October 24th, 2011 | 440 Entries

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440 Entries for “automatic”

  1. this brainstorm is not automatic….

    By charles on 10.25.2011

  2. I just did it without thinking. Opened the vault. Retrieved countless irreplaceable mementos and thrust them inside the dark folds of my ire, like I could push them into oblivion.

    By Jade Carmichael Winslow URL on 10.25.2011

  3. cars are automatic. automatic kittens is an old band in the 90’s . my washing machine is automatic . automatic is basically where machine works without manual instructions.

    By Sue on 10.25.2011

  4. first a low murmur
    crescendo! crescendo!
    one bang, two flat sounds
    now she’s on the floor
    shit, he says
    that was only automatic

    By Noelle URL on 10.25.2011

  5. the scream was not expected
    i was more surprised than she was
    when i found my mouth opened
    and my fist clenched, palm spread
    outward extending, knuckle twitching
    what was i doing! watching my own body
    it wriggled in writhed, it couldn’t be me
    who was that monster who slapped her mother

    By Noelle URL on 10.25.2011

  6. Jimmy lifted the lever and watched as his computer transformed itself. Jimmy never knew what it would transform into which is what made doing this so much fun. Every day Jimmy pulled the lever and watched his computer transform into something else.

    By Nick F on 10.25.2011

  7. everything in life now became automatic i can’t imagine a place with just simplicity everywhere coziness and ease .. why people keep using cars and pollute the environment and use everything to make noises while they can walk and embrace life ?!

    By Bassem on 10.25.2011

  8. Halllie has a timid girl. her worst fear waas automatic doors . she couln’t go to the store. even though she had to do it for her wonderul teacher.

    By Ellie on 10.25.2011

  9. Automatic, it’s a system to describe the autonomy of other things. I’m not really sure what to write about it, other than that this website for instance automatically counts down from 60 seconds. It’s used to get one’s creativity flowing. Actually, I suppose you could just use it like that and you don’t have to write about the /actual/ word.

    By Inevidence on 10.25.2011

  10. A furious shower of bullet fell upon the unsuspecting crowd of townsfolk. Their blood-curdling screams filled the air as bodies fell to the ground, the sound of impact masked by the constain bursts of new bullets being fired.

    By David J. Rodriguez URL on 10.25.2011

  11. Leaning against the wall, she was watching the door revolve around it’s axis automatically, just like her twitter feed revolved automatically, just like the world revolved around it’s axis, as though automatically. I could make puns at there being a turning point some time, but that’d just be lame, wouldn’t it?

    By Inevidence on 10.25.2011

  12. Are we automatic? What if we were all robots? Or machines of some other kind? How different would things be? Would we even know? How could machines love? But some people seem automatic too, even now. They don’t recognize the beauty of this world, or in anything around them. There is nothing here for them because they do not let anything in. I wonder if they consider themselves mechanical.

    By Lily on 10.25.2011

  13. my new car is automatic. I want an automatic bike.

    By r@y@nne sn!per URL on 10.25.2011

  14. The automatic space rocket shot into the air and flew away never to be seen again!!

    By Giraffe URL on 10.25.2011

  15. i have n automatic car. automatic means that it drives by itself. my brother is an automatic talker in the morning. my brothers say that they are automatically related to me.

    By mccrazy URL on 10.25.2011

  16. The trucks shifter is automatic.The car’s is, too.

    By Celliana URL on 10.25.2011

  17. The automatic airplane flew into the air with ease. After the automatic airplane was in the air it crashed into a building. The automatic airplane fell into tine pieces.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 10.25.2011

  18. i have an automatic quad.

    By chunkymonkeyfudgepops URL on 10.25.2011

  19. The light is automatic and turns on at a certain time each day. The automatic car is very interesting because none has to drive it. Also the automatic sprinklers often annoy me. The only reason I don’t like automatic sprinklers is because, they come on sometimes when I am walking by and they spray me.

    By bean! URL on 10.25.2011

  20. my ipod turns on automatically
    my ipod turns off automatically

    By Legit Llamas URL on 10.25.2011

  21. Automatic Kalashnikov AKA the AK-47 most widespread weapon in modern days. Used by third world armies and thugs.

    By Sam Wilson on 10.25.2011

  22. an automatic is something that works on its own something that you can control and that is what a automatic is

    By Amazing Antonio URL on 10.25.2011

  23. The car has an automatic transmission. The automatic machine gun jammed on me so I died.

    By bowman URL on 10.25.2011

  24. there was a fully automatic a-k47 lying on the table. My instincts automatically told me to hit the deck. Three blades wizzed over my head. My training was starting to kick in. I realized I had three choices.

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 10.25.2011

  25. There are automatic doors that open whenever you walk in front of them. Um, I can’t think of anything else. :/

    By Damaris URL on 10.25.2011

  26. Automatic world is far better than the manual world but it has sure brought in problems related to health as more people are depending upon machines rather than utilizing their body to do even simplest of work in their everyday life.

    By Ace URL on 10.25.2011

  27. “I’m fine,”
    Her response was premeditated.
    It was automatic.

    I wanted to help her. I did.
    But how could I?
    When she wouldn’t
    let me

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 10.25.2011

  28. just like the way society treats us today. we’re automatic automated made into machines…work…eat…work…moneymoneymoneymoney…work…drive…gas…work…lose moneymoneymoney…workworkworkwork…money………….

    By gina on 10.25.2011

  29. it was weird for her, her of all people to be holding a semi automatic gun. she hated guns, swore off from using them ever again, and yet, here she was standing with a semi automatic gun pointed to the other woman’s head, the betrayers head. it was not right for someone to betray someone else, and selene, well she took it alot worse then most people would; she would make sure they paid, and they always paid in blood for their mistakes.

    By Anne Harlow on 10.25.2011

  30. Where do I see myself ten years from now. I see myself changing the world.

    By fofox on 10.25.2011

  31. something just happening and i can’t do anything about it. it runs, turns, twists, whatever and I’m left powerless. Sometimes I like that. Sometimes I hate it.

    By StreetKatze on 10.25.2011

  32. Washing dishes by hand is what my grandmother always did. Every dish, every glass, every pot, every pan… All of the mothers before her, they all washed by hand. I am so thankful for my automatic dishwasher, yet my kitchen is still a mess!

    By Michaels on 10.25.2011

  33. My emotions are on automatic. I can’t turn them off or on. They react to life. To people. To situations. Long before my mind can even provide a thought.

    By MoiyaHatake URL on 10.25.2011

  34. reflex. instinct. something that happens without even thinking. a reaction programmed by human nature. biology, psychology, and physiology all play a part.

    By Matt Zorzi URL on 10.25.2011

  35. most cars these days are automatic. guns are also automatic.

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 10.25.2011

  36. I have a automatic car thats drives easy on the rode

    By Mr.geek URL on 10.25.2011

  37. cars automatic cars rvoom rvoom. You don’t have to shit gears anymore. The car does it for you.

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.25.2011

  38. Many things these days are automatic, which makes us more lazy to do many of the things we could do.

    By epicfaceofdeath45 on 10.25.2011

  39. the door in walmart is automatic.

    By Pamela URL on 10.25.2011

  40. When I think about this summer it brings me back to wonderful times. I loved the heat, and the friendships and everything that came from it.

    By Grace Potter on 10.25.2011