June 24th, 2013 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “arthritis”

  1. I can barely remember the days of young, when my father was able to move swiftly like a fox. Now, there’s a dull ache protruding all across his body; it’s devouring his essence to live.

    By Chelsea URL on 06.24.2013

  2. The door was answered by a old looking woman, who on closer examination was not so old, but her face was ravaged by years of pain, and her movements had the frail stiffness of arthritis. Not sure where to start, the younger woman introduced herself. “My name is Alice…”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.24.2013

  3. Bone marrow of the earth
    Creaking, slow-moving
    In eternal unrest

    Unreceding pain

    By deepblue URL on 06.24.2013

  4. i dont know if my mom may have arthritis because she has been complaining about it for several months now and im a bit worried that she does have it, i feel like it may partially be my fault because i think i should help her out around the house with handy work but im too lazy to do so.

    By vanessa on 06.24.2013

  5. arthritis is a sad thing. that can cause musicians to not produce the gorgeous sounds they once could. that locks a person up into a physical prison into their stiff old body. leaving them with only memories of what they could once do. hike run bike…anything. play an instrument even. things they’ll never enjoy again.

    By Em on 06.24.2013

  6. Cramping feelings making your hands numb as an ice climber. Wishing you could hold your lovers hand but not being able to move your fingers effectively. You long to stretch out and dig deep into the sands of

    By Kate on 06.24.2013

  7. Elderly women and men, contract this bone disease. It is unfortunate that, in this day and age, modern medicine has not found a cure, or even a true remedy for that matter, to alleviate the pain this joint affliction causes. Joints will swell, making any sort of movement sore. Perhaps one day, one day we shall be able to cure all sorts of disorders and diseases. Just think, a regular Star Trek type cure. We won’t even need to stitch people up, that’s how advanced we’ll be. On the other hand civilization could simple regress, and then where would we be, with our arthritis.

    By Hannah on 06.24.2013

  8. Zoey Zoe Zoe
    I don’t like living this way.
    Without every saying goodbye or anything.
    The thing is, they didn’t tell me.
    I didn’t know it was time
    Until the time had passed…

    By Iam Merida on 06.24.2013

  9. This arthritis is killing me. Hands feels so old,feet feel so old. I feel ancient in my time. It feels like a broken wing. I can’t fly. Arthritis makes me not fly. It hurts to do anything. I wish this pain would stop and maybe I wouldn’t be so in pain.

    By Amber M. URL on 06.24.2013

  10. This aching pain which comes to those who seem to think or write too much. How ironic. It is a beautiful word but a horrible pain. I hope I never get it.

    By Nikki on 06.24.2013

  11. i have arthritis. i’ve had it for two hundred million years. I don’t know how to get rid of it, maybe by eating a pterodactyl bone from 10 million years ago. I’m kind of tired of it, but not too tired.

    By Kati on 06.24.2013

  12. He rubbed his knuckles with his left hand. His arthritis was acting up again; it was something common now that he was getting older. He looked at the doll house that he was working on and sighed. It was going to have to wait for his hand not to hurt like this anymore. His granddaughter’s birthday was coming up fast, though, and if he didn’t finish it soon, it would be a totally waste. She wouldn’t want it as she grew older and her mother would never let him give it to her just because. He sighed again and got back to work.

    By Enya on 06.24.2013

  13. It holds him back. His bones ache and force his body into shapes, positions not of his choosing. The progress is slow but his arthritis is winning. He struggles with the pain and the frustration of it all, but still he finds so much to smile about. He keeps as busy as he can. He learns whatever he can. He keeps trying new things. He explores the world online, between his bouts of offline activity, and laughs, supports, plays, wonders. Time will tell how far it will all go, but for now, some tender bones are bearable.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.24.2013

  14. They call it rheumatism, and then they said it was arthritis. That’s just a physical diagnosis. To me it’s just the ache left in my knee from falling to my knees one too many times in supplication that my path would lead me to you, somehow, just somehow.

    By louchelush URL on 06.24.2013

  15. Stiff, sore agony. It is not nice to get old and feel the pain. It shifts my brain, curls my legs, pulls my hair out and makes me mad, confessed, sad and annoyed.

    By Andrea Gray on 06.24.2013

  16. aching hands that my grandma has to deal with. hopefully I never have to deal with the pain I see many people encounter, especially the nasty twisted fingers it causes

    By Monique on 06.24.2013

  17. Writing about my infatuation with a woman named Kristi, gives me arthritis!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 06.24.2013

  18. Something that happens when you get older in age and causes much pain to the joints in your body. I’m still young and hope every day that I never have deal with mangled hurting fingers and toes! Bless the arthritis ridden!

    By Monique URL on 06.24.2013

  19. Her hands ached as she tried to hobble up the steps of the old rickety house. The pain in her back surged up her spine each time she set her foot down. It seemed time had finally caught up with the old woman. Life used to be so beautiful and free. Her skin used to glow like the sun and here eyes shone bright as the stars. But time has not been her friend. And so now as her days on this earth grow shorter she pushes on through the pain. With so few days left and with the aches becoming more torturous everyday she knows she cannot dwell on the past. For the past is done and finished yet her last few days are ready to be lived.

    By Anna Campbell on 06.24.2013

  20. Her hands rest on the knife, fingers twisted and bent at odd angles due to the arthritis. She bites the inside of her cheek, cutting flesh away from bone, skin from meat. She ignores the blank staring eyes of the man he had brought home, the carcass resting on their dining room table like a stag.

    By yoyo on 06.24.2013

  21. I was watchin star trek and kirk and friends were gettin all old and stuff, except that russian nationalist kid, but whatever. McCoy was all like “yo jimmy baby, you got some advanced arthritis in them hands there” and Jimmy Baby was all like “yo thanks ma buddy, we all woulda died if you didn’t catch that. you get a raise!” and then McCoy, for saving everybody’s life and recognizing that advanced Arthritis in Jimmy Baby, got another five dollars per five year mission. unfortunately, this was the unreleased version, so they didn’t fix the oldifying and he only finished another week or so of that mission. he probably would have gotten himself some nice cheap dentures though…

    By Cathalos URL on 06.24.2013

  22. a disease that happened to my Maasi, and it was horrible for her. The fingers and legs and almost all muscles and bones swelled up, even her face. She couldn’t do anything normally.
    I pray for all such patients to recover.
    My maasi is no more.

    By Shayoni on 06.24.2013

  23. arthritis sucks, I don’t enjoy having it but find a lot of relief using essential oils. I am certainly thankful that my friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils so I can feel better. I have even begun to reverse many of the symptoms, and of course the pain as well! I can even get through a rainstorm without discomfort now!

    By Birbitt on 06.24.2013

  24. arthritis is one of the diseases i would hate to have when i grow old, i love using my hand so that would be hard to handle, i always fear carpal tunnel. A friend of mine who is an artist just had her hand bruised so…

    By Carlos on 06.24.2013

  25. screetching of bones
    makes me grow older daily
    makes me want my youth

    By lillian poe on 06.24.2013

  26. arthritis burns as begin chopping the wood. it burns almost as much as my resentment for my ungratful children. as I chop I think of the sacrafices made.

    By Sky URL on 06.24.2013

  27. I used to be able to do so much before. Now, I can’t find myself being able to do anything productive for too long before my wrists and hands begin to hurt. I can’t paint or draw anymore. I can’t tend to my garden anymore.

    By nancy on 06.24.2013

  28. Before I had arthritis, I used to be able to do so much. Now I can’t paint. I can’t do pottery. I can’t tend to my garden. I can’t even cook a meal without my wrists hurting.

    By Muse URL on 06.24.2013

  29. Bines frágil, sick, sad, old, women, pain, hands, write, paper, poemas, love, happy, kids, toys, school, móvies, Disney,

    By Laura on 06.24.2013

  30. All of her years of hard work accumulated into her hands. Arthritis, as the doctors called it, stiffened and warped her fingers. It would be impossible for her to work now.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.24.2013

  31. my hands are crippled. i think i wore them out on your skin. with every soft touch of your back i slowly gave away parts of myself. now i can no longer move them. it was worth it. i wish i had more to give away to you, even though you are not mine. i cannot move my joints, but i would do it all over again.

    By Amanda on 06.24.2013

  32. arthritis gnarled hands clammy pads. sweat stains loose reigns, lavender folly. again with this rigmarole, according to the shepherd’s wife, i saw her once upon a life. tenderfoot marigolds sprinkling the hillside.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.24.2013

  33. her body was aching, the cold Michigan weather was not at all complimentary to her old bones and joins. she could hear them cracking as she stood to make a cup of tea, under her breath she muttered to no one at all, “arthritis”.

    By bex URL on 06.24.2013

  34. She felt pain in her wrist, a sharp almost aching pain. Immediately her fingers tensed and her muscles instinctively reacted to the pain her mind was telling her she was feeling. Her grip was lost on the cup in her hand, and she could only stare as it clamored on the floor.

    By Tsughi on 06.24.2013

  35. Its a sign of age, experience, wisdom, limited time, life lost, opportunities gone.


    By T. Edmund URL on 06.25.2013

  36. Ageing Rock stars at a benefit. Girls no longer interested. Guitars still shine lovingly in their grey haired tattooed arms. Stiff joints preventing them to go crowd surfing.

    By Danielle on 06.25.2013

  37. When I see my mom lying in her bed, with the blinds closed and a pillow over her head… I wonder what could cause so much pain to someone so lovely. But illness does not discriminate against race, gender, or the kindness you hold in your heart. Illness will eat you away, eat your bones away, and eat the hope away from anyone who has ever cared for you.

    By Chris on 06.25.2013

  38. Janet knew she would never truly understand the pain he was in. To have your body turn against you was in many ways the worst form of treachery she could imagine but that was all she could do, imagine it. Arthritic joints roaring in agony at her every movement. And as an artist, it had literally taken everything from him.

    By echynoderm URL on 06.25.2013

  39. sitirhtra



    find balance

    By cc on 06.25.2013

  40. The cold in my wrists paid a visit during times of great stress. During strength training, before midterms, at a marathon’s starting line. So I had gotten comfortable with the inevitable loss of limbs.

    By Ruben URL on 06.25.2013