were perfect.

    By Julie URL on 10.24.2011

  17. I type quickly, making a few errors. No matter, I can edit them later. I type along, accidentally misspelling another word. This time the computer corrects it.
    It doesn’t need me, it automatically corrects it.
    ‘I can’t help feeling a little sad.

    By Jocelyn URL on 10.24.2011

  18. when your life becomes automatic, watch out. it feels easy, but deep in your soul you are exhausted. you’ll know how much you’ve been fatigued once you leave the automatic lifestyle.

    By kaorita on 10.24.2011

  19. This kind of “love” was not automatic. A year of pondering and too much pressure, I caved into the realization that while it is not pervasive and euphoric, it is right, and it is what I actually want.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 10.24.2011

  20. All the way back home i thought of the word. nothing but the word. everything else wasted away in the distance. everything was a white haze. it was then that i knew i was not interesting. i was not beautiful. i was not special. none of us are. we’re all lost, and all in the same way.

    By Caz on 10.24.2011

  21. Automatic? Guns. That’s what this word makes me think of. Not only that, but war too. I don’t think there will ever be a time when the world figures out what peace really is.

    By Leesa Nicole URL on 10.24.2011

  22. You’re an automatic,
    No fun to drive.

    Don’t rely on skills
    to get by in life.
    Just the fact
    that you were built
    better for this lazy society
    that we call the majority.

    You can be so boring
    shifting things simply,
    at the exact perfect time.
    Annoying that you are seemingly
    Though when you break,
    you fall apart completely.
    Exhausting me to the pocket.

    I’m thinking about trading
    for for a manual.

    By zoe URL on 10.24.2011

  23. Automatic! The easy cars are automatic. The boring ones too.. My dad taught me how to drive on a stick. It was so frustrating, but fun once I got the hang of it. I bet if all teenagers drove a stick it would mean less texting and driving.

    By Katie Salvadore on 10.24.2011

  24. “Automatic” is what I’m on most of the time. It’s difficult to stay on track when what I really want to do is give in and do what’s not so “automatic”…like stay up all night and write.

    By Cheryl Riveness on 10.24.2011

  25. Mundane morning routine propels me into inner city streets, commuter crowded train, hot aromatic takeaway coffee with good morning greetings. Escalator and elevator lift me up to the sky away from the world activating my automatic shutdown response as I am delivered through the door.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 10.24.2011

  26. There’s no delay, no manual switches or pulleys or anything like that. There is no work that I have to do to make it happen. The love I feel for her is just automatic and there is no off switch

    By Bryan Green URL on 10.24.2011

  27. is anything really automatic? what about feelings, emotions, love, loyalty, kindness and honor? it seems to me that the most important things in life are not automatic.

    By Sandra URL on 10.24.2011

  28. “right now, the first thing you think of.”
    “ummm… sad?”
    “is that a question, haha. how so?”
    “well i mean, no.. i guess it just has a depressing effect on me. the tree: how it spreads out into nothingness. nowhere to go. and thats not even mentioning the heart..whos, hanging itself?”
    “ya.. i am.”

    By katie URL on 10.24.2011

  29. transmission needs to shift quick for my getaway, my pistol lends no hast when it gets me out of a road rage bind

    By Erik Emard on 10.24.2011

  30. I hear your name and automatically my attention is drawn. Walking down the halls, my eyes automatically search for you. Something about you, about the general way you are draws me to you. The force of attraction is simply much too strong.

    By Haley URL on 10.24.2011

  31. the typewriter wouldnt stop. I started at it…gulped, and started to scream. What it was telling me was not what I wanted to hear. I couldn’t believe it was telling me i was going to die. And this typewriter,did not lie. It told the truth, always. Oh. Um, i don’t know what else to write.

    By VengaFett on 10.24.2011

  32. About everything I say is automatic. All of my reactions too. No wonder my friends can guess my every move. I guess I’m just easy to read, if you know me. Sometimes, I feel like the automatic conclusion isn’t always the best one.

    By Cristina on 10.24.2011

  33. cars drive real fast but when do we ever stop to look around us? cars create a space where we can go from point a to point b without even thinking about what’s happening in between. we don’t notice the space around us and we are so focused on getting to where we want to go that we miss the spaces. automatic drive implies that. autopilot. check out.

    By Megan on 10.24.2011

  34. Automatic is when something happens without you telling it to or making it do so. Love is automatic. Some cars are automatic. Almost everything in our bodies is automatic. The world revolves around automatic-ness.

    By supernova URL on 10.24.2011

  35. Roughly 6 weeks ago I walked in to a record store in the new town where I live. I was stoked to find a copy of Jesus ans Mary Chain’s “Automatic” on vinyl.
    “And the way I feel tonight, I could die and I wouldn’t mind…”

    By YourFriendDave URL on 10.24.2011

  36. Cars are automatic, just like our thoughts. Just like this, actually. Most thoughts are automatic, and are fully thought of without even an ounce of real thinking behind them. And we wonder why some people lack the qualities that some seem have with regards to saying the right things in the right moment – sometimes we need to be less ‘automatic’ and start thinking about thought-out feelings over automatic thoughts.

    By Ashley on 10.24.2011

  37. Theres a shine in my chest and a beat in the sky. This automatic illusion catches the glint in my eye. stand still. hold fast.

    By RachelJeri URL on 10.24.2011

  38. I feel like my life is going along automatically… I mean, I understand that time is automatic, and I hate it for that reason, but I can feel my life just coasting sometimes.
    I still don’t know what I want to do, but I feel I am always moving towards any specific goal.
    I want to somewhere, but I don’t know if I want it to be automatic and straightforward….
    I have always lived with strife, why stop now?

    By Danny URL on 10.24.2011

  39. I drive a manual car. Automatics seem lazy and boring. Driving a manual makes you involved in the driving process, and you get better gas milage.

    By Kelsie Owen on 10.24.2011

  40. Don’t have to think about it.
    All by itself.
    Shoots a lot.

    By Bill G URL on 10.24.2011