August 7th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “assaults”

  1. he was handed the spear, devilled
    Three pronged head and demon staffed
    To thrust at his enemy, the fellow
    Slave that he sat by, kicking sand
    At every lost moment, glances, if only for a second,
    Breaking the steel bonds,
    until they were callled
    Out into the arena, the end of the world

    By gsk URL on 08.08.2012

  2. Cake flew through the air and landed on the front table. Even when the teachers entered the cafeteria, the assaults continued. Food flew everywhere to the delight of the students.

    By Cim URL on 08.08.2012

  3. People that attack other people whether verbally or literally…punks…no brainers..just NOT thinking…sometimes might be for good but I can think of better words for that..

    By linda on 08.08.2012

  4. Assault .! The facial expressions at the time of pronunciation say it all . How harsh it is . ! Physical verbal assault . And most dangerous is mental assault . Its better not to write about this word . Cause it s going to spread negative energies only . .

    By Virendra - words URL on 08.08.2012

  5. As she walks down the stairs, she is hit, assaulted. Not by human actions, but by human decisions. And she trembles, scared of what she has done, what her life is now. Assaulted by the realization of who she will become, she screams at the top of her soul. Hoping to be heard, hoping to be recognized, she pleads with the will of a thousand waves to turn back time, to turn back to nothing. She chose to be free, but her body wanted to be bound. She chose life, but her body wanted to die. Conflicted and confused, wondering if these stairs will ever end, She runs with all strength, with all of her being. And as she reaches the last step, she stops, she holds her breath. She picks up a pen and fights back. She fights back against these parasites, these old dirty men, these 50 year old hypocrites. She is now free.

    By John URL on 08.08.2012

  6. PEPPERED with bullets and bleeding from the wounds of countless ASSAULTS he fought in the CHILLY night air. Running out of TIME, he reminisced and RELISHED his few, final breaths. He remembered Megan, his crazy, GINGER-haired fiancée. She was the reason he CARRIED on. She was the reason he could keep the pain at BAY. “Fight to your last breath!” she’d always say. Well, that’s what he was about to do. He pulled the pins out of his last two grenades and chuckled to himself as he threw them, “You were a NUT, MEG.”

    Pepper. Salt. Chilli. Thyme. Relish. Ginger. Curry (Carried). Bay Leaves. Nutmeg.

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.08.2012

  7. The glass could break, but it didn’t. I felt the vibration go through my legs, and all I could do was stare at the huge pane of glass. Was it possible I would bear such assaults forever? My tongue was now swollen, and then I smashed my head.

    By Dionne URL on 08.08.2012

  8. assaults on women is what i think of frst. but hey thats physical, mental, sexual, verbal, emotional and manipulative. assaults on everyone though. all the ones listed above. usually by ppl u know whom you give a chance to. assaults are predominantly anger based.

    By puja on 08.08.2012

  9. I was walking down the road when I was assaulted. Assaulted by the smell wafting down the street. It came from a house in the neighbourhood. The smell of a barbecue. The smell of companionship, of family, laughter, love and contentment. How I envied them. That is how I had always envisioned my family to be like. But that was never going to happen. I was the only one I had.

    By Sanika URL on 08.08.2012

  10. The multiple assaults on her senses were overwhelming: the blinking lights, the beeping monitors, the disinfectant smells, the whirring of the helicopter blades. The door to the emergency room closed behind her.

    By Ann Gwathmey on 08.08.2012

  11. assualts is to harass someone. getting assualted is very bad. assualting someone is a crime.

    By janvis on 08.08.2012

  12. this is mean, not right and aweful people should not do this, mean

    By TOm on 08.08.2012

  13. Sexual assaults occur everyday. especially towards women. Why are women so disenfranchised in countries all over the world? Even a “free” modernized country like the USA. It’s sad. It makes me as a woman of color in society that much more afraid to be who i am.

    By Ly on 08.08.2012

  14. I don’t think that assaults are good. People can get assaulted in many different ways and assaulting is wrong. People should stop assaulting, look back and solve issues in other ways. They should problem solve before problems happen, which is also one way to stop physical fighting. People need to value and respect each other and have proper core values.

    By Nemo on 08.08.2012

    OK OK

    By Bob Dole on 08.08.2012

  16. She didn’t think about it, she just hit him. I mean, he deserved it, right? Cheating on her with that young little bitch? She was no saint either, and she knew that, but she had to hit him. She had to pay him back for the assaults he had thrown on her.

    By Madeleine URL on 08.08.2012

  17. Everyday, I thought of him; how cruel he was, his violent assaults towards me. I’ve never understood why I was the bunt of his anger. What have I ever done to have him treat me so? Where did all his rage come from? Was I the start of his anger, but it grew until after their 6 year anniversary.

    By Amarie URL on 08.08.2012

  18. I was sure I’d been here before.
    I looked around, at the graffitied walls, the tin trash cans, the piles of junk along the edges of the alley; ahead, apartment buildings loomed in the distance, threaded with clothing lines with many out to dry.
    A familiar humid breeze blows through– at this hour, the sun begins to set, casting a reddish-purple halo over everything.
    Suddenly, it came to me; I remembered the assault.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.08.2012

  19. The general lead the forward assault on the enemy position, hoping to eliminate the enemy in one bold, swift strike.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.08.2012

  20. Assaults… now that is a strong word. Words are very powerful things and often words with negative connotation can greatly affect us! You empathize immediately with the general ambiguous people!

    By Myrthe on 08.08.2012

  21. Assaults. Actions against someone, actions intended to harm. There are so many kinds of assaults; assaults against the body, the type that leave bruises and scars; assaults on the mind, the ones that make you doubt yourself and everything you think you know; assaults on the spirit, the ones that never leave you.

    By Mal URL on 08.08.2012

  22. I think it was Dresden, during the war. At least that’s what he said. He was drunk. We were on the back porch of his house in that slummy part of Durham. Wasn’t always slummy, but the bad element had moved in. My dad and I never drank together. Granddad and I surely would. And then he would tell me about the war.

    By Bryan URL on 08.08.2012

  23. The pepper mill was her weapon of choice,
    A Good idea for hiding a weapon away in the middle of a dinner party,
    Even if it was a murder mystery and nobody would have thought twice about the smoking revolver held in the victim’s hand.
    Amelia was quicker on the draw, and assaulted his eyes with a spray of pepper, until Joseph was down for the count.

    By Siege URL on 08.08.2012

  24. Men never cease to amaze me how many times they can throw assaults my way, verbally, and mentally seem to hurt the most.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.08.2012

  25. I think assault rifles as the boys are at an age where they’re very into war movies. Sexual assaults, assaulting the senses…no good connotations with this word, although there doesn’t really need to be I suppose. I’d prefer it. Too sick to think negative things.

    By Jane URL on 08.08.2012

  26. she wondered when these assaults would end. It seemed that they had been going on forever, and as far as she could see there was no end in sight, but surely they could not afford to keep this up forever – could they? No one could have that much resources, at least she had never heard of such a thing.

    By Jessica on 08.08.2012

  27. They had plan many assaults on the enemy. They have tried ambushing them but they always lost in the battle. There must be someone who is betraying them. There must be a double spy inside their group. They don’t know who but they have to find out if they want to win.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.08.2012

  28. I was a product of assault. I hate the man who knocked up my poor mother. She was only 16 and didn’t know what else to do. So she gave me away. Now, he doesn’t know I was even born and I am terrified of being assaulted…

    By Hannah URL on 08.08.2012

  29. assaults are bad. real real bad. assaults are stupid. real real stupid. maybe we will be assaulted, but hopefully not.

    By hi on 08.08.2012

  30. on a rainy day,on the busy streets of manhantten, a 17yrs girl was sexually assaulted by a group of youngsters

    By dstubborngurl URL on 08.08.2012

  31. they are pointless. they cause no good for humanity. be they physical,mental or psychological all they do is cause pain and suffering for those on the receiving end of them.

    By sean on 08.08.2012

  32. This is an unfortunate situation wherein one or more persons attack another person or group. Typically an assault is due to a misunderstanding between the groups, or a misunderstanding by the attacker of what appropriate behavior really is.

    By Twila on 08.08.2012

  33. The assaults of every day life. The more information that comes at us the more we feel that we are being assaulted by stimulation and information. It seems that we never really do nothing but think. We never take the time to look at the clouds.

    By -Diane. URL on 08.08.2012

  34. push me to my
    knees so well
    until i could no
    longer tell

    between priests and sinners
    between heathens and believers
    between soldiers and lovers

    fold my hands
    in worship while
    i commit sin
    with my lips.

    By h. b. URL on 08.08.2012

  35. The assaults on my ego never end. Just when I’m on top of the world, thinking I’ve finally got it right, something will happen to make me feel so stupid…it’s called old age. Things I used to know are now a mystery to me. The modern world of technology has me flummoxed. Friends my age are my salvation. Together we can laugh at the fact that we have no idea what our children are talking about. And those of us still trying to earn a living put on a mask and try to make our clients believe we still have something to offer them. Perhaps a bit of age-old wisdom that’s become lost in the hurried world we live in now. I find, sadly, that loss of memory isn’t just a plight for the old. Youngsters (40s and even below) can’t remember what they’d intended to say when they began the sentence. I blame it on multi-tasking, not taking the time to fully examine a subject or even a thought. As do most people nearing the end of their usefulness, I despair for the younger generation.

    By Carol Sweet URL on 08.08.2012

  36. Dust wafting gently–slowly, it forms a mist-like view at your room. A year later and your still nowhere to be found. August, constantly withers along the faint sound of your name, each day passing, every minute spent bluntly, none of which feels anything but assaults only the notion that I’m still waiting here for you.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.08.2012

  37. The beach was littered with men…good men, but nobody cared. All bought and payed for by the corporations endless supply of money fueled by greed. Most men were considered lucky to dodge the corporation, but for how long and at what cost was another story.

    By swashbuckler on 08.08.2012

  38. dark heavy world screams NO and she runs down the alley so afraid heart thumping brain sweating trying to grasp all she can in the moment, and then she falls down in a sheer instant of panic and they’re approaching her so fast so fast but she gets back up and keeps running even though her knee is fucking killing her [no no can’t stop now darling] and she rounds the corner and they’re catching her but look look look no more dead ends the world is opening up for her right before her eyes; she leaps and somehow finds herself laying on her mattress sweating but wait where did they go were they ever there?

    By Rachel URL on 08.08.2012

  39. there are different sorts of people in the world, some have anger management issues others have learning disorders. But one thing common among all is frustration. this frustration is vented out in many ways, mostly by assaulting other things or people.

    By awesome on 08.08.2012

  40. rape

    By maddi on 08.08.2012