May 29th, 2012 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “architecture”

  1. He liked to describe the architecture of my heart. My empathetic nature like a warm canopy of vines over a small deck.

    By Kirsten Logerquist URL on 05.29.2012

  2. Nature’s architecture
    An ancient building sits secluded and abandoned in a glade. Its structure is simple. Long ago it once housed various families. Today it crumbles, the stones return to the earth, the roof decays. Various flora grow from its many crevices. Its previous inhabitants though long gone, would despair at its current state. As nature reclaims that which was taken from her, it becomes beautiful, complex, and most of all-it begins its journey home. It becomes nature’s architecture.

    By Francine Marie URL on 05.29.2012

  3. Architecture. I wasn’t sure how to spell it. Funny because I hate bad spelling and I like architecture. Archi texture. Archie texture, y’know like on his head.

    By Johana URL on 05.29.2012

  4. I was never good enough at math to be an architect. My grandmother always insisted I had the creative input that so many of architects lacked, but.. There was no feel. No warmth in a building.

    By PF on 05.29.2012

  5. This is the word describing buildings big and small, yellow and grey. Its sometimes squared other times round. architects do architecture thats what they are trained in. they went to school a lot of people applied.

    By a on 05.29.2012

  6. I love architecture, the way it tells me the story of a place, it’s ebb and flow. Can it afford design flourishes or is it all austerity and straight lines? Are we romanticizing poverty or wealth? Where we live and work, how we shape those spaces, shapes us. We are our own constructions.

    By laurapacker URL on 05.29.2012

  7. i think of skyscrappers…. not that i have seen any but i’d imagine that they would be the modern day version of jack’s bean stalk… full of mysteries that only its creator fully understands…. looks magical and magnificent…. simply fills you with awe

    By eunice on 05.29.2012

  8. Gothic cathedrals, towering windows, vaulted roofs with ribber arches.
    Beauty set in stone, concrete and mortar.
    Immortal, as compared to our tiny human life-spans.
    Resonating with power and history and the footsteps of every man to walk there.

    By Om3n on 05.29.2012

  9. “It’s all sleek lines and planes”, he said enthusaticly. Mr. Thomas (“Just Thomas!” he chirped, but my teacher strictly insisted on “Mr. Thomas”.) was explaining his design for a building. Really, it looked like everything else, but his wonder and excitment made me care about this building, too. It seem like such a big deal, this ugly thing, because the smile on his face enticed yu to believe it was.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 05.29.2012

  10. Buildings are the landmarks that cover the world. In almost every country, you can find the cultural trace of the people for centuries burried deep beneath their work.

    By Rachele URL on 05.29.2012

  11. With shaky hand he reached for the top; this last card, laid just right, would be enough to prove to his Dad that he could finish what he started. He wasn’t a failure, after all. Thirty-three hours of intense focus and this three-deck card house was proof of that.

    He smiled as he thought about what his father would say, and his concentration broke. As he swayed forward his free hand swiped at the middle of the cards. The house shuddered, leaned to the left, and he watched his triumph land at his feet.

    By symphonic URL on 05.29.2012

  12. Buildings are theld. In every country you can find the cultural history deep beneath the people’s work. Everyone sees architecture differently, whether a cold and boring building, or a magnificant story. Regardless, buildings are meant ot last for a lifetime, and for me, there lies the beauty.

    By Rachele URL on 05.29.2012

  13. The architecture of brazil’s gaudi was pretty awesome. well not brazil, but barcelona. they both start with b, so it’s okay, right? Anyways, yeah, so there was this curved building that was REALLY cool, and then there was sacgrada familia which was really cool too because it was all like fruity, it had lots of fruit on it. not kidding whatsoever.

    By wrandomwriter URL on 05.29.2012

  14. I love architecture. Older buildings are the most fascinating to me — and usually have the most personality. Only builders born of the industrial age and later could think that tract homes are a good idea.

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.29.2012

  15. relationships are bot born
    but they are built.
    they have an architecture all their own
    moments building on moments
    each level dependent on that which came before.
    strong ones have solid foundations
    upon which every successive story rests.

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.29.2012

  16. the tour lasted 30 minutes. Gerald showed us the centrepiece of the town – a small house that once belonged to a hermit and then had to admit that the place held no more architecture worthy of a further glance.

    By E.P. Hantera on 05.29.2012

  17. I find the architecture of old Southern homes to be quite fascinating. My great grandmother on my mom’s side had this mansion of a home with big, thick, white pillars at the front of the house. It was surrounded by a huge porch

    By Marina on 05.29.2012

  18. I think architcture would be an interesting major. I think, though, that I have a completely inaccurate idea of what this is. I imagine drawing bulidings all day, making crazy shapes and amazing, inspirational buildings that catch the eye and mind with wonderment and beauty. Obviously, there’s a little bit of craziness in that.

    By Elinor on 05.29.2012

  19. beauty in the form of buildings towering up over cities. tall slender, glass covered and transparent they say more about the architects as a person than a thousand words.

    By Nordfred on 05.29.2012

  20. something i aspired to study years ago before i decided i wanted to become a shepherdess. i still have a fascination for it and wish i’d pursued it occasionally. and then i see a sheep and realize where my heart lies!

    By Sophie on 05.29.2012

  21. The building was old, and full of history a murmurs of intrigue. Behind every masonry wall there stood the shillioutte of long dead lovers returning from a tryst, and the spies of some long past king plotting and hiding in the shadows.

    By Ariel on 05.29.2012

  22. If anything the walls were a disgrace. Tumbling down about the room, they littered the floor with bits of cracked stone and disintegrated brick. As I moved through the decrepit shelter I began to shudder at the thought of spending the night in this dank hole of a place. But what choice did I have?

    By Ariel URL on 05.29.2012

  23. Architecture. The written word holds its own special architecture. The sound of the word rolling off the tongue just so… as if crafted that way

    By Britty URL on 05.29.2012

  24. I have no idea what to say. My mind went blank.

    By teeda URL on 05.29.2012

  25. I is building things. Without architecture we will have no buildings or any place to live in. We need buildings for living. Without them we would have no home and will have to stay outside. WE NEED ARCHITECTURE! It helps us live in life! We would be nothing without it! Architecture rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ansha URL on 05.29.2012

  26. The architecture was like nothing he’d ever seen. Spires, globes and pathways danced around each other likes snakes, twisting and turning with zero regard for gravity. The colors were blinding; hues of pink and red clashing with acid green and icy blue.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.29.2012

  27. The room was ornate-the seats were golden, and the windows were huge.

    By koalasox URL on 05.29.2012

  28. Like a building you break me down. Floor by floor, piece by piece. You see my foundation, and my infrastructure. You know how easily I can break, and all the flaws I have. Yet you still love me through and through.

    By EmilyForti URL on 05.29.2012

  29. She slid her fingers
    All bitten pertified tuffs of caloused skin
    around each grinding joint and frictious knuckle
    Along and down and around him
    An old oak weathered and wore from the decades
    his skin a sapless sack
    turning to the light in the tunnel
    To be part of the photosynthesis again
    To be sparked to life via love

    By gsk URL on 05.29.2012

  30. The architecture of the building was american gothic, crumbling bricks and fallen to disrepair turrets. Up the walls was kudzu, choking the building. At the top most part of the building in the highest wall, burned a light from inside. A sillhouette of a woman can be see, rocking back and forth rhytmically.

    By chuck on 05.29.2012

  31. There once was an architecture named Harry. He loved to play with big balls and have orgys in the desert. He was walking along the hot desert floor one day when he came across a pathway of water. He followed it to find an abandonded city. He was very pleased and lived happily ever after.

    By Kelly on 05.29.2012

  32. architecture is beautiful. it can be complex, minimal, it can inspire, it can sadden. It can set a mood and yet, it is simply the arrangement of blocks. I can find no better way to represent a town than through its architecture.

    By madeleine URL on 05.29.2012

  33. My father was an architect. And a darn good one, at that. But my mother hated it. He’d always go out after work, get totally plastered with his friends, and come home telling her how “the Eiffel tower is totally unstable”, she stabbed him with a butcher knife. My father’s no longer an architect. Or a father…

    By Melissa Meetze on 05.29.2012

  34. The beaty of the stonework stood out against the ruin. There was something everlasting that had been created when only few things remained. It was a marvel that it could sustain itself for so long, the lives and work that it must have taken forgotten.

    By Drew URL on 05.29.2012

  35. Architecture is the most noble and wonderful of all the arts. Its about more than just looks, its about feelings, its about passion.

    Architecture is the mere image of a dream coming true.

    By TyMarlene on 05.29.2012

  36. The masonry was unrivaled by any who had seen it before. It was to be a statue to end all statues, not a single hairline fracture ran through the marble veins of the incredibly muscled figure. Yet, it was missing something, something that meant it was not remembered, but forever forgotten.

    By Drew URL on 05.29.2012

  37. the architecture of my school is mission style. i love how old it is… the architecture depicts the rustic history. my school has been around for 50 years + and it has been an honor being a student there. I am graduating this Saturday. I know it is going to be bittersweet. But I will always have a piece of my school with me in my heart, and I know that God has an amazing plan for me.

    Once a Warrior, always a Warrior. Class of 2012.

    By Kailey URL on 05.29.2012

  38. big beautiful buildings that people can create, they think about them, draw them, build them, live in them. windows. walls. stories. trees. glass. the tall buildings, so clean and new, reflections in the glass. children wave to themselves.

    By Megan on 05.29.2012

  39. i see a giant spider, looming over a city of ants. The people move, gazing at this behemoth called the eiffel tower. this pillar of beauty stands as a symbol for beauty, romance, and architechual magnificence. It is a work of art, and a work of human imagination.

    By danielle on 05.29.2012

  40. Architecture is one of my favorite arts. It defines the people that live in a place just as much as the people define the place. Somebody I once knew, defined it as “art you can walk through”, which I found to be quite a fitting description.

    By Chapluca URL on 05.29.2012