June 24th, 2013 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “arthritis”

  1. once i was a young boy with a future and a strong body. now i am an old man, who sits, arthritic in a chair gazing at the rain and dreaming about the life i presume i never had. it’s not the arthritis, it’s the rain.

    By Helena Anderson URL on 06.24.2013

  2. Slowing. An ache that you can’t get rid of. Age… Encroaching slowly that can’t be stopped. Even the young feel it. You can’t get away. It’s always there. Sometimes you get a break, but it always comes back.. Like a bad penny, or that one friend you can never seem to ditch..

    By Morgan on 06.24.2013

  3. arthritis is like an old friend you never really liked. The one you hang out with and you’re not sure if it’s pity or boredom that keeps you around. When you do finally get a break they are on their phone letting you know they’re thinking of you, and you never get the chance to breathe.
    Arthritis is like an old friend. Some, you gotta let go.

    By Isaac on 06.24.2013

  4. my mom and dad have arthritis in thier knees. my great grandpa pops had arthritis in his hip so he had it replaced he has had three hip replacements and one of them was my fault, he dropped me off at preschool and when he was leaving he fell. he said he was going to that more often because a ton of women swarm to help him get up and he liked that. the funny thing is i now have the car he was driving. its the same age as me and he didnt need it so he gave it to me.

    By shelby on 06.24.2013

  5. barely moving, stuck
    stuck together, in this place
    old and weary
    but we’re both so young

    it’s stale, cold
    groceries, dinners
    easier than loneliness
    i can hardly move

    By mouse URL on 06.24.2013

  6. it’s in your hands and it can be very painful. My nanny has it and she says she doesn’t like it. i don’t want to have it but it runs in the family

    By ayla on 06.24.2013

  7. While Julian Bosmouth noticed that he had become increasingly weak, he did not consider it to be a serious problem until his physician informed him that he had contracted arthritis in a couple of his joints. Because of this, Julian had taken several precautions to learn everything there was to learn about the matter.

    By Will Kirby URL on 06.24.2013

  8. It was growing exceedingly difficult for Ms. Stein to write letters to her grandson, for the arthritis in her right hand caused the entire body of tissue beneath her knuckles and skin to flare up so it was like someone was branding her arm with an iron similar to searing the flesh off of a cow. But she insisted on writing letters – she loved her penmanship, and she sincerely loathed computers. Nasty metal things, eating up money and time.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.24.2013

  9. pain. The pain is unbarable. I don’t want to move, to do anything. Why can’t i just stay here? Please don’t make me move. This bed is way too comfortable. Don’t you understand, I hurt. My hands, my back, my legs, my everything; it hurts.

    By Ashley W. on 06.24.2013

  10. Kayla didn’t know what to do. Her mom didn’t want to move, she couldn’t it. It hurt her mom to much. Kayla tried to help. She did the dishes, made meals, and did the laundry, but still she didn’t think it was enough. Kayla felt horrible.

    By Ashley W. on 06.24.2013

  11. Despite the arthritis (and other signs and symptoms of advancing age after too many drearily deskbound decades), Roderic retains a competitive spirit, resolute and determined to win success in the battlegrounds of business.

    By 0i0i0 on 06.24.2013

  12. How i feel so limited,
    My hands can not do,
    What I wish I want to do,
    Oh arthritis.

    By Kat on 06.24.2013

  13. I think I will arthritis if I keep cracking my knuckles, but i like the sound, and feel. Nora said she had to give up breeding dogs, because of it, and I never want to give up one of my passions because I cracked my knuckles too much. I love dogs, they are my passion. I want to live with them forever, screw husbands.

    By Iman on 06.24.2013

  14. Once beautiful hands, once hands full of life. Now they lay still, not moving in her lap covered my a blanket. She tries not to let people see. She hides them in gloves, so sick of people staring. Truthfully, she is embarrassed. There is little she can do with them now. And to think they were once hands of beauty and life.

    By DareToBeDifferent URL on 06.24.2013

  15. Withering. Powerless. Discomforting. A sign of weekness. Afraid to admit that it hurts. Afraid of knowing that is may be here to stay. Its unfortunate. Not even a real battle. Because it wins….

    By Trisia Lashon URL on 06.24.2013

  16. Arthritis called out his sister’s name, June, in the middle of the hot summer day. The peach field sent out a sickly sweet smell into the Georgia sun. June, he whispered, lovely and naked like a peach herself, turned to look at him with her bones cracking. “I hate you.”

    By Desmin on 06.24.2013

  17. my mother’s hands were always the proudest part of her body, i think because they were similar to her own mother’s, who had passed away before i was born. long, thin, with perfectly manicured nails and often adorned with my grandmother’s jewelry. when the pain came, she hid it. but soon, the rough folds and wrinkles took over, and no longer manageable, she would cry, feeling her youth slip through those slender fingertips.

    By thejordanriver URL on 06.24.2013

  18. His withering fingers ached. He bent down and tried to grasp his cane, but it was out of reach. He couldn’t get up to get it from the stiffness in his back.

    By Caitlyn URL on 06.24.2013

  19. i have no idea what arthitis is, but it sounds funny, its partly ART and this is! lol
    i like how it it sounds inside my head! art-this-is
    and now after another look its more of a Arthur is!
    i wonder what it means ? i wonder

    By Amani on 06.24.2013

  20. I don’t know what it means but I think it was something to do with the heart or something like that maybe a decease, i don’t know when someone is sick.

    By Claudia on 06.24.2013

  21. pain older hands knees can’ tdo as much debilitating can get worse, but can move through it there are medications, hurts more when it is raining and cold; different kinds, some more painful can exercise or take therapy that helps with mobility and coping

    By Jackie on 06.24.2013

  22. The arthritis got in the way of the Peter killing his wife. He just couldn’t squeeze the trigger fast enough. Unfortunately, his wife was not so encumbered when she drew the kitchen knife. Peter tried to evade, but again he was not fast enough.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 06.24.2013

  23. Cracking your knuckles can lead to tendonitis, but arthritis isn’t real, so don’t worry about that.

    By J URL on 06.24.2013

  24. Sometimes, in the night, thoughts of you flow forward from behind the cobwebs in my brain. I don’t feel pain or anger much anymore–it’s more of a numbness in my mind. But sometimes if I think hard enough, I know that when I see you again that I’ll want to be with you. And I hate it. You’re nothing special–you never were. You were mostly a hindrance, like the arthritis in an old woman’s fingers–not worth the pain but sticking around anyway.

    By Marissa URL on 06.24.2013

  25. she was always wondering who arthur itis was when her mother spoke with that funny look on her face. it was so long now that arthur exsisted, she forgets to ask her mother who he is.

    By juls URL on 06.24.2013

  26. My student looked at me funny.
    “Are you okay Mr. Barnhart?”
    “Yes, Joel. My hand just hurts. I’m sorry about that,” I replied with embarrassment in front of a 7-year-old.
    “You look like you’re in pain,” Cassidy commented.
    “I’ll be fine. You just keep working on your drawing there,” I replied, flexing my fingers.

    By Madeline on 06.24.2013

  27. Crippling and mingling and tearing unseen fibers above the necessities of realism. It quakes and quivers and aches and cripples lucid dreams and shattered memories; forgotten and untouched; coursed and obsolete and wretched in broken sovereignty; diminishing.

    By Kess on 06.24.2013

  28. I woke up in terrible chills, like the worst winter I’ve ever felt, the pain ached in all my bones and I longed for your touch. I missed the warmth of your skin pressed against mine in the worst ways, and I missed the feeling of just feeling. I don’t feel anything anymore. It’s all your fault.

    By Luke URL on 06.24.2013

  29. An old man walking slowly, each step is agony. Pain, muscles aching and his fingers bent and knotted from suffering the pain of arthritis.

    By Tawnya Jones URL on 06.24.2013

  30. I can so imagine us growing old together. I mean, they already call us an old married couple now with all the bickering and stuff. We’d be sitting on our porch, rocking on our rocking chairs, waving our fists at the boisterous kids that pass by. And then in the evening, we’ll go inside and you’d rub my arthritis-ridden legs with old-people-massage-oil (because I love massages and so you would always give me one no matter how much you hate them).

    By justpanky URL on 06.24.2013

  31. The old woman sat in her chair knitting as she must have done for years and years, yet her hands showed signs that she has severe arthritis in them. You would not know she had any pain by the smile and contentment she had on her face.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.24.2013

  32. Joints creaked as he sat down on the bed. They helped him slump back on the pillows, and as he lay back on the pillows he looked at them, his children.

    Jon, oldest, serious, watched him with quiet, sad eyes. Jæmæs, second, was frowning. Susun tried to keep the tears out of her eyes.

    By Maria URL on 06.24.2013

  33. Arthritis seemed like a joke for so long. Like this unreachable thing that happens to you when you get old. Not that I could possibly get old. Old was something that happened when people sat still for too long, looking out the windows, imagining something better was waiting out there. It was never something someone like me would reach. I don’t know how it happened.

    By Beth A URL on 06.24.2013

  34. The painful condition that I’m destined to get one day because I crack my knuckles and play basketball at an unhealthy size and weight. I think I already have it, as sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I creak and crack when I get out of bed.

    My grandmother has it much worse to the extent she can barely walk. Poor thing.

    By Andrew Greenstein on 06.24.2013

  35. My mother suffers from arthritis and sometimes it makes me worry and fear the day it may afflict me. Having constant pain in my joints is not something I want to have to experience. I feel bad that my mom has to put up with arthritis.

    By Joe Carey URL on 06.24.2013

  36. It’s a bone disease, isn’t it? I learned a small amount about it in Sports Medicine this year from class. The teacher said that if someone were to find a cure for it, they’d be a millionaire.

    By Ryan on 06.24.2013

  37. These hands don’t work as good as they used to, I reflect as I flex stiffened hands. The dull ache is a near-constant these days, not that that makes it easier to ignore.
    I frown in concentration as I focus on the small section of embroidery I am working on for my granddaughter’s blanket. Getting it perfect will take hard work and time, but I have plenty of the second, and I’m not afraid of the first. If only I didn’t ache so much …

    By terradi URL on 06.24.2013

  38. rust and
    oak trees
    have settled upon our summer home

    By angela on 06.24.2013

  39. The heat was welcome in the sauna-like home of the old man down the block.
    Everywhere, kids and adults alike were groaning about the 40 degree weather, sweat dripping down from their bodies.
    But for Mr. Patterson, it was pure bliss.
    Days like today, he could jump in the air,
    Days like today, he could be young once more,
    And he soaked up the sun,
    And strolled gracefully down the stairs into the world.

    By Siege URL on 06.24.2013

  40. There’s a pain inside of my body; its eating me up from the inside out. I can’t let it win; its overcoming my ability to think. Tick, tock- my life is flashing by in rapid colors.

    By Chelsea Poirier on 06.24.2013