March 27th, 2011 | 631 Entries

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631 Entries for “audience”

  1. the audience screamed in admiration as i finished the final note. the fearsome crowd that i had been afraid to stand in front of minutes age now thrilled me with their encouragement, my parents beamed from the stands. it was possibly my proudest moment.

    By mel*** URL on 03.28.2011


    By waleska on 03.28.2011

  3. to the audience who listens and write, think and dreams… a bulky throng, sweaty, hungry, sick and tired. Is a large number equal to One Large Number?

    By Chris on 03.28.2011

  4. The audience roared in unison when they saw the sign “roar in exact unison, GO!”

    By Roeyourboat URL on 03.28.2011

  5. the audience is sitting in front of me, its evil with its mean glare. i hate them how they are all the same in theyr workers clothes and blue scarves.

    By kat on 03.28.2011

  6. speeches applause
    chairs adulation toastmasters hostile
    jeering laughs giggles boos
    plays theaters lecterns claps standing ovation plays
    music concerts opera friends games sports

    By Jeeves on 03.28.2011

  7. People watching what I do. On stage. Lights feel hot. I can’t remember my lines.

    By gabe varela on 03.28.2011

  8. Es geht darum, dass Publikum zu begeistern
    die Augen zum strahlen zu bringen
    sie einfach alles vergessen zu lassen.

    Die Magie passiert nicht auf der Bühne
    es geschieht in den Gesichter des Publikums
    es liegt in den Augen, die so strahlen können.

    By Anuri URL on 03.28.2011

  9. I was granted an audience with the Queen. She told me she had always wanted to see me dance. I was confused because I wasn’t in any way known for my dancing. She meant something else, but what was it? What did she mean? I would have liked to have asked her, but then, just then, suddenly, I sneezed. The sneeze trumped my query, so I started to dance.

    By emily on 03.28.2011

  10. A group of people watching a performance. They are the judging eyes of whatever performance is in front of them, whether it is a movie, play, concert, painting, or even that of real life events. They could also be viewing those items considered inatimate, including statues and paintings.

    By Davis Hurlburt URL on 03.28.2011

  11. The audience threw fruit at Fred as he tap danced his little heart away. Grapes, currents, raisins and even prunes. Fred continued his dance, and even affected a limp and adjusted his rhythm to clash even worse against the background music. After all, he needed more roughage in his diet.

    By richpee URL on 03.28.2011

  12. The audience was staring at me. Their eyes constantly glaring with a hatred as I faltered and dropped the juggling balls. They fell, and their eyes dropped as one towards my feet, before flitting back up to my face, ugly sneers crossing their faces.

    By Steven on 03.28.2011

  13. As the audience watched,
    She fell.
    She faded.
    Never to be seen again.

    By Melissa URL on 03.28.2011

  14. Like huge audiences, when they are laughing at a comedian on stage doin a joke. I like to c the audience happy n full of laughter it makes my soul smile! I don’t think I dnow anyone who doesn’t feel the same as I do!

    By Amanda machado on 03.28.2011

  15. What does an audience do? It hears. That is my message today: hearing. Clairaudience. Hearing clearly the message . Straight from the mountain top. Straight from the depths of the ocean . Straight from the heart of the galaxy. Straight from the mind of God.

    By geraldine URL on 03.28.2011

  16. The curtain rose on the giraffes. The audience laughed, with excitement, at not only how agile the giraffes were but at their sheer size. They were lap giraffes!

    By Paul Chirico on 03.28.2011

  17. The audience was abundant. Thick and diverse they were. Staring back at me. I was cowardice. I was alone. The microphone and I were the only two, the only two who could rebuke the fiery stare of 5,000 pairs of eyes.

    By Henry on 03.28.2011

  18. Bored, tired and bourgeois, they sit with filthy gravy stained napkins stuffed down the necks of their shirts, spitting chewed up gristle as they laugh. Schweine. Humanity, the most disgusting, stinking force that nature has to offer. Cut off my nose.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 03.28.2011

  19. audience

    By indimenticabile URL on 03.28.2011


    By lisa bethan on 03.28.2011

  21. David was passionately enjoying this rare “out-of-body” experience, staring off into the immense sea of people when he finally noticed that he was not alone.

    “My Lord, my audience.”

    “My son, be sure to love your brothers, tell the world about my forgiveness of sins, and my saving grace.”

    E p h e s i a n s C h a p t e r T w o V e r s e s E i g h t – T e n

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.28.2011

  22. People have always been looking at me.. JUst looking. The largest audience to ever be blind, and how it makes me laugh. Watching for something real, something to mend their broken hearts. How we all need an audience and are apart of one..

    By Tim Brutsman on 03.28.2011

  23. the audience is always there. you want to escape it but you can’t. you just walk around and live your life with everyone watching. why is that? i don’t get it. is everyone watching? i don’t think so. but it really feels like it. it is always the same. the audience is always there. laughing at you and clapping at their favorite monkey.

    By Gissela Chavez on 03.28.2011

  24. The ones who listen, the ones who judge.
    Welcome welcome. The audience today is now positioned on stage to an audience their own. Imagine the thoughts, imagine the ideas. Imagine the words that would start running out of their mouths. Welcome to life, where everyone is the audience and we’re all bound to judge.

    By Neill on 03.28.2011

  25. auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudince… people watching you !!!!

    RAWR !! ! !!!!

    By lisa jane on 03.28.2011

  26. an audience saw my work yesterday. They got mixed reactions.Some were happy,disgusted,elated.It was a roller coaster of emotions just by looking into their faces.

    By Lene URL on 03.28.2011

  27. audience.Seems like a big word for me.Yes.It is.The audience I got to face was the worst I ever had in years! You can never expect a positive remark from them.NEVER.

    By Lene URL on 03.28.2011

  28. The audience was captivated by her. Her beauty and grace flowed like water through a net.

    By Jenny on 03.28.2011

  29. what a great audience, I like to take the opportunity being in front of you and all to tell you the joke about one irishmen and an englishmen. So, anyways here it is.

    By muray on 03.28.2011

  30. The audience is watching and they are waiting. The performer is alone on stage, surrounded by a circle of spotlight. She clutches a microphone close to her chest. The audience is waiting and they are watching. She opens her mouth.

    By Sarah on 03.28.2011

  31. sometimes it’s not easy being the person beside or behind someone who is well known in public or within a community. having to sacrifice her and her time to the masses, even when you don’t want to. but what makes it all worth while is when her audience, her following is looking at her, the only person she’s looking at is you.

    By Andy URL on 03.28.2011

  32. As he stoood there in front of the crowd, his mind went blank. He couldn’t remember his speech! it was horrible, And then it came to him, he cleared his throat, shuffled his feet around, and then began his speech on memory loss!

    By Eric Kass URL on 03.28.2011

  33. They played to the audience. It seemed like old times. Like they weren’t doing it for money, They were doing it for fun.

    By Paula Lovell on 03.28.2011

  34. They watched. With little judgement, and equally little reassurance. Neutral to my humiliation they continued to watch, and I continued to preform for them my daily life.

    By shannonp35 URL on 03.28.2011

  35. I don’t like to have an audience, but I do have blue hair! Not sure if I am making a statement that says,’if you’re going to look at me then I will ***well give you something to look at’ or simply, I just love the colour blue and also like to be different!

    By Xylvablue on 03.28.2011

  36. The audience cheered in response to the movements presented on stage, unable to contain herself the dancer ran forward to be received by the gracious applause, she paused and bowed her head before returning to the safety and the shadows of the wings ready for the next dance!

    By Ashlen Harkness on 03.28.2011

  37. An scene set with modular pin pricks of pointiliste blobs of colour oulined by deep red and dark frames -waitiing on the collective outcome -an event experienced- an expectation reciprocated

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.28.2011

  38. I sat staring at the audience, waiting for their reaction. All eyes were on me and yet I couldn’t make a sound, not a movement, nothing. It was as if I had frozen, just staring at them as they stared at me. I didn’t know what I was waiting for. But anything, anything at all, was better than their silence.

    By ariel griswold on 03.28.2011

  39. Is a group of people whom you attempt to entertain are who are witness to something that you do.

    They watch you and see what you are doing sometimes they like it and at other times they do not.

    By CJ on 03.28.2011

  40. I see only the first row but I know they span out into the wings like mountains span out to the horizon in the Adirondacks. I sing not for the ripples and tides of unemotional watching faces but to elevate my own spirit. The audience’s happiness is not as important as my own.

    By Sebby URL on 03.28.2011