October 24th, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “automatic”

  1. I build automatic devices for Lego robots in fll

    By just582 URL on 10.24.2011

  2. It’s a word of beauty, magic even. Automatic means you don’t have to try, it just does, it happens without your will being necessary. Being lazy is fantastic.

    By Natalie on 10.24.2011

  3. Automatic. Automatically moving, but does not where to. The man atuomatically moves to different places, experiencing different things. But what happens when your down moving? When you don’t want to experience anymore pain? Anymore torture? Anymore anything. The man wants to be free, instead of having to be played with, everyday, by the people they love most……..Automatically set free. Is he one wish.

    By Victoria URL on 10.24.2011

  4. i automaticly think about a car that is staring because the word auto is the prefix and cars are cool. matic reminds me of math and i hate math. automatic is a handy word that i probrally dont use enough yeah i sould work on that. you know automaticly using that word more.

    By Stephanie on 10.24.2011

  5. automatic means it does it y its self . like is you phone turns on autonaticly it automatic.

    By dub42 URL on 10.24.2011

  6. something that happens right away. some thing that does it for you.

    By im a beast URL on 10.24.2011

  7. there are many automatic things like automatic guns they shoot fast not slow and cars are automatics to

    By maxamillion URL on 10.24.2011

  8. when i see the word automatic i automaticly think of cars. Just cars. any types of cars of any color. I am not quite sure why.its a mystery

    By steph URL on 10.24.2011

  9. automatic means when it is already doing what it sopposed to do. Like it automaticly there.

    By kiwi URL on 10.24.2011

  10. a car is automatic wich means it gos foward and is electric

    By packerfan URL on 10.24.2011

  11. He was tired of routine.
    Tired or rolling out of the same dusty bed with the same horrid floral bedsheets that smelled of mothballs and old age. Tired of putting on the same old gray bathrobe that had once been white. Tired of the stale kisses and recycled I love you’s. Tired of being an engine.

    His battery had been running on empty, with just enough strength for one last machine.

    He chose a .34 automatic,
    and the rusty gears slowly, finally, quietly grinded to a halt.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 10.24.2011

  12. my mom car was automatic when i got in. it automatically started when we got in to drive to school.

    By countrygirl12 URL on 10.24.2011

  13. automatic means that it does it without even thinking. like breathing its just automatic. or an automatic gun it just shoots without you pulling the trigger every time. automatic is a wonderful thing it makes things go faster.

    By inforser URL on 10.24.2011

  14. Automatic i something that you don’t try to do or mean to in other wise it happens on accident so therefore it was automatic like an automatic car that drives down the open road on a vacation.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 10.24.2011

  15. is when something can do things all by its self you dont need to program it or what ever you need to do ro it it does it all by its self

    By Short Stuff URL on 10.24.2011

  16. automatic is when something does something buy its self like if u shot an automatic gun it would keep going til it ran out of bullets.

    By I Love Elephants!!!!! URL on 10.24.2011

  17. Automatic is something that moves all on it’s own without thinking.

    By kosher URL on 10.24.2011

  18. Automatic brings about the idea of ‘easier’. For example, an automatic car is classed as being easier to drive than a non-automatic car, because it only includes an accelerator and a brake. As technology is becoming more advanced, more things are becoming automatic.

    By Emily on 10.24.2011

  19. automatic? i cant think of a story for that! it reminds me of cars for some reason….and elevators. i hate elevators.

    By jenna br URL on 10.24.2011

  20. it goes by its sellf loving a caring it takes charhe and does its own thing and goes its own way it take time but it willl get there??????????!!

    By picklebounce1 URL on 10.24.2011

  21. this meanas to me like starts and stops all by its self u dont need to do it.

    By lovebunny13 URL on 10.24.2011

  22. Automatic transmissions are baffling! I wish I could drive one, but I will never learn how. Oh…I confused automatic with manual. In that case I definitely already know how to drive an automatic. It drives itself, really. Well not exactly, that would be dangerous. I would get in a lot of wrecks. Or just one. Because then I’d get a real car. That didn’t drive itself.

    By Katie on 10.24.2011

  23. automatic. like the race in my brain when i awake. automatic like the breath i take in the wind. automatic like my soul’s scream.

    By Celia URL on 10.24.2011

  24. My life is automatic. I automatically have to get up every single morning, have my shower, eat my breakfast, go to school… or work, depending. Everyone’s life is automatic. Where’s the creativity in it? Why can’t we just do what we want? Why are we all just following a herd?

    By Samantha Robichaud on 10.24.2011

  25. car

    By george on 10.24.2011

  26. The automatic flutter of my heart when I think of your face, or the way your skin feels against mine. The automatic smile after we kiss and the automatic love.

    By Anna on 10.24.2011

  27. Monday morning motions are automatic. Just motions. Get up, brush teeth, comb hair, drive, park, go to class, take notes. Automatic.

    By taylor on 10.24.2011

  28. everything seems so automatic. i’m writing, im supposed to move. to breathe. all the while maintaining my grades keeping my brother company, being a good daughter a good person. whats automatic about that? on and off. but i still have to move a light switch so thats not really automati. you still have to turn on a robot there needs to be a soruce of motivation.

    By Ghada on 10.24.2011

  29. Ataxia- automatic writing. This website is the closest I get to a daily dose of ataxia. Sometimes I’m proud of what I come up with, sometimes I’m indifferent. Today I am indifferent.

    By dan URL on 10.24.2011

  30. Like writing this verse is automation. I do it without thinking, without planning or trying, I simply do. Many things are automatic, the world is becoming automatic. Instead of deliberate, and planned, most actions and events are automatic.

    By Nathan URL on 10.24.2011

  31. Everything is society is automatic. All things and devices are designed to be automatic for the well being of everyone and their convenience. The system is designed to automatically weed out the bad in a very simple minded and excuse filled way. Sadness is the only result.

    By Brad on 10.24.2011

  32. It was plainly automatic. He whipped out the emerald sword at his hip and swung with painstaking grace that only a true warrior could know. In one fell swoop, the enemy ball of magic was struck down, sending violent azure sparks deep into the pounding winds.

    By Gary B. URL on 10.24.2011

  33. Automatic. A word that pops into my mind is “robotic”. Robots do things automatically, with calculated algorithms and cold precision. We do things automatically too, like robots do, and maybe, just maybe, we’re cold too.

    By Tyler URL on 10.24.2011

  34. Her kindness to him was not automatic. It was a product of systematic thought. When she would talk to him, she have to carefully choose what words she told him, not just let whatever she thought slide right off of her tongue. It disturbed her.

    By Amanda Miller on 10.24.2011

  35. when you know something is real, you don’t even have to think about anything and you do it without question.

    By Laura Kratzer on 10.24.2011

  36. It was an automatic jealous reaction. She could not stop it, could not help but feel it. He had just crushed every ounce of love she had for him, and now there was no stopping her. She laid down in a ball and cried. She cried for losing him, cried that she wasn’t good enough for him, and cried because she had to finally admit it was over…

    By Wendy on 10.24.2011

  37. Automatic.
    I look at the room, bright shining lights cause my eyes to squint. Flicker and become lost.
    My heart is pounding. Raising. Faster, Faster. FASTER.
    I can’t stop it.
    My ears hurt, and pain floods my system.
    I’m gonna die I think.

    By :) on 10.24.2011

  38. The robot was one of a kind. She could do anything. The man that bought her was so excited, he would finally have somebody; a robotic wife to love him and do his housework. Someone perfect to live out his dreams with.

    By Maxine Rock on 10.24.2011

  39. Automatic is easy. You don’t have to think too much about what you’re doing. You just shift into automatic and go. Cars are just like life. The only difference is when you put your life on “automatic” or “autopilot” you forget how much you like to make you own choices and to think about what you’re doing. Automatic is easy. But manual is better. After all, no one said life was supposed to be easy.

    By bex URL on 10.24.2011

  40. Jensen stood there stupefied contemplating that he has just talked with God.
    “Christ, this is coming a little too automatic, you ask me,” Jensen moaned inside.

    “Yes, it can appear that way, but just wait. Something wonderful is going to happen,” came God’s reply.

    “I’ll just bet,” replied Jensen.

    By chole URL on 10.24.2011