July 16th, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “smiling”

  1. Smiling, simply smiling
    That’s all I ever saw from you
    A sadness, a yearning peeked from inside
    You left it all behind you

    By Brettyl on 07.16.2016

  2. I already did this one.

    By Brettyl on 07.16.2016

  3. Smiling = joy! Doesn’t matter what language you speak, a smile can say it all.

    By czee22 on 07.16.2016

  4. Smiling is amazing. It is a sign of happiness within humans. Can all creatures smile? Do dogs smile or cats? Or worm. No. This is only something humans do. And it’s amazing to know that someone is happy simply from witnessing a smile.

    By Kevin on 07.16.2016

  5. Smiling. Lately, I have paid attention more to smiles. Well, scratch that. That sounds stupid. How about this, I have been paying attention lately to how people put on faces in public — they put on masks. And smiling is the most common kind of mask. It’s the most pleasing one to look at. And, aren’t we all trying to please the people around us, all the time?

    By Jason Chen on 07.16.2016

  6. She was smiling brightly and genuinely. When she smiled, Kara’s world was brightened, her pain eased. Her girlfriend was her sun, and it made her happy to know that she had her.

    By laura on 07.16.2016

  7. The sun wasn’t even on par with the brightness of her smile. When she was smiling, it was as if the world had gotten just that much brighter. It would make anyone’s day.

    By Laura on 07.16.2016

  8. I was smiling the entire ceremony, dressed in my tux with the silver bowtie, as my good friend married his wife on a sunny Saturday in Southern California. Once he kissed his bride, the groomsmen whooped and hollered, raising their fists in a unanimous sign of “Yes, we approve.” I was glad to be considered one of said groomsmen, even though I was not considered male biologically.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.16.2016

  9. Smiling is easy to do. It’s what’s behind the smile that is important though. Not everyone who smiles is happy. They use their smiles to disguise the pain they are feeling inside. But a smile, a real smile, can sometimes be so strong that it makes someone’s day so much better. Anything can happy from a real smile.

    By Jinxx on 07.17.2016

  10. I don’t know what’s you meaning.

    By test URL on 07.17.2016

  11. she was smiling at him. He was an innocent child. Okay all children are innocent, but there was something special in him. He reminded her of his late grandpa. It was really strange for her.

    By Kilo Byte on 07.17.2016

  12. Cause of death:
    Fake Smiles.
    Real Pain.

    By Kilo Byte on 07.17.2016

  13. He was smiling, but she could tell. Tight cheeks, eyes that narrowed over the cobblestone path, clenched hands at his sides, proper posture, too perfect, stiffly adjusting the length of his sleeves. She knew. He wasn’t happy. Her heart plummeted. What did that mean for her?

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 07.17.2016

  14. Nice people travelling in the Alps. People are very happy because they like mountains and travel there every summer together to have fun.

    By Zaiga on 07.17.2016

  15. I saw him from a distance. Smiling at me. His smile makes me see a whole new world. A world without pain. A world full of laughter. And a world of tomorrow. His smile gives me hope. May he keep smiling ’til the end.

    By hijk on 07.17.2016

  16. I see you smiling across the room. Why is she smiling? Is it me? Is my shirt backwards or something? I don’t know why, but i must find the cause of that smile. Because depending on the reason, it might be bad. And i don’t want that smile to ever be a bad thing.

    By Michael URL on 07.17.2016

  17. He stood there, smiling. But there was something about the smile which didn’t make her want to smile back at him. He’s thinking something that amuses his sadistic urges, she thought.

    “OK class, put your books away.” He handed out the papers and she took hers. When he told them to start, she read the first question and wanted to cry. She sneaked a glance at him.

    He was smiling even more broadly now.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.17.2016

  18. The grin hit me like a rock from all the way across the room. I was sure my mouth was slightly agape and quickly assessed. I was breathing. I was blinking. But, yep. I was in utter shock. He stopped smiling and looked down at his feet, knowing he was wrong. He was wrong.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.17.2016

  19. It was nice to see him smiling. Despite all the heartbreak and the pain, his world crumbling around him, his smile kept him aloft through the rubble, like the glow of the sun. It didn’t make a difference to the ache in his heart, the wince on his face when he felt the pain, but he was still smiling. For us.

    By Sharna on 07.17.2016

  20. It’s hard to tell whether he *is* or isn’t. That’s precisely why, I myself smile double that time.
    And hope that it’s not as fake as it sometimes threatens to be… That’s all that can be done.

    By "Life" on 07.17.2016

  21. smiling is overrated. people seem to think that smiling at others makes them a likable person but the truth is that being real is so much more important. which is not to say that smiling is always hypocritical, sometimes there is genuine joy, but the homage to smiling, especially, that Indian mothers carry is so exhausting.

    By arpita URL on 07.17.2016

  22. Smiling is one of the best workouts ever. This workout not only helps your muscles but also helps you mentally. So, keep smiling no matter what nightmare strikes. And don’t forget to make others smile too. Because at the end of the day, what goes around, comes back around.

    By Cataphael on 07.17.2016

  23. When people smile it makes them look pleasant and approachable. I think they may have something in their teeth i need to pull it out with tweezers. Something may be wrong with people when they smile.

    By Dylan on 07.17.2016

  24. I love smiling. Jjaks makes me smile, and I love him. My friends make me smile; Alexis makes me smile. Nature makes me smile. Seeing the progress my plants have made makes me smile.

    By Faith on 07.17.2016

  25. “A smiling face”-he said-“Well, this guy is original”
    The room was lit by one flickering bulb and we could see everything, the victim resting on the couch, her throat slit by an unknown weapon, the smiley face painted with her blood on the wall. Not a pretty sight for a beginner, I could feel the smell of iron in my nose and my breakfast about to say goodbye to my stomach.

    By Bramsy on 07.17.2016

  26. blood dripped down from the teeth bared with that awful smile, looking down at the dead bodies of many. Her dress was clean and neat, it was her tangled hair that was covered in blood. All about her was dark and disgusting except for that smile.

    By Mj on 07.17.2016

  27. She stands there smiling as if there is absolutely nothing wrong in this world. She stands there smiling, everything sunshine and rainbows, while I am doing everything I can to not explode. To not start throwing china dishes across this restaurant and causing maximum chaos.

    By Alex Hubbard on 07.17.2016

  28. i think smiling is some of the best thing in the world, its something you have do to everyday, in order to stay happy, and never be sad, i intend to smile every day, because my mom told me to do so, and i think that it is a healthy way, to stay happy, and never let anyone tell you that you should be sad, and i think a lot of people, would agree with me.

    By Mads Pedersen on 07.17.2016

  29. I look over at him and he’s smiling.

    A sigh of relief escapes my body. I ask him, shakily, “Are you okay, bud?”

    The grin on his face tells me everything I need to know. I wipe the blood off of his cheek and bury my face into his neck. I’m so glad he’s okay. My baby’s okay.

    By Amanda URL on 07.17.2016

  30. Smiling, a form of expression that gives off this language of you know happiness.

    By Empress URL on 07.17.2016

  31. Smiling is a form of expression that is used that brings this face that everything is alright and gives others the feeling of happiness to that person no matter the circumstance.

    By Empress URL on 07.17.2016

  32. Dialo had always loved Chelan’s smile. It was almost as bright as the sun, it lit up the room in a similar fashion. It also had an aura of elegance, one that stayed true to form.

    By sydney URL on 07.17.2016

  33. Every time I see her

    By Not known on 07.17.2016

  34. As we were introduced, I knew he was smiling at me. I smiled back. We’ve done that ever since.

    By Donita on 07.17.2016

  35. He had a nice smile.
    I should have realized that something was wrong right there. I never notice that sort of thing, yet here I was, admiring the easy curve of his lips, the glimpse of white teeth.
    Glamour. It’s a pain in the rear.

    By Christina on 07.17.2016

  36. Smiling during sex is a strange act–I would say if you’re not making the most disgusting face you’ve never dared to make, even in front of your own mirror, then the sex isn’t good enough!

    By Minji on 07.17.2016

  37. Smiley Smith didn’t have a choice–his name had been predetermined in utero. His mom, a social worker, and his dad, a plastic surgeon, chose this name for him before his brain had fully formed. So what else could he do but smile his way through life?

    By Minji on 07.17.2016

  38. Ashley loves it when Tabatha smiles. It doesn’t happen often, she knows, and especially not around her- two years and Tabatha is still cautious, still refuses to let her guard down completely. So Ashley’s taken to searching for it- craning her neck when Takumi cracks a stupid joke, peering past hands and hair and jacket collars, and she sees.

    By savvadrokki on 07.18.2016