April 2nd, 2012 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “attendant”

  1. The attendant at the edge of the library doors bowed respectfully when he strode past. He nodded, but that was the only sign of acknowledgement he gave as he continued on his way back to his rooms, the two books under his arms holding all of his attention and hopes and dreams.

    By just URL on 04.02.2012

  2. she smiled, a glimmer of four years of dental work. the shiny metal band she held in her worn out hands. stay calm. i trained for this right? and as she started to speak, preparing her worn-out vocal cords for a soothing, yet urgent announcement, the whirling noise of metal hitting the atlantic ocean drowned out the world.

    By Hope on 04.02.2012

  3. “I think it’d be cool to be a flight attendant,” Sparrow mused, lacing her fingers into Lee’s.

    “I don’t,” Lee said. “Boring. And high up. And boring. And everybody would always think down on you. Like, you already gotta worry about people LOOKIN down on you, from where you stand, but THINKIN down on you, that’s just plain humiliating.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.02.2012

  4. Write what you can and hand it in to the attendant on your way out. There is no guarantee it will be read, but then there is no guarantee it will be good. Life is like that, no preparation time and if we are lucky someone will open the door for us to pass through when it is over.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.02.2012

  5. Her gown slipped as she bent to caress the face of someone whom she only thought she could dream about… “How could this goddess simply be an attendant in the powder room at the ballet”, she thought.

    By HauteReverie URL on 04.02.2012

  6. Parking perfection my nan love Kylie one attend is best

    Attend take actions

    Act now





    By Simon PEPper URL on 04.02.2012

  7. the chunky attendant glances is my direction. i don’t suppose glance is the right word, maybe glare fits her eyes better. She hands over a small plastic cup, inside contains the usual few colored pills. I’ve been here, in this insinuation for so long, I’ve completely forgotten what the shrinks say they’re used for. I pop them in my mouth, swallow slightly and open once more for the woman to make sure i’ve taken them. Once cleared, I walk past her, with a satisfied look on my face. When out of sight, I find the nearest trash can and spit the blasted pills out, never to be seen again. I can’t help but to wonder how much trouble a clinically insane girl, whom is off her meds, can cause.

    By thegreenmen on 04.02.2012

  8. Looking around the gas station, there was no one around. The attendant had gone off home hours earlier. The light was on in the store indicating that the night worker was in, but it

    By i dunno who knows on 04.02.2012

  9. The attendant told us all the usual things about seats turning into flotation devices and oxygen masks and so on and so forth and everyone tried to look bored as they always do. But a few people on each flight look less bored than the others, and more of the whites of their eyes show than is strictly necessary.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 04.02.2012

  10. He waited by the side door and dared not peer through the glowing crack, even though the door was slowly creaking open, pushed by a heavy hot wind from the event inside. He only watched the light fall on the corners of the door frame, and inhaled deeply that light which bent around in the curious way that light does. What happened inside he did not know, for it was not his place to know, this he knew. His was only to be attendant, in the colder outside, until the rush inside spilled out.

    By mattlock URL on 04.02.2012

  11. The plane shook violently.
    The passenger next to me kept up a steady mantra of prayers. The flight attendants were trying to rally everyone together.
    It’s okay, we’ll survive.


    By drodi URL on 04.02.2012

  12. Being a flight attendant would be my dream job. You spend all your time floating from city to city, never having to put down roots, never having anyone rely on you, never having to let anyone down. Being a flight attendant would be my dream job.

    By Mary Kate URL on 04.02.2012

  13. “The attendant” That is what they called me. I stood there bored, picking at my fingernails. What a job.

    By >Alice< URL on 04.02.2012

  14. The attendant brushed her hair and picked up a tube of lipstick left behind by another woman. She twisted the cherry red stick and spread it across her lips in a wide mouthed smile.

    By MsWrite URL on 04.02.2012

  15. The attendant asked the boys for their tickets, but they couldn’t produce any from their empty pockets. I was just about to give them the spare ones I had, until I noticed that one of them was the boy next door who had ran away.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.02.2012

  16. Attend this
    Attend that
    Attend everything
    I am an attendant
    If I attend everthing
    An attendant attends a thing or so

    By Wynn URL on 04.02.2012

  17. The attendant walked away from the bed to let him have one final moment with his father. His old, frail head rested gently on the hospital pillow.

    By Jordan URL on 04.02.2012

  18. You make everyone else be your attendant. All you care about is you, you, and you. You make a big fuss about the tiniest things just to get attention. So high maintenance. Don’t think that i can’t see how FAKE you are.

    By laughalot on 04.02.2012

  19. The attendant looked down at Raine.
    “Can I help you?” he said.
    “Yes I’m looking for my grandmother,” came the clear reply.
    “Name?” he said wearily turning the page of his magazine.
    “Hmmm,” she paused for a moment, “she neglected to tell me which one she was using today. She’s about sixty, with an equally old redheaded gentleman, extremely cranky, and about five foot three inches tall.” The attendant stiffened.
    “I see she has already insulted the staff,” Raine said, “I apologize for her behavior and ask that you send a message that Raine will be waiting at the gardens.”
    The attendant pitied the man who had to take the message.

    By Kelsey Genoways URL on 04.02.2012

  20. The flight attendant fought her way down the crowded aisle holding a child. She stops at a seat and lowers the child on a man, who seemed to be suffering a major hangover. She put on a plastic smile, then walked away, little did the man know that she wanted to slap him outside his sore head!

    By kc URL on 04.02.2012

  21. Well, this is a strange word. I just think of that on show PanAm. I appreciate all the clothes on that show. But I haven’t really watched it, I just see the commercials. I am like that with most things. Like lost. And others. Also, I feel that it might be a good show, seeing as it is just about flight attendants and such. But I just don’t have the time do mortal things like watching TV. TV. No life. Alright, good day.

    By Conrad Murphy on 04.02.2012

  22. Sometimes, I look at you and I just want to say, “You smell pretty bad.” But I feel like that would be really rude, seeing as you are just handing out hot towels.But no, I would not like a hot towelette.

    By holajakob URL on 04.02.2012

  23. Not all of the people I had invited were able to make it to the party. But that was okay. The closest of my friends were able to attend, which is what counted.

    I remember the joy we had in playing the game Apples to Apples, gathered around the dining table. We absorbed ourselves into all the randomness, stupidity, and idiotic humor. It meant a lot to me; I knew after many of us graduate high school, that we may move off to our own paths, not being able to gather like this again. So I lived in the moment, and did so with all my heart.

    By plushie URL on 04.02.2012

  24. i’m in attendance, standing idly by as pitch black flashes race in front my eyes.
    i don’t understand this image i see. there lies a coffin and in it, lies me.
    i look at my hands and then at the sky, as a cold and dull raindrop, finds a home in my eye.
    i blink it away and look to my right. there isn’t a soul standing within my sight.
    i look to my left and i smirk as i see, not a single person is standing there beside me.
    i look back at the box as it waits in the rain. and full understanding quickly morphs into pain.
    i refuse this emotion as it tries to take me. and awake from a dream of a fate soon to be.

    By ztchace URL on 04.02.2012

  25. fly high, my friends. fly both high and fast. it seems obvious enough, but travel often and travel far.

    By steve URL on 04.02.2012

  26. The attendant went through the rules, and we were off. We were the way to the most incredible experience of our lives, the most outstanding place we would ever be. We close our eye, we count down, and there we go. Somewhere new, unknown. Waiting for the beginning of a lifetime.

    By Catherine Grace URL on 04.02.2012

  27. i waited for it to stop
    paranoid of its beginning
    and then starting to daze
    into the fog
    created by her

    with the lace around her fingers
    and the auburn hair sparkling
    bright under the sun
    her voice radiating
    her actions rippling
    all i could do was stare
    from down below
    from the ground
    level headed and afraid
    what if?
    may be..?
    should i?

    but i left without a word
    leaving her all high and mighty
    be being in need
    not miserable or depressed
    but simply deprived of what she had

    but she stared after me,
    as if i had it all

    By Nightawait URL on 04.02.2012

  28. Mycroft settled into his first-class chair with a fine red port and a small blanket. There was a long flight ahead, so he resigned to make himself comfortable. The trip to Australia had been a successful one, and he knew that their relations with Parliament would be extremely favorable for years to come, thanks to his influence. He settled back with a satisfied little smirk and sipped his wine, contemplating whether to order anything from food service. Perhaps a salad after the halfway point.

    Mycroft awoke somewhere over India. The sun was hidden from view, and the plane had been darkened for the middle six hours. As he stirred and sat up, Mycroft spied the first-class attendant, cozied into a small designated cubby-hole. She had her overhead light on, with a large book propped on her knees. Her long, auburn hair obscured her face as she read, but she quickly looked up when Mycroft gently cleared his throat. Setting her book aside, she stood and carefully stepped between the other sleeping passengers. With their eyemasks and earplugs, it was probably a moot point, but it was obvious she had been trained in British courtesy to a fault. She approached Mycroft, and leaned in to speak softly to him, “Was there something I could help you with, sir? Another blanket?”

    Mycroft quickly considered the question and found that no, his temperature was perfectly adequate. “Actually, my dear, I was wondering… when dinner would be served?”

    The young woman sighed softly. “I didn’t want to wake you, but I’m afraid you’ve missed it.” At Mycroft’s frown, she quickly added, “I can always bring you something cold out of the fridge, however. Shall I bring you a menu?” He nodded, and she whisked her way up to the front of the cabin, a brisk but still silent pace. She returned with a tri-fold, and placed it on Mycroft’s tray table. She was about to turn back to her nook in the wall, but Mycroft caught her arm.

    “There was actually one more thing,”Tugging her a bit closer, Mycroft spoke softly and curtly, “I’m opening a position as my personal attendant. My duties in the government have been compiling exponentially, you see, and it’s simply too much of a bother for me to keep track of and see to them all. I notice you’re not happy with your current position, and wondered if you might be interested?”

    The young brunette narrowed her eyes at the tall, self-proclaimed government official. He seemed well-groomed enough, but that could be said of any of her regular first-class passengers. “How could you tell I’m not satisfied here?”

    Mycroft chuckled. “Only someone yearning for something more would use their spare time to read The Bramble Bush. I’m offering you a chance to see things other than airports and clouds, and to put your adaptive personality to good use. Don’t feel obligated to answer immediately, of course. Think on it.” Mycroft procured his business card, and the attendant slipped it into the pocket in the lining of her flight jacket.

    “I’ll consider it,” she answered, with slight hesitation. “Thanks.”

    Mycroft folded his menu and handed it back to her. “And I’ll have a slice of the chocolate cake, thank you.” She left when dismissed, and Mycroft smiled fondly after her. He was glad to have finally found someone who fit the bill, she would do quite nicely.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.02.2012

  29. Flying back home on a plane. I’m sitting near the back, I sit in between two girls whom I know but not closely. I know that I have to be quiet because there are other people on the plane as well, not just our class. The flight has ended and we are starting to get off. The flight attendant looks at me and says “You were the best one on the plane. So quiet. Thank you.” And I will forever thank her.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.02.2012

  30. She waited, holding her breath, and watched the king. She could feel the lash on her back, the sword at her neck. She could see the old queen’s death playing in front of her eyes as she watched him consider.

    By Jen Sullivan on 04.02.2012

  31. The attendant response is perfunctory. “Why ask why, when you can ask why not?” How does this matter to me, she thought bemusedly. Why should I care what a guy with a towel on his arm says, anyway, and hey, what’s a guy doing in the ladies’ room, anyway?

    By Mel URL on 04.02.2012

  32. A gate of time.

    So she went.
    Through time.

    Her attendant looked me in the eyes.

    Am I late?

    You’re just on time.

    And smiled.

    And I knew she would be well taken care of.

    By Shawn on 04.02.2012

  33. I heard and saw the hooded figures standing on each side of the Sybil. Who they were or what they were was not apparent, only that they guarded the mouth, the oracle, the mouthpiece of beyond. Then I began to quiver….

    By ben URL on 04.02.2012

  34. The attendant to the bus boy. Not the attendant to the president, or manager, or head housekeeper. To the bus. boy. but she could do no else, nor had anything else to do.

    By eeepa on 04.02.2012

  35. This is your flight attendant speaking. If my voice sounds garbled and you can’t comprehend one iota of a word I am saying, then that’s just your bad luck. I would mention something about the safety regulations, but in an actual emergency involving our imminent deaths in the middle of the Atlantic, I hardly find them relevant. If you want, you can put on the oxygen masks and pretend to be a gas mask person from Doctor Who. Ask your neighbor if he or she is your mommy. Thank you, and have a scary flight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.02.2012

  36. I think of attendant’s as smiling. Smiling doesn’t always neccessarily mean they are happy. Some people put on smiles to get through their day. Sometimes I do that. I think it’s important to be able to lie in this way although dealing with problems should always be a priority in life or else it becomes a cancer.

    By GabeNtx URL on 04.02.2012

  37. Someone who waits on others, may work in a building or an aircraft

    By Danielle Nehmer on 04.02.2012

  38. I looked up and I saw the attendant passed by our aisle. When she stopped by to give me my food, I saw her eyes. They were glistening but they were so sad. I believe she was missing someone or simply lost someone. She lost someone in this exact same place, exact same plane.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 04.02.2012

  39. A flight attendant was walking across the street when she saw her daughter running towards her. She was so happy because she could finally spend time with her daughter after being apart from each other for a long period of time. She smiled to herself and hugged her daughter.

    By Sandra A. on 04.02.2012

  40. I am an attendant for your every need. Just ask, and I will attend to you. You are my light, my love, my everything. I will take care of you in light and darkness. You are who I love.

    By kole hart on 04.02.2012