July 15th, 2016 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “armor”

  1. I found Cidra dead in the curve of the valley after the battle was over, blood traveling down the slopes of her armor as she lay in her own carnage. Two precise strokes from a dagger decorated the sides of her jaw, making beautiful incisions just across the most valuable blood vessel. I tried to lift her and carry her off so she could have a proper funeral and burial, but she was too heavy for me, and I was too tired and injured to do it without help.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2016

  2. Armor protects you as much fromm damage as it can, but the problem is that armor can’t help emotional damage. Every single word you say hurts someone, especially if you’re close to them.

    By Pinolief URL on 07.15.2016

  3. It was bright, brilliant, and damning all at once. He shined in the hot summer sun, panting with the effort the battle had taken out of him. I fell in love all over again, helping him up with

    By M on 07.15.2016

  4. A shell. Meant to protect and keep it’s bearer from harm. Or perhaps that’s an exaggeration. Maybe the armor is meant to shut the wearer out from the world. The cold world. From all the harm and hurt mankind has created.

    By Isaiah Hall URL on 07.15.2016

  5. I build myself an armor of secrets but really it’s an armor of tissue paper and with every word you whisper to me parts of it disintegrate
    flake off
    flutter around and form a vortex of comfort
    drawing closer to you
    and your sweet nothings pierce the final bit of chain link paper as I melt into you

    By Kumquat URL on 07.15.2016

  6. I put on my battle armor every day as I wake up. No, I am not fighting any particular battle against a fantastic, magical army in some wondrous world. But every day is a battle. Every day is a battle in a world where being a woman is a disadvantage, where we are looked down up. When sexism is real and breathing, no matter what the constitution may say. So I must put on my armor and fight back, proving to the world that a woman is as powerful as any man.

    By shguturu URL on 07.15.2016

  7. there were words and there were knives
    under the silhouette of the sunlight
    chiseled into bone. i saw
    the man with the chainsaw, cutting through
    the edge of the mirror, and when he slipped
    the cliff of metal caught on my throat
    and cut, jagged.

    By Hana URL on 07.15.2016

  8. Shits broke, definitely. Armor’s cracked and split.

    By stimjim URL on 07.15.2016

  9. I wear my armor daily. It keeps me shielded and glistening. I feel safe under its weight, under its heat. Crawling inward, i let it fall and coat me like a dipped ice cream cone. Stop, don’t come in. I’m soft inside. You wouldn’t like my flavor, trust me.

    By Michael URL on 07.15.2016

  10. He was laughing at some silly joke, then he told a few more. The rest of his friends stood around, looking embarrassed.

    “I don’t see what’s so funny,” Sez told his girlfriend. “His best friend just died.” They all stood in a circle in the hospital parking lot, blinking back tears and the effects of the newly risen sun.

    “I think he feels a lot,” she replied. “He just wants to be the tough guy, the guy with armor around his soul. He doesn’t want to appear to be a weakling like the rest of us.”

    Sez shrugged. “Maybe. But which is better?”

    “We’ve all got our ways of coping.” She tugged at his arm. “Let’s go. I want to be somewhere quiet.”

    By chanpheng URL on 07.15.2016

  11. It’s what we hold up to protect us from being hurt.

    By czee22 URL on 07.15.2016

  12. His regular skin was like armour, nearly fitting that of his friend – but the real armour was just his hand, a spirit of wings, cocky clothes and character with ages of practice. Only three people seemed to be able to penetrate that.

    By "Life" on 07.15.2016

  13. to shield me,
    to yield me completely
    you seek me.
    late night when everyone is alone,
    you wreak me like havoc,
    shine like stars in the sky,
    you will inhabit me.

    By Marissa URL on 07.15.2016

  14. You wear your apathy like a suit of armor, impenetrable even to the sharpest, keenest emotion. You stand unmoved even though all the laughter, joy, hate, and cruelty make you want to crumple in a mess of bone and limbs and wail for all humanity.

    By Ashi URL on 07.16.2016

  15. What would i do without my armor and my walls? They are the things which allow me to breath, to live, to carry on despite everything. There is no way to exist without them to hold me together when everything else is falling apart.
    It’s that very armor that won’t let me have you.

    By Jessica on 07.16.2016

  16. My dream is my armor. It helps me to take the blows of everyday life. I will keep fighting as long as i have my armor.

    By Kilo Byte URL on 07.16.2016

  17. The way she had arranged the evidence looked like armor. Printed text message after printed email, the dress with the lace that she found in her closet that was two sizes too small. She laid them on the floor, overlapping, like the metal on chainmail. How would he cut through this defense? She knew he couldn’t. There was no excuse for this. It didn’t stop her from hoping.

    By Vivian P DeRosa URL on 07.16.2016

  18. Her armor was invisible to almost everyone. Except him. He looked at her like he really saw her and she was out of shields to throw up against him.
    It’s a strangely comforting thing to be defenseless. Not always, but now and then it makes you remember what it is to be delicate.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.16.2016

  19. Heavy. Silver. Decorated. Honoured. Stained. Dented. Protection. Pressing. Gleaming. Battle. Armour.

    By Sharna on 07.16.2016

  20. “What good would an armor do now?”-he asked
    “well, I don’t know, maybe avoid their bites?”-she answered-“C’mon, they can’t bite through metal”
    “Sophie, we don’t have an armor. Drop the idea”

    Five people in the room with hardly any food, a generator running out of energy, and yet none of us could find a way to run through what seemed like an army of living dead creatures. We have been stuck here for three days, I don’t think we are going to last much longer

    By Bramsy URL on 07.16.2016

  21. It’s what holds us together
    let’s us find safety in ignorance
    that when we take off
    is when we grow
    it’s momentary but useful
    in certain contexts and at certain times
    when our truth is vulnerability
    when our nature is less nuture
    and more

    By Julia Thompson URL on 07.16.2016

  22. galvanzied by the vest in front
    day’s weary walls
    coup me if you will
    an army
    need beat my armor of tenacity
    churlish smile because there’s
    that collosell room to smile wider
    live larger
    think faster
    platnium tires on a beach cruiser isn’t calumny
    is patriarchy
    that armor you wear when tis time to tear into a new sign of dispair!

    By Milad URL on 07.16.2016

  23. She didn’t need metal armor to roam the world. Her body was her armor. Muscles hard as steel under skin as impenetrable as canvas. Unfortunately, when her mouth armored itself, the world missed her words.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.16.2016

  24. My armor is now weak. Rusted, broken, and full of weak points. But I wear it still. There is more to it than just physical defense. It is a symbol. A symbol of my defiance to your actions. It is my shield against the hostile universe, not matter what blows it can absorb or not.

    By Eric Herlihy URL on 07.16.2016

  25. The armor chinked as a stone bounded off. Gary looked up. It seemed rocks were being loosed by an unseen force behind the wall. Pebbles begin raining down as larger chucks of brick and mortar begun to free fall.

    By JuliaB on 07.16.2016

  26. Armor is used to protect yourself from other dangers in the world, if you get penetrated with your armor you will die, the weapon will go through your armor and protection and leave you vunerable, this can be also linked to yourself, you start off with a strong piece of armor, then when someone comes along and hurts your inner self, that’s penetrating your armor. This is armor.

    By Danny on 07.16.2016

  27. I put armor around myself everyday. The problem is that it may keep me safe but it also keeps me isolated. Being too safe has it’s drawbacks.

    By Ann DeHaven on 07.16.2016

  28. Armor. It’s all my armor- my habits, what I do with my time and my life, the people with which I surround myself, my overprotective, wholeheartedly loving family. The things I say about what I think.

    By Brettyl URL on 07.16.2016