April 2nd, 2012 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “attendant”

  1. Flight. Pretty. Planes. Annoyed. Overworked. Adventurous.

    By Kassie on 04.02.2012

  2. She walks down the aisle absent mindedly as she thinks of her kids and husband. She won’t be home for Christmas. “I hope he can get that pot roast right”, she thinks of her husband.

    By Kassie URL on 04.02.2012

  3. the attendant at the parking garage was a friendly face in an otherwise dank and musty place. he brightened my day with his warm reception, and a wave goodbye.

    By Kate on 04.02.2012

  4. the attendant handed me the soap. As I scrubbed my hands under the scalding water, I couldn’t help but wish that the whole thing had been a dream. That the disaster that had just befallen me was just the opening to a nightmare of epic proportions.

    By Anna on 04.02.2012

  5. An attendant is one who attends to another person, such as performing a service for them.

    By Damaris URL on 04.02.2012

  6. One rules over the many. They exert their power over the menial tasks that they could preform by assigning it to another. Their lust and greed form a pile of corpses of those serving them. They do not care for the growing macabre pile. They only want theirs to be taller then all the rest, while learning to never look down or the guilt could consume them

    By River Ranter URL on 04.02.2012

  7. The attendant stood smiling in the back of the theatre, watching her daughter swirl, singing joyfully through the mist onstage. Her neck, flung out when her head flings back, that white neck usually hidden by a hand-knit scarf or locks of curled hair.
    “She’s beautiful,” muttered the proud mother, but she still understood that her daughter’s skills were useless here and now.
    A sigh escaped.

    By annie URL on 04.02.2012

  8. attendents is what keep of if your here not here like in school everyday…

    By volleyball chick URL on 04.02.2012

  9. A fight attendant works around airplanes.

    By Chata97 URL on 04.02.2012

  10. the attendant at the office yelled at the customer. and in doing so, got herself fired.

    By mccrazy URL on 04.02.2012

  11. Umm ahh What is this word? Wait is this a person that helps out at a desk or a plane??

    Twereie xD xD ^.^ {-: <3

    By Twerewolf URL on 04.02.2012

  12. The onna bugeisha, sword attendant for the daimyo
    fair in beauty, and swift and graceful with the sword
    her honor in the glory of their lord.

    By Ahnnyeong haseyo URL on 04.02.2012

  13. Airplanes have Attendants.

    By Shadow URL on 04.02.2012

  14. Deviant could have sworn the flight attendant had a malicious glint in her eye as she walked down the isle.

    By Ninja URL on 04.02.2012

  15. The attendant was a descendant of the independent defendant – or so told his pendant.

    By Marianne URL on 04.02.2012

  16. someone who attends. they ummm help people. ummm attend to someone or something. they assist

    By Brenna on 04.02.2012

  17. All of my attendant fears swarm in and I think, “I cannot write.” My old voices and sorrows try to smother my blossoming self, they of the needle nails and poison teeth. I will not let them accompany me on this journey, I’d rather brave these woods alone.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.02.2012

  18. The attendant handed me a towel to dry my face with and then disappeared without a sound.

    “What’s going on?” I demanded of the slight woman in front of me. She removed her spectacles and polished them on a small rag she took from her pocket.

    “All in good time, dear,” she answeresd.

    By april93 URL on 04.02.2012

  19. Attendants,ready,and good to go!!! :) lol

    By dominik2 URL on 04.02.2012

  20. a flight attendant is one of the many attendants you will meet

    By briley URL on 04.02.2012

  21. A attendant is a person that works on a plane

    By chickaboo URL on 04.02.2012

  22. an attendant is someone that takes care of people when flying on a plane. there are many more attendants to

    By bayleigh URL on 04.02.2012

  23. attends. REPRESENT!!!

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 04.02.2012

  24. when i hear the word attendant i think of the government and a plane:) and a cheesy pickle no not really that last one but you know what i mean :)

    By hailey URL on 04.02.2012

  25. student, flight, a person that is attending.
    yes. they stay somewhere to gain something. I am an attendant right now.

    By Jconrad URL on 04.02.2012

  26. mnbffgcfxxtt atendent adendent ghkkfgfrjvjhb nm n jknn attendent. juuyhtgvbmnb

    By eberly URL on 04.02.2012

  27. attendant…………………..dont judge me
    doo dod dodododoododododododododdoooooooooooooooooooooooooodododododooooooooooooooooooooo ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..doo

    By epiclysiver URL on 04.02.2012

  28. I sat at my desk, feeling rather uncomfortable at the fact there was an attendant with dog breath, towering over me. I tried to ignore him, but he was making it rather difficult.

    By luna XD URL on 04.02.2012

  29. ya no parecía ni molestarle el ruido de la estática que producía la radio incapaz de alcanzar un dial por horas. El sudor que le corría por la cara comenzaba a gotear sobre el aparato que intentaba arreglar, ni los gogles le alcanzaban para no tener la visión empañada.
    La lámpara dudaba si alumbrar o no y se recargaba de estática, pero el zumbido de la radio tapaba todos sus ruidosos esfuerzos de llamar la atención.

    By valuk on 04.02.2012

  30. I had not planned on being an attendant. In fact, I was so opposed to the idea of sitting through any of these “mixer events” that I had created my own little world, where people approaching me for small talk about our creative jobs were actually space monsters coming to take my dog.

    By Erica Sato on 04.02.2012

  31. I was on the flight of my life when I met the most helpful attendant. I needed help with my bag and he helped me with a smile.

    By amy on 04.02.2012

  32. Be present. Be witness. Be attendant. Give back as much as you are given by another soul. If you cannot or will not, let go.

    By Mikey URL on 04.02.2012

  33. she was a flight attendant. she smiled and poised herself in just the right way, always. she even found herself doing it at home, smiling pouring drinks, handling them with a delicate hand, reaching for a napkin that wasnt there.

    By smash on 04.02.2012

  34. when I was very small my parents took me with them on a trip to France and England. On the place there we met a flight attendant who had the same name as me. I haven’t met anyone called Anais since.

    By Anais on 04.02.2012

  35. Stand at attendance! Chest up, shoulders down. Let’s have a 7-billion-shot gun salute for all the nameless attendees in this weird little process called life.

    By Hafada URL on 04.02.2012

  36. As the attendant called their names they could barely stand as they walked closer to the door that would soon be their destiny. I life behind bars is barely a life at all, but they have managed to stay strong and finally their dream has been made real. The attendant was their first glance at freedom.

    By Stef D. URL on 04.02.2012

  37. She walked past me four times. Apparently oblivious to my desires as a paying customer. She didn’t even look in a hurry. So I sat. Thinking she probably had something better to do.

    By Devin URL on 04.02.2012

  38. She stepped through the door uncertain what to expect until out of the shadows he stepped and extended his arm. His quiet calm washed over her as she leaned on his strength and together they faced the crowd.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.02.2012

  39. the attendant to this life of mine is on a break i guess. dont feel like there’s anyone out there right now. why is all of this so fucking hard? i dont know what i’ve done to deserve this, and yet i have so much and so many better than me have it a million times worse, so how dare i complain?

    (god, i sound like a fucking teenager again and i am nearly thirty. this needs to end.)

    By lo on 04.02.2012

  40. help,middle man, “spying”, wc,bog roll for 20p, personal bum cleaner in a suit

    By paula on 04.02.2012